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(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


19. 19

Harry’s POV

- According to the doctor, i’m pregnant.

I don’t know why, I thought she was going to say something not that important, that she had a small disease like she said in the car when my mom was there. Of course she didn’t tell the truth then, she was scared that my mom would find out. We were in my room when she said those words. She was sitting on the bed and I was up in front of her. She took me by surprise, she spitted the words out of her mouth. I could tell she was still in schock, she was wiping her tears with my Packers’ blanket. The irony. 

I remained silent for a while, she didn’t seem to care. I wasn’t thinking of anything really, just how bad we were at life. I felt like nothing could ever go right for us, there was always a bump in the road to bring us down when we were about to go up again. 

-    So what should we do ?

She didn’t answer. I came closer to her to hold her in my arms but she pushed me away. Apprently I was the most guilty of the situation. I opened the door to go see my mom and Valerie finally said a word.

-    Where are you going ?
-    To see my mom. I’m quite sure she can help us through this...
-    No ! I don’t want anyone to know ! Gemma already knows and she hates me for that so maybe we should keep it quiet. 
-    She’ll know anyway, Val. 

I didn’t gave her time to explain and went to the living room where my mom was.

-    What’s wrong sweetheart ? You’re as white as a blanket.
-    Mom I have to talk to you about something...
-    Yeah, what is it ?

She could feel the seriousness of the situation, she closed her book and placed herself straight on the couch. 

-    Well long-story short...
-    I’m pregnant !

Valerie shouted as she came to join us. 

-    Yeah, yeahh... She’s pregnant with me.

I saw the 2 girls’ eyes beside me filled with tears. My mom got up to hold Valerie in her arms. When she let go of her, she said :

-    Well i’m disappointed in you guys... How did this happen ?
-    In Green Bay...
-    Oh Gosh... I thought you weren’t sleeping together there ?
-    We were in the same room, not in the same bed. 
-    Val your parents are going to be real mad, you know that ? They did everything they could to keep you apart and see what happens... Oh dear I never wanted you two to go through this 

My mom knew exactly how Val’s parents were going to react. They were a lot more mean to her than my parents were to me. They had high expectations for her to go to school and have a good life. I guess they would think I was the one who ruined it. 

Val was still silent. I wish I knew what she was thinking then. For once in my life, I couldn’t guess it. 

-    I need to know more if you want me to help you ! 

Valerie started stating the details, still in tears. I was learning them at the same time as my mom, since she only told me she was pregnant then stopped talking. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe I got her pregnant. I have to say I felt guilty, but I didn’t want to take all the blame. I serioulsy believed we were all on the same boat, and that we would have to go through it all together, 50/50. I didn’t want to have a baby, I never imagined my life to be like that but then what could we do ? What was done was done.

 She also told us how Gemma treated her when she told her, which was making me upset because there’s not a better time than when you’re expecting that you need the most help from the family. Gemma was being a little bitch. 

-    Should I tell my parents now ? I’m scared.
-    Well it’s up to you sweetie. If you want to wait until the first ultrasound, you can. I’ll take you and Harry will come with us. I’m telling you you should wait one or two days, you just had the new today and you’re fragile, I can tell. We both know how they’ll react so maybe you should take time to prepare. 
-    Yeah right. But it’s Christmas in 4 days, how am I going to act like everything’s normal when I feel like such a letdown ?
-    I’m stopping you right there. You are not a letdown, you are an amazing girl who made a mistake. Shit happens...

We all laughed quietly. My mom was such an understanding women. She was young when she got pregnant with Gemma so maybe that’s why she was supporting us. I could tell she was a bit mad, disappointed, but she would re-think it all at night. For now, she wanted to stay calm and make us believe that everything was going to be fine. Also, since she knew Val’s parents would be the most furious, she wanted to be the supportive parent. My mom was the best. 

-    Now that you’re pregnant Valerie, are you and Harry a thing ? 
-    What ?
-    You guys are expecting, maybe it’d be better if you would be a real couple, as in a love relationship.
-    Well I don’t know ? Harry ?
-    What ? I don’t know more than you ! I said. 
-    Usually people sleep together when they’re in love, kiddos. 

The love thing. We told eachother there was no love, no feelings when we had sex. We just wanted to do it. Now that it came to that point, maybe we had no other choice. There sure was a physical attraction but for the love, we weren’t sure. Well, I sure had my idea about it but I wasn’t sure Val felt the same.  

My mom started to make dinner, and as we ate, she brought I subject I didn’t even think about. 

-    You have to decide if you want to keep it or not. You have to think of all the options, adoption, abortion...
-    Yeah I thought about that.

She thought about that ? I never did ! Abortion never was in my plans, the one I had to make just two hours before. She was thinking about killing the baby ? 

-    You need to both agree on the decision, though. 
-    Yeah, yeah... I think I’ll call my parents, tell them I’m staying here late. I’ll tell them we started a Mario Party game of 50 rounds and I’d have to sneak in at night to go back home. I don’t want to see them. 

That’s exactly what she did. After dinner, we went back to my room where I knew the big conversation was going to happen. 

