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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


16. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Harry's POV

After we went back home from Mel's we all sat down on the couch and Liam asked me :
- um Hazz...
- yeah ??? ( I looked up at him )
- what did Melody mean when she said to Rayane that she said enough ? 
- uh oh yeah ( I jumped of the couch )
- well this should be good since you're so exited ! ( Louis said rolling his eyes )
- oh you bet it is !
- okay so get talking already ! ( Zayn said )
- well yesterday I came to Melody's house to pick her up so she opened the door for me and Rayane saw me and screamed : hey Mel isn't he Harry Styles oh I remember how you were madly in love with him !!! So she turned red and ran to the limousine ! (I said with a girly voice)
- oh my gosh ! So missy here had a crush on our little mate ! Yeah ! ( Louis yelled and we all jumped and had a group hug ) 
- I know right ! I could't believe my ears !!! 
- hahaha score !!!! ( Zayn said )
- and the best part is that since then she is supper sweet to me...well most of the time
- great congrats bro ! Told you it will work one way or another ! (Liam said)
- um I wanna ask you a question do you remember the bracelet we got her ?
- oh you mean the "me+you=<3" one ? ( Niall asked )
- yeah that one...
- I remember we got her that bracelet when we first met her ( Louis said )
- yes thats it ! 
- what about it ? ( Zayn asked me )
- don't you notice that she didn't get it off her hand ? Every time I see her on TV or any where else she is wearing it do you think she saw my note ? 
- yeah you are right ! But as for the note I don't know ( Niall said )
- I wanna ask her that question...
- okay but not now ! (Louis jumped)
We all laughed and I went to see my angel from the window maybe she will be in her room who knows...I stood by the window and got shocked Melody...Melody was crying but why ??? I started to tear up too...
- what's wrong mate ? ( Liam asked me )
- Melody Melody is crying...
- what ? Why ? ( Zayn asked me ) 
- I dunno but it hurts so bad to see her crying ! I was going to die when we were acting the accident scene ! 
- ummm you know...( Niall started )
- know what ? ( I asked confused )
- nothing... ( he said ) 
- Niall what's wrong ?! ( I yelled )
- nothing really I was just going to take your advice ! But you don't seem in the mood so I will go ask Zayn ! 
- what's wrong Ni ?? ( Zayn asked Niall )
- ummm how do you think I should ask Rayane to go out on a date with me? ( he said I looked up at him and saw him red I wish I had his courage to ask Melody out )
- what ? You wanna ask Rayane out on a date ???? Wow ! I wish I had your courage to ask Mia out ! ( Zayn said )
- yeah me too ! ( I said )
- what ? You wanna ask Mia out too ???? ( Zayn yelled )
- No you dum-ass ! I want to have the courage to ask Melody out ! ( I yelled back at him )
- oh okay... ( Zayn said calmed down )
- wait so you like Mia ? ( Niall asked Zayn )
- yes I do ! And a lot ! I don't know what to do ! ( Zayn winned )
- oh okay now I get it ! ( Niall said )
- get what ? ( Louis questioned )
- well I was in the kitchen trying to get Melody to help me approach to Rayane and she told me what is up with us and liking her best friends...(Niall said)
- wait I didn't tell anything to Melody nether anyone ! So...wait does anyone else like her ??? ( Zayn said confused )
- no...( Louis and Liam said )
- look Zayn I know Melody really well and I think she knows that you like Mia because she can see it in your eyes...she cares a lot for them and she can see stuff that nobody can see ! ( I said )
- maybe you're right... ( Zayn said )
We talked for long hours about our crushes and our love life problems and stuff Niall decided to ask Rayane out but Zayn wasn't sure because he thinks that she doesn't like him back after what happened the other day...

