Take care

(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


17. 17

Valerie’s POV

Since the past year in general had been a little rough for Harry and I, I decided it was the last chance for me to actually trust him and call him my ‘’best friend’’. It had been really sweet of him to take the time to sing a song for me, only me, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t take back everything that happened. 

I could see he was still trying really hard the whole month after my birthday and I think that’s what really convinced me that what happened was just a mistake among others and he was dedicated to get our friendship back as it was before. 

(Mid November, 2009)
When my parents told me they were going on a work trip to Green Bay, in the Wisconsin state of America, I knew I couldn’t miss the trip. I had no idea what there was to see there, what it looked like and even between what states it was but I knew I couldn’t miss the trip. It would be my first time in America. They agreed to take me with them even though I would miss 3 days of school. It was 5 days long trip. When I told Harry about i the was a bit jealous because apparently his favourite american football was the Green Bay Packers. So what he told me in the bus when we were coming back from the Blink show wasn’t just a little hobby. He really was into american football, pretty funny. How were the Packers his favourite team ? How did he even watch the games ? I’m pretty sure they weren’t on TV on sunday’s afternoons. Anyway, he asked me to ask my parents if he could come with us. Being pretty sure they would say no, I didn’t even bother to ask them. When I told him they said no, he knew I hadn’t even ask them so he went straight to them and asked himself. They were a little surprised by his demand but my dad told him he would see what he could do. The day after, my father told me Harry could come with us, he told his boss he had 2 child so he needed 3 tickets : one for my mom, and 2 for his childens Valerie and Harry. 

I went to Harry’s house to tell him the new. 

-    Hey Styles ! 
-    Hi Val
-    You are coming to Green Bay under one condition
-    WHAT ? Are you serious !!!! What is it ?
-    You have to be named Harry Evans for 5 days because apparently you are my brother
-    Haha ! That’s fine with me ! Do you think we’ll go to see a football game ? That’d be sick
-    I don’t know, ask my father ha

Harry was so happy, it was beautiful to see. We were leaving in a week and a half and he couldn’t stop talking about it. Days flew by so fast because we had a lot to think about. We met with all of our teachers to make arrangments for the homeworks. We had to make them all before we leave. Every morning at the bus stop was the same : we were counting down the days until our flight. Looking back now, I don’t think we talked about anything else during that week. 

The night before our flight, Harry went sleeping over at my house becuase we were leaving so early in the morning. We were so excited that we barely slept at all. We talked for most of the night, about the trip but also about the future and people at the school. Just like normal friends. Just like before. He was sitting on an inflatable matress beside my bed. I had a king-size bed but my parents didn’t want us to sleep in the same bed. I thought it was almost insulting, I mean it’s not like we were going to do anything at all. And even if we wanted to, we were still in the same room so I could happen. I swear my parents were not always the brighest people in town. 

Since we barely slept that night, the 8 hours long flight was good for us to catch up on sleep. We left London at 4 in the morning, which means in our head it was noon when we got in Green Bay, but it actually was 6am because of the 6 hours time difference between the two cities. The day was just starting there and the jet lag hitted us hard. We were sharing a room (with two beds, obviously) so as soon as we got in, we placed all of our stuff in the right spot and we fell asleep again on my bed. Around 1pm, my dad came and knock on our door : we had to go grab a few things to eat in a park not too far from the hotel. The day went by quite fast, we ate and we got back to the hotel and watched to some american shows on TV  then fell asleep again for the night.

Our second day was more of a busy one. We were still a bit tired but we wanted to enjoy the trip as much as we could. It was chilly outside, we couldn’t go out without our hats and gloves. My dad was going on a meeting in the city so we went with him and he dropped us at the mall. I was amazed by all the stores, fashion was a little different there than in the UK. It was just nice to be in a different place where I could discover a whole lot of new things. 


We were leaving on monday, late at night. Saturday, during the dinner, my dad had a surprise for us. 

-    Do you have any plans for tomorrow, kids ?
-    No ! 
-    I was planning on watching the game on TV in the room ! Harry said. 
-    What would you say if I told you I had tickets to go to that actual game ? 

Harry was freaking out. I got up as soon as my dad said that and hugged him. Apparently that meant a lot to him. He was so happy he couldn’t stop talking about it, the players, the game... Everything that I didn’t understand. When we got to bed, he was trying so hard to explain to me how the game worked, he didn’t want to be the only one having fun, but I barely understood. 

