Vision of The Diamond

Calista had always understood things, even when she was very little. She saw a beggar and she understood his story, she saw a queen and instantly knew everything behind her jeweled gowns. Once, when she was little, she went to se the Swan's Lake Ballet (yes I wrote Swan's on purpose and I know it's Swan Lake) and while everyone else saw the sad and beautiful tale, Calista had a vision. She pictured a purely good, white bird, being held captive by two dark, evil ones. She felt the bird's passion, it's pain, it's sorrow and it's desire to break free. She didn't know it, but this was the beginning of wonderful things.


6. Umm, Hi?

Umm, Hi?


There was the prospect of a beautiful day, hanging around, as the sun rose up above Lindayn, just like it had been doing for centuries before. The sun crept up to Calista's window and slowly entered.

The room was organized and clean and very well made. It was the kind of room you would want to have in a dream. Calista lay asleep on a pearly white bed, shaped like a shell, with her raven brown hair flowing down next to her. Suddenly she sat up and screamed: "Nooo!!! Don't hurt her! Hurt me instead! I cannot endure this pain any longer!" she sobbed and hid her head in her pillow.


A few hours later…..


"This place is beautiful, aunt Caressa, but I still miss my friends." Calista sighed. Aunt Caressa smiled and said "Don't wory, the time will go by in a flash, but if you're that bored you can go explore the neighborhood. I'm sure you can make some friends, before we leave for the resort." "OK, I'll try it. Bye aunt Caressa!" and Calista ran out the door.


"Hey! Are you the new girl?" a friendly voice called to Calista, as she entered yet another court yard with a fountain in it. New girl? That can't be me. Calista asked her self, but she turned around anyway. "Were you talking to me?" she asked. "Yes." the girl answered. Calista noticed she was very pretty. She had rather short red hair, that tumbled around her head in hundreds of little curls. Her eyes had a mischievous glint in them and made you think of spring, they were so green!

"Why did you call me the new girl?" Calista asked.

"Well that's what you are, isn't it? You're the new girl that moved in with lady Rae."

"You mean aunt Caressa?"

"Lady Rae is your aunt?!"

"Well I don´t usualy call her lady Rae!" said Calista laughing.

"Haha, no I didn't think you would. My name's Bloss Clover, by the way."

"My name's Calista Amber. Is Bloss your real name?"

"No. My full name is Blossom, but if you call me that I swear I'm gonna kill you!"

"Don't worry, I won't." Calista laughed.

"Do you want to meet me tomorrow?"

"Sure. See you later, then."

"Bye Bloss!"

"Bye Calista!" and they both went their ways.



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