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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Melody's POV The time has come to finally go meet the world's biggest boy-band ! At first , I confess I was a little bit nervous and my nervousness became bigger as they handed me their gift it was beautiful ! I never saw anything like it before but I felt really bad for not giving them anything in return especially when the gift is so expensive ! We sat there for like half an hour or so talking and laughing , I felt comfortable with them , turns out I wasn't right they were really cute funny and nice I think I really like them ! They started asking me questions and I did the same with them ! We were in a middle of our conversation when Sarah called me over so I excused my self and exited quietly the room and went to my dressing room : - hey Sarah so what do you want ? ( I asked quietly then sat on my chair ) - I just wanted to know if every thing is okay - ummm yeah every thing is great but I just wanted to know if every thing is okay between you and Paul ? - MELODY !!!! - uh oh ! I better go bye bye ( I added then rushed threw the door opened it than ran I could feel her purchase me ) - come back here ! Don't run away from me ! We practically ran all the studio I was getting really tired but I continued , it seems that Sarah isn't loosing any bit of energy I think its because she seems really angry and amused from me at the same time ! Harry's POV After Melody went to see Sarah we sat and talked about her she has been gone for what seems like a century to me but 10 minutes to the boys ! When suddenly we heard laughing and shouting coming from the end of the hall so we quickly ran out of the room to see whats happening and for our big surprise we found Melody and Sarah running after each-others . Melody collapsed on the floor and Sarah threw her self on her and started tickling her . I was so amused it will be great to have a girlfriend that is fun and down to earth like her ! We could spend all the day playing games and having fun and maybe who knows in the future playing games with our little kids ! Honestly I never saw anyone like her ! She was like an angel coming from above just to make me smile : - Boys care to join us ? ( Sarah yelled from the end of the doorway ) - Sarah ! Its not polite but anyway why not ?! lets play hide and seek but lets make groups what do you think ? ( Melody said while getting up from the floor ) - yeah sure lets go ! ( Niall screamed he looked really exited ) - hey I've got an idea there are laser tag guns for everyone in the storage it was for an old movie and we have enough time so lets use them ! ( Sarah jumped she seems fun too ) - yes ! It will be a lot of fun but first lets divide our selfs into groups what do you say ? ( Zayn said ) - ok so how to divide our selfs ? ( Melody questioned ) - well I have an idea lets put Melody and Harry together ( I felt my cheeks rose up and I looked at her she was smiling and her cheeks where pink too ) Sarah is going to be with Paul... ( Liam was interrupted by Melody ) - YES ! Uh I mean good choice Liam you may continue ( I felt Melody blush ) - MELODY ! ( Sarah screamed ) - hahaha ok lets continue I am going to be with Louis and Zayn and Niall together ok? - yeah sure but um where is Paul ? ( Louis questioned ) - hey boys what do you want ? I heard you say my name ! ( Paul came in unexpectedly into the hall ) - oh yeah since we have time we want to play hide and seek with a little virgin of laser tag and we put you and Sarah together ! ( Melody said while looking at Sarah who was giving her a "I am going to kill you look" ) - yes of course anything for the most beautiful lady in the world ! ( he said while winking at her ) - oh Paul stop it handsome ! ( Sarah said blushing ) - okay ! Lets begin love birds I can't wait to crash all of your asses ! ( Niall threw ) - we are not love birds ! ( they both yelled at the same time ) - yeah sure you are not ( Zayn joked Sarah and Paul looked pissed I think they are not used to be in love ) and for your information I am the one who is going to crash all of your asses ! - oh yeah lets see about that ! ( Niall said with confidence ) - um guys aren't you in the same group ? ( Melody said looking torn with a cheeky grin on her face ) - hahaha yeah ( Louis started laughing ) - uh oh yes we are ! ( Zayn said then we all bursted out of laughing ) - hey why don't we have our cameras record that so we can put it on the interview later ? ( Melody said ) - yes great idea ! ( Liam added ) - ok so lets go now get our guns and I am warning you Harry and I are going to crush your asses and word ! ( Melody said before taking my hand in hers I felt like I am going to faint ! ) I looked at The boys they were looking at me while smiling like "she is totally worth your love !" Or "we told you she finds you cute" or maybe "it will happen" I couldn't really figure out because I was in wonderland ! So she took my hand and took me to the prop. Room and the others went behind us we took 2 guns : she took the bleu one and I took the orange one,after all of us got armed we started looking for a good hiding place and we started the game,I am going to try my best to show her that I can protect her ! Melody's POV Harry and I took our guns and we went hiding in our castle each group had a castle . The game started I was really afraid of loosing but at the same time really confident and I think Harry is strong he had a