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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


20. Chapter 17 ~END~

Chapter 17 Harry's POV Last night was unforgettable, the way everything worked together, it was frightening to think that Melody was almost raped and killed by some animals but at least now she is sleeping calmly in my arms , her head on my chest . I swear maybe we fight a lot and for no reasons but no matter what happens she will always be the one I love ! I opened slowly my eyes to find this beauty on me , the sent of her perfume was filling my nose I watched as she rose up and down with my body : here she was sleeping peacefully , she was a real beauty even when she sleeps , I can't help but remember that last night she could of been dead if I didn't showed up . The tears started filling my eyes but I managed to stop them , its when her eyelids opened slowly revealing her beautiful brown eyes : - hello ( she said still asleep ) - hello beautiful slept well ? ( I asked her ) - yes I did...and you did I bother you ? - no worries I slept like a baby you didn't bother me at all... - good ( she said then moved up so did I ) so...what do we do now ? - umm I say we go get a cab and go home... - but Harry we are lost in the middle of nowhere ! ( I yelled ) - oh no don't worry its really near from here.... - are you sure ? - positive now lets go ! Melody and I got down from the car and I held her hand while we walked in the sun . I looked at my watch and it was practically 12 uh oh we are late but we kept walking until we arrived to a public phone and I dialled Paul's number : - Hello ? Paul Higgins is talking how may I help you ? - Paul its me Harry M- - Harold Edward Styles where the hell are you ? You are late ! on second thought you both are late ! Where is Melody is she with you ? ( he screamed in my ear ) - Paul calm down ! Something happened last night and my car broke and our cell phones too so we had to sleep in the car ! Now come pick us up already ! - what happened ? - we will talk later just come ! - okay... I gave Paul the adress and we waited for them to come in the mean time we sat down on a bench and talked , her head tilted on my shoulder and our fingers intertwined together : - you know Mel... - yeah ? - you are a really brave girl - what do you mean ? - well if another girl was at your place she would now be crying her eyes out because of yesterday... - you know...I am sick of crying all the time so I didn't cry... ( Melody mumbled ) - what ? ( I asked ) - n-nothing... Before I could reply Sarah and Paul came . Sarah quickly jumped from the car and hugged us : - what on earth happened to you ??? And why is your dress ripped ? ( Sarah asked alarmed ) - we will tell you in the car ( Melody said . When we went into the car we told them everything Sarah was going to cry but Melody relaxed her ) - the only thing that is unbelievable was that you two slept together without arguing or even the car explode ( Sarah said and Paul laughed Melody and I chuckled ) - hahaha yeah you are right ! ( Paul said ) - okay so you do know that I was in a situation not to fight in right ? ( Melody said and I kind of frowned ) but I enjoyed it... - you did ? ( Sarah asked and I smiled again ) - yeah Harry is a pretty good pillow and its nice hearing someone's heart beats plus I felt safe in his arms...( Melody said , we both turned red and they laughed but I found it cute ! ) - if you want you can feel safe every night you just have to say the words ! - ( she nudged me playfully in my arm ) shut up ! ( we both laughed ) you just ruined the moment ! We talked until we arrived home Sarah said that we can come tomorrow to the studio to start working... *************************************After two weeks****************************************** Melody's POV Two weeks passed we are in the middle of the movie, my album hit number one on the US England Ireland Lebanon...charts Mia is still heartbroken : each night I hear her cry silently in her room it just breaks me I need to do something about it ! But what ? Rayane is in a wonderful relationship with Niall and I...well I am lonely like before ! Any way after two weeks it will be our first year anniversary ! I mean its going to be a year since I became best friends with One Direction... Tonight Harry and I will run late at the studio we have a "night session" ( not what you think ;) ) : - MIAAAA ! RAYANE ! Someone answer to me ! ( I shouted from the bottom of the stairs ) - yes ! Yes ! I am coming ( Mia came running on the stairs ) what's wrong ? - wow ! Relax nothing is wrong ! ( I explained to her ) - than why on earth did you scream ? ( she asked me angry ) - because I wanted you to hear me ! - oh okay... - were is Rayane ? - she is out with Niall... - oh okay well I need to go to the studio and I am running late around 10 or 9 - okay but why ? - well they need to shoot a scene at night so... - okay see ya ! - see ya ! ( I gave her a hug and went to the limo where Richard drove me to the studio ) - Melody baby ! You are here ! ( the director yelled from behind me ) - hey ! - so come on go prepare yourself ! Harry is waiting for you ! - oh okay bye ! - bye sweetie ! I went and prepared myself and then Harry and I acted the scenes... After the shooting around 9 Harry and I decided to take a break so we sat on set...we were alone I was texting Mia on my phone and Harry was...was...well who knows what he was doing ?! As I was texting Mia and laughing at what we were saying I felt someone tug me up from my chair making my new cell phone fall ! I didn't feel except for my self hit something I looked up and saw...Harry ! Not again I thought ! His green eyes pierced threw me I couldn't say a word our bodies were glued together our faces were millimeters apart his hot minty breath fanned my face my heart was beating so fast and I could feel his too , he looked at me and I felt myself get weak but I need to stay strong : - kiss me...