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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


25. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 

Melody's POV

We quickly prepared our selves and went to the mall we stayed there for like 5 hours but gladly we got everything we needed : the invitation cards were ready the dresses and the flowers ! We only need to get the decorations the chocolate and we need to find a place as for Paul's stuff he and the boys will get them its not our job anymore ! I looked at my watch and saw that it was 3 o'clock and that means that Harry is still in the studio I left the girls alone and went straight to the studio when I opened the door I saw Zayn and Louis running all over the place Niall and Liam sitting on the couch having a bromance moment and Harry was nowhere to be found suddenly everyone stopped and looked at me like I was some sort of Alien :
- ummmm ( they all said and I became bright red ) 
- hey... ( I waved at them ) 
- oh my God ahahaha you have to see your face ! ( Louis laughed ) you were so chocked ! 
- Melody just relax we were just fooling around like like.... ( Zayn said )
- little kids ? ( I questioned )
- pfffft no ! ( I looked at Zayn ) oh okay maybe but that is just normal ! 
- yeah okay I never said anything ! I just looked at you ! ( I explained ) 
- I don't mind anything ! I am always weird ! ( Niall said and we laughed ) 
- so Melody what are you doing ? ( Liam asked me )
- well I was going to see Harry but he is no where in sight ! ( I explained suddenly all of their faces became bright I looked at them with confusion until I felt someone put there arms around my waist and kiss my neck slowly I smiled ) 
- hey beautiful ! ( Harry's husky voice said ) 
- hello ! ( I kissed his cheek ) 
- okay so I guess we will leave you alone now ! ( Liam said and he grabbed all of the boys they were dangling behind him Harry and I laughed ) 
- so... ( he began )  
- so.... ( I continued ) 
- what did you do today ? ( he asked me ) did you have fun ? 
- it was okay until I saw you it became brilliant !   
- what did you do ? 
- um shopping we got practically everything we need the rest is up to you and the boys ! 
- mmm this is going to be fun ! ( Harry said sarcastically ) 
- oh shut up ! It is going to be fun trust me plus bring Louis with you he loves shopping ! ( I offered him a solution ) 
- uh yeah good point ! mmm why don't I bring you with me ? ( he said with a cheeky tone in his voice I rolled my eyes ) 
- no Harry I can't...
- but why ? ( he pouted ) 
- well its because...
- because...?
- because I figured out that I am too clingy and you needed some man time...
- what ? 
- well yeah ever since we started going out you have been always with me and I don't want to make you loose your tight relation with the boys nothing much nothing less...
- Melody please don't say that anymore I love you a lot and you aren't effecting my life at all in fact you are making it better day by day hour by hour and second by second ! And if you leave me alone I would die because I truly love you trust me and believe me its the first time I love someone like that ! 
- you really think so ?
- I know so ! ( he explained and then looked in my eyes and my lips and then bit his lips he was leaning closer and I was siting still absorbing his beautiful features but before I knew it his lips were glued to mine and I was kissing him passionately unfortunately in the middle of our process )
- eeeeeeeew ! ( Louis shouted ) 
- oh my god how cute ! ( Liam exclaimed ) 
- get a room you two ! ( Zayn screamed covering his eyes ) 
- hahahaha see Melody we did the same to you ! ( Niall said...oh and if you didn't understand in the first part Melanie and Mia spied on Rayane and Niall while they were kissing ) 
- eeeeerrm ?! ( Harry and I said embarrassed )
- weren't you suppose to be giving us our own space ? ( Harry asked )
- well yeah...but we were curious we needed to know so bad what were you going to do in there alone ! (Louis said grinning an evil grin from ear to ear and I glared at him ) 
- oh shut up ! We were kissing and talking about stuff plus you already do that with your girlfriends ! So stop nagging ! ( Harry said )
- um yeah but when we kiss we don't eat each others faces ! ( Zayn said and they all laughed meanwhile Harry and I turned bright red ) 
- oh yeah ! well by the way her face tastes great ! And um uh I don't care  
 what you say ! I I...( suddenly I felt Harry's lips kiss me harshly this time he really did eat my face but I secretly liked it so I kissed him back harshly too ) 
- ahhhhh ! My eyes ! My eyes ! Get out get out from here already ! ( Louis pushed the boys out who were also screaming their lungs out so funny ! )
- hahaha this was so fun ! ( I said after I broke the kiss with Harry and regained my breath ) 
- yeah ! It was oh and by the way is your lipstick flavor raspberries or strawberries ? ( Harry asked me while whipping his lips from my red lipstick ) 
- hahaha its raspberries ! ( I exclaimed ) 
- mmmm I like that you should wear that more often ! ( he laughed ) 
- as you wish baby ! ( I said to him )

