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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Melody's POV

- okay so that was our show for tonight hope you enjoyed your evening with One Direction and me ! We love you a lot so see you next week for a new episode good night every one !! ( I said before the crowed screamed out loud ) 
oh god I was so embarrassed out there ! I mean we are now best friends and its just not right its kind of gross ! But its kind of a nice feeling that a cute boy thinks I am cute too !!!! The boys went to sign autographs and I went to my dressing room :
- hey Mel ! You were great tonight sweety ! ( Sarah said ) 
- thanks Sarah but I got really embarrassed I mean come on !
- hahaha baby don't worry that is show business ! Plus they are nice boys they won't be upset or angry ! ( she said with a don't worry tone ! ) 
- I hope so ! 
- so did you like the boys ? 
- yes I did they are really nice and cute ! Do you know that now we are best friends ? 
- really ? That is great ! 
- yes I know I am really happy ! ( we heard a knock on the door ) come on in !
- hey Melody ! ( Harry said with his husky and sexy voice )
- hey Harry ! 
- did I bother you because if I did I can leave if you want ! ( he said pointing to the door )
- no no no not at all I...I was just going to leave so I will just leave you two alone now ! Have lots of fun together...(Sarah said before she got out of the room)
- okay... So where are the boys ?
- oh they are changing and doing stuff and as you can see I already finished so I decided to spend my time with my new best friend ! 
- hahaha thats great so lets sit down ! 
- well I was kinda hoping to go get a smoothie and go drink it next to the pond ! I mean if you want ! 
- umm yeah sure ! Lets go ! 
We exited the room together and went to his car then we walked to a close smoothie store and bought two and went to the pond and sat there . It wasn't dark a lot because the stars where lighting up the sky it was really beautiful ! :
- so Melody...
- yeah Harry ?
- I was thinking if we could try to get to know each others better ?
- yeah sure what do you want to know ?
- first were you embarrassed on the show by you know the picture and my answer ?
- well I wasn't embraced about your answer I was embarrassed because I thought I embraced you and also you have a GF and I didn't know about that if I did I would never do it !
- well don't be embarrassed because were best friends and we support each others crazy stuff right ?
- hahaha yeah !
- so...what do you think about relationships ?
- well...I...personally I would never be in a relationship if I didn't like the guy and trust him and its really hard to get a guy to get me because I need him to show me that he would do anything for me and go threw the most embarrassing stuff for me you know what I mean ?
- yeah I do .
- so...how are you and Jen doing so far ?
- uh its going good but she is starting to be really sticky you know ?
- yeah I do but don't worry you will get used to it I mean you love her and that is the important thing right ? Without love you wouldn't be with her so...
- yeah you are right . So what type of guys do you like ?
- um I like bad boys put not bad bad boys I just like them to show me that they care and stuff like that and I like guys who are cute and who will treat me like a princess !
- you mean kinda like me right ?
- well quick questions are you a soft bad boy ?
- well yeah and I am cute !
- hahaha well yeah you are and that is a bonus ! 
- so Melody how was your life back in Lebanon ?
- well it was normal ! I had a family and 2 best friends ! It totally changes from now !
- yeah I know the feeling I've been there ...
- ( a cold breath passed in the air so I shivered ) brrr ! ( suddenly I felt someone putting a jacket over my shoulders I looked up to see Harry smiling at me so I smiled back ) thank you !
- your welcome you seemed cold !
- well yeah I am ...
- in that case lets finish our smoothies and go back to the studio ok ?
- okay ! 
- so Melody do you want to hang out after your work like I don't know maybe every day ? ( he said then a cheeky smile appeared on his face )
- uh okay ! I would love too because I have no one to hang out with !
- great ! You know Melody I really am comfortable with you its like I known you since ages ! 
- you know I am also comfortable with you ! 
- did you tour L.A yet ?
- no not yet ! 
- well maybe we could tour it together !
- yes that would be so fun !
We both smiled and finished our smoothies then went back to the studio where the boys were waiting for us .   

.....................................................2 month later .............................................................

