The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


15. Let it Be.

Kat's Father Pov...


I hope that little bitch is happy. She is gonna put her father in jail. I walk in the courtroom and sit down at the table. 

"All rise!"

The judge walks in and sits at his desk thing. Today is my sentencing day. Turns out the investigators on my case found everything else I did. Yea I robbed a few people and was involved in someones death. And that someone was Kat's mother Susan. I hated that bitch! She was a whore. Mother like daughter I guess. I pled guilty to all the charges. Might as well because I am guilty for all of it and I'm not ashamed of any of it. One of the jurors stood up. The judge asks,

"How do you find the defendant?"

"Guilty on all charges."

"Mr. Blake you are sentenced to 55 years to life."

The judge bangs the gavel and 2 police offices come over and handcuffs me then takes me through a door to a room. Soon after I sit in this room for a few minutes a big van comes and the officers escort me to the van. 

**20 minutes later**

We arrive at the prison. The gates close and thats when I know this is where I will be for the rest of my life. The officers fill out all the papers and then take me to my cell. I have to share it with another guy. The officer opens the cell and pushes me in it. 

"Hey Bob remember me."

I turn around and see a very familiar face. David. He was the one who helped me with the robbings. But He got caught one time because of me and he was sentenced to 30 years. 

"You thought that I would just take the blame. No! Now I'm going to show you what jail life really is."

Oh shit!! Lord help me!!


Kat's Pov...


Today is the big day where I sing in front of Cheryl. I'm so nervous!! Nothing is going right so far. My hair is just being a pain. And I can't find anything to wear. Cher comes back to our room and she sees me struggling. 

"Here let me help you."

She comes over to my little closet thing and picks out an outfit for me. Its a long sleeve shirt that has this really cool pattern on it and a pair of white skinny jeans. She loaned me a necklace and a really cute bracelet.

"You should curl your hair."

When she was talking to me her voice sounded a little horse.

"Cher are you ok? Like is your voice ok?"

"My throat is killing me and I can barely sing. I think I practiced to hard."

"Oh no! What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to try my best. Thats all I can do."

"Ok well drink plenty of water and try not to talk a lot."

"Ok thanks."

She walks out of the room and closes the door. I turn on the curling iron on. I'm the only one in the bathroom and then one of the girls comes running in. She shuts and locks the door.



"Excuse me?!"

"Look we all know that the only reason why you came here is for that boy."

"Umm no its not. I want to be a singer."

"Yea right! I want this more than any of you so you better bring it."

"I'll bring that shit right now if you want!"

I put my hands in to fist and she unlocks the door and runs out. Wow pathetic. Well she was all talk and no bite. I curl my hair and finish getting ready. Then we all walk down to the large living room and all sit and wait. I look for Cher but I don't see her. I hope her voice gets better.

So they call out our names one by one and then they call Cher's name and thats when she comes running down the stairs and walks down the long hallway to go sing. I give her a thumbs up but she doesn't look very happy. So I guess they film one judges house at a time. I look down at my phone and see a text message from Niall.



Hey I just wanted to tell you good luck and we will all be watching. I know you will do a good job. 

No I'm a tiny bit more nervous know that there will be tons of people watching me. I'm the last name to be called. I get up and walk down the hallway to the room. Just before I go in the host ask me a few questions

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling really nervous but I know I have to get through the nerves and just sing."

"Ok go on in."

I walk in the room and see Cheryl and Will.I.Am sitting on a little couch. 

"Hello love, how are you."

"I'm doing good."

"Good, so what will you be singing for us?"

"Let It Be by The Beatle."

"Ah ok go ahead."

I clear my mind of anything that could mess me up and I just sing.

After I finish singing. Will.I.Am makes a comment.

"That was really good but I was a bit pitchy in some parts of the song. But you did well."

"Thank you."

I just want to cry now. He said it was pitchy and thats never good. I may have just screwed up.


Niall's Pov...


Today is Kat's big day at the judges house. I hope she does good. We all get up and get dressed for the day. Simon has us all come down stairs to a big room where there is a huge screen hanging from the ceiling. We all find a place to sit either on the couch or on the floor. I sit with the boys. Simon comes in and says something,

"Ok everyone I hope your comfortable because we are going to watch the girls at Cheryl's house. Its just to let you see your competition."

Yes!! Now I can watch her. It comes on and shows the house and the beach. The goes right into the first girl. It shows her audition and her talking. She is pretty good. 

**40 minutes later**

They still haven't shown Kat yet. I guess she is last. I hear someone say,

"Where is that one girl!! She was so good!!"

"She was good looking too!!"

I smile at the first comment but the second one I kinda get jealous.

"Niall chill mate he was just kidding around."

"Ok he better be."

They just laugh at me and turn back to watch the TV. Then her audition comes on. They say where she's from and her name. Its shows he walking on the beach and then goes to her in the audition room. She looks so beautiful!

"Hell yea!! Beautiful!"

I just laugh at them cause they don't have her phone number.

She starts to sing and she sounds so good! She sings it perfectly. When she finishes Will.I.Am comments. He says that she was pitchy!! We all stand up and start yelling at the TV.

"That is some bull crap!!"

"Niall calm down mate. She will definitely make it through."

You could tell by the look on her face that it upset her. The host comes back on and sy a bunch of stuff then the show ends. Everyone gets up and goes and does whatever. I call Kat but she doesn't answer. 

"Hey Niall do you want to go swimming?"

"Yea, I'll be there in a minute Liam." 

I'll try to call her again later. I hope she doesn't take that to heart. That wasn't pitchy at all. But I think it add fuel to the fire. I'd say she is bound and determined to prove him wrong. 

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