-    I might have an abortion
-    No ! Why would you do that ?
-    Why wouldn’t I ? I don’t want this baby. Come on Harry, we’re not even together, we’re so young, how are we going to raise a child ?
-    We can try, Val...
-    Try what ? Being together ? Okay but what if it doesn’t work ? When girls get pregnant at sixteen with their boyfriend I understand they might want to keep it, cos they know how the relationship works with the boy. They know what to expect about the guy, how’s he going to react with a baby and how he’s gonna continue loving her. We don’t. We are not in love and we don’t know how to act in love around eachother Harry. 
-    Yeah if you say so...
-    What do you mean ?
-    I mean to say that I don’t think we made love TWICE for nothing. I don’t think we kissed a few times for nothing. It’s not like you met someone in a bar and you sleep with him and never get back to it. I’m sorry but I can tell there’s something. At least, I can feel it. I’m sad if you don’t... I know everything about you and I can’t lie, I like it, I like everything about you, Val. 
-    But.. the friendsh..
-    Oh shut up with the friendship ! I don’t care, I like you !
-    Oh all of a sudden you’re in love with me ? I asked you already and you always said no ! Is it because i’m pregnant ? You feel like you need to stand up and be a man ? No need to fake love Harry, please.

 My voice was getting deeper, I was mad. Was she blind or something ? I was telling her I was in love with her and she wouldn’t believe me. 

-    Don’t be so mad Harry. I’m just telling you you should re-think what you just said. It seems weird to me that you suddenly are in love when never before you’ve said anything about it. It’s just a weird coincidence. 
-    Yeah yeah probably

I left my room slamming the door and went in the basement. I sat on the couch and put music on, I stayed there for a good time until my sister got back home, sneaking in by the basement door. 

-    Hello little shit
-    Hello ? what’s with the attitude ?
-    Congrats on getting Val pregnant ! What a good way of starting an adult life !
-    What the fuck Gem ? Why you being so mean to us ? You’re not even concerned about that
-    Well yes I am ! I can already see it coming, she’ll be coming stay here for a while, then she’ll want to go back to school and you too and mom and I will be the one taking care of that unwanted baby. Did you think about mom in the situation ? She’s gonna have to support two other people, Val and the baby. We all know her parents won’t take care of that. 
-    Yeh unwanted baby, that’s right. Val doesn’t even want to keep it.
-    Then I’m glad.
-    Hey sorry for ruining your quiet life eh ? We didn’t mean to do that, stop acting like your the victim here. I’m pretty sure we’re in more trouble than you. No one asked you anything

Gemma got me even more mad, apparently that wasn’t my day. She left to go upstairs with my mom and Val. I wondered if she was going to go see her in my room. I had my answer when I heard ‘’CAN YOU LEAVE MY HOUSE PLEASE’’ then my mom saying ‘’GEMMA calm down’’. I went to see what was happening and Valerie ran to me. We both went downstair, she seemed scared of the situation and of Gemma. My mom asked me if it was going to be okay and I said yes. I was sitting on the couch, where I was so mad a few minutes before, with Valerie in my arms. She started crying again. 

-    It’s going to be a very MERRY Christmas, eh ?
-    I’m sorry this happened Val. Speaking of Christmas, wanna watch How the Grinch stole Christmas ? 
-    Yeah whatever...

I started the movie and she made herself comfortable on the couch, lying with her head on my legs. I was playing with her hair through the whole movie, I could tell she wasn’t really watching it, her mind was probably going crazy with all that happened that day. I could see her eyes filled with tears from time to time. She fell asleep when the movie was about to end, and I decided to go in my room, leaving her on the couch with my Packers’ blanket. I slept for about 2 hours when I felt something by my side : Valerie. She came in my room to join me and she said :

-    Alright...

I knew what it meant. I kissed her gently on the nose and told her to go back to sleep, she needed it. 

When I woke up in the morning, the sun was shining outside even though it was freaking cold. Valerie was playing with her Ipod on the bed, apparently she woke up before me. She looked at me and smiled, saying Good morning ! She seemed a lot more happy than the day before. I kissed her on the cheek and smiled too.

-    Wow that feels weird ha !
-    Get used to it Val, I love kissing you

We got up and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. My mom was already there, sitting with the cat.

-    Hello kids ! I didn’t know you were still here Valerie 
-    Yep I am

The phone rang and I answered.

-    Hello ?
-    Harry ! Is Valerie still at your house ?
-    Yeah she is here... We, ehm, she fell asleep on the couch. We watched a... movie after the game so, yeah. Yeah.
-    Alright... Tell her to get back home ! We haven’t seen her in a while.
-    Yeah sure. I’ll tell her. Bye Mrs. Evans !
-    Bye Harry

Valerie was looking at me with round eyes, the stress was now getting back at her. 

-    You.. your parents, they miss you apparently. They want you to go back there
-    That’s new. 
-    Do you want me to go with you ? If you... I don’t know, do you want to tell them now ?
-    No, thanks. I think I’ll wait a bit, like your mom recommended. Bye guys !
-    Bye..


She spent the 4 days after at her parents’ house. We couldn’t more than just text eachother, we were both busy with family parties. It was then December 26 when she finally had time to come over to my house. We laid on the bed, talking about stuff that’s been happening in 5 days. 

-    My cousins wanted me to drink alcohol
-    No ! Did you do it ?
-    Of course not ! I’m not crazy, I wouldn’t do that Harry
-    Yeah I know I just wanted to make sure
-    My aunt was there... With her 8-month old baby. Crazy thing she had her first baby at the age of 35 and I’m going to have mine at 16. It’s weird, I’m like half her age !
-    M’yeah... 

Her lips reached mine and she said ‘’I missed you’’. It made me feel real better, I was starting to feel like she was regretting or something. These words comforted me, I was just so scared someday she wouldn’t feel strong enough and do something irreversible. 

Later in the day, she called the hospital to get her first appointment about the baby. Just her calling made me nervous. The ultrasound was going to be on January 3th. We still had to wait for 9 days before seeing the little thing in her belly. I couldn’t wait.   

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