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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


18. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Melody's POV

its been a month already and in that month I filmed the videos for my new album called "To the stars" . And its planed to be released next week the whole media is going crazy ! They want to hear my voice and see my talents. I have now over 9M followers ! Every week or so I do a follow spree because I was one of those fans who wanted to be followed by their idols and in my case it was One Direction but now they are following me literally everywhere ! Harry and I also won several awards for our movie and we are nominated for more awards and also for the KCA and the MTV awards... And I have been on many interviews . All I have been dreaming of is finally coming true ! Tomorrow morning I am going to meet Sarah at Starbucks to discuss something and she also told me that she has a surprise for me and the 1D lads , she said that its going to blow our minds ! these past few months I didn't see her much she was working and stuff . I only saw her when we had work appointments I usually see her every day , well used to...
I woke up on time to avoid getting Sarah mad . I wore a dress with a blazer over it and let my curls fall on my back . I can say I am pretty much colorful today !  
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_34/set?id=90411954

 The door bell rang so I ran downstairs to answer it . I opened the door to find a cheeky Harry leaning on the door frame :
- hey Hazz ! ( I said )
- hey Mel oh sorry I meant Melody.... ( he apologized to me )
- hahaha no that's okay you can call me Mel only ! 
- oh in that case hey Mel ! 
- hahaha hey Hazz ! So what are you doing here ?
- oh I am coming to pick you up ! 
- pick me up ? Why ?
- I thought you knew ! 
- oh my god Harry knew what ? If I knew I wouldn't asked you !
- oh yeah that's right...
- smart kid what should I say !?
- hey ! I am smart ! ( he jokingly punched me in the arm and we both laughed )
- okay so tell me...
- Sarah and Paul want us to go to Starbucks they want to tell us something
- oh I knew about that but I didn't know that you were gonna be there...so are the boys coming ?
- no just me...
- oh okay so lets go...
I got my purse and I closed the door behind me. We walked to Starbucks and then we arrived and saw Sarah and Paul sitting on the table laughing there were strange looks in there eyes they didn't see us so I tugged Harry to the back :
- whoa ! ( Harry said ) what's wrong Mel ?
- shhhh ! Lower your voice ! Look over there ! ( I pointed at their table )
- yeah what's wrong ?
- look at Sarah and Paul really good , look at the expressions on their face look at their eyes ! 
- what ? ( he looked at them then his face light up ) ohhhh ! ( he smiled and his dimples showed up how cute ! No stahp ! Wake up Mel !!! )
- so did you see ?
- oh Mel I see there is romance in the game ! 
- so do you think their dating ? ( I asked )
- well duh ! What do you think is the surprise ? Do you think that they want to tell us that they are dating ?
- no...
- why ?
- I think they are getting engaged...
- no its impossible...
- oh yeah you bet ?
- yeah ! From what to what ?
- I dunno....
- 50 to 50 ??? 
- deal ! Bring it on pretty boy ! 
- hahaha you're going down ! 
- we'll see ! 
- okay lets go we are late...
- okay come on ( he placed his hand on my waist so I shrugged and he removed it 
We walked to the table where Sarah and Paul were sitting they looked at us and smiled )
- hey ! Guys ! ( Sarah said )
- uh Sarah what's wrong its not in your habit to smile ? ( I said joking )
- Mel ! ( Sarah glared at me )
- hahaha I am just kidding ! ( I said )
- okay so what is happening ? ( Harry asked and I nodded )
- okay so there are 2 surprises ! ( Paul said )
- what are they ? ( Harry asked )
- so the first one is : um you know how your movie has become the biggest movie for this year ? ( Sarah asked )
- yeah so ? ( I asked )