Harry woke me up at 9am, he was ready to go. We had tickets for the game but we could also go to the thing before the game that they called ‘tailgate’. There were a lot of food and beer and little games to win stuffed animals and other. According to Harry, we had to get there just for the ambiance. 

When we got there, the first thing Harry did was going to a stand where a lady was painting stuff on people’s face. He got the Packers’ sign drawn on his face. Then, he bought himself a jersey with his name on the back. ‘Styles 57’. He was crazy but it was beautiful to see how happy he was. We ate a few hot dogs and my dad both bought us a beer, since we couldn’t do it for ourself but he said it was going to be the only one we could have. The game started, the Packers were playing against the San Francisco 49ers. The whole stadium went crazy when the game started. I had never seen anything like that before. Old mans, young people and even kids were all shouting things, rooting for their favourite team. Harry was one of them. The Packers were behind by 2pts when suddenly everybody started screaming so loud, my ears were buzzing. I didn’t see it coming but they made a touchdown ! They were now taking the lead. I started to enjoy the whole thing much more from that moment. I didn’t understand the game but I was just having fun, screaming when others did and booing when they were. Between the third and the last quarter, Harry told me he was glad to live this moment with me even though it showed that I knew nothing about Football. I winked at him, not knowing what to say. I went to the bathroom, which made me miss half of the last quarter because of the long line. When I tried to go back to my seat, I had to make everybody get up so I could walk and I was seeing Harry from afar. He was sitting on his seat, shaking his legs in nervousness. He had his Packers’ beanie on, we bought the same one earlier and I was wearing it too. The more I was looking at him, the more I thought he was beautiful. I had never stopped and looked at him really in my life, and I don’t know why that night I did but he was just so beautiful. I realized he had perfect lips, they were popping out and they looked so smooth. His green eyes were the most joyful I knew. Plus, he was the nicest boy in town so that made him so perfect. It felt weird thinking about him that way but I just realized it was the truth. I finally got to my seat and sat by him. 

-    Are you okay ?
-    I am just fine ! 

Those reflections made me want to leave the place. Thankfully the game was about to end, and the Packers were winning. It was hard to make our way out of the stadium, there were so many people. Harry grabbed my hand to make sure we wouldn’t get lost. One more thing : he had soft hands. He was holding mine tight and my heart was racing. I wasn’t quite sure if it was because of him or because of the amount of people around me, making me nervous. 

We were supposed to eat at Taco Bell for our last night in Green Bay but my parents claimed to be too tired to go anywhere else but in their bed, so we went back straight to the hotel. When we arrived in our room, Harry and I changed clothes. I was also tired and didn’t want to go to bed too late. I went in the shower and in the meantime, Harry called to get us some food in the room. When I finished my shower, I realized I didn’t bring new clothes to change, so I had to put my old underwear and the t-shirt I wore that day to go get new clothes. 

-    Don’t look ! I’m coming to get clothes !
-    Whaaat ?

Harry’s POV 

I turned around and Val had no pants on, only the shirt she wore earlier. I don’t even think she had a bra on. 

-    I said don’t look, Harry !
-    Oh sorry sorry sorry

And I turned my eyes back to my plate of fried chicken. I was scared she’d be mad at me again for seeing her half-naked. She changed in the bathroom and sat by me.

-    Sorry I didn’t mean to see you like that again !
-    Yeah, fine. Now give me some of that chicken
-    It’s so good you’ll love it ! Hey do you mind if I put the TV on football ?
-    What ? It’s not finished ? 
-    Well there are games in the afternoon like the one we went to see today but also some in the evening ! The Steelers are playing against the Patriots ! It’s a big year for Brady !
-    What yeah... Whatever !

I turned on the TV to watch the game but not long after, I realized I had to enjoy my time with Val, so I change the channel and put some music on. A song I never heard before started playing and for once in my life I listened to the lyrics closely. It was ‘fifteen’ by Taylor Swift. I never really liked her but the lyrics of that song were quite interesting. 

