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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


24. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

Melody's POV

Tonight was great now every one knows well from our friends but...we are gonna wait a month and then Harry and I will make it official on The Ellen Show I hope everything turns out okay any who Mia Zayn Harry and I are at Harry's old flat Louis went with Eleanor to the villa next to mine :
- so...( Zayn started Mia didn't look at him ) I think Mia and I should tell you something...
- what ? ( Mia said surprised ) 
- yeah you know when I went to the studio and told you that you know ! (He pointed at both of us )
- oh yeah ! (Mia understood what he said)
- okay now rewind please we didn't understand a thing ! ( Harry said )
- well Mell um I already knew that Harry likes you...(Mia said what ???)
- what ? And you left me struggling all by myself ! (I shouted kind of mad)
- no its just that...um no offence Harry but um I was afraid that Harry would brake your heart and you're always the one who tells us that if someone likes someone else they should figure it out on their own ! ( Mia replied back and I suddenly remembered that I am doing the same with her right now )
- um yeah don't worry I think that you did the best...but when did you knew ? ( I asked her than looked at Harry who was surprised as well )
- um I think that is Zayn's part ! ( Mia shouted and pointed towards Zayn )
- okay...well remember that time I was at the studio with Mia ? 
- yeah...( I said )
- yeah that's when I told her... ( Zayn explained )
- okay... ( I said then let out a sigh ) baby did you know about that ?
- no...I am as surprised as you are...(Harry continued)
- okay...
We stayed there and talked till it became 1 in the morning its when I decided that I needed to go because I was sooo tired :
- okay guys I seriously wanna sleep ! Come on Mia lets get going ! 
- um okay let me just grab my purse and go to the ladies room ! ( Mia went to grab her purse )
- no ! Baby don't go I will miss you ! Please stay ! ( Harry begged )
- okay sweetheart I need to go ! But I promise I will see you tomorrow ! ( I said to comfort him )
- okay guys I think I should leave you two so bye congratulation ! ( Zayn said and went )
- hey cupcake ( Harry called me )
- yes baby ? ( I questioned )
- do you remember when we went to that interview for the movie ? 
- oh hahaha yeah ! 
- well I am sure that you remember that I told you that I will kiss you and you will be mine right !?
- mmmm yeah I do...
- well it happened ! See I told you ! 
- oh shut up ! 
- hey hahaha ! ( he than picked me up on his shoulder I started laughing and hitting him on his back but it seems like I wasn't affecting him at all )
- oh my God Harry let me go ! Hahaha please !!! 
- no can do princess you are mine ! ( he spinned me arround )
- Harry I am wearing a short dress let me down ! 
- I don't care ! 
- but I do ! ( Harry then started running all over the house then plopped me on the couch he was above me his hands on my waist )
- I love you ! ( he said getting closer )
- I love you too ! ( I said and got closer too him we made out )
- umm guys sorry for interrupting your game but we need to go...( we both pulled apart really fast I saw Mia she was struggling not to laugh XD )
- um Sorry Mia because you had to see that...( Harry excused himself and became red and I did the same )
- sorry... ( I said )
- you guys are so cute together really ! Now come on lets go Mel ! 
- oh hahaha fine let me just say bye to Harry k ?
- haven't you said bye enough ?
- oh my ghosh ! Hahaha we're in love ! 
- I know I was just joking say goodbye and I will be at the door ! 
- thank you Mia ( I blushed and hugged her than she winked and went )
- okay...thank you baby I have no idea how to thank you ! (I said to Harry)
- I think I have an idea !
he leaned in and kissed me and I hugged him back than went to join Mia I kinda felt really bad because Rayane and I were both with our crushes and she was the only one a lone I wish I could tell her but no I can't ! 

****************************************After a month****************************************

A month has finally passed by Harry took me on our first date and many more it was on a beach it was so romantic ! We also filmed half of our movie ! 
Tonight Harry and I had an interview on The Ellen Show we were finally gonna announce to the world that we are dating I am so nervous what if they send me hate ! Or what if our relation will effect Harry's or my career ?
too many questions were spinning in my head but I had no time to think ! Harry is coming to take me at 5 and its 3 I need to get prepared I took a shower like usual dried myself curled my hair and wore a white dress with a black and withe polka dot belt and shoes I put on my accessories and applied some natural makeup I sprayed some perfume : "The Key" by Justin Bieber... Justin is like a brother too me I really like him we always hang out when he has time and when I do we even went on a picnic Mia Rayane and the One Direction lads with of course our managers it was really fun hanging with them ! As soon as I finished I felt someone put their soft hands on my waist and kiss my neck I looked up to find Harry he breathed in the scent of my fragrance :
- you look so beautiful ( he mumbled against my neck )
- your not too bad yourself ! ( I replied back and he chuckled )  
- are you nervous ? ( he asked me )
- not at all are you ? (I lied I am super nervous)
- nop ! Well in that case lets get going we are going to be late ! 
