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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Melody's POV

The flight was really long and annoying I didn't believe the second I arrived at my hotel room and crashed on my bed ! After a long night of sleep I woke up once again to the sound of my alarm I looked at the watch and it was 7:00 so I hoped out of bed exited for what will happen today. I called my parents to inform them that I arrived safe and sound and I went and grabbed out of my suitcase a nice dress and some heels to look a little bit more serious  I am going to the studio .I was on Hollywood gossip news the old reporter had to quit so I applied at her place! I didn't believe at first that they would accept ME but I mean I think its natural after all I am a reporter/actress/singer/stylist so... Ok back to the point ! Then I entered the bathroom to get showered it felt so good like all the pain from yesterday morning till now is gone in a second ! Then I dried my self up,wore my clothes, put some make-up on and I tied my hair like usual after I finished I heard a knock on the door I went to reply and to my surprise it was a employee from the channel I work with :
- ummm hello...(I said confused by his appearance: a chauffeur hat and a black tux)
- hello mrs Melody please if you are ready to go to the channel the limo is waiting 
- ummm sorry but who are you and whats happening ?
- sorry miss I forgot that they didn't tell you yet my name is Richard and I will be your chauffeur as long as you stay in L.A the channel sent me here to take you and after that we will help you choose your new house.
- oh ok now I understand...and choose the house?
- yes thats what you heard you are not going to stay here in this hotel are you ?
- no of course not and thank you for coming come on lets go.
I was really shocked by that I mean my new house and a limo and a chauffeur !  wow celebrity life is great ! He offered me his hand and escorted me to the limo then he opened the door I couldn't help but smile this was truly awesome ! Richard took me on a little tour in L.A before we arrived to the studio .
Once there Richard opened the door for me , I gasped at the view of the studio it was enormous practically made of glass and you can see the channel logo in front plus all the security that are surrounding the building and all those actors and actresses that are coming up and down from the studio....my thoughts were interrupted by Richard who was calling me to come. So I came to him and he said with a grin on his face :
- so this is it its your new second house miss Melody !
- it...it... simply I love it !
- you are going to love it even more when you are going to start working here
- I hope because usually "work" isn't that much fun !
We both giggled as he guided me to the elevator he pressed on one of the buttons I think it was button number 5 !? We arrived to our floor and Richard and I entered a large room were there was a man and a woman sitting in it , as soon as I walked in they both stood up with huge grins on there faces. The man started :
- hello miss Melody nice to have you in our studio my name is Florent and I am the director here . After we've read your CV we realized you were the most perfect for this job ! You have a lot of diplomas and activities ( a tall bold man said to me)
- hello mister Florent nice to meet you and thank you for accepting me here I will do my best ! ( I said as I shook his hand ) 
- I know you will , now lets talk about your work but first let me introduce you to miss Sarah Dobson she is going to be your agent she knows everything about you and is ready to know more , she will do what seems to be the best for you and take you deeper into your career 
- hello young lady nice to meet you (a nice looking lady said I can tell by her looks that she was in her 30 )
- hello Sarah nice to meet you I think we are going to spend a lot of time together aren't we ? ( I said also shooking her hand )
- yes we sure are ! if you need anything here is my number just call me...after a bit I will introduce you to your new job and what you are suppose to do and then I will come with you to choose your house and the furniture to finally get setelled there but first lets talk about everything with mister Florent here shall we ?
- umm sure I have no problem but first when am I going to start working ?
- ok so here is how it works first you are going to start after two days but don't think you will not have any work in the next days ! first we are going to have several photo shoots then you are going to learn your new job and how to control it then move to your new house to finally enter the world of popularity and success ok ? (Sarah said in a professional tone )
- ok but photo shoot ??? I am not understanding !
- Darling you are not just a reporter you are Melody K. the reporter/actress/singer/stylist you are going to be famous from your current job to get famous in others right ? you are going to be a professional in acting or singing and even design your own awards dresses !! Who knows ??
- ooooh ok but award dresses ?
- yes award dresses thats when mister Florent comes in now he will explain them to you !
- ok then lets begin...
- Melody in your career you are not just a reporter you are in the Hollywood gossip news this show is number one in America,Canada,England,Ireland,Australia and many more ! So we cant accept trainees we need professionals and trust me from the moment I read your CV I knew that you are going to be a hit in the Hollywood world ! thats why you need to work hard to get to the top you need to be popular and show the world you care about your career from the moment you will start your first episode on the show we will post the pictures so you will gain more popularity and more projects and thats when miss Sarah comes in , she will book for you several projects that will brake the floor ! She is one of the most popular agents in the world thats why I hired her for you ! And trust me if things will go like we planned in a matter of 2 months you will start accepting awards !
- awards , popularity projects that is great !!! So what to do now ?
