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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Melody's POV

I didn't have the time to say a word before Sarah took me outside the huge building and in front the gate , after a minute the same limo pulled in front of us and like I thought it was Richard inside . We got in the vehicle and drove to another building 2 streets away it was also big but the studio was more crowded and the architecture was much more creative . Richard came out of the limo and opened the door for me so eventually Sarah and I got out and went in the building once there we walked for like a minute to find the elevator Sarah pushed button number 2 .I didn't have time to look at the floor we were at and I saw models plenty and plenty of models and photographers... Then Sarah and I entered a big room there were 2 men and also Rosalinda and Cynthia were there and Sarah said :
- ok... Melody you go with Rosalinda and Cynthia get your self done and I will stay here with the boys to discuss the photo shoot ok ?
I shook my head in response to her question and went with Rosalinda and Cynthia to my dressing room which was to the right of the room . Rosalinda walked up to me and said handing me some clothes :
- ok so look I decided whats your style's going to be since I saw your pictures so its going to be part cute casual wear and at the same time its going to be comfortable and sporty...like I already know you like converse and vans and also you like heels and stuff like that . Thats because I looked up your pictures on Facebook and I also realized that in public you want to be casual and in the house with friends you want to be sporty but in both ways comfortable and we need to show both sides so... Back to the point I decided you are going to were to the photo shoot these two outfits .
- thank you Rosalinda these are really gorgeous ! And they do fit my style ! (i said really happy )
The outfits where really pretty but I started to wear the casual one : a coral dress with cute brown boots it was wow on me ! I walked out of the changing room to both ladies looking at me with large grins plastered on there faces so basically I couldn't help but blush ! Then Rosalinda gave me some accessorizes a long owl necklace bracelets and earrings that were brown and said :
- you look like a princess your are truly amazing your body fits everything and it is really in shape ! Now let Cynthia do your hair and make-up !
- yes honey come on sit down on the chair I am thinking to curl up your hair it will look great with the light brown high-lights in it and also the outfit!
( Cynthia said while pointing to the chair and bringing a curling iron )
She started to curl my hair and talk about some girls stuff.... After we've finished she applied a natural make-up like I demanded and a pink gloss.
Outfit :http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_95/set?id=98476643
I stood up to look at myself in the mirror but to my surprise I truly looked like a hollywood star I was so happy I almost started to cry I've never looked so beautiful usually I didn't wear skirts or dresses I only wore jeans and a casual top. Sarah walked in with Rosalinda they were both shocked Sarah said that I look beautiful and will be even more in the photos ! She grabbed my hand and took me to the other room to start with the photos ...right when I walked in there was a beautiful set like we were in a park or so . The photographer took about 15 or more pictures of me in this set than took me to an other one that one was on the beach so like usual I sat there and posed for them , after we were done I entered my dressing room and changed to my other outfit : cute shorts a white tank top and a black and white varsity letterman jacket with my name on the back and the letter "M" on my chest with black converse that are long until under the knee really cool ! after that I returned to my dressing room and Rosalinda gave me a long necklace at the end a baseball ball (??) and baseball bats earrings !!! Then I went to Cynthia I kept the same make-up but re-applied gloss and then she tied my hair I looked like a fashion queen athlete !
 I went back to take photos the set was in a baseball field they gave me a bat and started posing he also took around 15 pictures of me ! The photographer said :
- marveling darling you truly look like a star your pictures are the best pictures taken please come back for more , the camera loves you truly I am not saying that to just give you compliments you are just AMAZING !!!!
- thank you that is really nice if I need pictures I will come to your lovely studio ! ( I said really happy and proud ) 
- and miss Sarah the pictures will be ready tomorrow I will give you a call ok ?
- ok ok thank you very much bye bye !
I re-wore my clothes and joined Sarah to the parking and hoped back into the car, Sarah looked at me really proud and said :
- you did great Melody you were fantastic and you truly earned to be a star . I can see the headlines in the future : Melody K. the biggest reporter/singer/actress in the whole word !
- hahaha I hope ! ( I said giggling ) 
- ok and now do you know were we are going ? ( Sarah asked me how should I know ? )
- oh um find me a new house ?
- you got it girl but not just any house we are going to get you a fancy house in one of the most famous streets in L.A !
- what ?? Really ?
- yeah you deserve it and you are allowed to choose what ever you want don't look at the price ok ?
- thank you thank you really ! I don't know how to thank you enough !
- oh honey thats nothing the least you can do is have an excellent career because when you win and I will win !
- hahaha ok !
We both laughed as Richard pulled in a 5 stars street huge houses lay on the sides and trees are everywhere , beside every house is a huge garden with multicolored flowers ! I was...I was...surprised by the beauty of this neighborhood after two minutes a guy showed up and greeted us warmly :
- hello ladies my name is Claude I am in charge to help you choose the home that fits you perfectly and help you get settled in here ! I am also in charge of the whole neighborhood so if you have any problems just give me a call...so shall we begin touring in the houses ?
