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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Harry's POV I don't know what happened earlier but I do know that the hug she gave me really hurts ! I am not sure but I think that my move was the worst move I ever did : - so Harry why is Melody that furious ? ( Louis asked ) - well I kinda over pushed her buttons... - what how ? ( Niall asked ) - well I pinned her to the wall scanned her twice brushed my lips to hers told her she was mine several times and I played with the button of her shorts and un-zipped it plus un-button it ... ( I said feeling bad plus humiliated ) - what !!! Man that is just sick ! How could you do it I mean the girl trusted you the most and don't you know her already she hates these manners ! (Liam yelled ) - it wasn't my fault she said that she liked the bad boy type not me ! - well yeah but she meant the type that would go threw a lot to get her not the type with the screwed up mind !!! ( Liam yelled again at me ) - uh oh guys help me I totally screwed up ! Now she will never fall for me nether talk or even see me ! You've got to help me please I can't live without her ! - well I kinda have an idea ( Zayn said ) - what what is it Zayn ? - well calm down ! Well Melody is an actress so lets frame her into doing a romantic movie with her and also a duet with you well us ! ( Zayn said ) - well its a good idea but won't she hate me even more ? - no no no don't worry because that will show her that you want her a lot and you will do anything to get her ! ( Zayn said ) - yeah you are right ! But how should we do that ? - we will have Sarah make her sign it but without knowing that it was us ! But remember we will not say anything to Sarah that means we will not bring up what happened here earlier okay ? - okay ! - but Harry can I just say that you really deserved that hug ! Hahaha ( Louis said ) - hahaha really funny ! ( I said pissed ) - okay so now lets go to business and call Sarah for a meeting without Melody shall we ? - okay lets go ! We all got up and frankly I was really embraced I felt like I kinda insulted her by doing my moves ! But one the other hand I was kinda exited for the romantic movie and song ! While I was lost in my thoughts the boys talked to Sarah and arranged everything she was coming after half an hour ! ..................................…………half an hour passed………….………………….………… The door bell rang we were back in our apartment and I was praying that Melody didn't tell Sarah what happened Paul opened the door to reveal a happy looking Sarah I guess its because she saw Paul . I think that Melody is right they really are in love ! I walked to the living room and offered Sarah a seat : - okay boys whats going on ? ( Sarah said looking all casual and ready for work ) - so Sarah we wanted to do for Melody a surprise ! ( Niall said ) - really thats great ! I know she loves surprises...but what should I have to do with it ? - actually we wanted your help because it couldn't be done without you so... ( Liam ) - oh ok that makes a hole lot more sense to me ! So what are you planning ? - well Melody is an actress and a singer and she always tells us that she want to star in a romantic movie and sing a romantic song with us ! You know she is very romantic and she love those romantic stuff ( I said but I think I said a lot of romantic in my sentence that shows that I am nervous ! ) so we decided to make her star in a romantic movie and to do a duet with us ! - well guys that is great but I don't know if she.... - don't worry she totally wants to we know that plus I will be the other star in the movie you know the one she will fall in love with and and... Well you know ! ( I said ) - are you sure about that ? - YES don't worry Sarah just sign this ! And trust me she will be really happy ! Just please ! ( Louis said trying to convince her ) - well if you say so... ( she took her pen and signed it ! YES !!! ) - yes ! Thank you Sarah she will be so happy now ! And remember don't tell her anything ! Whatever she does don't tell her ! ( Zayn said ) - ok I get it ! This is going to be great ! Thank you guys ! ( Sarah said hugging each one of us ) now if you will excuse me I need to go ! ( she said than got out ) - this is great !!! This is so going to work out ! ( I said while jumping around and hugging them ) oh I am so happy ! - this is great congrats bro ! ( Zayn