He's locked in a cage, in a windowless room, where he has always been. But he dreams of something more, he dreams of better things, of light , and warmth, of a better life. Maybe there is more to his prison.


3. Part Three

Walking through the woods that bordered a small town, full of curious people, Onus was finally free. Scaring away birds that sat in low shrubs, he was as free as he’d ever been. He was in his one true place of joy, and a butterfly attracted his attention and he wanted to jump up to catch it but before his ageing bones allowed him to it flew up into the sky, out of his reach. He walked along a fallen tree which acted as a bridge over a muddy river that ran briskly through the green landscape. He walked through the overgrown plants that nobody could control, he crawled under a moldy fence and into a garden with familiar scents.


He crept into the skeletal frame that used to hold up the walls of a home. He stepped over the frame of a glass door, along a dark corridor and past broken down doors. He tripped down the uneven stairs and found the place where he grew. He lay down where a fragile cage had once stood.


In the room with no window, where it would always be dark, an old fox closed his eyes and fell asleep.




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