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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Harry's POV

The night was long I couldn't stop thinking about Melody. Its really hard especially when I have to pretend that I still love Jennifer and talk to her !
I got out of bed slowly preparing my self to this upcoming new day,I walked out of my room towards the kitchen to see Louis sitting over the bar reading his magazine :
- whatcha reading Lou ?
- hey Hazz oh nothing just this magazine 
- what does it talk about because you seem really into it ?
( I joked with him while pouring some milk into my bole )
- you know...Melody K. seems really nice , look what she did yesterday the paparazzi's took pictures of it ! ( he handed me the magazine )
- the new reporter for Hollywood gossip news Melody K. took pictures with one of her youngest fans also named Melody and gave her a candy before spending several minutes with her fans at the market communicating ! She seems like a really great person !...(I read out loud...oh oh my heart started racing again ! )
- so mate ! Whats happening between you and Jen ? You don't seem right are you ok ? 
- oh what no everything is fine why are you asking ? I am great !!!
- come on Hazz I know that your not okay we've been best friends for several years and I think I know when your not okay...
- no Louis I am fine ! 
- umm... Okay just remember I am here ok ?
- yeah I know thank you mate !  

Melody's POV
I woke up this morning feeling really great ! I dialed my mum dad Rayane and Mia to tell them what happened to me yesterday . My mum like usual told me to have body guards around me and like usual I said to her that I was not going to war !!! And Mia and Rayane started fangirling  over me... well actually I understand them I mean their best friend is a star !! I am really happy today ; my life is perfect and now those people who used to mock me will know who I really am ! I jumped out of bed really exited for this new day when the door bell rang really fast and constantly so I ran downstairs almost tripping . I opened the door without looking who is it or even realizing that I was in my pajamas and maybe thats a paparazzi : 
- Melody !!!!!
- ugh !! Sarah you scared me to death ! ( I yelled )
- well I am sorry but you need to see this ! ( she handed me a magazine and I started to read it )
- oh my gosh !!! ahhh !!!! Sarah this is great this is amazing this is wow !
- hahaha see I knew you would love it !
- I can't believe I am on the cover of a magazine !
- correction all the magazines !
- even better !!!
- hahaha but don't get used to it sometimes it could be rumors or bad stories !
- yeah don't worry I know !
- ok so go wear your clothes we need to go come on we are late !
- no we are not ! 
- I know I just want to get some frappucino from Starbucks so go go go !
- hahaha ok ...
- what are you still doing here go to your room missy !!
- ok ok I am going !