- okay come on ! ( I replied than we both headed towards the car )
As we got closer to the studio my heart started beating like 100 in a minute I looked at Harry who was...well normal ! How can he stay normal at a time like this ? I wish I was this calm :
- Harry I am nervous...
- wait you said you weren't !
- I lied ! I didn't want to make you feel the same ! 
- no worries sweetheart its gonna be fine ! 
- are you sure ? 
- I am positive now chill down okay we are here ! And remember no matter what happens out there I will always love you ! 
- I will always love you too ! 
Harry pulled in the parking lot and helped me get down from the car we were greeted by Ellen who led us into our dressing rooms when I entered I saw Sarah inside : 
- Sarah ! 
- Melody ! 
- how are you ? Are you nervous ? 
- a little but Harry comforted me...
- well that is good look don't worry the love between you and Harry is unbreakable no one can come between you ! 
- I know and I will treasure that love till I die...
- good girl ! Melody ??
- yes ?
- how come you never told me about your past ? 
- well I was embarrassed about it I was stuck in it that's why...
- can I give you an advice ?
- sure ?
- forget about the past ! Live in the moment you've got a great man don't loose him ! He deserves you as much as you deserve him ! And look where you are now ! You have 18M followers on Twitter and 22M likes on Facebook ! What do you want even more ! 
- thank you Sarah ! (I hugged Sarah really tight she almost fainted but at that moment an employee called me to go on stage) okay Sarah got to go bye ! 
- bye sweetie oh and Paul and I need you and Harry this afternoon I will tell you after you finish !
- okay bye ! 
I walked backstage to join Harry and Ellen my palms became really sweaty and I couldn't breath this is the first time I get so nervous ! I didn't get this nervous when I presented the show for the first time ! I looked down the hall and found Harry waiting for me when I got there he held and squeezed tight my hand telling me not to get nervous then Ellen appeared she said that the show will began in 2 and she has to go..
- hello and welcome everyone to the Ellen Show ! Tonight we have special guests ! Please welcome with me Harry Styles and Melody K. *the crowd is cheering really loud and when we came and sat down even more* hello guys !
- hey Ellen ! ( I said )
- hello Ellen ! (Harry said well he didn't call her love which is good I get easily jealous)
- so tell me what brings you here tonight ? You asked me if you could come apparently its very important and I kinda have an idea...any way Harry I saw your interview the other day and I find it really touching ! You really seem to love Melody don't you ? ( He looked at me with loving eyes )
- yes,yes I do with all my heart ! She owns half of my heart ( I looked at him and understood everything ) 
- half ? Melody say something ! ( Ellen started and I giggled )
- no actually I don't mind because he also have a half of my heart because the other half belong to people that I owe a lot and without them I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have found Harry ! 
- what do you mean ? ( Ellen asked )
- we mean that our fans have the other half of our hearts we both love them a lot because they were here for us when nobody was ! We love you a lot ! 
- now we need to tell you something very important... (Harry said)
- okay what is it and btw I think it is what I am thinking you gave me a hint ! (Ellen said than looked at us happily )
- well after what happened on that interview the other day I became a 100% sure that I love Harry and he is the one for me unfortunately I was too blind to see it before the past held me hostage and I couldn't look forward I didn't live in the moment ! I couldn't see this young and perfect man that is waiting for me everyone kept telling me that we are made for each-others but I kept ignoring them including you Ellen ! Any way on that night I was leaving back to my home town Lebanon I was in the VIP lounge ready to go when I heard Harry I was devastated for letting such an important person in my life go way *started crying* and the reason I was going back to Lebanon is because I missed him I missed his smile his loving eyes and everything ! I couldn't bare not to see him and I live right next door ! I used to love Harry ever since the X-factor but I was insecure...So I decided to take a break from the drama and go back but when I saw the interview I knew that I can't just leave ! Not now not after what happened so I took a cab and went to Harry I told him everything all of the problems that couldn't let me be happy...and the best part is he made me believe in my self again after I was lost in confusion ! He made me feel beautiful the way I am and seriously I mean I was a mess my eyes were puffy and my makeup was ruined...but um Harry isn't the only one who helped me back on my feet my fans helped me a lot too because they were always by my side ! The point is Harry and I are a couple now and nothing can brake us apart ! ( I explained everything then I wiped my tears )
- YES ! ( Ellen let out a scream and almost jumped of her seat causing me Harry and everyone else to look at her with confusion ) oh um Sorry lost in the moment any way Harry do you have anything too add ? 
