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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Harry's POV

We walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where the boys were :
- hey I need to talk to you about something really important ( I said then sat down )
- ok so whats wrong Hazz ? (Zayn looked at me concerned ) you don't seem right...
- thats because he is in loooove !! ( Niall added jokingly )
- uh you are right I am in love but not with the person you think...
- what do you mean ? ( Liam said looking concerned ) 
- uh just think when did I start being un-normal ...
- well I think its the day that the new reporter of ... ( Liam said then saw me lower my head ) oh...is she that person ?
- umm yeah...
- hahaha don't worry thats just a little crush you will get over her in a matter of days !
- No ! No ! No ! Why do you all say the same thing ? I will never get over her !
- but Harry you always say the same thing ! ( Niall said )
- this isn't the same ok ? I truly love her guys ! ( I start to cry ) wen I wake up I think of her when I sleep I think of her I always day dream about her when I sing the songs I think of her with every thing I do I think of her ! I was texting Jennifer when I heard her voice I felt something drag me to her and my heart started racing it never raced that much for a girl ! Never ever ! After that moment I never felt anything for Jennifer because I fell in love with Melody ! I even saved all of her pictures and even placed one in the background which never happened to any other girl ! And only the thought of her with another boy drives me crazy ! And today or from the  day I saw her I never felt okay because I miss her and I need to see her right in front of me hug her kiss her whisper cute things into her ears see her smile and when I go out with Jennifer I feel like I am cheating on Melody ! In conclusion guys I LOVE Melody !!!! ( I bursted out even more  of crying )
- okay mate calm down you really do love her ! But don't loose hope I am sure that we will find a way to help you ! ( Liam said almost tearing up with  me ) 
- thank you guys that really means a lot to me ! So what to do ?
The room stayed for a while in a silent until Zayn yelled :
- I've got it !!! 
- what is it then ( I felt my face light up )
- Paul said if we wanted to go on a show to tell him right ?
- yeah so...
- so we need to tell him that we want to go on the friday night show with her and then we ask her if she would go on a  date with a guy and if she says yes then you will ask her out and if no than you will find a way to get her to like you ! But before that we need to become closer to her and hang with her for like 2 or 3 weeks and become BFF's
- great idea !!! I love you Zayn ( I jumped of the couch and hoped on Zayn every one started laughing and joined us for a group hug )
- okay I am on it ! ( Liam said )
- on what ? ( I questioned not believing if its true )
- I am going to call Paul to let him know that we want the friday night show with Melody !!
- ooooh yeah ! ( I said and an adorable grin appeared on my face )
Liam stood up adjusted his clothes than called Paul and guess what ?! he said YES !!!! I was at the top of the happiness I am finally going to meet the love of my life : Melody K. !!! After a long and comfortable night of sleep the phone rang it was Paul he said that Melody will be in the studio at 12 and we can join her the time that we want before the show ! I think I am going to be there at 12 too !!

