Her, Them and a Home at Last

Natasha Violet had lived in a care home since she was 5, but when she found out her cousin was Nicola Roberts, her life changed forever. Until, an unexpected guest turned up on her fifteenth birthday...


3. Chapter 3

Kimberley went to get Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah, and they carried Nicola into the nearby living and laid her on the sofa.

‘What the hell happened,’ asked Nadine.

‘I have no idea,’ replied Kimberley, ‘Some woman has taken Ash though.’

Nicola’s mum had come over by now and said ‘Well first, Sarah why don’t you call an ambulance.’

‘I’m on it.’

‘Second, Kimberley, can you describe this woman.’

‘She had blue eyes I think, and light brown wavy hair, a similar colour to Ash’s, without the red colour in, it was shorter though, shoulder length I’d say.  She was about 5”5’, about an inch shorter than Ash.’

For a moment Nicola’s mum was silent with a worried look on her face.  Finally she said, ‘You’ve just described Ash’s Mum.’


Ash was bundled into the back of the car, blindfolded and gagged.  She struggled and struggled but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get free.

“I guess you’re wondering why I have taken you. Well, I’ve come to take back what’s rightfully mine… You,” said the strange women.

“What!” Ash shouted. She tried. It came out as hmm though.

“If you hadn’t already guessed, in a cliché, your my daughter, I left you on the doorstep of the care home.” her supposed mother shouted, then whispered, “Devil Child.”




I’ve been here for a day now, my hands and knees are sore and I will end up with bruises all over.  I have had three hours sleep and been scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors, when I get tired and start slacking off she whips me.  My mother, Nell, is using me as a slave.  I am about to start writing a letter to Kimberley, that she can show Nicola, in a code only Kimberley, Nicola and I know.  I have to remember to send it first class and try and catch the postman in the morning.


“Get on with it!” Nell shouted at Ash.

By this time Ash was on the bedrooms. She’d done her younger brother’s room and her younger sister. Now it was Nell’s room.  It was disgusting, with clothes everywhere… dirty clothes that she would have to wash.  That morning she had caught the postman and he promised to send her letter for her.  A few more days and she would be out of there.


“She’s waking up.” Nicola faintly heard the nurse say.

“Ok, when she’s fully awake ask her what happened,” said a friendly voice, presumably the doctor, female by the sound of it.

Nicola opened her eyes, “Where am I?” she asked.

“Hi Nicola, I’m Dr Luna Samah, you are at Westminster General Hospital’s A&E department.  You’ve had a blow to the head and been out for 2 days.”

Slowly Nicola’s memory was coming back, as she said, “Someone’s missing. It’s Ash where is she? Some strange lady was taking her away. It was her mother!”

“Ok Nicola,” said Dr Luna, “Why don’t you calm down and we’ll go get one of your friends from the visitor’s room.”

Nicola requested that Kimberley came because she heard she had raised the alarm.

“I am so, so sorry I didn’t get there in time, the door had just closed, Ash had gone and you were unconscious,” Kimberley told Nicola as her and Cheryl came in.

“I’m sure we’ll find her,” said Cheryl, “She knows the emergency code, so she will probably try and contact us.”

“Yeah,” agreed Nicola, “And she will send it to your house, Kimberley, or your house, Cheryl.”

Just then Cheryl yawned. She and Kimberly had been at the A&E since 3pm the day before, it was now 11am, so Nicola told them to go home and sleep, and not to forget to see if there was a letter, but she doubted there would be. I really do hope she’s ok, Nicola thought.


Ash jumped, there was a knock at the door, her mother had gone out, and now she was back.

“Open the door,” Nell shouted.

Standing next to Nell was a girl around the same age as Ash.  She had the same brown hair with a tinge of red; she was the same height as Ash and the same green eyes.

As Ash was processing this, Nell interjected her thoughts with, “Don’t just stand there child, let your twin sister in,” then muttered “more like devil twins.”

“Hi, I’m Klarissa, or Lara,” said the girl.

“Enough of the pleasantries get on with your work.  Natasha, show Klarissa what to do, and I hope you haven’t hurt the little ones.”  Nell worried.

“Right, on with work, while they lounge around, watching telly.” whispered Ash.

Lara asked Ash to show her the rota of the week:

Monday: Washing Day

Tuesday: Kitchen and Bathrooms

Wednesday: Other downstairs rooms

Thursday: Shopping

Friday: Bedrooms

Saturday:  Babysitting

Sunday:  Free

“So today is the kitchens and bathrooms,” confirmed Lara.

“Yes, so let’s get to it, she already hates us, we’re the oldest, twins and girls – the devil twins,” laughed Ash, “One more thing, if you don’t work hard enough, you get beaten,”

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