( he said with his low raspy voice ) - what ??? ( I barely managed to say ) - kiss me... ( he demanded one more time ) - no... ( I said afraid ) - you will ( he looked into my eyes and bit his lips . Boy he knew exactly how to turn me on ! Damn you hormones ! ) - no no no ! I know what you are trying to do I will never fall in your deep green green beautiful gorgeous amazing eyes ( I felt myself surrender and get closer to him he did the same until I woke up and pushed him I didn't want to but I had too he looked surprised and disappointed ) - what the fuck Melody ?! (he started crying and this time I was the one surprised) why on earth did you do this ? Why ? Why ? Why don't you want to fucking kiss me ? Why ? ( he started crying harder ) why aren't you understanding that I want you ! I want you to be mine ! Only mine ! - Harry I- ( I started I wanted him to know that I want him too but ) - save it ! I don't want to hear it ! Just get out of my life ! You broke my heart too many times ! Why are you doing this you bitch ! ( he said his words pierced threw me like a knife so I started crying ) - Harry please listen ! ( but before I could say anything he ran out of the room crying ) What did I do ? I blew everything up ! I should of have kissed him ! I wanted so badly too but I was afraid...afraid that he will brake my heart ! I think I- I love him I always did and always will but I was afraid.... I sat there on the ground bursting into tears I was a mess I didn't know what to do suddenly Mia came into the room with Richard and Rayane : - MELODY ! MELODY ! What's wrong with you ! Why are you crying answer me ! ( Mia yelled at me ) - MELODY ! Please answer us ( Rayane yelled too , Richard was out of words he knew exactly what was wrong with me because he is the only one that knew that I loved Harry ) - *crying* I lost him ! I lost him ! - lost who ?! ( they both said ) - Harry ! I lost Harry ! ( I said crying ) I I love him ! I always did and always will ! - what ? ( they both asked confused ) - he is gone ! I will never see him ! Ever again ! Help me ! Please I love him ! I tried to ignore the fact that i did because I was afraid insecure unsure and...broken ! - Melody baby I know the feeling ! I love Zayn ! ( Mia said hugged me and we started crying together Richard was standing there surprised ) - uh oh girls ! Don't cry ! Oh my god Richard help me ! I am not good at this ! Ahh ( Rayane started panicking and Richard gestured her to let us cry so they went away , after a phew minutes I stopped crying : everything inside of me is released right now .Mia stopped too ) - come on lets go...( Mia told me ) - okay... ( I said to her then held her hand I remembered how Harry held my hand when he saved me from these two guys , my heart broke even more ) - you are finally here ! ( Rayane said ) - yes we are... Um guys how did you know I was crying ? ( I asked ) - Mel you said you were going to be here at 9 or 10 and now it 11 and a half that means Mia and you cried for half an hour ! ( Rayane said ) plus you didn't reply to our messages or calls ! - no correction Mia cried for half an hour I cried for practically 2 hours ! ( I said ) - what happened any way Mel ? ( Mia asked ) - Harry demanded from me to kiss him and I pushed him so he started crying and said that he wanted me to be his only his but I broke his heart and he wants me out of his life and stuff ! I wanted to die when he said those words ! ( I explained ) The girls started comforting me till we went home with Richard as I went down from the limo I looked at Harry and Louis's house but it was a complete darkness and their car wasn't parked there what have I done ? Harry's POV I entered the house in tears everything I dreamed of is over ! My heart is broken I also made her cry I shouldn't have done all of this ! I should of walked straight to her from the first time I saw her and told her I loved her ! Thats what should of happened but now its over completely over ! I smashed my face to the pillow and bursted into tears , Louis ran up to me: - mate ! Mate ! What's wrong ? - I lost her ! I lost her ! - what ? You lost Melody ? How did that happen ? - I lost control...again and forced her to kiss me and she said no so bursted in tears and told her things I shouldn't have said ! She was crying a million times more than me ! - oh mate I am so so so so sorry but don't worry its gonna be fine ! Trust me ! - Louis I I can't see her face anymore just get the luggage we are going to go back to our old flat just for a phew months at least ! Just please ! - umm fine come on lets go pack... We went into our rooms I finished packing and sat down on my bed I looked at my right and saw Melody's pictures : I have 4 pictures on my nightstand one of Melody one of me and her at the movie premiere one of me and the lads and one of me and my whole family... I took her picture between my hands and smiled to myself when I saw her wide smile and her brown eyes but then