****************************************After a month *****************************************

Melody's POV

A month flew by and I didn't see the One Direction lads yet well of course I saw Harry a little bit since he is next door...I see him when I am sunbathing in the pool he pisses me of like usual and we argue like usual but this time its different we don't talk much and we both seem angry from each other he is really pushing my buttons with his manners ! Enough is enough ! I can't take it anymore ! But...on the bright side Niall asked Rayane out you should of seen Rayane's face when she came back from her date with him she was in the clouds in my opinion I think its true love ! On the other hand Mia and I are still waiting for our prince charming to come take us far away on their white horses ! Unfortunately these are just pointless dreams with no meaning what so ever . Our movie hit number one on the box office chart in America Canada England Lebanon and many more countries... So yesterday morning Sarah called me and said that tomorrow morning at 9 I should be at Starbucks .
At 9:15 I was woken up by my cell phone I looked at the caller ID and it was Sarah :
- hello ??? ( I said half woken half asleep )
- you're late ! You over slept again ! Were are you young lady ?
- oh well I believe I am in bed ! 
- okay well get your but to Starbucks now ! 
- geez fine just calm down I'll be there in 10...
- okay but fast ! 
- fine just bye ! 
- bye ! Fast ! 
- okay !
I got out of bed lazily and went to the bathroom to get freshen up a bit, I stayed up late yesterday maybe till 4 am I don't know...I was just thinking how my life was falling apart slower and slower every day I was the one falling apart I can't take it anymore I am lost I am torn I need my special one I need the one to let me forget everything I have been threw all my life I want that someone who will make me feel like I am the only girl in the world but I am not lucky enough for that.
I shook all those ideas out of my head and continued preparing myself I wore black shorts and a beige "rock star" tank top with my beige converse then I tied my hair and wore my black sunglasses for not being recognised and because the light was too bright.
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_20/set?id=87256135
I managed to make my way to Starbucks without sleeping on the street . I opened the shop's door and found Sarah sitting on a table I went to join her :
- hey...
- you're late ! 
- I know ! 
- you know ! Well do you know that you shouldn't be late !?
- look Sarah I am sorry its just that... ( I started crying so she looked at me with confused eyes and went to hug me )
- oh my ! Melody baby what's wrong ? Why are you crying ? Are you okay ? Do you want to go see the doctor ? 
- no no its fine...
- are you sure ? Is there something you are hiding from me ? Wait are you receiving hate ? 
- no no I am just really tired these days that's all...
- okay... Just remember that I am here okay and I told you before I am not just your agent I your big sister ! Okay ?
- thank you Sarah that means a lot for me ! ( I hugged her and I wiped the tears of my face )
- any way back to business...
- yes...
- okay so tomorrow morning you will start recording your very first album ! 
- what ! Really ? That is great ! Ahhh I can't believe it !
- yes its true plus you will have on it 10 songs : 2 duos and the others just yourself ! And if you want you can add a duet too !
- waw ! That is great ! And with who am I going to do this ? 
- well you will never guess but... one with One Direction and the other only with Harry ( my smile faded )
- what ? You don't seem happy with these news ? 
- no nothing I am really happy...
- great ! 
- so see you tomorrow ! Oh and I forgot tomorrow you will go to the studio with Harry...
- waw ! What a joy ! Thank you Sarah ! 
- oh welcome sweetie ! 
We talked a bit and then went into separate ways...I can't believe what just happened ! As I was walking back home I was suddenly mobbed by fans it was scary yet nice ! After the police came and saved me I ran as fast as I could home I wasn't normal at all : my hair was a mess I lost my watch and glasses and my clothes were practically ripped . I was opening my front door when I heard a laughter :
- hahaha where were you ? In a zombie apocalypse ?? Hahaha
- oh shut it Styles ! You've done enough already ! 
- oh I see apparently you now know the new projects !
- yes I did ! What is it with them putting me with you ! And you're not even an actor ! ( I yelled angrily )
- wohoho slow down ! May you know that I acted way much better than you ! 
- oh say that again you jerk ! 
- yes ! I am a better actor and singer than you will ever be ! 
- ugh ! I can't take you anymore seriously you are pushing my buttons !
- hahaha oh yeah what are you gonna do ! 
- this ! ( I walked up to him amd was about to slap him but he caught my hand I looked up at him )
- you will never win ! I warned you before ! ( he tugged me closer to his body : our chests were touching I could feel his minty breath on my face our lips were inches apart he looked into my eyes there was a second of silence before I gave him a kick in the stomach and he screamed in pain ) AOUCH ! AHH ! 
- told you don't mess up with me or I will punch you somewhere lower you will regret all your life ! ( I turned my heels and walked away that will show him to never mess with Melody K. ! )
I opened the door and looked at Mia and Rayane they were looking out of the window :
- uh girls what's wrong ?
- wow Mel you showed him well ! ( Mia said )
- yeah you did ! ( Rayane continued )
- you almost kissed that was so romantic ! ( Mia squealed )
- but we will never kiss ! That is guaranteed ! Trust me ! 
- can we know the reason for this kick ? And why are your clothes ripped up ? ( Rayane asked me )
- sit down I will explain for you... ( we sat down on the couches ) 
- today Sarah told me that tomorrow I will start working on my very first album...
- and how is that bad news ? ( Mia asked confused )
- wait for it... She said that I have 2 duos one with One Direction and the other with Harry...
- oh okay ( Mia said )
- okay but that still doesn't explain why your clothes are ripped ( Rayane said )
- I got mobbed by fans and it was scary ! 
- oh okay good ( Rayane said really ??? )
- so um what's going to happen now ? ( Mia asked )
- nothing I have to do it I have no choice...

