Take care

(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


3. 3

... A few months later...

Valerie's POV
- Oh hey Harry! Remember me? I'm your neighbour and also your best friend or at least that's what you told me a few years ago, like... you know...  before you met the blonde one.
- Glad to see you too, Valerie. What's with the hate this morning?
- What hate? I'm just stating the facts. 

And I took the red controller to the Nintendo 64 and I pushed the Start button. I threw the blue controller at him and asked him for a challenge. 

- Alright let's play Mario Kart
- What if i don't want to? I had some things to talk to you about
- We'll talk right after. I you win you can ask me whatever
- Fine

He had the feeling something was wrong with him. I was suppose to be the one mad and now I felt like he had something to blame on me. We played the mushroom cup and he won. I threw the controller on the ground with frustration because I felt like it.

- So was is it that you want to ask me ?
- Did you... Will and you...
- Yeah...?
- Did you sleep with him?
- WHAT! No, never ever ever! WHY would you even ask me that? That's not very respectful of you.
- I knew it... I knew it...

And just like that he ran away. There was nothing to understand about this boy since a couple of weeks. Gemma joined me and we continued playing Mario Kart. 
The next day, at school, I didn't get to see Harry all day neither did I see Will. After classes, I decided to go over at Will's place to check on him. 

- Hey there! Oh hey what happened to your eye?
- ...Well basically your well-known best friend came over here yesterday and he... did this to me

I ran away as fast as Harry did yesterday and jump from Will's house to Harry's. I entered without knocking like I did a million times before. 

- Hi Val! Said his mom.
- Where is Harry Edward Styles??????
- I'm usually the one calling him like that when I'm mad but... He's in his room
- No wonder why he is hiding there

I past the corridor and pushed the door on my left. His room.

- I heard you screaming! What's wrong Val?
- WHAT'S WRONG? What's wrong? You tell me, Harry! 
- Did you see Will today?
- Oh yes man I did! He said you punched him in the eye! What the fuck is wrong with you Harry! Who are you to do this? He is your friend and MY BOYFRIEND oh my God what the fuck did you do?

I was so mad. I thought I was speaking but I genuinely knew I was screaming. Harry kept looking at me with his eyes half closed in annoyance.

- Do you even know why I did this? Did he tell you or he just blamed everything on me?

I did not answer his question and kept looking at him angrily.

- Remember what I asked you about yesterday? I did not run out the house for nothing after you answered me. Will told us that you guys slept together and describe some of the things you apparently did to him. 
- But I did not sleep with him!!!
- Exactly. I mean, I know we never talked about it but I'm pretty sure I know what you would do with this guy and what not. The things he said... It just wasn't you. I said nothing when he told us those things because I thought I'd ask you first before I react in any kind of way. But in the end I was right.
- You could have been a bit more soft. A punch in the face doesn't take back what he said, whatever it was.
- It helps at least. I'm sorry Val, I was mad that he talked about you that way because I know what you're worth and this guy... It doesn't quite work out for me.
- Well I'm glad to hear that but good thing for you you're not the one going out with him. I'll see you later, Harry.

And I left his room to go to mine. I wanted to be alone. I closed all the curtains and turned my computer on. I checked on Facebook and all I saw was some boring stuff of people complaining about their lives. The usual. But then, I got on twitter just in time for Blink 182 to announce the dates for their new tour coming up. I refreshed the page and there, I saw it: LONDON, July 15. I was suddenly so excited, all of the bullshit that happened to me today had gone away. I was gonna get some tickets to the show, no matter what. I got out of my room as fast as I did a few minutes before and I got back to Harry's house.

- Wow I didn't even see you go out and now you're back already?
- Sorry Anne! I'll explain to you later!

I got into Harry's room again.

- You'll never guess what!
- What... You broke up with Will?
- What? No. Forget about this. BLINK 182 ARE FUCKING COMING TO LONDON soon and we have to get tickets!
- You mean you and I or you and Will?
- Stop being so offensive, please. I'm so pumped about it and I want to go with you! Blink is our band! And you know it.
- Of courseeeeee I want to go with you, Val! When is it?
July 15! In four months! Tickets are on sale in two weeks. 
- So we have two weeks to come up with a plan.

And just like that, everything bad had disappear. I told myself I was gonna deal with Will another day. Right now, all I wanted was to enjoy happy times with Harry. It made me think that even when we have an argument, this guy always had a little smile on his face. Like he couldn't be mad at me, ever ever. I swear an hour before I could've punched him and he wouldn't have stop staring at me with his green eyes. He was a weird friend. But a real one. I stared at him for a few minutes, he didn't notice because he was searching more infos about the show on the Internet. I looked at him, he was wearing his overused beige pants and a plain white t-shirt. He had a grey beanie on and his curls were flying out of it. He turned around and he said:
- What's going on?
- What? Nothing, why?
- You had your eyebrows frown, I know what that means Val.

Of course he knew what it meant. He knew everything about me, no wonder why he just started playing 'I miss you' in the background, he was genuinely aware that it was my all-time favourite of all Blink 182's playlist. On the other hand, I acknowledge him as well. Many people would have thought that he was wearing his beanie because it was cold outside, but I knew it was just to hide the fact that he was thinking his hair was too long. When he was wearing these, it was because he was bored of his hair but couldn't settle to cut it. I'm not even sure his mom knew this, or him. But, me, I figured it out. 

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