We spend the last months together it was really fun we toured L.A and we went partying and stuff and I also got to know some friends of theirs ! Today we chose to go spend time at the studio they had to record a song so I decided to go with them . I decided to wear shorts and a top !
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97010195
(Just ignore the "Melanie's outfit" it was made for something else)

Harry's POV

For the past 2 months we hang out all time with Melody these were the best days of our life's ! We all got to know her really good and we loved her even more we literally became inseparable so last night I told the boys that its time to make my move ! I wanted to make her want me ! She said that she liked bad boys well I've got my ideas ! And no matter what happens she will be mine :
- so guys I need to go to the ladies room be back really fast ok ?
- hahaha ok Mel but don't take too long we will miss you ! ( Zayn said )
- hahaha ok its just 2 minutes Zayn ! 
- yeah until you find the mirror ! 
- Zayn ! Speak about yourself ! Well you know what start counting then ! 
- okay and start ! 1...2...3...  
- wait no its not fair ! 
- just go the time is ticking !
- ugh fine ! (She ran into the hallway and I quietly followed her its finally the time to show her the bad boy thats in me !)

Melody's POV

I quickly ran to the ladies room before Zayn could finish counting when suddenly I felt a hand tugging me to the wall harshly ,my heart stopped from fear, it pinned me to the wall in a really uncomfortable position : I couldn't move my hands , they were pinned to the wall and my feet were trapped between the legs of the strong person . I desperately looked up and was chocked it was Harry :
- okay Harry please let me go ! I need to go before Zayn finishes counting !
- hahaha never just relax and listen !
- Harry its not fun-
- shhhh baby ( he leans closer to me I was seriously starting to panic he now was  saying something in my ear )
- you will be mine ! Don't even think of ignoring because you will be mine ! ( he than looked in my eyes : his green orbs pierced into me I couldn't stop but panicking he started scanning me I felt chills coming down my spine )
- Harry what are you doing !? ( I tried to move my legs trying to free my self but his grip was getting tighter every time I move ! )
- don't like this well in that case I am going to make you want to stay like this !
( he leaned closer to my face his lips were millimeters apart from mine I could feel his fresh minty breath tickle me ! He than brushed his lips to mine ! He didn't kiss me but he wanted me to want him but this isn't going to work Styles ! ) so baby still not saying anything well I know exactly how to push your buttons ! ( he scanned me than took one of his hands but pinned me with one other than he started playing with the button of my short and he un-buttoned it and zipped it down ! He really drove me crazy this time ) well aren't you a sassy little girl you want to be in my bed huh ?! But don't worry baby I won't bother you anymore you know where to find me if you want to continue ! ( he released me and I collapsed on the floor )
- you jerk ! You already have a GF !! How could you do it ? And also to me ? Your best friend !
- oh don't worry I forgot to tell you Jennifer and I broke up and if you want you can use this for tomorrow's news ! See you beautiful ! Hahaha !
- in your dreams Styles !  
- and in reality beautiful ! ( he than sent me a kiss and winked! How disgusting and what a jerk !) 
After this unbelievable scene I stayed on the floor still trying to absorb the actions that just happened it was hard for me ! I mean I thought that Harry was nice and caring and cute and he knows perfectly that I hate these manners ! How could he do this to me ! His best friend ! Enough was enough I need to take the rest of my dignity and go ! I got up from the floor re-zipped and re-buttoned my shorts dusted my self flipped my hair and went back to the room ! :
- hey Melody its been like 10 minutes so you lost ! ( Zayn said )
- well I could of been here earlier here if someone did not do something to me ! Isn't it right Harry ? ( I said trying to calm down my self before I slap him )
- what ? Well anyway is every thing okay ? 
- yes every thing is under control !
- really well tell that to the vain thats going to pop out your forehead ! (Louis said)
- I AM FINE ! And thats a point !! (I yelled and I could hear Harry laugh in the background and that made me even more furious ) 
- okay okay ! ( Louis said they clearly didn't know what happened )
- I am going home bye guys ! ( I took my purse from next to Niall who was speechless : they never saw me like that ! I went to door but when I reached the door nob Liam screamed ) :
- Melody wait you never go without giving us hugs ! 
- uh ( after all he is right and I shouldn't be mad at them they didn't do anything ) oh okay I am sorry Liam ! 
I hugged Liam Louis and Zayn then stopped at Niall :
- Niall I really do need a Horan hug ! ( I almost bursted into tears )
- Melody now I don't know what happened but of you need a shoulder to cry on always remember I am here ! 
- thanks Niall !
- hey Melody ! Where is my hug ! ( I heard Harry say from behind me and I could also see that he is grinning an evil grin ! Ugh ! )