- they want to do another one ! It will be the sequel to the first one and its called "impossible love 2" and its going to be in 3D !!! ( Paul said )
- ahhh ! Really ??? Harry aren't you exited ??? ( I said )
- you bet I am ! ( Harry said and then we hugged but felt awkward so we broke it )
- okay great guys ! Congratulations !!! ( Sarah and Paul said )
- okay so now skip to the next part please ! ( I said )
- sorry no can't do ! ( Paul said )
- okay I am confused ! ( I said )
- no correction torn ! ( Harry said )
- whatever you say ! ( I said )
- good girl ! But why can't you tell us ? ( Harry replied )
- we are but not now... ( Paul said )
- when ??
- tonight come over to Paul's house all of you including Mia and Rayane plus the boys and if they have girlfriends they are welcome too and my nephew will be there too...at 7 be there its going to be a dinner so dress fancy okay ?
- okay... ( Harry and I said then we got up from the table to go home . As we were walking I stopped Harry and pushed him in the bushes )
- what's wrong ? ( Harry asked confused as he tried to adjust his clothes )
- just shut up and look over there ! ( we looked into Sarah and Paul's direction they were at Starbucks's door and then they said bye hugged and...kissed our eyes winded and our mouths formed an "O" and "A" form )
 - did you just see what I was seeing !!!??? ( Harry exclaimed )
- I did I did !!! See I told you !!! They were in love !!! And they are going to tell us that they are engaged !! 
- don't be silly if they were engaged they were dating and if they were dating I would already know so do you ! 
- well I don't know but I say otherwise ! Aren't they cute together ???
- yeah they are ! 
We waited for them to go and we continued our walk...on the road Harry started laughing :
- why are you laughing ?? 
- Niall told me what Mia and you did yesterday ! I was a beautiful view wasn't I ( I face palmed then laughed ) see I always knew I had great abs...
- in my defense I wasn't looking to where my finger was pointing ! 
- mmmm I see keep lying ! 
- I am not lying ! 
- yes you are !
- no I am not ! 
- yes ! 
- no ! 
- yes !
- okay so the first one home wins ( I started running )
- hey ! I didn't know that ! ( he started running behind me but I got there first )
- YES ! I won I won ! Na na na na na ! I won !
- okay okay stop bragging about it in my face !
- hahaha okay m see you bye ! I need to go get ready for tonight !
- okay bye Mel ! 
- bye Haz !
And with that we ended our conversation and went to our houses it was 12 we still have 7 hours to get ready so I am going to start at 5...I entered the living room and found Mia and Rayane sitting in front of the TV :
- heyyy girls !!! 
- hey Mel ( they both said )
- guess what ??? ( I said )
- what ? ( Mia asked )
- they want to do a sequel to the movie and tonight we have a fancy dinner with Sarah Paul the One Direction lads and Sarah's nephew they want to tell us a surprise
- that's awesome but what kind of surprise ? ( Rayane asked )
- I don't know but I say they are getting engaged its my feeling ! 
- OMG imagine Sarah and Paul getting married ! After a phew years we will see little babies running around us ! ( Mia said )
- Hahaha I know right ! ( I said )
- and I have to tell you something too ! ( Mia said )
- what is it ? ( Rayane asked and I nodded )
- tonight I am finally going to tell Zayn my true feelings...
- simply great ! I hope he will feel the same about you ! ( I said )
- yeah me too ! ( Rayane said and Mia smiled )
We talked then we cooked us a meal because we were starving ! After we ate and cleaned it was already 5 so we began preparing our selfs I took a hot shower then did my nails with a light pink nail polish I did my hair in a really cute up do bun with a braid and then applied some make-up : light pink,white and black eye shadow some powder and blush with lip gloss ! I put on my diamond earrings and wore my light pink low and high dress on it was placed some fake diamonds on the side to make it look original I put on my silver heels and finally sprayed some perfume !
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_41/set?id=91602860