frowned and placed the picture back when I remembered the earlier events. After a phew minutes Louis called me : he has finished packing its time to go ! I took one last look at Melody's picture and at her house and her room then went away... **************************************After 2 weeks******************************************* Melody's POV Two weeks passed by and no one heard about Harry even Rayane didn't heard or seen him when she was with Niall . Some say that he is sick some say that he needs a break but I just don't know...as for the shooting it was re-scheduled for 2 months from now because nether Harry or me feel that great I still remember what happened that night and the tears still come back with them so I decided I needed to get all of that off of my mind so I took a break from work and decided to go back to Lebanon tonight : Rayane and Mia will come with me to the airport but they can't go back there...I can't wait to see my parents its the only thing I am happy about since I am going back there , Lebanon is a wonderful country its natural ! But I didn't live the best life there I was weak and I still am but now weaker since I lost the love of my life. I packed my bags and suitcases and got ready to go I said bye to Sarah and Paul who came over and to many of my friends there . I also said bye to the boys but I didn't see Harry and that made me sadder ! Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_44/set?id=92066937 Mia and Rayane drove me to the airport but had to leave me so I could go on my plain : - bye Mel ! I'll miss you so much take care ! And don't forget to call us ! ( Mia said hugging me tight ) - bye sweetie ! We will miss you a lot ! Don't worry everything is great just go have fun ! Tell us about yourself ! ( Rayane said hugging me back ) - thanks girls ! I will never forget what you have done for me ! You saved my life several times ! I love you ! ( I said then we had a group hug I wanted to cry but I stopped myself ) I watched them as they got out from the airport we waved at each-others...I am going to miss them quite a lot ! I did my papers and stuff then I entered the VIP room to wait for my flight...I turned the TV on and started flipping threw channels its when I stopped at one channel when I saw Harry's face he was smiling but he didn't have that sparkle in his eyes he was sad all because of me I decided to watch it I wanted to hear his voice for one more time before I go . The interviewer started : - so...Harry its been a while since we last saw you, what happened ? - umm nothing much I needed a break that's all... - are you sure ? - uh yeah pretty sure why ? - no nothing...so is there somebody special out there or... ? - I...um...basically...*he started tearing up* there is...there is one special girl that makes me melt every time I see her , my heart skips a beat whenever I hear her beautiful angelique voice...not a minute in the day passes by and I don't think about her or the way she smiles . Tomorrow will be the first year anniversary of when we met and it will be the year and one month anniversary that I have fallen in love with her ! Just seeing her makes my day ! I remember when I first heard her voice I was astonished by it , its like I hit a wall of brick ! she was the true definition of goddess to me , she was perfect I haven't seen such beauty in my life ! I did a lot of mistakes in my life but this time I did a huge one that I regret ! I did to her mean full pranks broke her heart made her cry I tricked her into shooting a romantic movie with me or even recording a romantic song with me just so she just could fall in love with me but it all got screwed up because of ME ! and yes you are not mistaken it is Melody K. that I am talking about ! I love her ! I do ! I really do from the bottom of my heart ! ( he started crying ) When we were shooting those emotional moments in the movie I was crying for real because I thought I lost her ! I should of just went straight to her told her my true feelings not doing whatever I did ! Melody if you are watching this I want you to know that I am sorry ! I truly am ! I love you ! I love you ! and with that he ran off stage crying leaving every one there : the screaming fans the host the boys everyone speechless and he left me crying . Its when a woman announced that the passengers on my plane need to go now... but I just couldn't leave like that , not now , not after what happened ! I took my luggage and ran out of the airport got a cab and dialed Paul : - Hello ? Paul Higgins is talking ho- - just cut the shit ! - excuse me ? - sorry ! Paul its me Melody ! - Melody ? Shouldn't you be on your flight right now ? And why are you crying oh did you...? - yes I did ! Now please tell me where Harry is NOW ! ( Paul has a GPS that could locate where each one of the guys are ) - I am sorry I didn't know really and Harry is at the port... - thats okay thank you bye ! Oh and please don't tell anyone I called ! - okay... I told the cab driver to take me to the port . As soon as we arrived there I saw Harry's car parked there I put my luggages near the car and ran to find him . There he was sitting on the edge of the wall his legs dangling almost touching the dark blue water. I walked slowly and sat right next to him he was crying his eyes puffy and red just like mine he didn't look at me nor say a word I felt like dying right at this moment . The silence enveloped the atmosphere , nothing but the sound of the waves crashing on the wall...the only things that were lightning the place were the moon who is shining from above us , the little lights and...Harry he lightened my whole life from the beginning he is the one I know it : - Harry...