- oh yeah I am so sorry Harry well come here so I could give you your hug dear ! ( he came closer to me still that evil grin plastered on his face so I grabbed the pillow and smashed his face with it and he collapsed on the floor all the boys started laughing but he was pissed and I enjoyed every second of it so I turned my heels and exited the room really quickly trying to hide my tears ) 
I was almost devastated because now I am used to be torn apart or even broken well now its in my DNA ! ( Zayn : buy it from iTunes ! :P ) I got back home from the studio but right there I found the biggest surprise ever ! As I opened the door someone jumped on me so I looked at the person and I got really happy I almost forgot what happened to me earlier it was my BFF Mia ! :
- oh my gosh Mia !!!! ( I said really happy )
- Mel ! I missed you so much !!!
- I missed you too ! ( I said before we got up from the floor and I pulled her into a hug)
But how did you got here ? And how did you find my address ?
- well I called your agent Sarah and I told her that I was your BFF and luckily she said that you've talked so much about me in front of her that she believes me and I told her that I wanted to surprise you and come so she sent me your chauffeur Richard and he drove me here and he also gave me the keys ! By the way I love your house its huge plus a pool a limo a chauffeur and an agent !!!! Your life is totally great and perfect ! 
- yeah right ! What should I say it is ! ( I said mockingly and sad )
- okay ! Mel whats going on ? ( she said worriedly ) 
- nothing 
- come on Mel I am your best friend and I know you more than you know your self plus if you don't want to tell your BFF than who on earth would you tell ???
- yeah I guess you are right ! Come on I need to get it all out of me !
I said leading her to the couch in the living room :
- okay so what happened come on spill it all ! 
- okay so 2 month ago I became best friends with One Direction a-
- wow ! You became best friends with the world's biggest boy-band  and our crushes !
you've got to be kidding me ! This is great do you remember how we used to be crazy directioners and we used to call our selfs like our crushes last name I remember that I was mrs. Malik and Rayane was mrs. Horan and you were mrs. Styles ???? But why are you sad ? ( yep this is the cold truth I was in-love with mr. Harry Styles ) 
- ugh ! Mia that was like 2 years ago ! Please just forget about it and don't tell anyone that we used to do that especially the boys plus its weird to think of my ex. best friend 
as my husband ew ! ( yes I know what you think I used to have a huge crush on Harry and I still do well before he did what he did now I really really hate him ! )
- w-w-wait what do you mean ex. Best friends ?
- umm Mia look he was really sweet and nice at the beginning but now he turned into a monster a cheating jerk monster !!!! I hate him so please don't ever bring back the mrs. Styles subject okay ?
- okay don't worry but what happened between you and him ?
- well this morning Zayn threw me a challenge he said that if I go to the restroom before two minutes I will win the challenge so I agreed and on my way to the restroom  I felt a hand tugging me to the wall and I was stuck I couldn't move he pinned hard ! I looked up and saw Harry And then he scanned me and he started to say that I will become his ( I started crying between my words ) so I started ignoring him and i tried to make him let me go but it only became worse he brushed his lips to mine and he re-whispered that I will be his and then he started playing with the button of my shorts and he un-buttoned and un-zipped it and this move made me really angry you know what I feel about these things I hate them ! And then he realised me and I collapsed on the floor and I ran home and you can see the rest !
- oh my gosh Mel I am so sorry what a jerk and wait doesn't he have a GF ? And that makes him even more of a jerk oh I hate him I hate One Direction I can't stand them ! Nobody does anything like that to my BFF ! 
- wait wait Mia don't hate the other boys they didn't know anything nether did anyone so don't hate them I still love them but I hate Harry so...
- oh thank goodness because I still have a huge crush on Zayn so yay ! 
- hahaha Mia ! 
- doesn't Harry have a GF ? Wait I think her name is Jennifer Piper ?
- ugh yeah I asked him that question after what he did to me and he said that he broke up with her and that I could use it in the show !
- I HATE HIM ! What a jerk ! so...Mel what did you do after it ?
- well the boys asked me to give them a hug before I go so I did an-...
- wait you hugged him after all he did to you ?
- wait hell no let me continue ! He asked me to give him one and an evil grin appeared on his face so I said yes , I took a pillow and smashed his face with it and he fell on the floor ! 
- oh yeah that is the Melody that I know : I taught you well my student !
- oh hahahaha Mia ! I love you a lot !
- I love you to Mel !
- so hey where is Rayane ? Why didn't she come with you I miss her too ! 
- I know she does too but she can't come she found a job and can't come this time but the bright side is she is going to come after a month or so !
- oh really that is great ! So... Why did you come here ?
- well I found a little job like you ! 
- really what is it ?
- well say hello to the new set designer !
- wait what ? Miaaaaaa ! That is so great we are going to be together for ever ! Yay !
- hahaha I know !!!! 
And then we hugged and we went up and I helped her to get her settle in !

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