Harry's POV

its been practically two weeks and I am going to crack ! Still truly madly crazy deeply in love with Melody ! Every time I see her on TV I get all emotional and my heart starts racing and my palms are sweaty ! I was still going out with Jennifer but like in these two weeks we've only been to like 3 or 4 dates and I didn't even kiss her I just can't because when I am with her I feel like I am cheating on Melody ! Anyway I was going to blow up I need to tell someone and I thought to tell Louis because he is the better placed one for this secret and then after a little bit of time I will tell the boys ! 
The night came really fast and Louis came back from his date with Eleanor so I decided to tell him . So here we go :
- hey Louis !
- hey Harry 
- so how was your date ?
- it was really great Eleanor was cute adorable just wow... Like always and how was your evening ?
- umm it was nice...can I tell you something ?
- uh yeah sure whats wrong ?
- ok so here is the thing but promise you will be really supportive and help me threw it ok ? 
- ok don't worry 
- ok so... i am in love truly in love with...
- with Jen ! So why do you need my help ?!
- no I ....
- wait what do you mean no ?? you are dating Jen !!!!
- will you let me finish ????
- ok ok I am sorry keep calm and continue ...
- ok so I am in love with Melody K.
- Melody K. ???!!! Hahaha your kidding right ?!
- Louis ! Why would I be kidding at a subject or a time like this ??  ( I started to tear up a little )
- oh uh Harry since when did that happen ? 
- since the first time I saw her on TV...
- hahaha don't worry you will forget her in a matter of weeks like you always do !
- no Louis I don't think so ...
- what do you mean ? 
- Louis I was talking to Jennifer when I heard her voice something pulled me towards her my heart started racing fast I didn't freeze because of what she was talking about ! Every time I see her picture or hear her voice I feel happy and my heart starts racing even faster and my palms are sweaty and I start to smile like an idiot look what I even  did and that never happened when I was with Taylor or Jennifer or Caroline or any other women look ( I handed him my phone : the background was Melody's picture and it was full with her pictures ! )every time I wake up I think about her every time I sleep I think about her every time I sing love songs I think about her and with every breath I take I think about her ! Louis I truly love her ! I am in love with her help me ! ( I started to cry so he hugged me )
- and I think you do to ! ( he hugged me tight ) my little boy is growing up ! Come on now don't be sad I knew you weren't ok from the first time you saw her, but don't be sad I promise you will meet her and you will be the best couple ever because nobody says no to Harry Styles ! 
- Louis she is different ! She will say no !
- why are you saying that ? harry can't you see that million of girls would love to be in a relationship with you ? 
- well I don't know...I think I am just afraid , its the first time I am afraid of saying my feelings because I am afraid of  getting rejected by her !!
- oh no no Harry don't worry she won't now tell me who did you tell other than me ?
- well....no one you are the only one who knows !
- uh oh ?!
- uh oh what ???!
- you really in love with her !
- I am now please tell me what to do I am torn between two choices !
- well I propose Melanie since you are in love with her !
- yeah me to !
- ok so....hey I have an idea lets tell the boys maybe we could figure out a way to get you two together !
- um okay but when ?!
- tomorrow we will spend the day together and tell them !
- okay till then bye I need to go get some sleep ! 
I walked towards my room without looking back I was feeling a hole lot better now and I am sure that Louis and the boys will help me I trust them but I have a feeling that she will not be really easy to get ! Unless....

Melody's POV 

The day was really crowded and long I guess that this is work ! The fans are everywhere and I have like 100 things to memorize but I like it that way , I mean its my business and I chose it so... Sarah looked at me and said :
- ok so Melody do you have anyone in mind ?
- uh sorry what ?
- I mean like any special star or stars for the friday night show ?
- um no who do you want to bring ?
- I still don't know well you know what we still have a week to think about it so...
- yeah you are right and can I ask you a question ?
- yeah sure sweetie what do you want ?
- I just wanted to know when can I start acting or singing ? 
- well yeah about that can you wait like just a few weeks just so you can get a little bit more famous and till you meet stars and make connexion you know what I mean because that will increase your chances !
- oh ok ... Thank you by the way !
- your welcome its my job ! Oh and don't forget tomorrow morning you have a clothing session , Rosalinda made a hole lot of new outfits to wear !
- ok cool !
We talked a bit before we went home exhausted . I rode the limo with Richard and he drove me home :
- Richard ....
- yes miss Melody how can I help you ?
- can you please take me on a little ride in L.A I didn't visited it yet...
- yes of course but we need to stay in the car 
- why ?
- because there are fans everywhere and if you get out of the limo we are going to be in a lot of trouble 
- oh ok then lets tour now in the city and I will go later under cover !
- hahaha ok miss Melody lets go !
We toured in the noisy streets of L.A it was amazing all these people walking in the streets and all those restaurants and clubs ! It was amazing
After half an hour of touring in the crowded streets of L.A , Richard drove me back home. As soon as I walked in the house I crashed on the couch I was so tired I slept all night over there and I didn't even call my parents or Mia and Rayane...wow ! I think I am going to be in a hole lot of trouble ! The night was short and uncomfortable maybe because I was sleeping on the couch...I got up from and walked straight  to my room I picked out an outfit : cute shorts and a top with a pair of converse that matches my top , cute ! 