( I said slowly to brake the silence but he didn't reply nether look at me ) - Melody...? ( he said after a minute he didn't look at me ) - yes Harry ? ( My heart started beating fast ) - did you ever looked at the back of your bracelet ? ( he said still not looking at me ) - No...( I looked at the back of the bracelet not knowing what Harry was talking about and I saw a note : I love you Melody <3 - HS and I gasped ) Harry I...I...I don't k- - save it ! ( he cut me off ) ( I just want to tell him everything I feel but he won't let me talk ! ) -Why ? Why did you brake my heart ? ( he slowly said only after a phew minutes ) - Harry,I didn't mean too... - of course you didn't ( he said sarcastically ) no one did... - I am sorry... ( I said ) - no you aren't nobody is ! No one loves me any way so why are you trying to comfort me ! All you did was make me fall in love with you even more and more ! But at the end you broke my heart like every other girl ! ( he shouted ) - no ! No Harry please don't say that ! I love you ! I love you ! Okay ? ( I said crying ) - then why you refused my kiss ? ( he said looking into my eyes ) - Harry I...its hard to tell you ! - well then you are lying ! You don't have an excuse thats why ! ( he shouted louder tears streaming down his face ) - no ! I am not lying Harry ! I love you I always have and always will ! But I am afraid ! Afraid of being broken again ! You are a pop star and thats a reason more because you have million of other prettier girls ! and Harry my life was a mess ! I had no one to talk to nor to count on except Mia Rayane and my parents are the only ones I have who I know they love me ! I've been bullied ! Several times ! I changed schools 5 times ! I've been called by all the bad names in the book ! Every single one of it ! I used to cry myself to sleep ! I had nobody ! I was insecure ! Worthless ! Fat ! Ugly! And everything bad ! I wasn't strong enough to defend for myself ! Mia and Rayane usually defended me when they stole my launch or made fun of me ! I wanted to die ! I am broken... And badly ! I used to get death threats and hate more than you ever received ! I used to lock myself in my room when we had guests because I was afraid of embarrassing my parents because they had me... I wasn't happy ! I've been used ! I am afraid of being with you because of your reputation with women ! Why on earth do you think I am in L.A ? because I want to get away and show my bullies that I can do it ! I am afraid you will leave me broken because if you do I would never trust anyone in my whole life ! I will go back to my parents house and lock myself in my room because the love of my life let me go... Harry ever since I saw you and the boys as a band you made me happy ! I wanted to become someone better I wanted to succeed in the future ! I wanted people to remember me ! You ! Especially you made me happy ! Just seeing you made my day better ! When you were dating Jennifer or other girls I lost hope ! But I continued realizing my dream because seeing you happy is what it counts ! To tell you the truth I never stopped loving you ! Not a single second ! Even when I was mad at you ! Everything about you makes me melt ! I even canceled my flight for you Harry I was going back to Lebanon because I can't bear to stay here and not see you ! in fact I should of have been in the plain on my way there right now ! I love you ! I love you ! Do you understand ? I love you ! Are you happy now ?! ( I shouted and bursted into tears then I felt a pair of two muscular hands envelope me into a hug ) - Melody...I...I am sorry ! I didn't know what you went threw , why you cried ! But there is something I want you to know...you are the one for me and I know it ! I will protect you and be with you every second of your life ! I will never make you cry ! Or break your heart because I know that we are meant to be ! Please please just trust me... - Harry... - yes ? - tonight I learned something really important... - what is it ? - I can trust you...because you are the one for me...thank you for making me strong and for making believe in myself ! - Melody so for the millionth time will you be mine ? I promise I won't let you down ! And if you say no... - how could I say no !? Harry YES a million times yes ! I want to be yours ! And with that Harry took my hand and helped me get up he slowly grabbed me by the waist pulled me closer to his body , looked into my eyes , looked at my lips while bitting his , he looked again at my eyes and leaned closer to me : our lips touched they moved in such harmony : we kissed for like 5 minutes I felt fireworks ! Even more bombs ! Everything was magical all the pain washed away .I can feel him smile threw the kiss he is my everything : Harry Styles I will always love you ! Well at the end turns out there is for every girl a prince charming that is going to swap her off her feet, and take her far away on his white horse but she will have to wait for the right one and never loose hope ! She is a princess and her prince charming is on his way ! Mine is right here next to me ! ****************************** THE END ! ( too be continued....)****************************
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