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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Harry's POV

I was laying on the couch texting my GF when I felt someone jump on me and of course it was Louis :
- Louiiiis !
- what ?!!
- come on I am texting Jen !!!
- well relax I just want to watch the Hollywood gossip news they say that there is a new reporter I wonder if she is hot don't you ?
- No I don't care I already have a girlfriend and so do you !
- yeah I know I didn't say anything wrong I love Eleanor and I always will !
- good now plea-
- shhhh the show is starting !!!
I rolled my eyes then looked back at my phone I was texting Jennifer my GF I liked the sound of that ! when I heard a voice that I cant describe no words can describe this amazing voice I think it was the voice of an angel :
- Hello everyone my name is Melody K. and I am your new host ! I guaranty you that we will have loads of fun like before and even more ! Today we have a lot of interesting news about of course celebrities ! Harry Styles one of the One Direction babes has gotten over his ex. Taylor Swift ! He is now "truly madly crazy deeply in love" with Jennifer Piper the young actress , I guess they make a really cute couple ! Well hope you Jarry fans are happy ! Now lets go next to another topic ...
I couldn't take my eyes of that beauty that was on the TV I didn't care less that I was texting Jennifer or even that the girl was talking about our relationship because the girl was simply mind blowing I've never felt like this before ! Sadly I was interrupted by Louis :
- Mate Mate MATE are you ok why are your eyes widened on the TV ?
- uhh...oh... Sorry its nothing just nothing 
- oh I get it...you were shocked to hear about Jarry thing right ?
- yeah yeah thats it that is totally it !
- ok... So anyway did you see that reporter she is  smokin- hot !
- yeah yeah she is now remind me whats her name ? 
- I guess its Melody K. why ?
- No nothing I just wanted to see if...if...she is new in the business ?
- yeah she is but truly she is great its like she has been working for years !
- uhm now i- ...
I was going to finish my sentence when suddenly Zayn Niall and Liam bursted into the room :
- Heyy guys how are you ? And congrats bro Jen is really lucky to have you ! ( Zayn said )
- yeah thank you bu- ( Oh man I only wish I could finish my sentence ! )
- hey guys did you see the Hollywood gossip news new host she is hot ! ( Niall said )
- yeah I know man and I have the feeling that she is going to be really famous ! ( louis said )
- ok guys I am sorry but if you will excuse me I need to go rest because I need some sleep bye bye now ( I said rushing into my room without looking at anyone of them )
- ok... So whats wrong with him ? ( Liam added )
- dunno he watched the Hollywood gossip news and since he is like that , I guess its because they talked about Jarry 
- yeah probably ( Liam said )
I locked the door behind me and jumped on my bed then looked on my phone it was Jen :
- Baby why aren't you answering my messages ! 
  Baby boo
- ok ok Jennifer sorry I was sleeping and please let me continue my sleepy by ok ?
- ok see you :*
Ugh I can't believe I've blown her off for a while . I sat there facing the wall thinking about the angel that came on TV but the thing is how did it happen ? I mean I was thinking about Jennifer then I heard Melody's voice and it all got mixed up in my head and heart ! I am not feeling anything for Jennifer anymore but for the first time ever I really feel my heart racing when I think about Melody , its really weird yet nice ! After 2 minutes of smiling to the sealing while thinking about her like an idiot , I knew I was in love but this time maybe true love ! I decided to google her but I wasn't sure if they already have pictures of her or informations but hey what would I loose ?.... I entered her name hoping my demands will come true and wow ! Its my lucky day it worked they have everything I need well pictures but...and wow ! She is so beautiful her style is really simple and comfortable just like mine ! And she also has curly hair like mine ! We have so much things in common ! So cool ! I started to save her pictures on my phone each one was more beautiful than the other . Its the first time I see pictures as beautiful as those ! But the worst part is that I think I like her so much its unusual but I am not going to tell anybody about that because I am with Jennifer but I really can't do it anymore it became harder and its weird I don't know the girl I only saw her on TV but I can't stop thinking about her or how she says my name makes me melt ! Ugh ! 
I decided to breath some fresh air and eat ice cream it will probably take my mind off of her I hope ! I unlocked the door and walked to the living room where the boys were :
- hey so...I am going to take a walk I need some fresh air !
- um okay dude but be back by 5 there is something important Paul wants to talk about it with us okay ?
- okay bye  
I took my beanie and my black Ray Bans with me incase fans recognise me , I have no power to talk to anyone my world is mixed up I am truly not understanding anything . How did she do this I don't know her that is impossible to happen !
As I walked out of the house I turned the music on and placed the earphones in my ears . I walked for around half an hour then took a break by the ice cream cart and took a strawberry and chocolate cone , its really yummy and refreshing . The day passed really quick I didn't realize it was 5 in the afternoon until Zayn called me to come quick so I ran really quick almost tripping and getting caught by fans 
Finally I arrived at my flat and rang the doorbell , Louis answered it :
- Hey man whats wrong why are you late ?
- no nothing...I just needed some fresh air and an ice cream !
- An ice cream ! You got ice cream but you did not bring any for me ! Thats harsh man ! ( I heard Niall scream )
- well I am sorry but I didn't thought about it !
- oh thats ok man don't worry ! ( Niall said )
- guys come on sit down we need to talk ! ( Paul almost angry said it )
- ok ok we are coming relax Pauly (Louis said joking) 
I sat down on the couch looking at each one of them not knowing whats happening then Paul said :
- ok so boys after a week we while start re-working on your publicity that means that you will appear on shows and do movies and duos with other stars and other many stuff .... Oh and for the next 3 years you will not do any concerts outside of L.A is that okay ? 
- yeah ok we are totally ok ( we all looked at each other and shook heads in signals that we are ok with the new stuff ) 
- ok so if you have any show in your mind just let me know ok ?
- ok we will....
- Bye guys see you  ( Paul said before getting up the couch and walking out of the door and closing it )
Ok so the "important" meeting is finished and I will go get a long hot shower with a long and quiet night of sleep !

