Justin and Destiny have been friends since kindergarten, by what happens when Justin has feelings for her? Destiny is too broken and doesn't believe in love anymore. Will justin be able to catch her before she falls?


3. I'm right here

Destiny's P.O.V.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping and scaring the shit out of me like usual. "Stupid" i muttered. I hate Mondays. I dragged myself out of bed while my eyes were still adjusting to the bright sunlight shining through my windows. I picked out a pair of ripped jeans, white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket with some converse. I went into the bathroom and took a warm shower starting to wake me up and changed into my clothes. I applied some makeup, and curled my long brown hair slightly at the ends. I went downstairs and made and bagel with cream cheese and saw a note on the fridge from my dad that said: Destiny I went out for work earlier today so I won't be back until Friday. Love you! -Dad I sighed yeah like you really love me dad I thought. I actually liked being alone sometimes because I like to get away from everyone and everything. But I really wish I could spend more time with him and have a normal dad. I was snapped back into reality when I heard my phone beep. I checked it and it said 1 new message from Justin. I opened it and it said morning beautiful :) Justin was always so sweet. I always felt insecure about myself but he actually made me feel beautiful and that why he's my BFF. I grabbed my backpack and walked to school while listening to music on my headphones.


when I got to school I was greeted by Justin and his friends Chaz and Ryan.

Justin-Hey beautiful


Me- hey I said with a small smile

I walked to my locker with Justin, Chaz and Ryan following behind. 

Justin- is something wrong? He looked at me looking concerned. He always knew when something was up.

me- I'm fine

justin- guys I'll catch up with you later he said to chaz and Ryan they nodded and walked away

Justin- now, what's wrong?

Me- I sighed it's just my dad left....again

Justin-  ohhh well don't worry it'll be okay. If you need anything I'm always here. :)

Me- Thanks Justy

i grabbed my books and headed to first period.

it was lunch time when I saw the guy I'd been dreading to see today. Kyle. I love him, honestly I do, even though he hurts me mentally and physically. I was sitting at me, Chelsea's, and Jaelyn's usual lunch table. We were talking and having a good time until he came. I really didn't feel up to this shit today I was so tired.


Kyle- Destiny can I speak to you please?

Me- sure I said waiting for him to speak.

Kyle- Alone

Me- why can't you just say it now?

Kyle-Alone he said strictly


I got up and walked into the hallway with him. He looked very angry and I have no idea why.


Kyle- What is wrong with you?

i looked at him confused.

Me- what are you talking about?

Kyle- don't give me that shit you know what I'm talking about

Me- no I really dont

He looked really pissed now which actually made me scared about what he was going to do next.

Kyle- you haven't answered my calls or texts at all last night

 I pulled out my phone from my pocket and nothing was there. Me- Kyle I have nothing see? I showed him my phone. He yucked it out of my had and threw it on the floor. Great. Kyle- you little bitch you're a liar.  Why haven't you answered?!?! He was getting really angry now and with every word he spoke he stepped closer to me. I steeped back. Me- I told you that I got nothing! Kyle-liar! He lifted his hand and I suddenly felt a burning sensation on my cheek. Kyle- no one disrespects me.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the school and into his car. Me- what are we doing? I asked terrified and he was now speeding down the road. Kyle- we are going home he said simply. Me- What do you mean we're going home? We can't just skip school. Kyle- Too bad we're going home.When we got there he pulled me out of the car by my wrist and into the house. We went upstairs to his bedroom and I tried pulling back but he was too strong for me to handle. He eventually dragged me in by my hair and I screamed because of the pain. He slammed the door behind him and you don't wanna know what happens next.... 

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