said while hugging me back ) - yeah wish you the best Hazz ( Liam said ) - lets go celebrate guys lets go to a restaurant ! ( Niall said ) - yeah lets go we need to celebrate Harry and Melody's love ! ( louis said cheering ) - hahaha I hope she is going to love me ! ( I said before we got in the car and went to the restaurant...) Melody's POV Mia and I organized every thing and talked then we drove with Richard to a restaurant .We were , talking , eating , having fun , even a few fans came to me and asked for an autograph but then : - Melody ! Hey girl how are you ? Are you feeling better ? ( I heard a familiar voice say and oh no it was Louis and if Louis was here than Harry and the boys are here too ) - heyy Louis I am fine thanks ! - hey Mel and wow who is this lovely lady with you ? ( Zayn said I was happy because Mia liked Zayn a lot so...) - oh yeah sorry I forgot to introduce you to one of my BFFs Mia ! - well hello there beautiful ( Zayn said and Mia blushed ) - h-hi I am a big fan so nice to meet you Zayn ! ( Mia said practically not believing what just happened . Zayn kissed her hand and Mia became red ) - nice to meet you Mia I am Louis the Tommo Tomlinson - hahaha Hi Louis nice to meet you ! - okay so were are the boys ? ( I said ) - oh they are trying to book for us a table ! - oh ok thats good ! ( I also said ) - heeyyy beautiful ! How are you now ? ( I heard a voice that I didn't want to hear ) - well hello you jerk ! ( I said unable to control myself ) - oh you really are cranky today ! ( he came closer to me and I got back ) You missed the earlier scene ? Because if you want we can do it again ( he whispered ) - ugh Mia lets go ! I took Mia's hand and took her out of the restaurant and went back to the car without looking back I was furious : - okay.... ( Mia said ) - see I told you ! ( I said angrily ) - yeah you are right ! He is such a jerk but after all I saw Zayn and he seemed interested in me ! - yeah good for you Mia ! ( I was really happy for her , she literally loves him ever since he was on the X-Factor ) but then I was cut from my thoughts by a peep it was coming from my phone I just received a text message and....it was from mr. Styles ! Ugh what on earth does he want ! Harry : hey beautiful why did you go ? I miss you already ! You know I wish I could go back in time to this morning you know why ? I was chocked I thought that he finally was going to apologize so I texted him back : why ? He replied fast enough : because I miss the earlier scene you know I really would love to continue it in my bedroom if you want you know the address love ;) I was furious I mean let him stop why me ???? I replied back : you jerk ! Why are you doing this to me !? I thought we were BEST friends but I was wrong ! You aren't even worth looking at or saying hi ! I H.A.T.E you ! Stop doing that ! Now that I said that I was a little bit relieved but not completely but on the bright side after this text he didn't send me anything ! - whats wrong Mel ? - its Harry... - Harry ? - yeah he sent me text messages here look ( she took the phone from my hands amd started reading the conversation ) - good girl you really replied in a good way I am sure that now he will not come near you again ! - I hope so ... We went home and slept it was a really long and exhausting day I really am broken I just want to leave everything behind me and just go,go far away from this agony ! I just can't believe that my best friends did that to me ! But well its life and at least I learned to never trust anyone this fast ever again... I got up in the morning and Mia was still asleep I guess she was tired from her plain trip I was taking the tea bag from the box when suddenly my phone rang : it was Sarah I decided not to tell her I don't want to put an end to her romance with Paul : - hey Sarah - heyyy girl ! How are you ? - well I am fine thanks and you ? - good ! Um Melody do you mind if I come visit you like after an hour or so ? - no not at all besides I have someone I would like you to meet ! - oh thats great ! - so did you have breakfast yet ? - no not yet... - good so don't eat anything okay ? I will prepare a good breakfast for all of us ! - okay sounds good to me see you then ! - ok bye ! I ran upstairs to find Mia awake so I hugged her and told her that Sarah is coming so we should go make breakfast and wear our clothes ! We both got downstairs and prepared