- umm in fact I do...directioners I want you to know that no matter what happens with me and Melody either we get married and build a life or break up and end the road I don't want you to lose hope because I love you all every single one of you and don't be upset if we didn't end up with each other I mean that every single one of you has a prince charming waiting for her so please don't loose hope ! And please don't send us hate please Melody is really important for me and I don't wanna loose her nor you ! I will always love you and never ever forget you so please don't make me sad and respect our relation ! I love you all a lot ! * I started crying and Harry hugged me than out of nowhere the crowed was screaming "Marry" and was clapping it warmed my heart to see that they support us then suddenly I felt a pair of warm lips on mine it was Harry so I kissed him back the crowed became wild it was awesome turns out I was worried for nothing...*
After the show Harry and I went to my dressing room to find Sarah and Paul grinning:
- uh...why are you smiling ? ( I asked awkwardly )
- because tonight we wanna see you two at Paul's house we have something important to say to you ! ( Sarah said )
- oki doki guys ! ( Harry said and I giggled he then hugged me from behind and kissed my neck I felt butterflies in my tummy ! )
- other than that you did great tonight I was crying ! ( Sarah announced )
- yeah she was I calmed her down ! ( Paul said and I hugged Sarah )
- okay so Melody and I will see you two at 7 ? ( Harry said )
- yeah deal ! ( Paul answered ) 
- okay see you ! ( Harry and I exited to room and he drove me home )
I said goodbye to Harry and entered my house to find Mia and Rayane each one of them plopped on a couch watching a movie :
- helloooo ! ( I screamed for them to notice me )
- hey Mell ! ( Rayane screamed back at me ouch ! )
- watcha doing ? ( I said before plopping up on the third couch ) 
- watching a movie oh and seriously your interview was so sad ! ( Rayane replied )
- really ? That sad !? ( I asked )
- Mell you even started to cry ! I mean Mia and I cried too you were so...so...you both were like now accomplished ! Trust me you are made for each others ! (Rayane said)
- well I assume that is good... ( I said )
- so how did the fan take that news ? ( Mia asked me )
- well I think pretty good specially for you know a well known star as Harry (I said)
- oh that's good I just hope they don't send you hate that is the problem... ( Mia said )
- yeah but I mean mine and Harry's love is stronger than that ! If I got the most hate on earth ! Nothing can break us ! ( I said as a motivation speech but... )
- are you sure because no offence but you can't handle hate I mean you know what happened to you in the past right ? But just know that Harry the boys your parents and us are always here for you Mell because we love you a lot ! ( Mia said and I hugged her and Rayane ) 
- thanks girls really but now if you will excuse me I need to go because Harry is going to pick me up after an hour or maybe half I have no idea... ( I said to them )
- your going on a date ? ( Rayane asked me )
- unfortunately not...Sarah and Paul need us so were going to see them...( I explained to them as they shook there heads )
- oh okay have fun ! And don't come to late 2 o'clock max young lady ( Mia said jokingly and we all laughed )
- thanks...and okay mum ! ( we all laughed...again and I went up to my room )
I entered my room and closed the door behind me but I didn't lock it I chose the perfect dress and accessories : a cream and emerald dress,cream heels and a pearl necklace with earrings and a bracelet I fixed my hair and makeup put on some perfume and went down to join Rayane and Mia we talked for a bit and then Harry showed up at my door with his cheeky smile :
- hello beautiful ! ( he said then looked at Rayane and Mia ) oh and hello beautifuls sorry didn't saw you girls there ! 
- hahaha that's okay Harry ! ( Mia replied ) 
- yeah ! Thanks any way have fun you two love birds ! ( Rayane shouted which made me blush Harry led me to the car and opened the door for me )
We drove there while singing cuddling on the red signs till we arrived as soon as we arrived and I saw the familiar neighbourhood shivers went threw my spine all the memories flooded back to me : the darkness those two boys the knife they held the crying when Harry and I cried together then cuddled in the truck of his car suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh I looked up to meet a pair of emerald eyes looking at me I couldn't help but get lost in them :
- its alright love...everything is better now I am with you ! ( Harry said to me )
- how...how did you know ? ( I asked him )
- its easy when you really love someone and the two hearts are connected you can feel everything they feel...