Melody's POV

I was in my dressing room re-viewing my lines and stories when Sarah entered the room :
- heyy girl !
- hey Sarah whats up ?
- I am fine and so do you ! 
- uh yeah I know I am fine but whats behind that big smile plastered on your face ?! ( I said before I stood up and pointed at her smile )
- oh ok you got me ! guess who is going to be your guest on the friday night show ! ( she said while her smile is getting bigger )
- who ? ( I said confused )
- the biggest boy-band ever !!! I will give you a hint : its a british boy-band 
- ok now seriously who ? There are like a hundred british boy-bands in this world !!!
- ok its ONE DIRECTION !!!! ( she said while laughing )
- okay...1- its a british IRISH boy-band 2- thats great but why are you making it that big of a deal ?!
- because they said that they are your biggest fans and they are cute plus they have a really cute and husky manager ! Just imagine Melody K. dates one of the One Direction babes !!!
- okay...slow down your horses I am not going to date ANYONE of them understood ?( I said waving my hands in all direction like end of the converstion ) 
- hahaha don't worry I was joking !
- good ! 
- oh come on Mel cheer up I was only joking !!
- I know don't worry I am not mad but now that you mention it,they are pretty cute ! But don't get your hopes up !
- hahaha ok so...there manager asked me if they could come at 12:30 they want to get to know you better and they want to have lunch with you and they also want to get ready for the show so is it good ?
- wow ! They want a lot of things ! And yeah sure I will have more topics to talk about in these 2 hours or hour and a half
- ok great so I will talk to their manager about it ! 
Sarah picked her phone up and dialed their manager which I assume his name is Paul ( Okay so now I know Paul isn't their manager but just pretend he is and he isn't married oh and the boys are older in this fan-fiction ) and I think they connect really well together she blushed while talking on the phone how nice ! After a few minutes of giggling on the phone I said playfully :
- what was that ? 
- what was what ? ( she tried to hide her rosy cheeks )
- I think somebody has a crushy wooshy ! 
- what no I don't ! ( I gave her a are you sure look ) oh ok I admit he is cute husky and he is single ! But I am too old to be in love !
- enw Sarah you are never too old to love !!! 
- okay...non of your bees wax missy now go go go go Rob is waiting !
- hahaha I am going to find out sooner or later ( I said before she tapped me on my bum and I laughed and ran away from her )
I think Sarah has a crush on Paul One Direction's manager even though she refuses to admit it but it is obvious I mean come on who blushes will talking on the phone unless they have a crush on him ?! Anyway after I re-viewed my text and checked everything I came to the set where Rob was waiting for me :
- ok is everything ready ? 
- yes everything is ready lets start !
- ok so 5...4...3...2...and action !!!
- hello everyone this is Melody K. and you are watching Hollywood gossip news ! For our program today we have a lot of interesting topics and the first one is : yesterday our cameras spotted Harry Styles and Jennifer Piper the two lovebirds ! with Liam Payne Zayn Malik Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson having lunch at a nice restaurant in L.A !! Well hope you enjoyed your meal guys...and also our cameras saw the two love birds cuddling together how cute ! but it seems that mr. Styles didn't really enjoyed it whats happening there Styles ?..................well thats it for today hope you enjoyed today's episode and let me remind you that the special guests for tomorrow night are:...One Direction ! I know can't wait to ! Well finally if you want to re-view today's episode just go on our site bye bye now ! See you tomorrow night kisses !! 
- aaaannnd cut !! ( Rob screamed almost getting my ear drums blow up )
Melody great episode like always !
- thank you Rob !
- your welcome sweetie you can go now !
Wow! He really got my ear drums blow up I mean he is still wearing his microphone and I am still wearing my micro ship in my ear !! I walked into my dressing room where I found Sarah Rosalinda and Cynthia :
- hey girls ! ( I said giving each one of them a hug )
- hey Melody guess what ?! we have a really crowded day ! (Cynthia)
- really and when wasn't it one ?
- hahaha yeah good point !
- ok and what does this crazy day like ?
- ok first we are going to make nails hair makeup shoes face mask...
- ok slow down why ?
- because tomorrow you are going to meet the world's biggest boy-band !
- okay...now I think all of you just lost your mind ! Why didn't we do this with other celebrities ?
- well because its simply One Direction for heaven's sake !!!
- okay...that is just weird oh and on our way lets do it also for Sarah I heard that their manager is a really cute and a husky guy !!!
- Melody shut up ! Will you !!! ( Sarah shouted )
- hahaha I am sorry its just that I know you have a crushy wooshy  !
- Melody I don't ( she began chasing me all over the big room and I began to run I can hear the two ladies laugh )
- Sarah stop ! Stop ! I am getting sweaty and tired ! 
- not until you stop it !
- ok ok I will ( I collapsed then Sarah took the chance to tickle me ) Sarah stop stop stop please ! Rosalinda Cynthia HELP !!!!
- hahaha ok ok I think its enough you learned your lesson ! ( she said getting of me )
- okay I think I did ! ( I said getting of the floor )
- okay girls enough ! Melody lets go to your house ! ( Rosalinda )
- why ?
- to rehearse ! Come on lets go ! 
- ok I am coming !
And as usual we waited for Richard to come and drive as home ! After we got there we all entered the house unpacking our stuff and installing it in on the porch :
- ok Melody I decided that you are going to wear the coral and silver dress you tried on the other day and you are going to curl your hair naturally and apply a natural makeup that means white eye-shadow mascara blush and pink gloss !
- okay and now what ?
- now we are going to have our nails done and have face masks and also hair masks ok ?
- ok but how ?
- oh don't worry there is a girl I know she is great and she is bringing her friends with her so they should be here in like half an hour ! So lets go make smoothies !
We all scrambled into the kitchen and started making smoothies from all kinds : I have all sorts of fruits I love fruits !! We mixed them and got out on the porch to drink them . We barely had time to get installed when the door bell rang it was the girls they sat with us for like 2 hours or so before we drank coffee together and talked.The girls where really nice ! I put on my nails coral colour with little silver sparkles on the forth finger and same to my toes ! My face was really clear now and its really smooth ! I think I really liked these girls and I made new friends ! 