 I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that...I am beautiful I always was and always will ! Oh well this boosted me up a bit ! I looked at the clock who was placed on the wall and realized it was 6:45 and we need to go or else Sarah will kick my but ! I called Mia and Rayane to come down so we could go :
- so girls is every one ready ?
- yeah every one is (Rayane answered)
- okay do we have the gift with us ? ( I got them a really nice crystal vase )
- yes it is ! ( Mia said back to me )
- okay so lets get going ! 
We closed the door and hoped in the limo : Richard drove us to Paul's house , luckily we were there on time it was 6:58. I rang the door bell and Sarah answered she welcomed us with kisses and hugs and invited us in :
- hey Paul ! ( I said then went to hug him )
- hey Melody hey girls !
- hey ( Rayane and Mia said and they hugged him too )
- Melody Rayane Mia I want you to meet my nephew Roland ( Sarah said and pointed to a really cute guy : he had brown eyes dark brown hair a tanned muscular body he was wearing jeans with a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt with boots he wasn't dressed that fancy ! But he was cute )
- hello Roland ! This is Mia and this is Rayane and I ( I started but he cut me off )
- you must be Melody ! I am a huge fan I watch your show every day and also I watched your movie several times ! You are awesome ! And Sarah was right you are perfect ! Beautiful eyes lips nose body great sense of fashion and an awesome talent ! ( he said and I became red but before I knew it Harry stepped in ,he was angry of something he glared at Roland , he kinda of scared me but I ignored it and continue talking to him )