‘’ But in your life you'll do things greater than
Dating the boy on the football team
But I didn't know it at fifteen
And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy
Who changed his mind and we both cried’’ 

-    Hey Val.. May I ask you something ?
-    Sure ?
-    But don’t be offended... Just tell me if you did anything sexually talking with Will ? Or any other boys ?
-    No I didn’t... Why are you talking about this now ?
-    Just thinking about it. Being 16 and virgin may seem weird to some people these days...
-    Yeah but not to me ! Would you imagine if I had sex with him and now we aren’t even together and you know the way he broke my heart... I don’t think it would’ve been my best decision ever. 
-    You are right. 
-    Did you and Felicity had sex ? Or any other girl ? Actually I heard a few rumors about that. 
-    Ehm..
-    Oh my God Harry you did have sex with her !!! No way ! Can’t believe it !
-    Woh woooh calm down. We might have been close to, but I didn’t put my penis in her vagina.
-    Wow okay that’s... Okay. I wouldn’t have say it like that but okay ha

I’m not quite sure why I said that since it wasn’t actually true. Felicity tried to go further one time this summer when we were lying on her bed but I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t feeling it and it stayed like that. There were no touching or anything. 

Val remained silent for a few minutes.

-    Let me tell you the truth... I didn’t come close to do anything. Felicity wanted to but I said no. 
-    Oh ! why did you say no ?
-    Ehmm, I don’t think she was the one I wanted to share that moment with...
-    What do you mean, ‘’that moment’’ ?
-    Well you know it is a big deal to lose you virginity. I think it might be a lot more interesting when it’s with someone you really like. 
-    Yeah I get your point. 

She was playing with the tip of her hair, I think she was a little shy to talk about it.

-    Do you think we’ll stay forever virgin ?
-    No... why would we ?
-    You know how bad we are at love relationships... You and I changed because of Will and Felicity. 
-    It’s like we won’t be able to love someone until one of us leaves, is that what you mean ?
-    Sort of. 
-    It’s sad. 
-    Yup.

I thought it was sad, I wanted to be able to have a love relationship with someone soday and I knew Valerie was right. As long as we would be the closest friends, love couldn’t really come in our lives. 

-    Harry, did you ever think we were made to... 
-    Be together ?
-    Yeah... I know it sounds silly but sometimes I feel like that.
-    Me too, to be honest. 
-    But we’re friends right ? 
-    Yeah.
-    So it can’t be.
-    Yeah.

The same feeling I felt only a few times during my life got to me. I wanted to kiss her. We were both sitting on the floor, our back against the bed. She had her legs open, forming a V on the floor. I crawled between it and put my lips on hers. She did not fight back, I think for once she wanted it just as much as I did. She stopped kissing me and smiled while looking right into my eyes and got up. She grabbed my hand and made us fell on the bed. She was lying on her back and was by her side, still kissing her from times to times. We were just looking at eachother, not saying a word. I was touching her face, she had such soft cheeks. I started putting my hands on her belly, slowly removing her shirt. I didn’t have a shirt on during our whole conversation, so we were now at the same point. I made my way to her pants with my hand, unbuttoned them, and put my fingers in her underwear. 

She let a deep sigh come out and said quietly :
-    What are we doing ?
-    I don’t know...
-    And I don’t care... let’s just do it.

I was happy with her answer. As soon as we could say it, she had no more pants on and me neither. Kissing was now a little more intense. She was still lying on her back and I was on top of her. I loved kissing her neck while grabbing one of her boob. She seemed very peaceful, at least I knew she was into it as much as I was. She started grabbing my dick and it was already quite hard so she made the move meaning she was ready for me to come in. I knew it would hurt her since it was her first time so I went gently. She was closing her eyes, I wasn’t sure if she liked it or not until she said :

-    Okay now you can go harder !

I was fully in, I had never been more sexually excited in my life. Valerie had her hands on my back, moving them around and scratching me when I was going too hard. Her moans were quite loud, which excited me some more. I stopped for a few seconds and looked at her. She had her eyes closed and her cheeks were blushing. She was the most pretty girl I had never seen. She looked so vulnerable, how come I never realized before how beautiful she was ? I continued moving in and out, which was making her moan louder and louder. She wasn’t screaming or anything, she was just making cute sounds that showed she really liked it. The moment she whispered my name was just too much for me and I came. She smiled at me and I kissed her once again. 

At this very moment in time, what we just did seemed so right, it couldn’t be wrong. We fell asleep on the bed, wrapped in blankets making sure our bodies were touching.  

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