The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


8. Cloud 9 to Hell and Back Again

Kat's Pov...


The next day at school, when me and Niall walked in together HOLDING HANDS!!...everyone just stared with their mouths wide open in shock. Everyone couldn't believe it. Even the teachers were a little surprise when we walked into class together. That made me feel kinda bad because even the teachers thought I would be lonely forever. But I have proved everyone wrong. I'm just glad that Niall and I have every class together and sit right next to each other in almost every class. All the guys from the football team are being so funny. If one of them sees us in the hallway together they make kissing noises and say stuff like 'Niall and Kat sitting on a soccer field' ironic. But I don't care what other people thing. He is the only thing I care about. Niall hugs me every chance he gets and holds my hand all the time. When we leave school he walks me home and kisses me. I know its a little early to say this but I think...I love him. I know you are probably thinking 'What!? How do you even know what love is.' And you are right I don't know what love is but when everytime I'm around him I get butterfly's in my stomach and when he kisses me I don't want him to ever stop. We get to my house and when he kisses me goodbye and starts to walk to his house but I don't want him to leave me yet.

"Hey do you want to stay here for a little while?....I can help you with your homework."

"You know you don't have to beg me to come to your house. And yea sure I would love to."

He walks back over to my house and walks in. We sit our stuff down and I go straight to the kitchen.

"You too."


"The first thing you do when you get home from school is go to the fridge. I do it too."

"O yea I don't really eat school lunch."

"Me either."

"I can fix you something if you want."


"What do you want."

"I don't know...surprise me."


I look in the refridgerator and there isn't much. I look in the cupboard and there isn't much there either. There is one thing though. Mac Cheese noodles and we have cheese. Yayay! I love mac&cheese! I could eat for every meal.

"I hope you like mac&cheese."

"I do! I love it."

"Ok good."

He walks over and sits at the island. We watches me carefully.

"You cook like a pro chef!"

I start laughing hard when he says pro chef.

"It's not a pro chef its a master chef."

In a cute mocking tone he says

"Master chef."

"Your adorable."

He gets up and walks over to me and cups my face in his hands.

"And you are so beautiful."

He kisses me very passionately. For a second I though I was getting ready to lose my virginity. He pulls away and then looks at me in the eyes. Those beautiful blue eye of his...they get me everytime.

"When do you get to drive?"

"In a few days. Why?"

"So you can drive me around..Duh!"

In a mocking tone,

"O what like your 'driver'."

"Yea, you better get used to it for when I become a famous singer. You'll be driving me around everywhere."

"In your dreams...why a singer?"

"I love singing! Singing is the best thing to do ever!"

"I never really thought about it. Can you sing?"

"I guess so..I mean my mom told me that I could sing like Michael Buble but I don't know."

"Well sing something for me."

"What? No...I mean not right now."

"Why not? Come on for me please."

I bat my eyelashes hopeing he would give in and sing for me.

"Ok fine but you can't laugh or say anything about it. Ok?"

"Ok now come on, SING BOY!!"

He starts to sing a Michael Buble song. Not sure which one though.........OMG!!!!!! He is a freaking singing angel!!! He is so good.

"Niall I know you told me not to say anything but... YOUR FREAKING AMAZING!! That was awesome! And you do sound just like him!"


"Yes!! You should like go on that singing show....ummm.."


"Yea that show! So many good singers have come from there! But you have Simon Cowell. He is pretty harsh."

"I though about going on there but I don't know."

"Well I know and I think you should go."

"Ok...I'm going to think about it."


"What the hell is going on in here?!?!"

What..How..When!! When did he come home? It's to early! When my dad walked in Niall and I were standing there in each others arms. Niall quickly let go of me and went to the door.

"Boy don't move! What exactly do you think your doing?"

"Nothing sir I was just leaving."

"Dad he really was just leaving. I had to help him with some uhh.."

I look at Niall and I can tell he is trying to come up with a lie.

"She had to help me with a project. The project was to see how long someone could stare into each others eyes with out blinking and I won."

"Yea its for uhh...Health class."

"Ohh..well then don't you think you should be getting on home boy. Your parents are probably worried."

"Umm yes sir."

Niall walked out the door and I am left standing in the kitchen. My dad walks past me and I can smell the beer on his clothes. I go to walk out of the kitchen but I am pulled down to the ground by my hair. My dad kneels to the ground beside me and and starts to hit me. Punching me in the stomach and face repeatedly. He is also yelling something at me.

"I will kill it!! I will kill it!"