breakfast : pancakes with maple sirup orange juice and some delicious fruits ! And then we went upstairs and got ready : I took a brief shower than wore a pair of jeans and a tank top with a pair of converse and tied back my lose curls . Outfit :http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_113/set?id=100855248 It was time , Sarah should be here in a minute , I called Mia and got down I sat on the sofa and started thinking what possibly does she want ? Does she know about yesterday ? Did Harry told her ? Whats happening ? Did Paul and her got engaged ? That would be awesome but I don't think so.... After a few minutes the door bell rang it was Sarah finally : - heyy ! - heyyy Melody ! ( she said hugging me ) - come on in ! - thanks ! So um who do you wanted me to meet ? - well she is my BFF Mia ! - I know her already ! - no you don't ! Miaaaa (I called and she ran down stairs , she said hi to Sarah and kissed her on the cheek I was looking at them with a shocked expression on my face) - okay...so did I miss anything ? ( I asked ) - Mel I already know Sarah ! ( Mia said ) - wait how ? - well how do you think that I got your address...plus I already told you ! - oh yeah I am sorry ! I must of dosed off ! - hahaha Melody you are starting to forget ! Is Harry constantly on your mind ?! ( Sarah said jokingly I think she is having her revenge ! ) - oh ! Shut up I don't like him ! - ok ok just calm down ! - thats okay lets just go eat ! ( I said before we went to the kitchen and sat down and ate for like an hour ) - so...Melody ( Sarah said ) - yeah ? - well you know that your an actress right ? - yes I do ( I said awkwardly ) - ok and you do know that your a singer right ? - and once again yes I do....is there something wrong ? - no not at all its just that.... - that...? - well you've got the lead role in a huge hit movie ! - get out ! This is awesome ! - wait I didn't finish and you are going to do a duet with famous celebrities ! - what ? Really who are they !? - well its a surprise so I can't tell you , but trust me you are going to be really happy ! - thank you Sarah ( I said then got up and hugged really tight ) - congratulation Mel ! I am so happy for you !! ( Mia said then hugged me ) - well glad your happy sweetie so I guess I will see you tuesday at 12:30 ( it was sunday ) the movie director and producer wants to see you to discuss all the things agree ? ( Sarah said ) - yeah sure I will be there ! - okay now please sign here ( she handed me a paper and I signed it ) - thank you ... So I guess I will see you tomorrow then ! - yes ! Hey Sarah Mia and I will visit L.A for the day do you want to come with us ? - um...no I am sorry girls I still have a lot of work to do ! So later ... - oh okay bye then ! After Sarah went Mia and I got ready and went to tour L.A we saw there a few fans and we continued touring it was great but yet really long day and also fun ! The next day we woke up and got ready to work ! I can't believe it I am working with my best friend yay ! Richard picked us up and we went together to the studio it was fun working with Mia ! Zayn's POV I was in my flat thinking about saturday night , Melody's friend Mia seemed hot ! I can't get my mind of of her ! I think I have fallen for her so I am going to ask Melody if she would help me get her but I've got to do it fast before the big scam ! I was in deep thoughts when my phone rang I looked at the caller ID and it was Harry what does he want ? Did Melody found out about the scam ? I wondered to my self before I answered the phone : - hey mate ! - hey Zayn ! - So vas happenin ? - look buddy I need you to go check on Melody because I want to see if she signed the contract and if she is on to us you know ? - uh yeah sure I have nothing so I will go ! - but were is she ? - she is at the studio please go check up on her ! - ok bye ! Talk to you later ! - bye mate see you and thanks a lot ! I hung up the phone and got my keys I need to do this to Harry after all he is suffering with love and I have a strange feeling I will too -.