******************************After two months***********************************

- Hurry up ! We are gonna be late ! ( I screamed from the bottom of the stairs ) 
- I am coming relax ! ( Mia shouted back at me ) 
- okay okay everything is ready ! Oh wait where on earth is Rayane ?! ( I shouted back )
- ugh ! Mell she is with Niall remember ?! She went with him like 10 minutes ago ! ( Mia screamed back )
- oh snap ! I totally forgot ! ( I said to her as we made our way to Harry's car I sat in front next to him )  
- everything is ready ? ( he asked me )
- yeah everything is perfect now go ! Fast ! (I screamed and he chuckled) 
 - okay Melody relax everything is going to be perfect I mean we all worked so hard for the wedding to be perfect ! Isn't it right Mia ? ( Harry asked Mia but Mia was busy putting on lipstick ) Mia ??
- oh um what ? Oh yeah totally ! You make a great couple its been like the 100th time that we told you that now move on oh and Mell don't worry the wedding will be perfect we all worked hard on it ! Isn't it right Harry ? ( Mia said not understanding what we were talking about Harry face palmed himself amd I laughed...Harry started the car and we drove quickly to the wedding venue )   
Today was finally the day ! Paul and Sarah were going to get married everything must be perfect ! We worked so hard on that and the last thing I want to happen is everything to be ruined...I was wearing a light pink plain long dress with a pearl necklace earrings and bracelet with white heels I put my hair in a bun and sprayed one of my favorite perfumes "Our Moment" by One Direction : Harry gave it to me on one of our dates...
When we arrived at the venue Harry and I got out of the car leaving Mia alone and running to see Paul and Sarah : Harry went to Paul's room and I went to Sarah's... :
- hello ! ( I said as I entered the room and found Sarah looking at herself in the mirror I was going to cry )
- hey... ( she mumbled ) 
- you look so beautiful Paul is going to be blown away... 
- you think so ? 
- I know so ! 
- I have been waiting for this day for years and years an-
- wow wow wow ! Melody relax I only knew you like a year and a half ago ! But its funny though I too was waiting for this day to come *I sat down next to her* you know I thought that I was ugly and worthless and I am never gonna see myself in a white dress minutes away from being forever with my prince charming ! ( she confessed too me ) 
- really ? Well I am starting to really think that dreams do come true because I used to feel the same way and I never thought I'd be with Harry Styles my only crush I used to think that I am just a poor girl leaving in another dimension that will never find love nor success but I was wrong ! 
- everything is possible even the weirdest dreams ! 
- yeah...( we kept silent for a couple of seconds before I spoke ) Sarah... ? 
- yeah ? 
- I love you...a lot and I am so happy for you ! 
- I love you too Mell and I am happy that you have found your true love let me give you some advice you may fight or argue a lot but the love between you is way more strong than anything don't loose him Mell because he loves you quite a lot and to tell you the truth I knew all along that he loved you from the first time I saw him I am not that dumb to sign a contract just for a surprise you know ? But I didn't tell you because I knew that you would be angry...plus even Paul told me how much he loves you...the boys told Paul everything how he used to cry alone in his room because of you and how he used to observe you from the window and stuff....
- really ? Well that makes me realize that I love him a lot and he loves me lot more I was a fool everybody saw that he loves me and I am the only one that didn't...any way lets not talk about that please today is a special day and I want you to enjoy every bit of it please ! Now lets get you ready because there is still 10 minutes left and you will become mrs. Higgins ! 
- ennnnw Mell ! Come here ! ( she hugged me tight I almost couldn't breath ) thank you for everything I love you a lot ! 
- no thank you ! You are the one I should thank without you I wouldn't be here ! 
- and without you I wouldn't be the future mrs. Higgins ! 
- hahaha ( we both laughed then Roland entered uh oh ) 
- come on it- wow ! Sarah you look beautiful ! Oh and hey Melody you look beautiful as well...
- um thanks...