really well built body I like it ! Harry and I had a plan he will distract the player that is protecting the castle and I will shoot the ratio . We started running in all directions when suddenly I saw Louis getting closer to our castle so I looked at Harry and gave him a sign to go on without me I will be there in a few minutes,I followed Louis without making any noise but before I knew it he turned but before he could shoot me I bowed and shot him then ran away really fast to join Harry once I was there I looked at Harry then went to hide but it seems that Niall saw me and tried to shoot me but before he could do anything I felt someone jump over me and shoot him . That person and I were both on the floor but he was lying above me his head on my chest , I decided to look up and saw a mob of dark brown curls it was Harry he looked in my eyes then apologized for his "awkward" position then both of us got up . He shot Niall again before he could re-live and then I shot the ratio and voilà Niall and Zayn lost but now its the turn of Louis and Liam lets go ! Harry and I ran back to our castle to see if anyone is near and yes it was the case Paul and Sarah were there but before they could do anything we shot them and ran to their castle and Harry shot the ratio ! Two down one to go ! But now Louis and Liam are no where to be found so we decided to divide our self : Harry will guard the castle and I will go defeat Liam and Louis I was kind of scared I might loose but it was totally worth it . I was really careful not to make any noise and each time I wonder in the studio's hallways I look if there is someone following me but thank god there wasn't anyone so that means that they are near our castle and that I have to hurry up ! I went to there castle and saw Liam guarding it so I made my best to be quiet and try to shoot him from behind and boom ! I shot him he looked at me than shouted Louis's name but before Louis was near me I shot the ratio ! And score !!!! We won !!!! I waved at Liam and ran to join Harry but found Louis holding Harry tight and pointing his gun to Harry's vest and said jokingly : - surrender or else I will shoot your precious friend over here ! Mouahaha ( I could see Harry's face he was laughing but tried to stay within the scene ) - oh Melody help me I don't want to die oh ! Ah ! Ih ! ( Harry said while trying to stay dramatic ) - hahaha ok first of all we won and the game is over , second of all nobody touches my friend ( then I pointed at the wall behind Louis : I was trying to make him fall for my prank and he did ! He looked behind him so I took the chance and shot him ) and scene ! I than ran up to Harry and hugged him so he than hugged me even tighter and lifted me off the ground and spun me around we both laugh and looked at the others they were all laughing and Louis was kind of pissed but it was fun ! I mean come on I crushed him like 3 times : - hahaha I told you we will crash your asses ! ( I said laughing ) - damn girl you are stronger than I thought ! ( Zayn said ) - hahaha I know and take this lesson in life : never play games with me ! - I will never do that ! ( Zayn said ) - but be ware next time you will never win ! Mouhahaha ( Louis joked ) - hahaha we'll see about that ! ( I joked ) - ok Melody good job but now I am starving so lets go grab a bite its the first time I stay several hours without eating a bite ! Its already 2 o'clock ! ( Niall said ) - its already 2 o'clock ! We will never have time to order or to eat anything we have to start preparing our selfs at 3 o'clock ! ( I panicked ) - hahaha that is why Paul and I are here , we knew this was going to happen so before we started the game we ordered food for everyone and now its ready inside the living room so lets go eat fast ! ( Sarah said ) - no way thanks Sarah thanks Paul we love you so much ! ( I exclaimed ) We put back the guns to there places and went to the living room to eat . We sat there ate,joked talked about our personal lives and got to know each other better ! I really like them they are so nice ! They are the first boys that I really feel comfortable with ! We finished eating at 3 o'clock and went to our dressing rooms . I went to my dressing room after I lead them to theirs and said bye . I entered my dressing room and went to take a brief hot shower I was really sweaty , before I asked Cynthia to come do my hair and makeup and before I wear my clothes ! Man it feels so good to smell the smell of roses mmm ! I wore my sweatpants and tank top and called Cynthia to come help me get ready , after an hour I looked really beautiful like always : a natural makeup ( white eye-shadow some mascara gloss and a little bit of foundation and a pink powder on my cheeks ) and louse curls ! And also Cynthia said that I am a natural beauty and that I shouldn't put a lot of makeup ! I looked at the mirror and I wore my dress and high heels ! I looked at my self one more time in the mirror and then I checked my watch it was 4:30 the show is about to start and I should go see the boys to explain to them ! Harry's POV after Melody went to prepare her self we did the same we all took brief showers and went after it to dress our self I wore a really nice sporty suit that makes me look hot and dangerous ! And I fixed my curls and sat down on the couch re-viewing the last events of the day in my head : the hand touching the hug the talks... Turns out it was the best day of my entire life ! I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts