Diana had always been insecure, no matter where she was. At home, in school, in public or just alone. She also self-harms, but just because it helps her deal with the pain. Until she meets Harry, possibly the worst person she could've ever made contact with, as everyone says. But she doesn't think so, she believes he is the sweetest person on earth, besides his temper. He can get angry easily, but she doesn't mind, they both understand each other and that's all that matters.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


4. Chapter 4

A/N: Yay! Another chapter!

Harrys_Bo_ xxx

Harry's POV

"So I heard Diana's schedule got switched," Nick told me as we s at in my backyard on the lounge chairs and drinking some Corona beer. "And? Why would I care?" I stated, my mind swirling a bit from the alcohol. "Because... You like her?" Louis said this as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Oh." "I know she has about two classes with me, I found out because Rebekuh told me." Nick explained.

"Well, all I know is that I'm going to McDonalds for luch tomorrow," Niall stated, rubbing his stomach through his black tee shirt. "You always go to McDonalds for lunch Niall. This clearly isn't news." Liam said to him, a serious look on his face. Niall bursted out laughing, clapping like a seal.

I have always looked up to Niall becuase he can laugh really loud without getting wierd looks and can eat the whole restaraunt without getting overweight. I laughed at the thought of Niall being overweight, with chubby cheeks and a stomach showing under his old stained t-shirt.

The boys looked at Niall and I as if we were aliens. Aliens from Narnia. That only made everything so much funnier, my stomach hurting as I doubled over while laughing. I couldn't breathe but no matter how hard Niall and I tried to not laugh, we could only laugh harder.

Diana's POV

Rebekuh and I were having another one of those best friend sleepovers, just like every Friday. We were sat on the living room floor, plush cushions supporting our bottoms. "Okay. I'm back with the ice cream!" She exclaimed, two tubs of chocolate Breyers ice cream in hand.

She handed me a tub and a spoon, plopping down in front of me. The movie was left unforgotten, a big pause sign displayed on the plasma in gray. "So... you wanna know what I heard from Nick today?" She asked, sticking the silver metal into the chocolatey frozen goodness. "What did he say?"

Inside my heart was pounding, but I don't even know why. "One of his friends... sorta... has a crush on you." She winced at the end, prepared for the worst from me. I felt my face turn red in embarassment and then anger. "What?!?! Oh my gosh... no. This can't be happening. No. Rebekuh, do you realize how bad this is?!?!"

I hadn't realized I threw the spoon until I heard it clatter somewhere bbehind me.



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