Harry's POV 

we arrived at Paul's house Niall Louis Liam and I . Zayn was running late I have no idea why , he said it will be a surprise...as soon as I walked in I was greeted by Paul and Sarah warmly . I walked to the living room but before I could reach it I heard Melody talking to some guy so I froze in my place and listened to their conversation :
- hello Roland ! This is Mia and this is Rayane and I ( she started but he cut her off )
- you must be Melody ! I am a huge fan I watch your show every day and also I watched your movie several times ! You are awesome ! And Sarah was right you are perfect ! Beautiful eyes lips nose body ( he scanned her up and down ) great sense of fashion and an awesome talent ! ( he said and she became red I can't believe she was blushing ! She clearly didn't see the way he looked at her what a jerk that's when I stepped in and glared at this so called "Roland" I guess I was angry because Melody looked at me with freighted eyes but she quickly shook it off and continued talking to him )
- mmm thank you Roland it so nice of you ! ( she said )
- nothing is worth your smile ! ( he replied back and she blushed more pfft pathetic )
- uhm ! Hello ! ( I said trying to break the awkwardness between them but I looked at Mia who was glaring at me but when she saw me she quickly looked away )
- hi Harry ( Melody said annoyed )
- oh hi you must be Harry Styles ! I am fan too ! ( he said , well bitch I don't care if your a fan just don't flirt with my lady ! Its my job not yours so mind your own beeswax )
- oh great ! ( I said hardly smiling ) 
- so I see you are getting to know each other really well ( Sarah said and the rest came with her and we sat down on the couch )  
- yeah we are ! ( Melody said then glared at me )
We sat there and talked for half an hour until the door bell rang I guess it must be Zayn...

Melody's POV

I have no idea what is wrong with Harry he sure seems to hate Roland unlike me I really like him well as a friend I've never loved a guy more than I loved Harry but that is in the past now... The door bell rang it must be Zayn . Sarah went to open the door and after a few seconds Zayn came with....a girl : a blond girl with blue eyes and a perfect body you know the typical barbie style... I looked over at Mia who almost was crying :
- hello guys ! ( Zayn said ) I would like you to meet my girlfriend Miranda ! ( my eyes wined Rayane and I both looked at Mia who was devastated she became red she was going to explode I just couldn't believe as well what I heard , he loves Mia not her I could also tell that the boys were as surprised as we were by the look on their faces)
- ummmm I need to go to the toilet sorry excuse me...( Mia said before getting up and passing by Zayn without looking at him )
- and I- I need to go drink some water ! ( I said then followed Mia )
- Melody the kitchen is in this w- ( Sarah yelled but I cut her off )
- I will find my way no worries thank you anyway ! ( I yelled back )
- okay...
I searched to were the bathroom were but I didn't find Mia...where could she be ? I started walking in the huge house until I heard sobbing I stopped and looked back and found her , she was on the balcony , I ran to her :
- Miaaa ! ( I said before hugging her to my chest )
- M-Mel ! *sobbing* I- I-
- shhh I know honey , We were all as much surprised as you were ! We didn't expect this...( I said while whipping her tears with a tissue )
- Mel I love him and I thought he loved me too ! I just don't know what to do without him ! I loved him since...ever ! 
- I know I know ! Look don't worry ! He doesn't know who he is loosing ! Its not your fault he doesn't know how to choose beautiful and talented girls like you ! Trust me he will come back crawling on his knees for you ! 
- what if he don't ? 
- then it was never meant to be and I am sure you will find your perfect match ! They are plenty of fish in the sea ! And plenty of them are waiting for the chance to fish you up ! But there will be only one fish who will ! But it takes time ! 
- yeah I guess you are right...thank you ( we hugged ) now come on lets go ! 
- um yeah but first fix your makeup ! 
- oh hahaha yeah ! 
I left Mia alone while she was fixing her makeup and I went back to the living room . Sarah asked me where is Mia and I told her she was in the bathroom I took a seat next to Harry . We waited for Mia to come back and when she came Zayn looked at her but she ignored him : he looked sad there is something wrong going on...:
- okay guys I think its time to tell you why we are all here today ! ( Sarah said and we nodded )
- the truth is...Sarah and I have been dating for 10 months it all happened when we bumped into each other the day after you guys met on the interview I asked Sarah out and she said yes...( Paul said )
- the reason we didn't tell you is...because we were unsure how you guys would react to this and we wanted to make sure that every thing is fine...any who...two days ago on our date...( Sarah stopped then Paul pulled something from his pocket and opened it : it was an engagement ring ! I knew it ! And then he slipped the ring on her finger ) Paul proposed to me and of course I said yes...
- and now we are engaged ! ( they both said in union while they both slid the ring in each others fingers )
- Oh my god Saraaaaaaaaah I can't believe this ! You are engaged I told you you love him ! Yes ! Congratulation ! I love you so much !!! ( I hugged her tight and I hugged Paul too and then everyone started doing the same...I saw Harry standing in the corner so I went up to him )
- I told you so ! 
- pfft ! Lucky guess that's all ! 
- hahaha looser admit it ! 
- never ! 
- fine but a deal is a deal so pay up pretty boy ! 
- ugh ! Fine ( he was grabbing 50$ but I stopped him )
- no stop ! 
- what ? 
- I don't want your money...I was just joking ! 
- what really ? 
- well duh ! Of course !  
- oh okay... ( he looked at me in the eyes every time he does that I loose myself ! we were actually having a moment until Roland cut us off )
- okay guys ! Come on lets go eat ! ( he dragged me to the table I could see in Harry's eyes the anger what was up with these two ??)
We sat down on the table : I sat down between Harry and Roland who were still glaring at each-others for who knows what ! Next to Roland there was Mia and next to her sat Liam in front of us Eleanor and Louis sat down with Niall and Rayane then Zayn and Miranda finally Sarah and Paul sat down at the front of the table together ! It was a big surprise and joy . After the dinner we ate dessert . The girls as in : Mia Rayane Eleanor Sarah and me went to clean the table Miranda didn't come...when we were in the kitchen we had our "girls fun" we talked about boys makeup and stuff . I really like Eleanor she is simply great and she really is the female virgin of Louis ! When we finished we went to the living room and Sarah had an announcement to make we were going to slow dance . I saw Roland coming in my direction but quickly Harry came and took my hand I looked back at Roland he was walking back to the couch so Harry and I , Mia and Liam Rayane and Niall Louis and Eleanor Zayn and Miranda and finally Paul and Sarah we were dancing to the beat Harry is an amazing dancer I didn't see that coming ! He really charmed me but I knew how to keep my distance and not fall for him... 