Harry's POV

the night was long I couldn't stop thinking about my cupcake : how am I going to act in front of her talk to her or even look at her without drooling but luckily the boys helped me yesterday taking control over my self and talking with her normally I hope I don't mess it up ! But I got a little bit nervous when she talked about Jennifer and I maybe she is going to ask me a question about her ! I don't want to screw it up ! After a few minutes of thinking I decided its time to get out of bed and start preparing my self for the day ! I got out of bed and rushed into the bathroom I looked at the mirror and thought that maybe she has a boyfriend or maybe she won't like me or I don't look good enough for her or ... I just don't know I feel insecure about myself ! I didn't feel like that before I used to be really secure and think that I am the woman magnet and stuff but... I went to the bathtub and turned the water on : all I needed is a hot bath ! After half an hour I got out of my bath and wore the cutest clothes I have ! Then curled my hair in the cute hot way and joined Louis downstairs for breakfast :
- hey Lou !
- hey Hazz you seem relaxed today ! Exited ?
- hahaha yes I am but I am mostly nervous what if I screw it up !?
- you will not screw it up just be your self and remember all the things we taught you yesterday ! 
- ok I will ! ( just at this moment I heard my phone ring it was Liam he said to get down the limo is waiting ) hey Lou Liam said to get down but why now its still 10 o'clock ?
- oh didn't you know ? We decided to get her a gift ! Now lets go !!!
I actually thought that the boy's idea was really great and nice but what should I bring her ? The limo parked in front of the mall where all five of us got out of the car disguised we started going in and out of stores but non of them where good enough for my princess ! It was almost was 12 : 10 and I didn't found anything until I saw this : a gold bracelet and it was written on it : me + you = heart and the heart was a red stone ! I loved it so much ! So I ran quickly to the store and bought it and I asked the man if he could write something on the back of it : I love you Melody <3 -HS and then he wrapped it and gave it to me I really liked that bracelet and most importantly every time she looks at the bottom of it she will remember how much I love her and she means to me ! After the long trip we got back in the limo and drove really fast to the studio because we were already late . After 10 minutes we arrived to the studio it was huge and made of glass ! We were really well welcomed by Melody's manager Sarah who I think Paul likes her because they didn't stop laughing and looking at each others ! We were escorted to one of the many rooms of the studio were Sarah told us to wait a few minutes before Melody will appear ! We suddenly heard a soft knock on the door I felt my heart racing but remembered the boys advices :
- Hello ! ( she said with her soft and sexy voice before she entered the room and hugging tight each one of us and when she hugged me I felt butterflies and my heart started racing )
- um hi ! Sorry we are late ( I said nervous ) but its because we brought you this ( I handed her the box she gasped then took it from me and opened it with such grace )
- oh my gosh ! Its beautiful thank you so much but now I feel bad because I didn't brought you any thing ! I am so sorry I didn't think of it !
- oh no don't worry its just a simple gift from us to you because we are so happy to be with you and also because we just wanted to welcome you into the business and wish you luck for the future ! ( I said with confidence I think I am getting better at this )
- thank you that is really nice ! ( she said kissing our cheeks I think I am gonna faint )
- ok what to do now ? ( Louis said )
- exactly ! Sarah said that you wanted to get to know me better have lunch with me and finally get ready for the show ! Is that it ?
- yes its totally it ! ( Liam said )
- ok so lets begin by knowing each other better ! So what do you want to know about me ?
- from where are you ? (Niall asked)
- I am from Lebanon but I came here to work !
- ok... So how old are you ? ( Zayn asked )
- I am 20 years old how old are you ?
- well Harry is also 20 Louis is 23 Niall is 20 too Zayn is 22 and I am 20 so I guess we are all the same age ! ( Liam said )
- yes that is great because we are more close to each others and we can have more fun ! ( she said and then giggled oh my gosh she is so cute ! )
- so Melody...is there any special guy ? ( I said hopping the answer would be no )
- um... Actually no there isn't anyone special ( she said then suddenly the floor became more interesting to her , my heart started racing even more with joy )
- oh no no no don't be embarrassed I mean look Zayn Niall and I don't have girl friends ( Liam added )
-  yeah you are right ! ( Melody said jokingly and we heard a knock on the door it was Sarah she wanted Melody to come so she exited the room and left us alone )
- oh my gosh guys did you hear that ? ( I said almost jumping of the ground )
- hahaha we did man and we told you that your dream will come true ! ( Zayn added )
- but look you will not bring anything until lunch when she is fully comfortable with us that means don't ask her if she would like to get a boyfriend or ask her out ok ? We will bring up the subject bit by bit ! ( Niall said )
- okay ! I can't wait !
- well you have too ! Harry don't screw it up ok ? ( Liam said )
- okay relax I am fine !

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