Vision of The Diamond

Calista had always understood things, even when she was very little. She saw a beggar and she understood his story, she saw a queen and instantly knew everything behind her jeweled gowns. Once, when she was little, she went to se the Swan's Lake Ballet (yes I wrote Swan's on purpose and I know it's Swan Lake) and while everyone else saw the sad and beautiful tale, Calista had a vision. She pictured a purely good, white bird, being held captive by two dark, evil ones. She felt the bird's passion, it's pain, it's sorrow and it's desire to break free. She didn't know it, but this was the beginning of wonderful things.


7. Bloss's House

"So, did you meet any friends , Calista?"

"Yes, I met this girl. Her name's Bloss Clover."

" Bloss? She's that funny, red headed girl, that works in the Astax Gardens, isn't she? I know her parents and very nice people they are."

"I'm going to meet her this afternoon, at the fountain."

"Very well. Have fun!"

"I will. " and Calista ran to her room to get ready.


That afternoon……..


"Hi Bloss!"

"Hi Calista!"

"You can call me Cali. So, where are we going?"

" To my house. Come on!"and the two girls raced down the street.


At Blossom's House…..


"Wow, you have a cool house." Calista said as she entered, with Blossom by her side.

You could well call it cool, I think, though others might call it strange. It wasn't to big, but it wasn't to small either. I'de say it had that perfect middle size. It had that harmoniously crazy look that no one, except artists, is able to achieve. Colors burst out at every side and every inch of space was covered by pictures, photos and posters of Bloss, a woman and a man, that Calista assumed were Bloss's parents, and an older girl that looked about 16 or 17. 

"Is that your sister?" Calista asked, pointing at one of the photos.

"That's my cousin, Belinda Chloe. Do you want to meet her?"


"Then come on!"and the two girls ran into the  beautiful garden.


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