- any way its time lets go ! Paul is waiting for you ! 
I hugged Sarah one last time checked her and helped her out of the room . As soon as we walked in the church the wedding song started playing in the background all the eyes were on us the people gasped when they saw her she truly looked like a princess in her white dress I looked in front of me and saw Paul and Harry. Harry was smiling cheekily and Paul was astonished by Sarah's beauty...when we arrived at the aisle Paul and Sarah stood next to each other and Harry and I did the same :
-.....Do you mrs. Sarah Dobson take mr. Paul Higgins as your husband ? 
- *Sarah looked into Paul's full of joy eyes* I do ! *the audience started cheering*
- and do you mr. Paul Higgins take mrs. Sarah Dobson as your wife ? 
- *Paul looked at Sarah who was looking at him with love* I do ! *the audience started cheering again he then leaned in and kissed her passionately I was starting to cry but Harry took me in his arms and I smiled* 
After the wedding ceremony the two newly married couple hopped in the limousine that Richard of course was driving Harry and I went in a convertible . When we arrived at the restaurant we sat down and ate One Direction and I sang a few song including our hit single "don't let me go" we were sitting and talking Harry was nowhere to be found I guess he was saying hi to the invited I was talking to Mia Rayane Miranda Eleanor and the other boys when their faces suddenly became surprised then I felt someone taping on my shoulder I looked behind me and found Roland looking at me with loving eyes so I smiled at him warmly but I had a bad feeling because I know that he will end up with something broken :
- hey... ( I said shyly all of my friends eyes were on me ) 
- hello beautiful would you care to dance ? ( he offered me his hand I didn't know what to say I blushed ) oh no need to blush (he smiled showing his pearl white teeth)
- um sure why not ?! ( I said unsure I just hope Harry won't find out and won't be mad at me or even brake Roland's face...cross fingers ! ) 
I held his hand and he led me to the dance floor he glued our chests together and leaned closer to my face well I guess its his chance to dance with me we danced like that for minutes I was super uncomfortable I felt like I was cheating on Harry with him I had this strange feeling like I was going to throw him out of the window huh weird :
- so... ( he started ) 
- so... ( I continued )
- I have a question for you but you have to choose wisely okay ? 
- um sounds creepy but okay...
- will you go out with me ? (I was actually shocked I mean he didn't hear about Harry)
- w-what ? Are you crazy ? Don't you know that I am with Harry ?! 
- well yeah I do know
- okay...so why the pointless question ? 
- oh wait aren't you dating Harry to make me jealous ? ( he asked confused )
- hek NO ! 
- oh then ditch him he is just a little piece of shit any way ! 
- what ? Are you drunk I would never ditch him ! Even if they would kill me ! I love him Roland ! Don't you know that ? 
- well I do...but I never give up on something I want ! And trust me sooner or later you will be mine Harry doesn't deserve you at all ! ( I tried to squirm out of his griped tightened up on me )  
- oh shut up and let me go ! I will never be with you even if you were the last boy on earth ! 
- um I think it should be even if you were the last man on earth
- I know but I wasn't joking if you were the last BOY on earth because trust me you are not a man ! 
- oh ye- ( Roland started but he was interrupted ) 
- yo ! Romeo get away from my lady Juliette ! ( Harry said I was laughing in the inside because that is someone's line in one of the scenes of the movie 😂 ) 
- what do you want Styles ? ( Roland asked ) 
- um I thought I was clear I want Melody she is mine ! ( my heart melted when he said that I am his ! ) 
- Roland please just forget everything and move on I am off the market ! ( I said while pushing him away from me and then went to Harry who held me tight I looked one more time at Roland and saw him very red of anger that is not a good sign ! )
- what were you doing with him ? ( Harry asked me he seemed angry a bit ) 
- he asked me to dance with him and I accepted but nothing else happen really ( I lied I didn't want things to get ugly on this beautiful night )
- *he chuckled and looked in my eyes* I know nothing happened Melody I trust you so no need to explain anything ! 