- really ? 
- yeah...that's why these "I am fine" lies don't work on me ! 
- hahaha I love you so much...but sometimes as much as I say it I get afraid of you getting bored with it...
- of course not Love I get scared too but trust me that's all I want to hear...
- me too *he leaned and I kissed him*
- okay...I think we need to get going... ( I said )
- yeah me too ! ( Harry said then we laughed )
He opened the door for me and we made our way to the house where we were greeted by Sarah and Paul with warm smiles I wonder what is happening :
- hey ! How are you ?! ( Sarah said )
- umm we are good I think ( Harry said confused and I just looked at them )
- come on in be our guests ! ( Paul said to us what is wrong with them today ? )
- umm thank you ( I said confused than sat down next to Harry ) 
- so...can somebody please explain to us the reason you are that happy or...maybe just pretending to be just so you can tell us bad news ? But just so you know I am not going to break up with Melody because of management if we had to brake up I will brake up with her because I don't love her anymore and we all clearly know this won't happen ! Understood ?! ( Harry said while waving his hands in all directions which made us laugh ) 
- hahaha calm down Harry non of this is going to happen ! Everything is perfect between you and Melody even management don't mind ! Which is now that you mention a miracle ! ( Paul said reassuring us both ) 
- oh okay thank you but in that case what is happening ? (Harry asked and I nodded)
- okay listen as you both know Paul and I are engaged right ? ( Sarah asked )
- I think I know were this is going...( I mumbled to Harry and we nodded )
- so...the wedding will be after 2 month and Melody is going to be the bridesmaid and Harry you are going to be the groomsman ! ( Paul said and Harry and I looked at them in surprise ) 
- WHAT !? ( Harry and I said in union ) 
- yes you heard us ! Congratulation ! ( Sarah said and we both jumped and hugged them ) 
- I can't believe you are getting married ! This is so cool ! I thought it is going to be after a year but this is even better! Ahhh ! We love you both a lot ! ( I said crying into Sarah's shoulder and then they all came and we had a group hug )
- well believe because its true ! ( Sarah said to me )
- they grow up so fast doesn't they angel ? ( Harry said to me )
- yeah they do ! ( I said before I hugged him and we all laughed ) but guys why did you chose us ? I mean there is Roland and Paul's niece...( I said after we sat down )
- well because Mell you are like my sister and I trust you plus if it wasn't for you I would never met Paul ! ( Sarah explained )
- and Harry if it wasn't because you loved Melody and you wanted to meet her that's why you wanted to go on the show I would never meet Sarah ! ( Paul explained and Harry and I blushed like crazy )
- um how did you know I loved her ? ( Harry said blushing )
- oh come on it was so obvious ! You wanted to get her a gift and come really early and plus the look in your eyes and you wanted to become best friends with her and take her everywhere you go plus you wanted to film a movie and sing a song with her ! I mean really even a 5 year old could figure out that you loved her ! (Paul explained)
- a 5 year old but not Melody... ( Harry mumbled and I nudged him in the arm ) 
- HEY ! I...I am not good at this and you know it ! ( I crossed my arms )
- oh no sweetie I know that ! ( Harry said and kissed my cheek I couldn't resist so I hugged him )
I was so happy I mean come on who wouldn't ? Its the first time of my life that I am going to be a bridesmaid ! Plus Sarah and Paul are going to be husband and wife all because of Harry and me ! This is great ! We ate and went home I was exhausted I needed some sleep because tomorrow morning I will go to the mall to see if I can find anything cute for the wedding...
I woke up this morning really energetic I got some good sleep I took a shower and went to my walk in closet to choose some sporty clothes I decided to wear a pair of shorts with a cute tank top and a pair of converse with a beanie and my sunglasses in case I get recognise I wore my clothes and headed to the mall : Rayane was with Niall and Mia went to see one of her friends conclusion I was alone...Richard drove me to the mall when I entered it I felt a cool breeze stroking my face first of all I decided to go to Starbucks because I was starving ! I stood in line waiting for my turn when I heard a familiar voice next to me say my name its seemed like a girl :
- oh hey Mell ! ( the unknown said she was wearing sunglasses like me )
- uh hey...?? ( I said confused )
- um I don't believe we've met before but I am sure you know me well maybe I am not sure... ( she said but I quickly recognised her when I took off my sunglasses )
- oh hey Selena ! ( it was Selena Gomez!  I said before I hugged her )
- ah hahaha you recognised me ! ( she said while hugging me back )
- yeah its because I took off my glasses I couldn't see very good with them sorry...( I excused myself )
- oh that's okay I understand it happens to me sometimes ( we both laughed ) so um I am big fan really and I was wondering if I could you know hang out with you for the day and maybe become bff's ? I mean if you don't mind its because I really like you and you seem like a fun person ! 