What will he kill?!? Kill me?! I don't get it! I'm crying so hard and srceaming in pain. I feel as if I could throw up and shit myself at the same time. I can't catch my breath but I guess the only thing the is working is my brain. I see a pan on the counter above me that I can reach. So I reach up and grab it. I hit him as hard as I could with it. I hear it hit and he quickly when to the ground. I tried to get up quickly but I couldn't. So I got up slowly grabbed my phone and ran out the door. As my bare feet touch the icy cold ground, chills run down my spine and all over my skin. I'm wearing this old long sleeve shirt and my football sweatpants. I dial 411 on my phone and the operator speaks. I tell her where I am and what happened. Then I hear a familiar frantic voice call my name.

"Kat! Kat are you ok?"

I look up to see none other than Greg. Well damn! Are you kidding me! We always meet in weird ways like this.

"Greg, No I'm not ok."

"What happened? Why are you bleeding?"

Oh I didn't know I was bleeding. Before I could answer him I heard the sirens and saw the lights.

*A few minutes later*

I am now sitting in the back of an ambulance tell 2 poilce officers what happened. I see 2 other cops bring my dad out of the house in hand cuffs. Neighbors are sitting in there yards. Including Niall and his mother. Greg is explaining what he saw and I am sitting here feeling like an idiot. I don't know why I feel that way but I do. All of this because of me. One of the officers walks back over to me and asks me something.

"Ma'am your father told one of the officers that you are pregnant. Is that true?"

Now it all makes sense. Well at least why he kept saying 'I'm going to kill it' and punching my stomach.

"NO!! I have never even had sex before! Or even thought about it!"

The look on the officers face tells me I told him way to much information. But I can't believe my dad thought I was pregnant! I get out of the ambulance and Niall runs over to me, hugging me very tightly.

"Ow ow ow."

"Oh sorry. Are you ok princess? I should have never left. Are you hurt? What did he do?"

"Woah slow down. My stomach is killing me and I feel like my face was pounded in. And I'll tell you what happened later."

"Ok. Its my fault."

"No its not! Its alcohol's fault."

"Where are you going to stay tonight?"

"I have no idea. That hadn't even crossed my mind yet. I'm still trying to understand all of this."

"Excuse me miss but we need to know were you will be staying tonight. Since you are underage you can stay home alone."

Before I could answer, Niall answered for me.

"She will be staying with me if she wants to."

"Um yes I'll stay with him."

"Ok and where do you live sir?"

"Right over there."

Niall points in the directionof his house. While the officer and Niall finish talking I walk back into the house to get some of my things. I go up to my room and put some clothes in a bag. Then I go to my bathroom and get my things out of there. Then I walk back outside and the officer tells me that I will need to come to the police station tomorrow for more questioning. Great just what I need right now. I walk over to Misses Horan.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay with you all tonight."

"Your welcome. You are always welcome here Katherine."

I walk into there house and she tells me to just put my things in Nialls room. I guess she really trust me and Niall together. I think she knows that we won't do anything. I walk upstairs to Niall's room. I forget to knock and accidently open the door. Niall is standing there in just his underwear. What a magical sight i must say. I quickly shut the door.

"I am so sorry! I didn't mean to!"

He opens the door.

"Its ok, at least I had underwear on or that could have been alot weirder."

"Yes definetly."

We laugh and then he says something,

"Do you want to putt your stuff in here?"

"O yea thats what I was going to do before I rudely opened your door."

"It's fine seriously. Your probably really tired, so you can sleep in here and I wil sleep downstairs."

"No I can sleep downstairs if you want. I don't care."

"No you sleep up here, I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Goodnight."


He gently kisses the top of my head and walks downstairs. I walk in his room which is alot cleaner than before. He already has blankets laying there for me. He is so sweet!! I lay down and pull the covers over me. Its so warm and comfy. I'm so tired. After a few minutes of just laying here trying to figure all of what happen I start to fall asleep.......

*3:00 in the morning*

I feel the bed dip. Then I feel a warm body come close to mine. It wraps its arms around me...holds me. I don't really know what to do. Should I move or should I just go with it. I turn to see blond hair. Niall. He whispers something to me,

"Did I wake you?"


"This may seem a bit creepy but I just didn't want you to be alone or be cold. I want you to know that I'm here for you so don't worry."

I get butterfly's in my stomach listening to what he just said. I want to cry now! But I'm not going to.

"Well I'm not alone or cold now. And I know your here for me. You always have been but I just didn't know it for a long time. I'm here for you too. I'm so glad that I found you."

"And I'm glad I found you. We should probably go to sleep. Big day tomorrow."

"Yea..goodnight Niall."


For the rest of that night neither of us moved.




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