The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


10. Hello New Life!

Kat's Pov...


We get to my house and my uncle gets out and opens my door. Proper people...great! I'm guessing they will teach me how to be a lady. Not happening. I get out and walk to the door that is unlocked already. I walk in and see blood on the floor from either me or the idiot.

"We are sorry about what happened."

I walk up to my room and get out my suitcase. I hate this I want to just stay here forever with Niall! 

"We have some boxes if you need them."


Emma leaves the room rather quickly. I'm starting to think she is scared of me. Hell I would be a little scared of me too! I look like a monster and I'm acting like an asshole. I start taking the posters off my walls. I forgot that my walls were purple. Then I get all my clothes packed into my suitcase. Pack up all the stuff on desk. Then anything else that is left over. Good thing I had these boxes. I walk down stairs carrying one of my suitcases.

"Oh I'll help you with that."

"Ok and there is some more boxes upstairs too."

"Ok we'll go get those."


Once they go upstairs to get the stuff I walk out the door and over to Niall's house. I knock on the door and his mom answers.

"Kat? How did you get here?"

"My aunt and uncle came and got me. It looks like I'm moving to Dublin with them."

"Oh well that's sad. I'm going to have to deal with a brokenhearted boy. Great!"

Well I feel like crap now. Niall is going to flip shit when I tell him.

"Were is Niall?"

"In the living room dear."

I walk in the door and I see Niall sitting there with Greg.



Niall runs to me and hugs me really tight. I can feel the tears wanting to come out but I'm holding them back.

"Niall I need to tell you something."

"What! What is it. Please tell me its that you are staying with us."

"I wish I could. Niall I'm moving to Dublin with my aunt and uncle. I'm so sorry. I begged them to let me stay here but they wouldn't. I don't want to leave you Niall."

His face goes from excited to blank. I can't hold the tears anymore. I feel them start to run down my cheek.

"What!?!?! Why!?!? Do they not care how you feel about this! I don't want you to move! I really like you and I care about you! Please don't go!"

"I'm sorry I have to go."

I start to cry even harder now and Niall pulls me in to a hug and I bury my head in his chest. I can hear in his voice that he is starting to get choked up too.

"But I need to see you too."

"I know. I'm so sorry!"

"Its not your fault princess. Its the damn polices fault! You have to promise me something."

"Ok what?"

"That you will still be my driver when I become famous."

I laugh a little and start to stop crying. And he smiles that beautiful smile that kills me every time.

"Ok I'll be your driver. And you promise me that you will go on X-Factor."

"Done. I will for you. Anything for you."

My aunt and uncle come running and out of breath.

"Kat there you! We thought you ran away."

I wish I would have!

"No I'm just saying goodbye."

Niall mom walks in the living room.

"You all must be Kat's aunt and uncle. Hi I'm Maura Horan and those are my sons Niall and Greg."

"Hi so nice to finally meet the Horan's. Thank you for letting our niece stay here last night."

"Your welcome."

"Kat we really have to get going."

"Ok. Can you give me a minute!"

"Umm yea."

We hug each other really tight. Niall grabs my face and kisses me very passionately. I am really going to miss his kisses. He has to be the best kisser in the world.

"Niall you are making it so hard to say goodbye."

"Sorry but not sorry. I don't want you to leave ever!"

"I know but I have to. Goodbye Niall...I-I love you."


Before he can say anything else I walk out the door and straight to the car. Why did I say 'I love you'!! Life really sucks right now. I'm can't believe this is happening. I almost for got about Madison. She has really changed in the last year. She doesn't really talk to me or anything. I don't think she will really even care, but I'll text her anyway.


From: Me

Hey I'm moving to Dublin. We can still talk though.

Minutes later I get a reply.



Ok bye!

Wow she is so sad about this. Bitch! I don't care. All I need is Niall. But I just lost the only person who really cared about me.

"Kat was that boy you were hugging?"

"That's boyfriend."

"Oh.....He seems really nice."

"He is the most wonderful person in the world and now we are being separated because of my stupid dad."

They don't saying anything back. I think they realize that they have just ruined my life. 


Niall's Pov...


