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(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


15. 15

Harry’s POV

It was the end of the day and I was just about to go in my school bus. I was waiting in front of it, with Felicity in my arms. I was hoping Valerie would pass by us to get in the bus to go back to her house but she never did. Where was she? Since I finally told her I wasn’t in White Eskimo anymore this morning, I had not seen her. She probably avoided me all day. When I told her that morning, the bus was just beside us so she jumped in and put her backpack beside her so I wouldn’t sit with her. I felt terribly bad. But once again she had the right to feel that way and I understood her very well. Since she came back from France I was lying to her about going to the jam sessions with the band while I was actually with Fel. I was the worst friend on Earth. I got in the bus without saying goodbye to Fel, I was not feeling very well. 

When I got home, my mom was waiting for me, sitting on the couch. 

-    Hi mom! 
-    Hello Harry... Come and sit by me. We have to discuss a few things.
-    OH Okay...
-    I spoke with Valerie today, we went out and ate lunch and she told me some of the things you did to her. I usually don’t get involved in your friendship but this time she was the one coming up to me so I listened to her.
-    How did you guys catch lunch? She was at school..
-    No she wasn’t. She called me during her first class so I would come and pick her up. She looked in shock as soon as she got into the car. 
-    Oh... that explains why I haven’t seen her today. 
-    You know how I love you my baby but the things you did... That is not how I raised you. I don’t think you get how great your friendship with Valerie is and how you are getting close to lose it now. She’s been by your side during your whole life and I know she always will... If you take care of her like you used to do. It’s like she’s part of our family. 
-    I know mom! You have no idea how bad I feel about that!
-    You should have thought about it before, though... 

My mom was on my best friend’s side. How ironic...

-    I suggest you go see her.
-    I don’t know where she is and I highly doubt she’ll want to see me
-    Give it a try at least. You got nothing left to lose, so go see her! She’s at her house. 

I went to my room to think about the things my mom told me. I waited after supper to go see Val. I was making all sorts of scenarios in my head, expecting the worst. I went over to her room’s window, to see if she was in it. I was pretty sure her parents were aware of the situation so I didn’t feel like confronting them too. I looked through the window and I saw her. Her curtains were half open so I could see, her back was facing the the glass. I was trying to put my guts together to knock on it when she took her t-shirt off. I thought she was going to put another one on but then she started to remove her pink bra. She was walking around her room with only her jeans on. Nothing on top. I knew that was considered stalking but I couldn’t stop looking. She was... Beautifully made. I can’t say how long I stood there but what I know is how nervous I felt when she finally realized I was there. She screamed and put a shirt on a soon as she saw me. She ran out of her room and came to me outside. She pushed me against her house’s wall and punched my shoulder. I had never seen her that mad. I was still in shock of seeing her half naked, but that was weird because it kinda made me happy that I was lucky enough to see that. 


She was screaming so loud and still puching on my arm. 

-    I wanted to talk to you... Then you took off your shirt...
-    AND YOU STAYED THERE! Fuck you Harry
-    Okay now stop punching me I’m gonna get bruises
-    DO YOU THINK I CARE maybe that’s all you deserve! Bruises all over your body for making bruises all over my heart...

Woah. I couldn’t look at her in the eyes anymore. So, that is how she felt... I messed everything for good now, no doubt. 

- You fucking liar LEAVE NOW

And she ran back to her house. I stayed leaning on the wall when I saw by the corner of my eye that she had close her curtains. Two minutes later she got her head out of the window and screamed at me to ‘’FUCKING LEAVE FOR GOOD NOW’’. At this point there was nothing else I could do, I guess...

The following 2 weeks had been the worst of them all. Valerie was still avoiding me, she didn’t even bother looking at me. Plus, Felicity was growing apart from me, she really wasn’t like the first time we dated. She was more independant now. I could see the end coming and I was right, she left me. She told me things weren’t as they were before but it wasn’t my fault, she needed time for herself but wished the best for me. She said we could still be friends though. Bullshit. I promised myself I wouldn’t take anyone back if it was over in my future relationships. Thankfully I could keep my mind on other things like working at the bakery and hanging out with my guy friends, which I neglected a bit with the whole ‘’girls thing’’. 

I knew Valerie’s birthday was coming up in a few weeks so I wanted to do something special, even if she probably wouldn’t care. Her birthday was on October 29th, which gave me exactly 3 weeks to come up with something. I texted her friend Ema to know if Val was talking about me in any way by times but all I got as a response from her was a ‘ewh no’. What a pleasant answer. Then I decided to ask Jess just to know if everything really was over with Val.

‘’Hey Jess, hope you’re doing fine! I was just wondering if Val was talking about me sometimes or..? I screwed up bad’’
‘’Yes you did... And yes she actually does...’’
‘’Is it bad or should I raise my hopes?’’
‘’Harry can we meet somewhere?’’

Why would she want to hang out with me?

‘’Yeah sure? Tonight at the park?’’
‘’I’ll be there’’

That meeting was making me really nervous. Hours between classes and supper seemed to last forever. Did she had a message from Valerie that she wanted to tell me? Or maybe she only wanted to talk as friends, and never mention Valerie. I couldn’t wait to find out. 

When I got to the park, Jess was on a swing. She seemed lost in her thoughts, which wasn’t really like her, she usually is all smiling and full of joy. 

-    Are you okay Jess? 
-    Oh hi Harry! I’m just fine 
-    You looked kinda sad!
-    Oh you know... Val’s mood is getting on me I guess...

I sat on the swing beside her.

-    ... So what did you wanted to talk to me about?
-    Ermh yeah you know... How sad Valerie is and well, of course you know the story. And ermh, you also know that Battle of the bands is coming up in a 2 weeks and I don’t know I thought maybe...
-    Maybe what? Valerie told me you wanted to take part of it just before the drowning of our friendship ha
-    Yes I do! I came up with a plan actually! We both know you can sing and, maybe you don’t know but I can play the guitar. I had this idea where we could maybe try out for the contest and yeah basically that’s it
-    And it could be a song for Valerie... 
-    Exactly! 
-    That’s a veeeeeeeery good idea! Plus it’ll be a few days before her birthday! This is going to be the surprise I wanted to do to her! Thanks Jess! You are the best!
-    Thank you... 
-    So what should we sing?
-    I don’t know... Anything accoustic, it’ll sound better. 
-    Okay think about it and i’ll do the same! Maybe we can meet again here in 3 days and see what we’ve come up with. And we keep it a secret until the actual show. 
-    Yes! 

We sat there for about an hour, talking about school and stuff. Jess was actually a pretty cool girl. She was more into music than I thought. I was glad I had now a new project in mind to keep me busy. I only had to hope Valerie would be as happy as I was about it...

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