Take care

(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


5. 5

Valerie's POV
I wasn't at the wedding show because obviously it was a personal event and I had nothing to do there. I started to study for the finals coming up in two weeks. I decided to take a break around 9pm to go on Twitter and Facebook. I saw a new tweet from @Harry_Styles that said: ''It's been a hard day's night...''  He was suppose to be at the wedding's party with Felicity so I thought it was weird that he was tweeting such thing at this time. When I went on Facebook, I saw that Harry's girlfriend had already posted some pictures of her taking a pose, her with her cousin and other people from the family,  her with a beer in her hand (as if that would make her so cool) but I saw no Harry on these pictures. Maybe he had left, but why? I continued scrolling through the photos and I saw many of my boyfriend Will, he seemed drunk and... close to every teen girl in the room. Tears started to fill my eyes and I received a text message from Harry.

''Are you home?'' 
''Yes and on Facebook scrolling through Felicity's pictures of tonight''
''That's what I thought. I'm coming over, don't worry''

One minute later he entered my room and found me laying on my bed with mascara marks all over my cheeks. He handed me a wet tissue and started to tell me how his day went. Apparently, June 5th 2009 was not going to stay a good memory for us. 

- I don't want to bore you about it but... Are you going to stay with Will?
- No I'm not Harry... I guess  in the end you were right. You always are...

Usually, Harry would've laugh and brag about it, but this time, he knew it was more of a deep situation. Will was my first real boyfriend and even if he didn't like him that much, he knew I felt something special about him. So Harry did a half smile to me and put his arm around my shoulders and knocked his head against mine. I was glad Harry was here with me tonight. We played with the Playstation until 2 in the morning then we fell asleep on the couch. The next day, I gathered all my courage and I went to Will's house to tell him it was over. I hoped he'd be expecting it but he still made a scene about it. I didn't bother very much and I made my way out of his house. When I turned the corner of Will's street, I saw Harry from behind. It was a bit chilly outside so he was wearing a light scarf around his neck, which I though was kind of horrible, and his grey mittens... with a short sleeves shirt. That was so him. I was happy to see him and I knew he was always going to be there, no matter what. 

The following two weeks flew by because it was the final exams at school and we did nothing but studying. We had our last exam at the same time, and Felicity too, so we left the classroom right after.

- Hey Harry, wanna come over to my house? We could watch a movie or just relax by the pool.
- Well... Actually, I'm going to Val's house. We're putting our tomato plants in soil for the summer. 
- What? You have much better do to than that! Come on, I’m your girlfriend come hang with me.
- Sorry it's a tradition! 
- You know maybe we could build some 'traditions' too if you were not always with her! I don't know, maybe I could see your more if we were just friends! You seem to prefer being with them instead of me. You'd care about me a little more.

I couldn't believe what I heard. I swear, this girl was dumb. Why did she wanted to have such a hold on him? It's not like they were going to be together forever. Well, I hoped. As I listened to them talking, I was sure he wasn't gonna come with me and would stay under Felicity's grip. Thankfully I was wrong! He made her understand that 15 years of friendship were more important than a teenage love affair. He did not say these exact words, but I secretly wish he did. I smiled at him and we walked away, leaving a frustrated Felicity behind us. 

On July 8, Felicity threw a end-of-school party (better late than ever) at her cabin by the lake. I was pretty sure she didn't want me there but I showed up anyway because everybody was going. Her parents were not there so there was absolutely no parental supervision. I arrived late in the afternoon with Jess and Ema, and bottles of alcohol were already left empty on the grass. I searched for Harry and I found him 30 minutes later, he was coming back from a ride on the speed boat. He didn't look too drunk, thank God. I know it sounds like I'm his mother but this guy needed a bit authority in these moments. We've been drunk a few times together but I felt like tonight was going to be the worst and the best of them all. It was hot outside, we were all wearing our bikinis, plus the water was great so might as well enjoy it. I never thought Felicity was a rich girl, her parents' cabin was made of birch, it was all white and very cozy. She had multiple kind of boats and a wonderful brown dock. When we got to dinner time, the tables were filled up with delicious summer food. Sandwiches, cheese, grapes, strawberries, carrots, potato chips and more alcohol. Some of Felicity's friends were already really drunk and could barely even walk. They just looked like idiots to me. The night went on and many of us were drinking, including me, my friends and Harry. He stayed with me from the moment he got out of the water earlier. His girlfriend was still taking rides on the boat with other people. 

Around 11pm a guy started the flames in the fireplace beside the cabin. That's when we took out all of the food of the table and we placed 12 red cups in order to form a triangle, 6 cups on each side of the table. Someone went to get the ping pong balls and we made teams to play beer pong. I had play only 2 times before so I was quite sure to lose. Harry asked me to be his teammate and we battled against another couple. The losers had to kiss each other, which I thought was kinda odd. I knew Harry was good at it so I wasn't too worried. I was the first to go and I missed the cup, obviously. The boy in the other team was very good at it so we were soon on the edge of losing. Harry was playing like a dumb, he was already a bit too drunk so he was throwing the ball everywhere. We lost the game and were forced to kiss. I said a simple kiss on the cheek would be fine for me, but the guy was really insisting. The situation had become ridiculous. Harry was too dizzy to say anything. He looked bored with the moment so he turned around  to be face to face with me. He took my wrists in his hands so I could not move, he leaned his head to get closer to mine and he pressed his lips against mine. I did not move them so I guess it didn't really count as a real kiss. I was making a disgusted face and I tried to lose hold of him. The smell of alcohol was strong and I knew the boy kissing me was not the 'real Harry.' I finally pushed him away and got back to see the girls. I let myself fall by the tree and I couldn't figure to understand what just happened. I comforted myself by thinking that he was drunk and he wouldn't remember it the day after.

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