- I really appreciate that thank you ! *kissed his cheek* ( I felt guilty in the inside but the truth is nothing romantic happened ! Just a little conversation between us ) 
After the little talk we had Harry grabbed my hand and guided me back to the table they looked at me like I did some sort of crime :
- what ? ( I asked ) guys if its about Roland then nothing happened we just danced please don't make this a big deal ! 
- Mell its not that but the thing is Roland is dangerous ( Rayane said )
- um yeah Rayane is right he likes you and he will try any thing to get you away from Harry ! And you don't want that do you ? ( Louis said I looked at Harry terrified maybe Roland wasn't kidding at all ) 
-um you are joking right ? ( I asked them while sitting down next to Harry ) I mean what is he going to do ? Kill him ? 
- maybe... ( Zayn said with a serious look on his face I looked at Harry almost crying and hugged him with all my straight ) 
- Melody relax Zayn was joking he would do other stuff but not kill him ! ( Miranda said and everybody else laughed except Harry and I we looked so scared ) 
- guys this is no joke ! Melody was going to faint ! ( Harry said ) 
- relax Harry we were joking but seriously he likes Melody a lot so be careful around him just saying nothing much...( Liam added ) 
- I will thanks guys ! ( I said worried ) now lets please not talk about this ! 
- okay (they all said I am really scared but with Harry on my side nothing can happen)
After the dinner we cut the cake it was delicious they were people entertaining us we were talking together when Harry asked me to follow him I held his hand and he led me outside : the moon was lighting up the place along with the coloured lights the stars were shining in the dark blue sky the green grass was breaking under our feet the wind slightly blowing in our faces Harry squeezed tighter my hand and smiled at  me his smile made me happy we walked a phew steps and arrived at a beautiful place there was a tent filled with little lights and rose pedals and candles on the floor it was opened so we can see the beautiful view :
- wow ! Harry this is amazing ! 
- not as much as you baby girl ! ( he walked over to the table and turned the music on he put a slow song I am kind of nervous because this is my first dance with Harry and I don't think I am that much of a good dancer ) would you care to dance with me beautiful lady ? ( he asked me and I giggled ) 
- sure you kind gentleman ! ( I held his hand and he led me to the middle of the tent were the roses were and the candles I noticed that they were shaped in little hearts all over the floor I smiled Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him our chests touched I could feel he was nervous we started dancing to the song we were moving in such a harmony just like disney princess movies I didn't see except his beautiful emerald eyes glowing like the stars and even brighter I was speechless our foreheads touched and we kept dancing :
- see this love ? ( he asked me ) 
- yeah...
- what's going on today ? 
- Sarah and Paul are getting married...
- do you like this wedding ? The wedding preparations and stuff ? 
- of course they are beautiful 
- are you feeling what I am feeling ? Are you feeling love ?
- indeed...
- well let me tell you something 
- what is it ? 
- one day you will be at Sarah's place and I will be at Paul's place one day I will be proud to call mrs. Styles THE mrs. Styles MY mrs. Styles...one day we will have kids and raise them together one day we will be standing in OUR kids wedding one day we will get married and its going to be even more beautiful than this one because I am going to be with you forever ! I love you Melody please don't ever leave me I would die without you ! I love you you are my one and only ! *I smiled as tears streamed down my face Harry wiped them away* shh don't cry I am here for you...I love you
- I love you too Harry and I can't wait either to be mrs. Styles and be with you forever I love you too I also feel that you are the one and only please don't leave me I will be  crashed please don't break my heart  
- I won't I promise ! ( he leaned in and kissed me passionately leaving both of us breathless this was magical every time I kiss him my love grows bigger for him at that same moment when Harry and I were kissing fireworks went off I felt Harry smile into the kiss ) 