The day went by really fast before I know it I was waiting for Harry to come pick me up and at the end he did but he came half an hour late : 
- great you showed up curly ! 
- just get in the car ! 
- Geez someone is cranky today ! ( I said then got in the car )
The whole ride was silent he didn't say a word nether did I . Its better that way . We arrived at the studio and entered each one of us frowning :
- hel- wow ! What happened to you guys ?? ( Zayn asked us )
- nothing ( we both said in union )
- okay... Well lets start ! ( Liam said )
We sat down for like half an hour trying to write the songs but it just wouldn't work out because every two seconds Harry and I would fight until Liam got up :
- okay so Louis Niall and Zayn out now ! 
- um Liam what is going on ? ( I asked confused )
- nothing stay here...( the boys went out of the room and the next thing you know Liam locked us in ) Liam ! Open the door please ! Liam ! ( I screamed )
- no ! Not until you solve this problem ! ( he yelled back )
- Liam open the door ! ( Harry yelled with me )
- no work this out already ! The shorter you work it out the shorter you will be stuck in here got it ! Now bye bye ! 
- damn it ! Seriously ?! ( Harry yelled ) its all your fault all your fault ! You worthless piece of shit ! all my problems are your fault! Everything that is happening is your fault Melody ( I started crying harder and harder ) Mel ? Mel ?!!
- no ! Say it ! I know its my fault everything is my fault ! Always ! ( I yelled threw tears  I couldn't take it that's it I didn't care if I looked weak in front of him )
- no no no I didn't mean it I swear just please stop crying ( he started crying with me and then hugged me and I hugged him back ) forgive me please ? I didn't mean too I was just angry...
- no I am the one who is sorry I didn't mean too do what I did yesterday I was just scared angry sad tired I wasn't thinking right I am truly sorry ! 
- shhh ! Don't say anything its alright baby....
- uhm ! D-
- don't call me baby right ?
- yes... ( I said awkwardly )
- I get it now...
- so I guess everything is cool ( I said breaking our hug )
- I guess it is...lets call Liam ...
- ennnnnw ! ( The other boys yelled ) oh and no need too we are here ! ( Liam yelled from acrross the door )
- hahaha ( we all laughed together )
We sat down for about 4 hours without taking a break we wrote 2 epic songs ! These were amazing...we were going to order a pizza to eat because we were so hungry . Zayn asked me to come by his side he wanted to talk to me in private so we went to another room :
- eum Melody ??
- yes Zayn ?
- I um okay look the other time I heard Mia sing and her voice isn't breaking my mind her voice is so beautiful and I couldn't help myself but write her a song that will go perfectly with her vocal cords and since you can add one more duet I was wondering if you could...
- yes ! That is an amazing idea ! Zayn you are awesome ! 
- so you will do it !?
- your kidding me ? Heck yes ! Thank you really ! ( I hugged him )
Zayn's idea is pure genius ! He just realised Mia's dream ! He so loves her I knew it ! 
After the pizza break was over we started rehearsing the songs these we're perfect ! 
Before we knew it the day was over and we needed to go home : this day was awesome ! And now I have to go tell Mia the good news so lets go ! 
I hopped into Harry's car and we drove home the ride was really fun : we played all the TMH and UAN songs and sang along with the boys ! I arrived home , I was going to open the car's door I felt hand on my thigh so I shivered :
- oh um I am sorry I didn't mean too...( Harry said )
- oh no thats okay... ( I replied )
- so umm Melody I just wanted to say that I am sorry because I made you cry today...
- its alright I got used to it anyway ( a tear slipped down to my cheeks ) you're not the first one... ( and with that I opened the door and got out of the car leaving him confused )