- oh yeah before that I need to tell you what you will face these few months but after that you will know how to handle them first you are going to meet a lot of celebrities and maybe who knows be best friends with them which is really good and you are going to walk on red carpets....on friday that is when the interview comes you will have to come at 12 because the show starts at 5 and you have to first meet the guests explain to them whats going to happen a bit before you have make-up and hair plus clothes the show will last for an hour sometimes two if there is a holiday it will be held live but thats only on friday. Week-ends off and week-days you will come from 10 till the time that you want the show starts at 11 and there are no guests just gossips around celebrities even you will have to talk about yourself sometimes and also you have make-up hair and clothes but the show will last for half an hour ...
- ok and sorry to ask this but whats my budget ?
- no thats ok I was going to bring the subject anyway so you will be paid 12000$ a month 2000$ a friday for the friday shows and 200$ a day for the week-day shows is there any problem (mister Florent said normally)
- umm n-no no I...its fine (I said almost not believing)
- oh and of course the house is on us plus the private clothes that will be made for you just when you are on TV or working on something but the rest is on you deal ?
- deal deal don't worry I am fine !
- ok so everything is disgust right here ... so now you can go with Sarah and she will continue the rest like how to handle your job...oh and be careful the paparazzi's are everywhere thats what I wanted to tell you ! you will get used to it and if you have any difficulties just contact us ! ( he stands up so I did the same and he gave me his hand so I shook it a big smile on my face )
- thank you bye bye now 
- come on Melody lets go ! (Sarah said to me )
I said goodbye as Sarah lead me out of the room and into the hall and said that we need to get on going . We first need to get me introduced to my job and the studio then to my stylist and hair-dresser after that we were going to go to the photo shoot and finally my new house ! So yeah our day is really crowded ! But its worth it plus I am living the dream I mean I didn't think of it this way I am going to be rich famous plus I will have a cute wardrobe that everyone will want and I am going to meet celebrities but most of all do my dream job..... Okay back to reality !
We walked threw some doors and into lots and lots of corridors than we arrived in a large room cameras were everywhere it was awesome ! And then Sarah said :
- so Melody this is it you are going to film the weekdays shows in here to the left of the room is your dressing room . Every morning Richard will give you the papers so you can read them on the road to here . So your job is very simple you just need to tell whats on the papers and make a little bit of jokes just to spice up the mood . Before you start filming you will dress yourself and your hairdresser is going to do your hair and makeup. The show will be filmed at 11 and will be broadcast at 12 so you can see it too but remember like mister Florent said sometimes you will even have to talk about yourself for example if  you date any celebrity or be best friends with them , you will have to say that I Melody am dating or I am best friends with this celebrity you understand what I mean ? 
- yeah I do but don't worry the whole boyfriend girlfriend thing won't happen I am not here to date so...
- Melody don't forget that sometimes you can't control nether your heart nether your destiny if you've been prepared for something, something else will appear in front of you so don't be surprised . There are different choices in life and you have to take the right choice . Anyway I am here for you , take it like a older smaller sister talk k ?
- k thank you Sarah it means a lot for me !
- your welcome now lets go to the set of your friday show shall we ?
- oh we shall ! ( I said laughing its the first time I feel that I have someone else than my family ,Mia and Rayane to count on )
So we exited the room and once again we took the elevator but this time we went into a tunnel to another part of the studio that I haven't realize was there when Richard and I came ! So there were lots of cameras too but this time it looks like a stage I was lost in my thoughts when I hear someone say hello to me I turned all of a sudden :
- Hello I am Rosalinda your stylist ! ( a beautiful lady that looked the same age as Sarah said smiling ) 
- And hello I am Cynthia your hairdresser (another lady said smiling and looked the same age as Sarah and Rosalinda )
- umm hi nice to meet you my name is Melody !
- Melody I would like to introduce you to Rosalinda your stylist and Cynthia your hairdresser they will be with you till the end just like me but you will see me more often and you will just see them here in the studio or at your future new house !
- well then nice to meet you...again guess I will see you later for the photo shoot right ?
- oh indeed you will and in fact you will see us after an hour so we will let you continue your tour here and we will see you later bye ! Rosalinda said smiling everyone here seemed nice and caring .
- ok Melody lets continue so this is were you are going to host the friday shows. Here the fans can see you they can't get into the studio except if they had passes thats why this part is separated from the studio so over there the audience will sit and here on stage you will sit in this chair and the guests on these chairs you are going to interview them and play games together it depends if its a band you will be devided  into 2 groups but if there was only one guest each one of you will have their team you can choose some people from the audience but in a small quantity only 2 or 3 people so the stage won't get too crowded you will not play all the show but only like 10 minutes from it the rest is an interview and is full with activities like dancing singing playing truth or dare and before the show starts you will have to meet the guests and explain to them whats going to happen on stage. On the left is your dressing room as always and on the right the guests dressing room so is everything okay till now ?
- umm yeah its great thank you so much !
- your welcome now are all of your stuff with you or no ?
- umm yeah everything is here...
- great so lets go to the photo shoot it will only take an hour two or so (she said before taking me outside the building and in front the gates )...

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