Outfit:  http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_20/set?id=87256135

Then I entered the bathroom and took a brief hot shower refreshing ! I wore my clothes and called Richard to come pick me up after and hour to go to the photo shoot . The time passed and Richard came and took me to the studio I walked in and there were Rosalinda and Sarah were :
- hey girls 
- hey Melody how are you today ? ( Rosalinda said before hugging me tight )
- I am fine thank you and you ?
- I am good too !
- great so shall we begin ?
- yeah sure ! First you are going to wear each outfit and model in it for us .
Rosalinda handed me like 5 really beautiful outfits and pointed to a door that seemed to be the dressing room I entered it and I wore the first outfit : a beige lace dress with a little belt and black flats .
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_109/set?id=100326307

 The second outfit was a white and gold dress with golden heels.
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_106/set?id=100294334

The third one : black shorts with a cute top and pink flats.
Outfit :http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_108/set?id=100323563

The fourth outfit : a cute pop culture skirt with a pink bustier and blue high heels
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/zap/set?id=99481723

Finally the fifth outfit which was amazing : a dress the top was covered with silver rain-stones and the bottom was coral with a pair of silver high heels it was gorgeous on me I really looked like a princesse ! 

Outfit : http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/gbikw6-i.jpg 
( Oh and that isn't Melody in the picture ) 
Heels : http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j56/pathelschoice/resize-silver--1.png

Every time I exited the dressing room I started to walk like a model and pose for Sarah and Rosalinda and every time I do a pose we all laugh ! 

Harry's POV

I woke up this morning relieved from last night : half of my problems are gone ! I looked at my watch it was 9 o'clock I was going to be late because we are going to go to some studio we have a little photo shoot to do then we were going to go to some restaurant and the final destination was home and then I will tell them every thing ! Well good luck to me ! I jumped out of bed and walked into the bathroom and took a long hot shower its like all the pain has just been washed of my shoulders with the water ! Then I picked from my closet a pair of beige pants a white T-shirt and a pair of white converse sporty yet classy ! I wore my clothes then I joined Louis downstairs to have breakfast together :
- Hey mate ! ( Louis said )
- Hey Lou ( I said while taking a bowl out of the cabinet )
- how are you today ? 
- I am fine and you ?
- me too so are you ready for today ? 
- yes I am !
- thats the spirit ! 
We both laughed and then ate our cereals and milk . After half an hour the door bell rang so I went to get it :
- Hey Hazz ! ( Niall said while hugging me )
- hey so how are you today guys ? ( They all came in the apartment )
- oh we are good how are you ? ( Niall replied )
- good thanks ( I said smiling )
- ok guys if we will continue to talk like that we are never going to get there ! ( Liam added ) 
- hahaha you are right ( Zayn said jokingly )
- ok so lets go !! (Louis said before getting off the table and walked towards the door)
We all followed Louis outside the house.I stayed to lock the door while they went into the limo after that I went behind them :
- ok so what now ? ( Liam asked )
- ok first we are going to a photo shoot then to a restaurant then home !
- ah ok great ! ( Liam thanked me )

The boys : http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/04/04/article-2124881-127599AA000005DC-816_634x493.jpg

