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(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


16. 16

We have decided to play ''Memory'' by Sugarcult, the acoustic version. It was Jess’ idea, I didn’t know this song before but she told me it reminded her of Val and I, even before the breaking. I never knew our friendship could inspire someone to that level. It had become my favourite song, I could listen to it multiple times a day from the moment I was waking up to the moment where I was trying to fall asleep. We were rehearsing at Jess’ place because it would have seemed weird if she would have come over to my house and Val would have seen her. My mom was questionning my come and go, I don’t think she liked the fact that I was going over to Val’s friend’s house but she didn’t know the real purpose of it all. She knew we were trying out for Battle of the bands but she didn’t know it was all to get Valerie’s trust back. I couldn’t wait for everyone to see that. 

Everytime Valerie was passing by me at school, I was trying to smile at her but she would always look somewhere else : the ceiling, the floor, her friends... Anywhere but in my eyes. I actually missed her blue eyes staring at me.  The whole thing made me realized I needed her smile every morning to get mine. Things in life didn’t seem as interesting as they were before. But I was hoping Battle of bands would get everything back on track. 

A few days before the contest, she passed by me and stopped. I was putting my books in my locker and she was leaning on the one next to mine. I was surprised yet so happy, but nervous to hear what she had to tell me. 

She said a simple :
-    Hello.
-    Valerie! How have you been?
-    I have 3 words for you...
-    Yes...?

Why was I so nervous? My heart started racing... People usually refer to ‘’three words’’ for saying....I love you.

-    Get. Off. Jess.
-    Oh

And she went away. Really those weren’t the words I expected. That only meant she knew we were hanging out together. Great. Now she probably was even more mad at me, and probably at Jess too. 

I talked to Jess about it and she told me she didn’t hear a word about it. So basically, it was not okay for me to be with Jess, but Jess could be with me? Alright... 

Battle of the bands was on saturday, and the day before there was no school so Jess and I practised for the last time before the show. I genuinely think we sounded great. It was nothing really complicated but I think the emotions were there and that’s all that mattered then. 

We arrived early in the morning at the venue for the contest, there were more than 50 bands in list to win. We had no chance but personally, I wasn’t there to win. I couldn’t care less about the prize, I would only win if Valerie was happy. Jess was the one in charge to make sure she was coming tonight and I hopefully her reasons were good enough so she would show up. I was in the room waiting with all the other bands when Jess came in running. Valerie was there. Half of my mission was accomplished. We were the 21st band to go on stage. There was still 15 bands to go before us, so I decided to go in the crowd and hear what they sounded like. I was against a wall and the bands before me didn’t sound as great as I thought everyone would today. I thought people here had at least a bit of talent. Maybe I didn’t hear the good ones. Anyway, I saw Valerie from behind, recognizing her because of her usual bow under her bun. I’m pretty sure she had all the colors, and that day she got the red one on. She had a creamy-white hoodie on, the one with black lines at the bottom. She was sitting next to my mom. She turned her head around, as if she knew someone was looking at her, and she got her eyes on me. I shyly waved her and she noded her head in return. It wasn’t much but I was happy she didn’t ignore me. 

I went backstage because there were only 3 bands before us and the stress hitted me. Jess was trying to speak to me but I couldn’t say a word, I was too nervous. I was trying to make up a speech in my head to say before signing the song. I had to thank everybody for coming and say that the song I was going to sing was dedicated to someone very special. I couldn’t come up with anything really and it was our turn. I had no choice but to improvise something on stage, hoping it would turn great. 

-    Hi everybody! I am Jess Miller and this is Harry Styles! 
-    Yeah Hi! Thanks for being there. 

We sat and Jess adjusted her guitar. I was trying to see Val’s reaction but I couldn’t find her, there were too many people. We were ready to play and I still hadn’t find her but then, I saw her little red bow trying to leave the room. My reaction was instant.

-    Valerie Evans! 

She turned around and looked me in the eyes.

-    This is for you. Happy early birthday. I miss you.

Jess whispered ‘’OKay?’’ and I nodded. She started playing the first notes and I started singing :

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIVjqxIvWl0 )
‘’ This may never start,
We could fall apart and I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear, feelings insincere.
Can I be your memory?

So get back, back, back to where we lasted,
Just like I imagine,
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster,
My heart's beating faster, holding on to feel the same. ‘’

As soon as we finished, all I wanted was to go see Val, to get her reaction right away. I didn’t care about all the applause and people liking us. I needed to see her. 

She was still with my mom, kinda glad she was cause it was easier to approach her that way, and they were listening to the band after us. They were sitting in the last two seats of the row so I could stand beside them without annoying anyone. My mom gave me a thumbs up when she saw me, but Valerie didn’t even look at me. Maybe she didn’t know I was there. When the band finally finished, they got up and came to me.

-    Good job Harry ! That was a wonderful song.
-    Thanks mom !
-    Do you want to go and eat lunch ? They won’t tell who wins until later on tonight
-    Anyway I’m not here to win so we can leave for good
-    If that’s what you want ! Do you think Jess would wanna come with us ?
-    No she’s fine, her parents are there. 
-    Alright, let’s go. 

We all got into my mom’s car and started driving to a local restaurant. 

-    Anne do you mind dropping me off at home ? I’m not really hungry..
-    Oh okay....

My mom looked at me, waiting for me to say something.

-    Come with us, Val ! It’s been a while... Please ?
-    ...
-    I’ll pay for you if that’s what you want ! You can eat whatever you want ! I’m paying the bill 
-    ... Okay I guess. If you offer the money, why spend mine when I can spend yours ?

We all smiled and the road was now a lot less bumpy. 

At the restaurant, my mom met an old co-worker she hadn’t seen in a few years so she told us to go find a table and order what we wanted. It’s like the moment was arranged and I finally got to be alone with her. 

-    I know you don’t want to be here, Val. But I’m glad you are...
-    Yeah yeah that’s fine. I’m here now let’s enjoy
-    Haha... So what’d you think ?
-    I don’t know... I’m still questionning. Though it was really good, the song, the melody and your... voice. 
-    Thank you. Oh and I don’t know if you thought Jess and I had something but that was only it. We were just making this up !
-    I figured. How’d you come up with this song ? I always loved it.
-    You knew it ? Why didn’t I ? It was Jess’ idea actually, she said it reminded her of us...
-    She told you that ? Funny because I told her it reminded me about you and I...
-    Oh, I see.
-    Anyway... thanks for the kind words at the beginning. 
-    I wanted to surprise you, for your birthday and because I missed you and... yeah
-    Thank you Harry. But are you going to make me another gift or is that it ?
-    Oh come on, are you serious ?

We both laughed. Everything was slowly coming back in place. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but her reception was giving me hope. Everything was going to be alright.

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