Diana had always been insecure, no matter where she was. At home, in school, in public or just alone. She also self-harms, but just because it helps her deal with the pain. Until she meets Harry, possibly the worst person she could've ever made contact with, as everyone says. But she doesn't think so, she believes he is the sweetest person on earth, besides his temper. He can get angry easily, but she doesn't mind, they both understand each other and that's all that matters.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


10. Chapter 10

A/N: So I'm going through a rough patch with a person who I used to be so close with. Like, now we're so distant and I hate that we're seperated like this. It bothers me, it really does.

So I really hope you guys like this chapter!


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Question of the day: Who married Anne?

Harry's POV

I frowned when i saw Diana crying, the clear colored tears streaming down her face like trails of rivers. She looked up at me and sobbed. "Hey." I whispered to her. "Are you okay?" She shook her head and turned away from me, clearly embarassed of the way I had found her.

I sat down next to her and rubbed her back, trying anything to calm her down. I hugged her and kept her close to me, telling her random things that I thought would make her feel better. "I'm sor-sorry you h-had to s-s-see me like th-thi-this," she cried. "Shhh, it's okay. You can tell me anything." I told her.

Diana's POV

How sweet of him to come up to me and comfort me. Maybe he isn't all that tough and bad-boy as he looks. Maybe he actually car- NO! How could someone ever care about me?

But I told him what happened after I calmed myself down and stopped crying. I just hope I don't cry as I tell him. "One of my friends- best friends called me a whore today. And so many other people did, too."

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not giving you my pity or anything, I'm really sorry about that, truly."

"Well, thank you. I guess." I mumbled softly to him. "You wanna get outta here? We can skip the rest of the day togther?"

I smiled at the thought and responded with an excited 'Yes!' to him.


He took me to a small coffee shop a couple streets away from the school. It was modern, with a retro styled counter at the front by the register. There were booths lined up against on wall, the one with the window which was the front of the shop. There were tables in the middle, with four chairs; two on each side.

On the far back side there was a place where you could put sugar and other sweet stuff in your coffee, and there was also napkins there. the small corner place smelled of coffee and freshly baked donuts, of course.

We sat at a booth by the window, a blond coming to take our order. "I think I'll just have the Peppermint Cocoa and the Chocoalte Muffin, please." I told her. She jotted it down, her blue Papermate pen dancing along the notepad.

"I'll just have the Pumpkin Spice coffee. Thanks." She smiled sweetly at us and left, walking gracefully to the kitchen in the back.

"So... how's life? Anything exciting?" Harry questioned me.

I shook my head and bit my lip. "Life isn't all so great as I thought it would. I'm actually going over to Peter's house tonight. The only exciting ting in my life, it's all I look forward to."

The bell of the door rang, signalling another customer has come.

I looked up to see Harry's features harden, jaw clenched and emeralds burning holes into someone behind us. I turned to see who it was, it obviously someone from school. I gasped as I made eye contact with who it was, the School Queen as she calls herself.

"Harry!," she sneered at us. "What are you doing here? I thought I'd never see you again!" She squuezed in next to Harry, trying to shove her chest into his face. "Chelsea... i don't think you should be here." He told her in a stern tone.

She made a face and feigned hurt, questioning him about it. "Why?" She whined.

"Well, ummm," He started, then looking uneasily at me. "I'm here, on a date..... with my girlfriend."

I blushed but played along, trying my hardest to smile at her. She let out an extremely loud sigh and stood up to leave. "Well, goodbye then." She told him. Chelsea turned around and started to walk away, calling behind her, "Harry, if she doesn't satisfy you enough, you know where to come to!"

He rolled his eyes and muttered a quick apology when she left. I just smiled, as if telling him that it's already gone and never happened. But one thing kept running through my mind: What about the me-being-his-girlfriend thing?

He never brought that topic up as we ate, drank and talked, and it really was bothering me. Shouldn't he apologize for that?

I really tried to push the thought away, but it just lingered, floating around my mind.



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