The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


13. Judge's Houses!!

Niall's Pov...


They call the boys to the stage. They start to call out names and the guys would step forward. They finished calling all the names. They didn't call mine. We all walk backstage, most of us crying. I'm so gutted. I'm crying and mum runs up to me. She hugs me and tells me that I am the best singer ever. I hear a boy saying a bunch of stuff.

"They are just trying to make good bit of TV by make boys cry."

I'm starting to think he is right.

**10 minutes later**

The guy thats calls out all the names comes back in the room. He calls out some girl names and then,

"Can I please have Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan to the stage."

All 5 of us walk to the stage. Simon, Louis, and Nicole are still sitting at the judges table. Simon talks to us.

"You all are too good to let go so, we are are going to make you all groups. You're still in the competition but are now in the Groups category."

The girls start screaming and jumping around. And we are like attacking each other! We are crying and screaming and hugging each other. I can't believe this!! My life is complete! 


Kat's Pov...


I hear screams and yelling from the stage. I guess something really good happened. They come running backstage jumping around and their families come running. A big celebration is happening. Everyone is going over to congratulate them. So I walk over and tell the girls congrats on staying in the competition. I walk over to the boys and say good job and congrats to them. I hug them all and then I get to Niall.

"Good job! You all will be great!"

"Thanks and but we have major competition! You are an amazing singer."


This is so awkward. He hugs me. Best hug you could ever get from anyone! I never want him to let go but he does.

"Can we talk sometime about all this?"

"Yea when we can."


He smiles at me and I smile back. We walks back over to the boys and I walk back to Emma.

"Somebody looks really happy."

"Yes definitely."

"Come on lets go home."


Niall's Pov...


**1 week later**

We are now at Harry's dads place. Its really cool. Its just us 5 boys alone in the house. We didn't really know each other before this and know we are like 5 brothers. We have pretty much been singing, playing video games, sleeping and eating. We get along really well. We are building a fire in this fire pit thing. Its really awesome. We all sit around it singing and talking about stuff. 

"So Niall who was that girl?"


"That girl that you were hugging. She is a contestant too right?"

"Oh you mean Kat. Yea she's a contestant."

"She is amazing!"

"Yea Niall she is really good."

"How do you know her?"

"Well she used to live in Mullingar, right next door to me...."

I tell them the whole story. Louis is really interested in the story. Actually all of them are. 

"Man that sucks that she had to leave!"

"Yea Liam I was thinking that too."

"Before she left to go home, I asked her if we could talk about everything that happened, and she said yea. I'm so glad she agreed to talk. I feel bad for not every calling or texting her back."

"Well if you want to get her back we can help you. I mean we have all been through break ups right?"

They all say yes.

"After the judges houses the we go back to London for the rest of the show. You can talk to her then or maybe when we are at the judges house you can call her."

"Yea bro you can do that."

"Ok thats a good idea Liam. Thanks mates."


Kat's Pov...


**2 weeks later**

I'm back in Dublin now and practicing "Let It Be" by The Beatles. I love this song. I'm trying to push myself to get better. I have no idea who my mentor is going to be. 

"Kat there is a letter in the mail for you!"


I run down stairs and rip open the letter. Its from The X Factor!

Dear Katherine,

         Your Judges house is in SandBanks, Poole. The airplane ticket are also enclosed in this letter. You need to pack your things because you will be staying at the house. Make sure you have a song picked to sing at the Judges house. You will get to know who you Judge is when you arrive. Don't forget to bring your voice! Good Luck!


                                         X Factor


AWESOME!!!!! I'm so excited!!

"Emma read this!"

So she does.

"Ok well lets get you ready."

We get all my things packed and put them in the car. Emma grabs the keys and off we go again. We get to the airport and I see a few people that I recognize from the auditions. When I get past all the security checks, near my gate, I see a camera crew and all my family stand there with a big banner saying,


OMG!! My eyes are watering up! I love these people!! They all come running to me and give me a giant group hug! I hear the intercom come on.

"Last call for flight 63!"

"Well I better go. I love you guys! Bye!"

I run to the gate and hand the lady my ticket and I turn to see my family waving at me. I wave back and walk on to the plane. This it. I have to get pass the judges houses to be able to get my chance to do this for the rest of my life. I'm so ready for this. 


Niall's Pov...


We get a letter saying that we will be flying to Marbella, Spain for our Judges house! We pack all our stuff and drive to the airport. We meet our families there to say goodbye.

"We all would like to say something to all of you. We are so proud of you boys and we all love you so much. Anne made us all shirts."

I look at Harry and he has this look on his face like o-my-god-no. 

The shirts say "ONE DIRECTION FOREVER!!". Our first groupies!

"We love you all too! And we love the shirts!! But we better go before we miss the flight!"  

We hug our families and the we go to the gate and hand the man our tickets. I'm gonna miss them! We get in the plane and we see all the groups. We find our seats and get ready for take off. Got a long flight so this is a great time to sleep. I can't wait to see our judge. I bet its Simon! I can't wait to sing with these guys! So...tired.

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