Melody's POV

- ... And thats all for today hope you enjoyed watching us and liked me too ! See you tomorrow at the same time bye ! love you have a great day ! ( I said really happy )
- aaaand cut !! ( the director said ) Melody that was great ! Good job !
- thank you Rob ! 
- your welcome , now see you tomorrow bye 
- bye... ( I couldn't believe I did it finally my dream came true !!)
- heyy Melody you were great I am so proud ! 
- Sarah thank you hope I didn't disappoint you !
- no no you didn't plus check your twitter account and Facebook page you have like a million new likes or followers ! 
- really that quick ? Well thats great and I bet I will have more in the future right ?
- hahaha yeah you will and good job keep that energy in you !
- hahaha ok !
- oh and you are going to have the friday night show with Justin Bieber and you are going to spend with him 2 or more hours maybe before the show is that ok ?
- really ? Oh thats great I am belieber ! Thank you Sarah !
- your welcome sweetie ! Now if you want you can go home your finished !
- ok I think I am going to get some stuff from the market do you want to come with me ? 
- yeah sure lets go ! 
We said goodbye to the staff and went to the parking lot were Richard was waiting for us to come : 
- Hello ladies ! ( Richard said )
- hi Richard ! Can you please take us to the market ?
- yes of course miss Melody
- thank you Richard...so Sarah...
- yes ? 
- can I ask you a question ?
- yes of course you can honey !
- umm...are you married ?
- married ? Well no I am not I am still waiting for the right man to swipe me of my feet and onto his white horse...
- oh ok and I am sorry if my question was rude...
- no thats ok don't worry you can ask me whatever you want remember we are now like sisters so don't be embarrassed to ask me personal question  !
- hahaha ok i will don't worry !
Before we knew we were parked in front of the market. Sarah and I came out of the car and into the store but as soon as I entered the place , I heard someone scream :
- Melody K. its Melody K. OMG I love you !!!
- Sarah whats happening ? ( I asked Sarah a little bit scared )
- Melody keep calm and do what they say I mean they are fans just take pictures with them while I get your stuff and we will flash out of the store before you know it ok ? I will be right back !!
- ok...( before I knew it there were people all over me handing me papers and photographing me so I spread a big smile , signed autographs and took pictures with them ! After like 10 or 15 minutes Sarah came back with my stuff while I finished the signing and taking poses with my fans I was talking to them they are really nice , now I truly understand why celebrities love there fans ! Because without them they would be nothing ! )
- Excuse me but we need to go ! see you soon we hope bye ! ( Sarah said pulling me out of the huge group of people ) Melody lets go now there are paparazzi's everywhere come on !
- ok ok I am coming ! ( we exited the place but I felt someone poke me , I turned around to find a little girl handing me a paper and a camera )
- Melody come we have no time ! ( Sarah almost yelled )
- a minute ! Hey sweetie whats your name ? 
- hi my name is Melody too ! I am your biggest smallest fan ! ( the little girl said she seemed like a 5 year old girl and I could see her mother over the corner smiling )
- enw well Melody nice to meet you ! here you go thats your autograph and thats a candy for you now lets take a picture together shall we ? ( I took the camera and handed it to Sarah than I re-gave her my phone and she took a picture of us )
- bye bye Melody I love you a lot and thank you for the candy ! ( she said before hugging me and kissing my cheek than running towards her mother )
- Melody I am so proud of you ! Now come on no time to loose !
Sarah didn't waist any time to pull my hand and drag me into the car before some crazed fan come in ! :
- Wow ! That was great the fans are so nice I totally love them !
- hahaha I know... now Melody be careful sometimes things can get really crazy out there and I think from now on you should start wearing a cap or something to cover your self ok ?
- oh ok ......


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