Mia's POV

I was sitting on the couch at home just a lazy day : Melody was working so is Rayane . I was watching Melody's movie for the fifth time when I heard the door open I peeked my head and saw Melody entering she came to me and said :
- MIA !!! ( she seemed happy but I noticed that she was tearing before ) guess what !
- what ? What's happening did Harry do something ? MELODY ! What's wrong tell me now !!! ( I said not knowing what to do )
- wow ! Relax its just that...welcome co-singer ! 
- w-what ? ( I said confused )
- okay so here's what happened : Zayn wrote a song for me and you and asked me if you could do the duet with me !!!
- ahhhhhh get out !!! ( I screamed really exited ) 
- I know right !!! ( we both started jumping on the sofa its going to be the best song ever !!! ) ( see what I did there ? :P )
- hahaha ! ( we started laughing until Rayane entered and looked at us like we were crazy mofos ( btw which we are ) ) 
- ahhhh ! Rayane guess what ? ( I said )
- what ? ( she questioned me ) is there a party going on and I have no idea about it ?!
- no silly ! I am going to do a duet with Mel !!!! ( I said )
- ahhhh ! ( she screamed and started jumping with us )
After we jumped for like 10 mins we became exhausted and sat down :  
- so tell me how did that happen ? ( Rayane asked )
- well Zayn gave me this song and told me that since he heard Mia singing he couldn't help himself but write a song for her that will go perfectly with her vocal cords and that your voice can't break his mind !!
( Melody said , her words were so perfect I can't believe he said that ! )
- ahhhh really ?! ( Rayane said )
- yes really ! I am not kidding ! ( Melody said )
- Oh my gosh Mel ! Do you think he...he likes me ? ( I asked )
- ummm to be honest I do... ( she said oh wow ! I wanted to scream and jump he likes me yes ! )
- ahhh !!!! ( we all screamed in union ) 
We talked and gossiped about our crushes and stuff but I still couldn't believe that Zayn Malik THE Zayn Malik has a crush on me ! He was my crush since they were in the X-factor and I have a crush on him too how awesome is this ! 

Melody's POV 

The next day I wore my clothes and I waited for Harry to come pick me up but this time he came on time I opened for him the door :
- hello beautiful ! How are you today ? ( Harry said )
- um I am fine but for the thousand's time d-
- don't call me beautiful ! I swear that I got it ! ( He said )
- okay then why do you call me that ? 
- well because I can't help but tell the truth to such a beautiful girl like you...
- oh my gosh ! You are such a flirt ! ( I said )
- thank you m'am ! 
- hahahaha ( we both laughed )
- come on lets get rolling ! ( he said then grabbed me by the wrist and pushed me to the car )
Once we were settled in the car we started singing songs and talking it was really fun like always ! 
We arrived to the studio and got out of the car today we were going to record the songs I am so exited its going to be awesome ! We entered the recording booth and started singing our song "We got the party with us "

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