- well sure ! You didn't need to ask ! But um first let me offer you a drink or something else ? ( I said to her I was really happy )
- um of course thanks really ! Um I think I am gonna take hot chocolate... ( she said )
- really ? Me too ! ( we both laughed )
- hello welcome to Starbucks how may I help you ? ( the boy said )
- um hey I would like to have 2 hot chocolate please ( I said politely ) 
- sure thing just a minute ! ( the boy replied )
Selena and I talked for a bit we took our drinks and started walking :
- so um how did you recognised me ? ( I asked her while taking a sip out of my drink )
- oh hahaha Melody don't be stupid you are one of the most famous people here ! You are as famous as me or One Direction ! ( Selena said )
- oh really ? Its only been like a year ! ( I said to her ) 
- hahaha well when you present one of the biggest shows in the world do a album which contains 2 duos with One Direction the biggest boy-band in the world or even act a hit movie with Harry Styles I think its pretty much possible ! 
- uh yeah that's a good point ! (we both laughed and put our empty drinks in the trash and continued walking )
- yesterday I watched your interview and seriously you made me cry I think Harry is very lucky to have you...you both make a great couple ! 
- you think so ? 
- yeah I also thought that it was so touching when he talked on that interview like he wasn't afraid or shy he said on national TV in front of more than a thousand people that he loved you and he confessed everything he has done to you ! 
- yeah I guess you are right...
- so um what are you doing here ? ( Selena asked me )
- um can you hold a secret ? ( I asked her )
- um of course ! ( she replied to me )
- well Sarah my manager and Paul Harry's security guard are getting married next month and Harry and I are the maids of honour so I am coming here to see some stuff... ( I explained to her she seemed really happy )
- really ? Oh my God this is so great ! Well if you want I can help you ! ( she offered ) 
- um thanks that would be wonderful ! ( I thanked her )
Selena and I saw different really cute things you can say I now have an idea about stuff Sarah is going to love ! I looked at my watch and I saw that it was time for lunch:
- I am starving ! ( I wined )
- yeah me too ! Lets go eat ! ( Selena offered )
- yes finally come on ! ( Selena laughed ) 
- um hey what do you say if we call our boyfriends to come eat with us ? ( she said )
- okay you call Justin and I will call Harry okay ? 
- okay...
Selena called Justin and I called Harry like I said they both came to the mall and we sat down and ate at Roaster Dinner after we finished we went home on the road Harry asked me how I met Selena and I told him everything then my phone rang it was Sarah :
- hey Sarah ! 
- hey Mell ! Um tomorrow after the show I need you and the girls to go shopping for the wedding okay ? 
- okay deal I will call them !
- oh and is Harry near you ? 
- yeah he is do you need something ? 
- um yeah tell him to come with the boys tomorrow they have a recording at the studio okay ? 
- okay bye ! 
- bye take care sweetie ! ( and with that I hung up the phone )
- what did she say ? ( Harry asked me )
- um apparently I will go with the girls shopping while you and the boys go work ! ( I said sarcastically and laughed )
- heyyyy ! Not fair ! 
- sorry baby ! But its life ! 
- why don't you have to go work ?
- oh well I dunno maybe because I don't have work tomorow ! ( I laughed )
- will you come with me to the studio ? Pretty pretty please ( he said the did the puppy dog face I can't resist to it ! )
- ah ! Stop doing it you are cracking me up ! 
- well that's the whole point ! ( he laughed )
- well if that's the point than no I will resist and not come with you ! 
- ufft please ! ( he pouted )
- um if we finish early I will come ! 
- YES ! ( he laughed and the grabbed my hand and kissed it ) 
He is so cute when he pouts I looked at him while he was driving I looked like a psycho when I looked at him my smile was bigger than...than...a banana ??? He turned to face me when the red light turned on and he smiled :
- why are you smiling like that beautiful ? ( he asked me )
- nothing...its just that I can't believe that you are mine all mine ! ( I said while stroking his cheek I was gonna remove my hand but he kept it on his cheek )
- and I can't believe that you are mine !