She said she loved me and then left. I don't know how to react to that. I just lost the girl I loved. My girlfriend. My best friend. I don't know how to feel really. Should I feel sad, mad, or happy. Sad that I just lost Kat. Mad at the damn cops for not letting her stay with us. And happy that her dad might be locked up for a long time. Hopefully anyways.

"Niall honey are you ok?"

"I-I....don't really know."

"Its ok I know you really liked her but things always happen for a reason. You will find another girl."

"No mom I won't! Not a girl like Kat. She is one of a kind."

I just really don't want to talk about all this. I will just cry and I don't wan to do that.



"I want to go on the X-Factor. I promised Kat that I would. She said that I can sing really good and I believe her."

"I've been telling you for a long time now that you can sing really good. Ok. I really want you to and Kat does too. "


"We will be there opening day."

"Thanks mom."

"Your welcome dear. Come here."

I walked over to my mom and she pulled me into a hug.

"I really liked her mom. She completed me."

"Niall how do you even know what love is?"

"I figured out what it meant went Kat walked into my life."


Kat's Pov...


3000 miles away. I feel like I'm moving to another country. I see the sign that says "Welcome to Dublin, Ireland", and thats when I finally realize that this really happening. I'm really moving here. This place is so much different from Mullingar. Everything here is so big! Its night time now and the city is lit up like the stars in the sky. Everything looks so beautiful. We drive over a bridge and you can see the lights on the bridge from the water.

"Kat look at those buildings over there."

My uncle points to a building that looks like its falling into the ground but its just built that way. The lights are blue like Niall's eyes. So beautiful. I miss him so much but there is nothing I can do to change this. I stare out the window and look at all the buildings and people on the streets. We drive a little ways out of the city and arrive a HUGE house! These people are freaking millionaires! What do these people do for a living!

"O MY GOD! This is the biggest house I have ever seen in my life!!"

"Well I'm glad you like it! Kat welcome to your new home!"

Says my uncle as we get out of the car. I go to get my stuff out of the trunk of the car but my uncle swats my hands away. 

"Go on in I will get your stuff. Emma show Kat around the house and to her room."

"Ok. C'mon sweetie lets go in. Its kinda cold out here."

I follow her inside. Holy shiznit!! I hit the jackpot! Everything is awesome in this house. She shows me the kitchen and living room. I personally didn't know that a couch could be that big. And the kitchen is perfect for cooking big meals! Which for me is awesome! We walk up stairs and to an empty room that I'm assuming is mine. 

"Kat this is your new room!"

She opens the door and Its is a huge room with a king size bed! The walls are a light purple. I have my own bathroom!! This is the life. I take off my shoes and run and jump on the bed. It so soft!! 

"I had the walls painted purple because that was your mothers favorite color. Do you like?"

"Like is an understatement! I love it!! Purple is my favorite color too."

My uncle comes in the room with some of my suitcases. 

"I have one question."

"Ok what is it?"

"I have posters of different bands and I was wondering if I could put them up on the walls?"

"Yea sure."

"Ok thanks!"

"We will let you unpack and when your done come downstairs ok?"

"Yea ok."

They walk out of the room and close the door behind them. I jump on my bed and pull out my phone. I take a video of the room, me talking about how awesome the house is and how much I miss Niall. I send it to Niall and then I start unpacking one of my bags. I neatly put all of my clothes away and hang stuff in the walk in closet! Then I get to my posters. I can't find any tape so I walk down stairs. I find Emma.

"Do you have any tape I can use?"

"Sure do."

She opens a drawer and pulls out some.


I get back to my room and start taping them to the walls. 

I finish and now you can barely see the the purple. I put all my bags in the closet and go down stairs.

"Are you finished?"


"Ok well lets talk about a few things."


So they go over a few rules, talk about school, no alcohol for me, and pretty much tell me to do what ever I want to do but just don't get in trouble. That is pretty easy for me considering I might not even make friends. Or maybe people won't think I'm a loser. I just wish Niall was with me right now. I walk back upstairs and call him. Voice mail. Well I can always try tomorrow. I guess this is a fresh new start for me. No more child abuser for a father. No more bullies. No more bullshit. Well I hope not. I'm a little happy about moving now. *Yawns* Man I am getting really sleepy. Tomorrow is going to be my first day at the new school. I have a feeling that my life is about to get a lot better. I can't wait so see what happens.

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