Finally A Real Home (Harry fanfic)

Two best friends who are finally adopted, and better yet are going to live together!


2. Chapter One


~Chapter One~

Kati and I were getting up and we started to do our morning chores when a man maybe in his fifties or something like that walked in the front doors.

“Girls, can you help me find the owner of the orphanage?” he asked Kati and I

“Yes sir right this way” Kati said

“Miss. Nancy we have a visitor” I said

“Why thank-you girls for showing to my office” Miss. Nancy said

“Here you go” the man said handing Kati and I each $20.

We took the money and we both said thank-you and we went up to our rooms, and put it into our own envelope. We have been saving up any money we get for doing good things to save up so we can see One Direction live in concert. So far we each have only $100, still not enough.

“Kati! Alisha!” Miss. Nancy said knocking on our door

“Come on in” Kati said

“Hey girls” she said

“What is it Miss. Nancy?” I asked

“Well Mr. Cowell would like to adopt you too girls” she said

“Both of us?” I asked


And when she said that Kati and I jumped off of our beds and hugged each other.

“Now girls you need to get packed we leave in twenty minutes” said the man

“We only have three pairs of clothes” I said

“It’s okay we will buy you two some clothes just pack whatever you need to take” said the guy

Kati and I both quickly pack our same bags, and we grabbed our envelopes and our teddy bears. We got into a taxi and headed to the airport.

“So where are we moving?” Kati asked

“London” he said

“Oh my god” I said smiling

“oh sorry for not introducing ourselves, I’m Kati Vogts”

“And I’m Alisha Barnett” I said

“And I am Simon Cowell”

 “Ok” Kati said

“And I have something for you girls” he said giving us each an iPhone 5

“No way this is amazing this day just keeps getting better and better” Kati and I said

The next day we were landing in London, and Simon took us to a pet store so we could each choose a pet or two as long as we help the house keepers take care of them.

                                                                             Angel (Kati's)


                                                                       Timon (Kati's)


                                                                               Delgado (mine)

                                                                                Simba (mine)




After we picked them out Simon paid for the food, collars, toys, food bowls, and stuff like that. Then we went home and we pulled up to this house:





“Okay so I already have had my boys buy you two clothes and they guessed on your guy’s size but the shoes will fit because they are your size, and don’t worry they know how to dress so the clothes grantee  are very cute. 


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