**********************************After a phew years*****************************************

Jennifer's POV

Its been two years since I left the USA to go film movies in Australia and also to take a break after Harry broke up with me I was a mess I really loved him like a lot but he broke up with me for no reason any way I made a pack with my self that if I couldn't be with him nobody could and that's a point ! These past phew months I have been talking to one of my best friends Jane on the phone every time I ask her about the news her voice gets low and she starts talking weirdly I quickly assumed there was something wrong there so I guess its time to pack and leave back to America ! 
I arrived at my friend's house around 6 or 7 pm I didn't tell anyone that I was coming I rang the doorbell to be greeted after seconds by Jane :
- oh my- JEN !!!! ( she hugged me tight )
- JANE ! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH ( I screamed )
- I MISSED YOU MORE ! ( she screamed back ) 
She helped me carry my suitcases upstairs and we sat down talking about random stuff :
- so... ( I started ) 
- so...
- Jane I know you are hiding something from me what is it ? ( she sighed )
- fine...I didn't want to tell you Jen but I guess you will find out a way or another...um Harry is in a relation with Melody K. they are madly in love and I think they are going to get married because its seems like Harry is going to propose to her next or this year they can't wait to be married...he also revealed how he fell for her he said that the first time she came on TV and he heard her talk he fell for her he also said that he was texting you when it happened... I-I am so sorry Jen I d- ( I felt tears form in my eyes I was angry sad broken again I cut Jane and screamed )
- um 2 years ago...( she mumbled and I cried ) (Melody and Harry have been dating for 2 years and Melody has been famous for 3 years)
- no...no...she will not be with him ! She needs to brake up with him ! If I am not with Harry than nobody will ! 
I said to myself than went straight to bed without even talking to Jane I just can't believe what happened ! That ass-whole dumped me for her ! How could he I am 10 times better than her ! I need to do something Melody and Harry prepare yourself for the biggest mess in your life ! You are going down ! 
The next morning I woke up a little dizzy I went to the bathroom then downstairs Jane was at work she left me a note on the fridge...as I was eating my breakfast I turned on the TV and yay ! Melody was talking great ! :
- hello guys ! How are you ? Welcome to the Hollywood gossip show ! We have exiting news for you ! Especially all the Marry shippers ! Impossible love is out again in the cinemas before the second part ! Yeah that is right Harry's and mine's movie is out again for its second year of playing apparently because you guys made a flashmob for them to bring it back again Harry and I have no idea how to thank you enough for what you have done today its the first day of showing in the cinemas I- ( I almost chocked did she say that Harry and her did a movie together and it was impossible love ? I heard of that movie its one of the most popular movie ever made ! I wanted to watch it but I was busy and forgot ! And now they are re-playing it ! No way ! I am so going to watch it ) 
I turned off the TV cursed at that bitch and ran upstairs to get ready I hoped in my car and drove to the mall I was walking between the stores and I saw Harry and Melody cuddling they were disguised just like me but I recognised them,how can I not recognise the love of my life and my next husband !I was staring at them when Harry turned and looked at me a suspicious look on his face but I turned away and ran to the cinema I bought the tickets entered the cinema and sat down ,minutes later a tall handsome guy came and sat right next to me the theatre was full wow never saw such a crowed as the movie began and they started cuddling and stuff I mumbled to my self :
- ugh ! Worst couple I wish they could brake up ! 
- yeah me too ! ( the person next to me said ) 
- what ? 
- as you heard me I hate them they don't deserve each-others he is a dick and she is a bitch...
- hahaha yeah ! Finally I have found someone who understands me by the way I am Jennifer ! Nice to meet you...
- Roland ! ( we shook hands ) 
- cool name ! Hey what do you think if we go drink a coffee at Starbucks ? This movie sucks any way...
- yeah lets go I can't take it anymore...
We left the movie and went to Starbucks I think I have a partner in crime he is seems so easy I just have to play my little game...he offered me a seat and I accepted gladly we ordered coffee and started to talk :
- so...Jen why are you wearing sunglasses and a hat ? 
- um before that did you ever watch The Hawk House Party ? 
- oh yeah I totally love Jennifer Piper she is so hot ! 
- mhm ! Well...*I took my glasses and he gasped* hahaha...
- oh wow that is pretty much embarrassing oh wait that explains why you hate them so much ! 
- exactly ! *I put on my glasses briefly just to not be recognised* now you know why I hate them but why do you hate them ? 
- um well I am Sarah's nephew and Sarah is the manager of Melody I fell badly for her I met her when Sarah and Paul were announcing that they were engaged but Harry wouldn't let me approach her even thought they aren't dating and she refused me and I decided to plan a revenge on her so... 
- uhm I see so they both broke our hearts badly huh ? .........

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