Vision of The Diamond

Calista had always understood things, even when she was very little. She saw a beggar and she understood his story, she saw a queen and instantly knew everything behind her jeweled gowns. Once, when she was little, she went to se the Swan's Lake Ballet (yes I wrote Swan's on purpose and I know it's Swan Lake) and while everyone else saw the sad and beautiful tale, Calista had a vision. She pictured a purely good, white bird, being held captive by two dark, evil ones. She felt the bird's passion, it's pain, it's sorrow and it's desire to break free. She didn't know it, but this was the beginning of wonderful things.


10. Visions

Calista tossed and turned in her sleep. What was she dreaming of? Let us see…...


Fire. That was all she could see. Fire everywhere. Nothing in between. Except…….A Voice. No, that isn't right. It was The Voice. The Voice that whispers to all that See, The Voice that slips into the mind so quickly, you don't even notice it, The Voice of Eldärlë. This is what The Voice told her:

​Far beyond the Moon, lays a country of old. The people there are unhappy, unwell. They have forgotten the old days of cherish and sun. There many wars have been, but many songs have as well been sung. There beyond human reach, lays the Treasure of Órld, the cunning Night Lord. 'Tis the most powerful treasure of all, for its shine even the stars behold. A gem wrought into gold, sealed in silver and payed for by blood. It is The Star, The Periwinkle, The Diamond.

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