Diana had always been insecure, no matter where she was. At home, in school, in public or just alone. She also self-harms, but just because it helps her deal with the pain. Until she meets Harry, possibly the worst person she could've ever made contact with, as everyone says. But she doesn't think so, she believes he is the sweetest person on earth, besides his temper. He can get angry easily, but she doesn't mind, they both understand each other and that's all that matters.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


11. Chapter 11

Diana's POV

The next day at school was pretty rough, Chelsea cornered me like the little bitch she is. At lunch, I saw Harry, and smiled a REAL smile. He just rolled his eyes and completely turned away from me, but smiling when he saw Chelsea running toward him. He stood up from his seat and let Chelsea jump right into his arms, her squeals filling my ears and tears blurring my vision as I witnessed them kiss.

How could he?

I thought he actually cared about me, but I should've listened to my mind and not my heart. He's just like every other person, who comes and goes whenever he pleases, as if I were a bicycle. I tried my hardest not to cry, I couldn't cry right here. Not now, not here. Not anywhere.

I quickly dumped my trash into one of those trashcans with wheels on the bottom and I fled from the room. I was so ashamed of myself. I trusted him, and he just throws everything away, like I'm an impersonal piece of shit he doesn't want following him around and ruin his precious image.


I'd know that voice anywhere. My new girl friend, Makayla. Her long and dirty blond hair flowed behind her as she ran toward me.

I lost it as soon as she hugged me. I let myself sob nad cry into the comfort of her arms in the middle of the school hallway. "Everything will be okay. I promise." She whispered to me. "No it's not!," I protested, my voice muffled by her shirt. "It's not going to be okay. He kissed her and hugged her right in front of me."

"Remember when you told me everything will be okay? It goes for you, too."


"-No buts. It'll all be okay, I promise. And I won't ever EVER break this promise."


"Really. I'm one-hundred percent sure on this one. You gotta trust me."


"Now come on, let's get you cleaned up and forget about that dumbass, alright?"

I laughed at her choice of words and let her guide me to the bathroom.

Harry's POV

I saw the tears.

I saw them.

I closed my eyes and thought for a moment, and an image popped into my mind. It was Diana. I felt my lips curve up in a smile, but a guilt forming in the pit of my stomach. It was her, smiling. She was in a meadow, the long grass surrounding her.

I became horrified by what I saw next. She took out a knife and stuck it in her chest.

All my fault.

Hope you guys liked it! Sorry it was short!

Harrys_Bo_ xxx



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