- forever ( I continued )
- and always ( he said we were gonna kiss but the green light went off ) 
- shit ! ( he cursed )
- hahaha don't be upset ! You are still gonna get your kiss ! ( I laughed )
- mmm you know what I love the most about our relationship ? 
- umm ME ?! 
- well of course ! But something else...
- what is it ? ( I frowned )
- that we always kiss and cuddle I like that I like when you shower me with kisses any time I mean in my old relationships I used to create an excuse to kiss the girl but with you it comes naturally like whenever I want wherever I wanted ! Even on national TV ! 
- and I am happy with it too because its my way to show you that I love you ! ( he put his arm arm around me )
When we arrived home I said bye to Harry and entered the house but I saw nobody downstairs so I decided to go upstairs as I walked up the stairs I heard them talk I became positive that they are both there I walked between the rooms to find them in Mia's room sitting on the bed :
- hey...( I said )
- where were you missy ? ( Mia asked me ) 
- looks like mr. Harold has gotten all your time lately ( Rayane laughed )
- no actually I was at the mall for a reason that you will know right now but first guess who I met today ! 
- who ? Taylor Lautner ? ( Mia guessed )
- no don't be stupid ! Its obviously Austin Mahone ! ( Rayane said jokingly )
- no...and no... ( I said confused )
- then who on earth did you meet ? ( Mia asked me )
- Selena Gomez ! ( I squealed )
- really ? How ? ( Rayane asked me )
- well I was at the mall waiting in line to get my drink at Starbucks when she recognised me and then we hung up together and she even asked me if we could be best friends ! I said yes but don't worry girls I will always love you ! 
- you better ! And that is great we should meet her sometime huh ? ( Mia said )
- yeah...so um what did you wanna say ? ( Rayane asked me )
- okay so after two months...guess who is gonna get married ?! 
- oh Mell don't you think that its too early ? I mean you are a great couple but its early you only dated for like two months ! ( Rayane started )
- what ? ( I asked confused )
- hurtful ( Rayane said )
- hahaha girls ! I am not the one getting married I love Harry but I am not that crazy we will get married after three months ! ( I joked and their eyes winded ) hahaha calm down I am joking ! Sarah is the one getting married and I am the bridesmaid and Harry is the groomsman... ( I explained )
- ahhhh ! Really ? When did that happen ? ( Mia asked me )
- um yesterday night...
- why didn't you tell us that ? ( Rayane asked )
- well because when I arrived it was late and you were already fast asleep plus I didn't see you today morning so...
- ohhh...( they both said ) 
- tomorrow morning we are going shopping and by we I mean you two Sarah and me we are going to start the preparations for the wedding ! ( I said to them )
- okay deal ! ( Rayane said and Mia nodded )  
We sat there and talked for hours until we three slept in Rayane's room...
I woke up this morning with a kick in my stomach and I flinched and looked up and saw Mia's leg on me I sighed and removed it I sat down and rubbed my eyes the light blinding me slightly I looked at the bed and saw Rayane sleeping and Mia sleeping on her...Mia's head was on Rayane's stomach and her feet on me... I got up and went straight into the bathroom I looked on the mirror and saw my reflection my hair was a mess I think I lost my beanie and glasses.I washed my face and looked at the clock that was hanging in the hallway it was late they needed to get up or else we will be toasted ! I made my way to Rayane's room but on my way I tripped and I collapsed on the floor causing both Rayane and Mia to jump out of bed and look at me surprised at least they can come help me :
- help ! ( I moaned in pain looks like this isn't the best day first a kick now that )
- uh yeah ! ( Mia said while running my direction and helped me up )
- what happened to you ? ( Rayane asked me looking worried )
- I was flying on my unicorn *fixed my hair*what does it look like ? I tripped ! ( I said angrily ) 
- OMG hahaha flying on your unicorn ! Hahaha ( Mia laughed then I glared at her ) oh um sorry ! 
- ugh ! Sorry didn't mean to I am just cranky in the morning... ( I sighed )
- God help Harry and us ! ( Rayane mumbled but I heard her )
- thanks...( I replied to her and she just laughed )
- sorry Mell I am cranky too ! ( Rayane apologised )
- well this time God help Niall ! ( I joked )
- feeyu  ! Glad I don't have a boyfriend ! ( Mia said and we both laughed )
- so um girls we need to prepare our selves or else Sarah is going to kill us ! ( I said )
- um okay lets go !  

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