Diana had always been insecure, no matter where she was. At home, in school, in public or just alone. She also self-harms, but just because it helps her deal with the pain. Until she meets Harry, possibly the worst person she could've ever made contact with, as everyone says. But she doesn't think so, she believes he is the sweetest person on earth, besides his temper. He can get angry easily, but she doesn't mind, they both understand each other and that's all that matters.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


8. Chapter 8

Diana's POV

After the incident with the beautiful stranger, I had gone home and read one of my all-time favorite books, 50 Shades Of Gray.

I know it's probably not the best choice of book, but the way the author desccribes everything sometimes makes me feel like it's me in the story. Like I'm Anastasia, all of her feelings surrounding me and engulfing me. How all the characters and actions are so vivid, make me travel to a whole other universe where all of this takes place and makes me feel alive, like I'm actually worth something.

It's kind of like when I self-harm, how every slash of the silver blade makes its way across my skin and making me feel like I'm wanted. Wanted by a razor. Pathetic, I know but it's the only way to escape the real world and into Narnia. I feel like I live in a hole. (A/N: My boyfriend said that line and it inspired me. LOL)

A hole where anyone who feels like shit go and live with all doubts and no safety whatsoever.

"Kiss me," she sighed.


"You know where."

As I read these words I felt myself blush a rosy color as I knew what was going to happen next. A sexual scene, like everywhere else in this book. Well, that's how I feel, I don't know about others.

But even then this story is amazing regardless of others thoughts.

Harry's POV

I knew that Diana must feel so much depressed than she already was after what happened by the lockers afterschool. After what that bastard had done, I had to beat him up. And after I 'cuddled' Diana, she left with that Peter guy and I turned the bastard in to Mistress.

Obviously, he got expelled for rape attempt, and he even got sent across the city so he wouldn't be able to cross in front of the school and 'rape another girl' as Mistress had said. I was happy that he did, but my heart ached for Diana and I really felt sorry she had to go through that. I bet she's still a virgin, even. Which just makes this situations even worse, by what I know.

Diana's POV

The next day at school I accidentally made eye contact with Harry, his green emeralds boring into my own blues. I offered him a small smile, a shy one. He just turned away without a single emotion or twitch, which actually did hurt my feelings. I don't even know him so I shouldn't be feeling like this, but I can't help it. No one can control or limit their feelings, right?

So I guess it's normal to feel like this, or at least okay to feel like this.

I think I should just die already.


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