Diana had always been insecure, no matter where she was. At home, in school, in public or just alone. She also self-harms, but just because it helps her deal with the pain. Until she meets Harry, possibly the worst person she could've ever made contact with, as everyone says. But she doesn't think so, she believes he is the sweetest person on earth, besides his temper. He can get angry easily, but she doesn't mind, they both understand each other and that's all that matters.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


6. Chapter 6

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Diana's POV

I went to school that cold morning at seven sharp, an hour before school actually starts. They let us in at seven and three quarters, so it's pretty early and I was exhausted. I couldn't sleep the night before, rain pelting against the window. I just layed in the safety of my bed, protected by my covers. It was one of my scariest situations, what if then lightning stroke?

I shook my head and waited to be able to cross the street to the school. All sorts of cars sped down the street, completely ignoring the fact I needed to get across. Times like this I wish I had wings to just magically float across. Which would have already happen if Peter, Louis, Liam and Rebekuh listened to me and just let me kill myself to let all this pain drain from my body.

I saw the crossing guard already coming to the rescue and I let out a sigh in releif. The cars slowed down and I forced my legs to cooperate with me. With starbucks coffee in hand and a heavy bag made it hard to walk, but I just ignored it.

Peter's POV

"Hey look! Diana is coming over!" Louis yelled, then clapping like aretarted seal. I looked over towards the street and sure enough, there was Diana making her way to us. She smiled brightly and her legs sped up a bit, eager to come see us. Liam look up from his phone, smiled and gave a wave. She got to us and dropped her bag next to her, and giving an excited wave with q happy squeal. "Hello babe! How are you?" I asked her, pushing her into my chest gently.

"I've been good, Pete. My question is how are you and Bridget going?"

Bridget was my beautiful eight month girlfriend who sadly had to go to Russia for a family thing. "We're still going strong. We text and skype, so yeah. Everything's fine. But I feel like she's having more fun than I ma." "Because she is you dumbass!" Liam told me with a laugh.

I rolled my eyes and Louis smacked the back of his head before protestion, "You shouldn't say things like that! What if your girlfriend lived like a million miles awway? You would miss her too so shut the fuck up!"

I heard Diana sigh and she handed me her half-drank coffee, before hugging Louis tightly. I sometimes get jealous of their relationship but then I remind myself that she's closest to me, but just because I'm the wisest one of the group.

Diana's POV

"Hey Diana?," Liam asked. "What is that on your arm?" I blushed and pulled my sleeve down further, covering my arm. "Nothing." I mumble. I looked around for a distraction and Liam once again said, "Show me your arm." I shook my head no.

"Show. Me. Your. Arm." He demanded. He gripped my arms and I cried out. "No!" "Liam! Leave her alone!," Peter cut in. "You're hurting her. Don't you know she isn't emotionally stable? Forcing her is just going to make it worse!"

Louis just frowned and sighed. "Liam, you should really listen to Peter. Come look for us when you're ready." He softly told him before Peter and Louis took me away into the school for me to get my emotions fixed.

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