Take care

(Starts in 2009, before XFactor. Harry was just a normal teen from Cheschire with big dreams)

Harry and Valerie had always been best friends. From their birth to their teenage years, everything was fine. A few mistakes changed the whole thing, but their relationship always stayed strong.

Sometimes, saying nothing says it all...

«You've seen all my mistakes...»

Maybe they were ''too close'' to be bf/gf but what happens when life gives you no other choice? And what happens when fame takes away the person you need the most?

Some people change, and some just won't.


10. 10

Things were going pretty good with my plan since the last week, I don't think Valerie doubted anything. I took a day off at work to spend some time with her, because I was conscious that I had put her on the side a bit these days. She was strange since she was back from France. She was randomly saying words in French in the middle of her sentences. It was funny in the beginning but now it was kinda boring. Plus, she was always looking down at her phone to see if Thierry didn't text her or anything. Anyway, that day I wanted to spend time with her. I went over to her house around 2pm, she was just waking up. 

- Hey Val! Did you forget I was coming over today?
- No...Yes.
- That's fine. Go get ready, I'll wait here
- Okayyyyyy Harry!

I waited for 45minutes, laying on her couch. I received a few texts during that time, but I did not look at them. When Val came back, she told me Jess texted her about a party going on that night. It was kind of a back-to-school party. I checked my phone discreetly,  and I saw Felicity texted me the exact same thing. 

- We are definitely going!
- I'm not sure, I'm working tomorrow and I thought we were spending the whole day together. 
- Come on! We'll be together at the party.

I was hesitant on going because she would see me with Felicity. She didn't know I was hiding it from Valerie, so she would probably want us to get closer in front of everybody. I knew it wouldn't end very well. 

- It's cloudy outside, it's gonna rain tonight!
- You're weird. You usually never miss a party, why tonight?
- It is what it is! Now let's go and cook some dessert. I have a sweet tooth since I woke up this morning. 
- Fine but I hope it's not going to rain for real and that this party will be a shitty one.

We got up and we started putting all the ingredients out to bake some cupcakes and banana bread. 

Valerie's POV
That wasn't really what I had hope for my day, but it was an interesting start. He looked so ridiculous, wearing one of my mom's apron that was colour baby blue. He was having a hard time dealing with the flour all over his hands as he wanted to place his hair that was falling into his eyes. Every time he sighed, I knew he was bored with his hair. I would throw him a towel so he could wash his hands and place his hair but he kept saying he was just fine. After a few sighs and him moving his head around, I removed the bowl he had in his hands and I stood face to face with him. I shouted ''You really are getting on my nerves, I can't stand your sighs and hair moving anymore.'' I went to the bathroom and I came back to put a hairband on his head. He didn't say anything but kept looking straight into my eyes as I was making a mad face. He threw some cupcake mixture on my nose and started laughing uncontrollably. I laughed too, and started putting some on his arms. As soon as we could say it we were all dirty, covered in food and exhausted because we laughed too much. It had ended in a run all over the first floor, me hiding behind the couch and him rolling under my bed. I don't think we've ever laughed that much before. In the end, there was no more cupcake preparation so we put an end to the project. 

I went to the bathroom to clean myself a little bit, and came back to him right away. He also went in the bathroom while I was cleaning the house. He wasn't back yet when the house was neat. I went to check on him but he had lock the door behind him. I was pretty sure he was  talking on the phone, I knocked quietly and said ''Harry?'' I heard him say something like ''Okay, I'll see you later and I'll explain to you more. Bye.'' He sounded a bit mad. He got out of the bathroom and asked:

- Why are you spying on me?

He still looked mad. How things had change in just half an hour. 

- I was not 'spying', I was trying to figure out what you were doing out there. I see you haven't wash yet so that phone call must've been long. Who was it?

He remained silent and left my house. That guy was such a weirdo sometimes. I was hurt because he didn't tell me what was happening and he seemed bugged because I was interested in what he was doing. I decided to leave him some time to do... whatever he had to do and I texted him a hour after. 

''What happened, Harry?''

It took 30 minutes before he replied. 

''Nothing. I wasn't feeling very well. Sorry.''
''Okay, you're weird, BYE''

What a cold answer. At this point, he had become insignificant to me because the whole situation was just so childish that I couldn't care less. 

Jess came over at my place after dinner and she was really trying to convince me to go to the party. She didn't try very hard before I accepted her invitation. She told me it was a new guy at school that was throwing this party, and she knew that because she already met him during the summer, her mom was working with his. They had become great friends and Jess' mother invited Josh's (it was the guy's name) mom and her family over to dinner one night. Jess and Josh got along pretty well. She told me he wasn't like the guys at our school, he was a bit more 'wild', as she said. She was also more of a party girl than most of our friends so I guessed it was normal that they had some sort of connection with each other. 

As we were getting ready, she told me she had something special for the night. She showed me a little white pill, and I understood right away what she meant. I didn't have any alcohol left that night so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to take some of that. I had already tried marijuana before but not any 'hard drug.' It would be a first. We cracked the whole thing just before we left and sniffed it. 

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