Zayn's POV

I saw the sadness in Mia's eyes she didn't look like before , those sparkles in her big brown eyes disappeared and I think it is my fault . Why on earth did I hang up with Miranda while I love Mia ?! Maybe its because after the last time I saw her , her words echoed in my head and these words made me loose hope of ever being together : "I think we are but as friends nothing more nothing less" 
When we were sitting at the table I kept looking at Mia who wasn't speaking she was just looking at her plate and it got worst when we had to slow dance I wanted to be the one holding her in my arms close to me dancing to the beat ! I wrecked this whole thing up when I shouldn't have . I should of went right straight to her and told her my true feelings ! I shouldn't have gotten a girlfriend that I don't even like or have a crush on ! 
Melody's POV

The night was practically over everyone left . Mia left with Liam , Rayane with Niall they were both going to put them at home Louis and Eleanor also and Zayn and Miranda too while I stayed there with Harry :
- so... ( Harry started and we all looked at him ) did you know that we knew you were engaged ( I hit him playfully in the arm ) uh I mean Melody knew that... But I assumed that you were gonna tell us you guys are dating....
- really ? How did you know ? ( Sarah asked confused )
- well you could say that Melody is an expert in love ! ( Harry said then his dimples showed up ! )
- hahaha you could say I am ! ( I said then looked at Harry and we both laughed )
- ohhh I feel that there is something going on between you two ! ( Paul said and Sarah looked at me with her "I knew it eyes" )
- oh no no no no and no ! There is nothing between us and there will never be...we are just great friends we don't have feelings for each-others... ( I said ) 
- mmmm but your eyes say otherwise ! ( Sarah said )   
- Sarah shut up ! ( I said angry ) don't ruin this wonderful night please ! 
- okay girls calm down Melody and I have nothing between us I don't know if you noticed but these past few month we've done nothing except for getting angry at each others ! Plus Melody has a crush on Taylor Lautner so ...
- I do ??? ( I asked confused )
- you do ! ( he replied back and I understood what he is trying to do )
- I do ! ( I said and he winked at me ) 
- why didn't you tell me ? ( Sarah asked sad ) I could've matched you two together ! 
- Taylor is a nice guy Melody ! Tomorrow if you want I will talk to his manager to get you two on a date ( Paul said my eyes wined and Harry chuckled )
- euh no ! No need too I think what Harry forgot to say is that I HAD a crush on him which is in the past so no need to arrange a date for me really ! ( I explained and Harry laughed ) 
- oh okay ! Melody so what do you think about Roland ? ( Sarah started Paul chuckled and Harry got angry...again ) 
- um he is a nice guy I like him... ( I felt Harry tense up from beside me on the couch ) but why are you asking ?
- well I don't know if you noticed but he likes you quite a lot ! So I was wondering since you dropped the whole Taylor Lautner thing you could date him ??? ( this time I really felt Harry boiling from beside me what the hell is wrong with him ? )
- um I don't know what to say he is a nice guy and all but he is just not my type of guy and we don't have things in common except that we both know you... ( I tried to explain to her threw my embarrassment ) 
- oh I see.... ( right at this moment I felt Harry relax and come back to normal )
- I am truly sorry but I can't be with a guy that I don't like nether know...
- no no its okay he will understand any way... ( Sarah said )
We talked for a bit till it became 12:30 its time to leave the two love birds alone now ! 
- bye guys ! Thank you for literally everything ! You are awesome really ! ( Sarah said before she hugged us )
- yes you are right if it wasn't for you two we wouldn't be together now ! ( Paul said and he hugged us too ) 
- oh guys ! You are the best too ! We love you ! ( I said )
- come on group hug ! ( Harry said and we all approached and had one )
- okay...now remember tomorrow morning after the show like usual you need to go to the studio to start your movie !!! ( Sarah said even when we don't have business she has to do something like that ! )
- okay we get it I swear ! ( I said to her exhausted from all her winning ! )
- okay bye guys see you ! ( Sarah said and we went to Harry's car )
- Mel ?? ( Harry said )
- yeah ?? 
- my car is parked at the end of the street , can you wait for me to get it ? ...
- okay umm I will walk in the meant (???) time just come pick me up okay ?
- okay...   
Harry went to get his car and I walked forward I needed some fresh air...as I was walking on the street the wind blowing in my face the darkness enveloping the atmosphere more and more there wasn't any houses any more I was walking in a dark alley I think I lost my way... As I was walking more and more I found myself lost so I decided to call Harry , when I was reaching my purse for my cellular , someone knocked me to the floor and slammed me into a tree BTW it hurts :
- well well well what is a young missy like you doing here in the woods by her self ( a unfamiliar voice said I saw it was a guy his big sculpture gulped my little one he was like 18 or something and he was drunk this is a bad sign...HELP ! ) 
- she must be lost...well fate brought you to us... ( another one said )
- oh wait its its Melody K. ! 
- what ? you mean THE Melody K. ? The reporter and lover of Harry Styles ( I tensed up a bit ) oh you don't like people calling you his lover ? ( he then laughed ) 
- this is going to be fun ! ( the other voice said )  
- no please leave me alone ! ( I said threw my tears )
- hahaha no can't do princess ! You are all ours tonight ! And trust me its a night you won't forget nor regret ! ( he ripped the voile of my dress I was now in a short dress and I started crying even more ) shhh be quiet ! ( he then reached for his back pocket and took a knife from it , my eyes got winder and the fear was eating me bit by bit he started caressing my neck with the knife the tears were splitting from me like a river ! ) or else...
- stop ! Stop please ! I will give you anything you want ! ( I managed to say threw my tears but its when the guy attacking me was thrown on the ground and beaten up by...Harry ! I looked at the other one who was already on the floor )
- how dare you touch her you filthy animal ???? How dare you ??? ( Harry yelled with every punch he gave him ) nobody touches her ! You are going to pay for this !!! ( Harry's voice echoed in the empty field I have never ever seen him like this)
- Harry...Harry stop please ! You are going to kill him ! Harry ! Please ! ( I begged him tears streaming down my face . I held on his shoulders and pushed him away from the guy...)
- oh my god Melody are you okay ? ( he said tears forming in his eyes I didn't reply I just hugged him : when my head was on his chest I could feel his heart racing...we stayed like this for like 5 minutes each one of us crying until we pulled away ) its all my fault I am so sorry ! I should of not let you walk ! 
- no its alright thank you I really appreciate what you've done for me I will never forget that ! You are my life saver...
- Melody you are too precious to be lost like that and by animals like these guys ! ( he glared at them ) now come on lets call the police...
- no ! I don't want to call them I don't want to make a buzz about it please  its my choice...
- are you sure ? 
- yes I am now come on lets go...
- yeah but there is just one tiny problem...
- oh no what is it ? 
- the car is broken and my battery is dead plus if we walk back home it will take hours...
- and my phone is broken ! So what do we do now ? 
- I say we sleep in the car and tomorrow we will find someone to help us what do you say ? 
- mmmm I guess I have no choice so lets go...
Harry held my hand as we went to the car . He opened the trunck which is really big and we both can sleep there . He locked the doors and we slept next to each others I put my head on his chest and he put his arms protectively around me ; our bodies were intertwined ... I didn't want to move because for the first time I felt actually safe and loved...

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