After a few minutes we pulled in front of a large building there were models and designers every where ! We got out the car and into the building I was walking with the boys when my shoes were undone so I told the boys to continue without me . They were really far from me so I decided to hurry up a little. I went to the right then to the left but it seemed that I took the wrong road so I decided to call Louis to guide me when suddenly I heard laughter I headed to the direction of the sound and found a big glass window I looked threw it to see whats happening ( the people from inside couldn't see who's outside ) and to my surprise there was my angel wearing a beautiful silver and bubble dress and modeling in it and laughing : I felt that a huge smile grew up on my face and my heart started beating really fast I felt my self happy it was the first time I see her in front of me not on TV and she was beautiful cute adorable...when she smiles I can feel my whole world bright up ! Sadly I was interrupted by Niall :
- Hey man come on we are late ! I searched every where for you ! 
- uh oh what yeah I am coming ! ( I took one more look to the beautiful angel who was modeling and giggling inside then turned and went to join Niall )     
I think these few seconds just lightened my day but it was hard to go after it but I had too after a few minutes of walking in the huge building we entered a room where the rest of the boys where plus Paul our stylist and the photographer we took like 2 hours to finish the photo shoot and every time I get yelled at for not listening to the photographer ! Well its not my fault I was thinking if Melody was still here ! 
We finished every thing and changed into our normal outfits then exited the room . We walked in the building and I tried to look if Melanie was still here but she wasn't . I even stopped in front of the room she was but...
We stopped for a few minutes in front of the studio to wait for the limo so I took advantage of it to pull Louis aside and talk to him :
- Louis guess what happened ?
- oh YES the fans finally send me a Lamborghini ??
- hek no !!
- oh...then what ? ( Louis said frowning )
- I saw the angel !!!
- the angel which angel ?
- Melody where ?
- in here ! I lost my way so I started walking then I saw her threw the window she was modelling for her stylist she looked like an angel like a princess like a beauty like a-
- okay I get it ! Oh and thats why you were not listening to the photographer ? And is she still here ?
- no she isn't ( I said looking to the floor while frowning )
- oh mate trust me its going to be fine I mean you saw her its already a sign ! ( Louis said with a grin on his face )
- yeah you are right ! Lets go the limo is here !
I felt reassured because Louis is right that maybe its a sign and maybe its destiny to be together ! 
We drove for about half an hour to finally arrive to the restaurant it was big and nice : 
- ok so lets sit down and order ! ( Niall said )
- no no no before that Harry we have a surprise for you ! ( Zayn said )
- a surprise for me !?
- yeah its a really special lady ! And we know that you love her so much !
- a special lady you know about her ?
- yeah of course everybody does !
- every body but how is that possible ? ( I looked at Louis and he was also confused like me )
- it is ! wow ' Harry you must be sick and in fact  she is right behind you !
I looked behind me hopping it was Melody but no it wasn't it was Jennifer just great :
- Honeyyyy !!! ( Jennifer said while hugging me from behind )
- Jennifer ! ( I said in a oh no tone )
- I missed you sooo much its been like 3 days that I didn't see you ! ( she said hugging me even tighter )
- I missed you too now please I can't breath ! ( I said trying to make her release me and then I gave Louis a oh no look )
- oh sorry baby ! ( she released me than sat down next to me )
I was going to crack ! the whole time she didn't stop looking at me or even taking my fork and feeding me or kissing my cheek every 5 minutes I was totally sick I tried to get off the table but she didn't stop pushing me down ! And Louis was staring at us and laughing he is so going to pay for it later :
- okay ! I am done I need to go...get some rest I am really tired ! ( I said getting of the table )
- but Harry I didn't finish my meal yet ! ( Niall wined )
- Niall lets go you will eat something else later ! Now go !!!
- um okay just shill man !
- I will now go go go !
- but baby what about me ? ( Jennifer said )
- you baby stay here okay , see you in a few days ! ( I replied )
- oh ok well bye then ! Now give me a kiss ( she stood up and tried to give me a kiss )
- no no no I am sick so don't kiss me ! ( I said pulling away )
I dragged the boys outside with me and pushed them into the limo every one kept silent they didn't say a single word because they know when I am furious no one should talk !  We arrived home after half an hour of a deadly silent I opened the door and asked Liam Niall and Zayn to sit down on the couch while I talk with Louis :
- Louis did you know about all of that ?! ( I said almost yelling )
- calm down of course I didn't because if I did I wouldn't let them bring her here !
- ugh ( my voice started to get lower ) just come on lets tell them !
- ok lets go but... Before are you sure that this isn't just a little crush ?
- Louis I am 100% sure that I LOVE her ! Why aren't you understanding !
- ok ok I am sure now, lets go ! ...

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