one day 18 year old Reagan Larson's family gets a call to see if they want to take in a foreign exchange student, and they accept. 18 year old Eli is going to live with a strange family in a strange country. upon first seeing Eli, Reagan feels like she is in love, but can she tell him? will he feel the same way? is this perfect boy as perfect as he seems, or is he hiding something?


1. introduction

Reagan Larson, is 18 years old, just starting her senior year. she has a brother, Sebastian, who she is really close to, and a sister, Marietta (Etta). She isn't into sports and things like that, but she is an artist, and she likes to act, very compassionate, if you ever need anyone to talk to, she is your girl.

Elian (Eli) Romero, is an 18 year old foreign exchange student from'll just have to learn about him, he has a lot of secrets...

Etta Larson is 16, starting her junior year of high school, unlike her sister Reagan, she plays field hockey, soccer, and volleyball,her brother Sebastian was the captain of the soccer team, and she is hoping to be as well. she doesn't really like spending time with her family, except for Sebastian, what can she say? she loves her brother.

Sebastian Larson is 21, he is a Marine, finishing his fourth year of deployment in Afghanistan. Once he gets home he is going to marry the love of his life Kate (Soon-to-be-Larson) Wheeler.


ok, now that you've met all the important people, lets get started!

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