by a soft knock on the door : - come on in ! - um hi Harry ( and there she was my angel ! She was wearing the dress she was modeling for Sarah and Rosalinda and the dress she wore the first time I saw her ! She looked so beautiful so natural so...wow ! ) - hi beautiful ! - hahaha well then hello handsome ! - hahaha ( I laughed but she called me handsome that is good ) - ok so were are the guys ? ( in that moment they all came in I was hoping they will stay in there longer but...) - we are right here Mel ! Can I call you Mel ? Its a really nice name ! ( Liam said ) - sure ! ok so lets sit down and I will explain to you whats going to happen in the show ok ? - ok ... ( Zayn added) - ok first I am going to introduce you to the viewers...then we are going to play a game it will last 10 minutes then we are going to talk and then you are going to sing and its over ! Deal ? - yeah sure but umm ... - whats happening ? Is everything alright ? ( she asked looking concerned ) - no nothing is wrong we just want to tell you something . ( I said ) - ok so what is it ? - Melody we really liked you we had a lot of fun together and honestly you make us feel like we are still normal people un-famous with no worries in the world ! So what do you think if we became best friends that means we can hang all day with each others become more than just best friends become family ! of course if you want to ? ( my heart started to beat even harder I just hope she says yes ) - really ? I would love too you know I really like you and I felt so comfortable with you! - that is great ! ( Liam said ) We all laughed then exited the room it was time for the interview to begin I was kind of nervous maybe she will ask me questions about Jennifer and I don't know how to answer her but its too late to come back ! Melanie hugged us all and went of to the stage as soon as she walked in tons of screaming fans started waving at her and sending her kisses and flowers ! She sat down and said : - hello every body ! I missed you so much ! I think that tonight all of you are really exited for our guests because they are extraordinHARRY , phenomiNIALL , amaZAYN , fabouLOUIS , and brilLIAM !!! So please every body welcome really warmly with me my best friends One Direction !!! ( the crowed started screaming, Melody welcomed us with a warm hug and invited us to sit down ) dear fans the boys and I have a really funny video for you ! Today before the show we played laser tag together ! So we decided to show you the game ! Please look at the screen ( the video footage came on the screen every one was laughing ) so guys what do you think ? Are we good players or no ? ( the crowed started cheering and screaming it was great ! ) Half an hour passed as we talked and joked with the fans but now its time for the game ! - ok boys so now its time for the game I decided that we are going to play truth or dare but its a little bit different if the arrow lands in the green space you have a challenge that means half truth half dare if the arrow lands in the bleu space it will be the truth and if it lands on the red space it will be dare and all of you are going to play ok ? That means if it lands on truth each one of you will answer the question you pick from this pack next to me okay ? - okay lets begin ! ( Louis said ) Melody stood up and went to the back of the stage were she opened a big curtain and a weal appeared then she spun it and it landed on truth ! - okay guys so its truth now please can someone take a paper from the bowl ! - I will ( Niall said before he took a piece of paper from the bowl ) - ok Nialler what does it say ? - who is your celebrity crush and it doesn't have to be your GF ! Nice - Demi Lovato ! ( Niall said ) - umm I think Selena Gomez ( Zayn said ) - I will say Miley Cyrus ( Liam said ) - I will definitely choose Rihanna ??? ( Louis asked ) - and my choice is the best one because my celebrity crush is the most beautiful girl on earth and its Melody K,!!! ( she rose up and hid her face ) - enww thank you Harry !! But what about Jen ? - hahaha don't worry I love her ! ( ugh I can't believe how I could say it ) - ennnww !!!! Don't try to ruin my makeup !! Okay I am joking now NEXT !! Melanie was so cute but I think she didn't really believe that she was my celebrity crush but at the end she will ! She spun the weal and it landed on a challenge that is going to be fun ! - okay boys now you have the challenge one so please take a paper ! - I will do it ! ( Zayn said than gave the sheet to Melody ) - oh that is going to be interesting ! Well the audience voted for 5 female celebrities Each one of you will have a mini white board and when I show you the picture you will write on the board which one of you should date this female okay ? - lets do it then ! ( Liam said ) - okay and the first girl is :...Christina Aguilera ! So boys can we see those boards ? Okay so Zayn : Liam / Louis : Zayn / Niall : Louis / Liam : Niall / Harry : Zayn ! Okay good choice now lets see Next ! And the next lucky women is...is wait me !! No no no !!! That is so embarrassing !!! - hahaha don't worry Melody its not ! ( I said ) - mmm I hope ( she said blushing ) - okay so lets see the results and they are wow ! You all chose Harry ! Well I guess thats good ! - hahaha I am starting to love that game so much ! ( I said and I could feel Melody blush even more how cute now she looks like a rose ! ) ......
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