- I got in the car and drove to the studio , its a really nice one after all this channel made the best shows on TV so it got to look good ! I gave my car to the valet parking and entered the studio I was welcomed by a employee : - well hello mr. Malik ! - ah uh hi there ! - how may I help you ? - well I was looking for miss Melody,Melody K. - ah yes miss Melody ! Do you by any chance know her ? - hahaha well I am her best friend ! - really ! Uh she is a delightful lady ! She is beautiful , natural , caring and gentle she is one of the shining star of this studio and also a future Hollywood one don't you think ? - uh hahaha yes I do she is great ! - well enough chatting did you know that one of her close friends mrs. Mia joined us too ? - wait what ? - yes mrs. Mia ?! - she did ! where is she ? What is she doing ? - um she is our new set designer ! She is right over here in this room ! Follow me please ! - thank you very much sir ! We walked a few halls before he pointed for me a door to the right I entered it but was chocked : there was someone singing ! A voice a special one ! It was like the voice of an angel I can't express how I felt this moment ! I didn't say or make any noise I kept walking in the room silently to find....Mia ! I wasn't chocked I should of known that such a beautiful voice could come from such a beautiful person so I got quietly behind her and I put my arms around her shoulders : - oh my g... ( she turned around to face me and all of a sudden her face became softer ) Zayn ! What are you doing here ? You scared me ! - well I am sorry ! I didn't mean to ! I am here to check up on Melody ! - check up on Melody...but why ? ( she said with a confused voice ) - well its a long story shall we get a seat ? - yeah sure come on do you want something to drink ? - um I will have a glass of water please and thank you ! ( I said and she ordered ) - welcome any way back to our topic ! Why do you want to check up on Melody ? - well umm... Because of what happened on saturday night ? You know what I mean? - ugh yeah ! But seriously why did Harry do that to Melody ? I mean doesn't he know that these stuff particularly make her angry ?! - well I am sorry about that ! But can you keep a secret and please don't tell Melody? - okay.... But what is it ? - Harry likes Melody like a lot I think this might be it ! I think he is IN love with her not just like her you know ? - uh what just say that again ! - Harry is in L.O.V.E with Melody ! - wow ! This is unbelievable ! I mean Melody als-uh oh nothing ( I kinda felt like she was going to say something but I didn't want to pressure her so...) - promise you won't tell her anything ? - yes I do ! I promise if I do maybe this will ruin Harry's shot with Melody ! - ok so don't say anything ! Pinky swear ? - hahaha pinky swear ( we did the pinky swear ) - so whats new ? - uh as you can see I am working here ! Oh and yesterday Melody signed some contract about a song and a movie or something ... - uh great ! ( yes goal complete ! After a few seconds a lady came in with our drinks we got them and thanked her ) so... i was walking in here when I heard you sing... - oh god this is embracing ! I was hoping you hadn't heard that but... - hahaha don't worry by the way great voice you've got here ! Why don't you record a single or something ? - well I don't know were to start thats all ! But when I get settled here maybe I will ! - oh okay if you need any advice or help remember I am right here next to you ! We talked for what seemed like hours until we were interrupted by Melody who barged in the room : - Zayyyyyn ! ( she ran and hugged me ) - Melllll - you are so toast ! How could you come her and not tell me ! Its not fair ! Any who how long have you been here ? - well its been like 2 hours and...uh sorry I totally forgot because when you hang with such a beautiful angel you forget everything ! ( I could tell Mia blushed score ! ) - ooooooh well nice pick up line ! I see you two seem to get really close together huh? - yeah we are actually ! - miss Mia what are your thoughts ? - uh hahaha I think we are but as friends nothing more nothing less ! ( my heart actually sank ) - uh yeah nothing more nothing less ! ( I couldn't believe what I just said ) - well okay then ! I just came by to say hi and I have to go to work so bye ! - um okay I also need to go Har- um Louis needs me so bye ! I walked out of the room and left the two girls alone I can't just believe what I heard in there her words are still popping in my head its awful ! Any way I guess it just isn't meant to be but WHY !??? Ugh! now I feel what Harry feels ! But now I just need to forget everything and just go tell Harry what happened with Melody.
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