- umm hi yeah sure lets begin (Sarah said and I just nodded and stayed quiet like a tomb !) 
We started seeing a lot of houses they were all great : great view great garden great construction... There is also a pool , each two houses have a pool in common ! But there is a house that I really liked : 4 master bedrooms and a small living room on the second floor and on the first one a living room a dining room 2 saloons a kitchen and a toilet and of course from the kitchen we can go out to the porch and into the garden after a few steps from the garden there is a pool but it is shared with another house actually each two houses have a common pool ! But the house next to mine isn't occupied so the pool is only for me ! And we don't need to buy furniture because it is already ready with a classic yet modern theme ! It is really nice you can see beautiful colors not dull ones like usual ! I really loved it. It was big and comfy !  
I said to Sarah that I liked this house so she made a deal and bought the house for me its now under my name ! After this long and exhausting day I went back to my hotel I was going to move tomorrow morning. Richard will help me move my clothes and we will go get food and stuff . When I arrived at my hotel the first thing that popped into my head was to call my parents and my friends I miss them so much ! I dialed my mom's number while imagining her reaction when I tell her and dad what happed to me today....my thoughts were interrupted by a sweet kind caring familiar voice :
-Melody baby girl is that you ?
- hi Mum yes its me ! So is dad by your side ?
- um...yes he is why ?
- no nothing just put on the speaker and listen what I am going to say ok ?
- ok just a minute... Ok go on we are listening 
- ok...so after I called you I prepared myself and finished when someone knocked on the door and guess who it was ?! It was my chauffeur and he said that the limo was waiting in front of the hotel and that he is going to drive me every where I want ! After that I went to the studio it was huge there were a lot of people there so I met the director and I have a really great agent oh and I am going to be paid 12 000 $ a month 200 $ on the week day shows and 2000 $ on the friday shows and the clothes are on them so...after that we discussed the fame and fortune issue and I think I am going to be known in a matter of days then I met my stylist and my hair and makeup artist they are both really nice then we all met in a photo shoot studio and I took really nice pictures ! Finally and thats the best part they bought me a villa in one of the most expensive beautiful and quiet neighborhoods in L.A ! 
- h-honey that is great ! I am so happy for you ! And most important is there any security in this neighborhood ?
- muuuuum ! 
- ok ok I got it ! But anyway that is great and if you need anything just call ok ?
- ok mum now I need to go bye love you !
- love you baby sleep well and call us when you wake up 
- ok bye ! Love you
After I hung up the phone with my parents I called Mia I needed to hear her voice its been I don't know maybe a day and a half ! I sat on my bed for a couple of minutes while waiting for her to answer me :
- Mellllllllllloooooo I missed you girl its been an agony without you !
- hahaha calm down its been an agony over here too well... Not so much but I've missed you soooo much ! 
- ok... Spill it right now what happened any cute boys around ??!!!
- Miiiaaaa stop it I already told you that I am not interested in any boy !
- ok ok , you calm down not me , besides if you don't want one I do !
- hahaha ok anyway the coolest stuff ever happened guess what it is ?
- what ??? 
- guess !!
- Melody !! Come on stop it !
- ok ok well I've got a villa a pool a super nice agent and stylist and makeup and hair artist plus 12 000 $ a month besides clothes and a limo with a chauffeur and I did an amazing photo shoot !!!!
- OMG !!!
- I totally know !!!
- so is there any room for me ???
- well duh 
- cool so the house is yours I mean under your name ?
- yeah !!!!
- great that is totally awesome Don't be surprised if I called you in the middle of night to come pick me up at the airport !
- hahaha ok well I need to go sleep its been a really long day !
- ok I will miss you , rest well and call me when you wake up ok ?
- ok miss you too bye !
I hung up the phone with Mia , her laugh sheered me up !
 I got up from my bed and looked at the clock it was 8 o'clock and I didn't realize I slept with my clothes on from yesterday guess I was so tired that I must of drifted off ! I jumped of my bed and into the bathroom where I took a brief hot shower then wore some shorts and a nice T-shirt and a pair of green converse then tied my hair up in a pony tail .
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_15/set?id=84192437
while I was waiting for Richard I called both my parents and Rayane ...after a few minutes Richard came with a few of the hotel workers to carry my bags to the limo . On the way down Richard told me that we were going to shop for stuff for my house like food , pans forks , spoons....
An employee looked at me and said :
- Hello miss Melody can you please do me the honor and sign for me this paper ?
- uh umm sure but why ? ( I felt Richard smile when he asked me this question )
- because I can feel that you will be a great star and before you get crowded by fans I want to get from you an autograph 
- oh hahaha thank you and here you go (I signed the paper and gave to him ) and can I take a picture with you sorry this is kind of weird but your my first fan so ...
- uh oh yeah yeah 
I took my phone and snapped a photo of us then hugged the boy and went with Richard still thinking of what happened in the lobby earlier I was shocked . The day was super long I got everything I needed to get settled in my new house and I also made my room and Richard the kitchen ...

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