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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


14. Chapter 13 -2-

 We looked into each others eyes for a while but I broke the contact with him I don't want him to think that I still love him :
- hey beautiful ! ( he said in his low husky voice )
- hey...
- you look gorgeous ! (he said then kissed my hand but kept the eye contact , his green orbs pierced threw me , I felt butterflies in my tummy , I couldn't think straight oh no its happening again but I can't let that happen)
- eumm thank you ! Now lets go were going to be late 
- uh yeah come on... 
He held my hand and we stepped out of the building as soon as we put one foot out we had a standing ovation fans were holding cart-boards and all over them were wrote : We ship Marry ! I looked at Harry who was smiling at me , his smile melt my heart it was so warm and nice , I smiled back . All over the place paparazzi were taking photos of us so we posed really cute poses ! Flashes were illuminating the place it was wonderful ! After a phew moments of taking pictures the director invited us and a lot of celebrities I recognized and I even interviewed some of them into the show room were the movie is going to be shown Mia and Rayane were there too ! Harry the director the producer the actors and all the staff including Sarah and Paul and I sat in perfect places in the middle where everything can be seen perfectly . I sat next to Harry . When the movie started then came the accident scene I looked at Harry and he was tearing up ennnw ! How cute ! He looked at me and I quickly turned my attention back to the movie I don't want him to get any ideas...again ! When the movie ended the crowd  was in tears but I can't recognize if they were tears of joy or sadness oh well ! I don't care ! The director went and gave a speech and the premiere was over every one got out of the room and talked to us and told us congratulation and stuff...we went home around 11 it was a really great day I also called my parents and told them what happened and they told me congratulation too ! Boy I really do miss them a lot ! They wanted to come but they couldn't :(

I woke up this morning really happy I guess its from last night event but now there is something different I don't know what it is...I walked down the stairs to find a huge table : you could find anything there ! from pancakes to orange juice and a lot more :
- wow ! What's happening in here ? 
- hey Mel ! 
- hey Rayane...who did all of this ?
- Mia and I did this
- what really ? Why ?
- well we wanted to do something special for you because we didn't do anything yesterday...
- ennnw that's so sweet ! Thank you ( I hugged her and she hugged me back ) so come on lets eat I am hungry ! 
- wait no freeze ! You can't eat now ! 
- what why ? Oh yeah Mia isn't here lets call her ! 
- no actually we invited the One Direction lads ! I can't wait to see them especially Niall ! 
- what ? You invited One Direction ? 
- well yes ! Got any problem...
- no but did Mia know about this ?
- no she didn't know...
- well how did you invited them ?
- I saw Louis this morning and I told him to bring the others to celebrate yours and Harry's success...
- oh okay...
- okay now go change you can't let Harry see you like this go ! 
She pushed me on the stairs and yelled at me to go change so I went...I can't believe this ! I thought that now my life is going to be One Direction free ! But no its has to be bad like always ! I decided to wear a turquoise dress with a colourful owl necklace and black heels I curled my hair and only put some gloss like always natural ! 
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_35/set?id=90612718

I heard the doorbell it must be them...for some weird reason I-I wanted to see Harry ! This is not good at all ! I walked down the stairs and found Harry grinning at me :
- hey beautiful slept well ?
- hey...yes I did what are you doing here near the stairs ?
- I ummm I was just going to check up on you that's all...
- mmm you do know that there are my BFF's here and they can check up on me not you do you ? ( I looked at him and he became red )
- umm yes...
- well okay don't do it again but any way thanks for caring...
- welcome beautiful...
- nuh uh ! Don't call me beautiful ! 
- fine...
I walked with him to the living room were I found all the boys and my two BFF's :
- heyy guys ! 
- hey Mel ! ( each one of them hugged me ) 
- we missed you so much ! ( Louis said )
- I missed you too ! 
- were have you been all this time ?! ( Liam asked me )
- well you know with Harry...
- ohhh ! ( they all shouted and Harry turned red )
- wh- guys ! We were shooting the movie together remember ! 
- hahaha you should have seen your faces ! ( Zayn said ) we know you were shooting the movie but its always fun embarrassing you two ! 
- hahaha not funny ! ( I said pissed )
- so princess, you were amazing last night ! ( Niall said )
- thank you Ni ! 
- so Mel care to introduce us to your new friend over there ? ( Niall said turning red so did Rayane )
- uh oh sorry I thought you knew each others ! Well Rayane Niall , Niall Rayane , Rayane Zayn , Zayn Rayane , Rayane Louis , Louis Rayane , Rayane Liam , Liam Rayane ! Okay I am tired so I guess my work here is done ! 
- well Heyyy you didn't introduce me to Harry ! ( Rayane jumped )
- okay no need to you already said enough to him yesterday and you know his name and all of their life stories I think its enough ! ( I said pissed off remembering yesterday's event and they all looked at each other confused )
- okay...just slow down... ( Rayane said and they all started laughing why ?? This wasn't funny at all ! )
- fine I am sorry...
- can we please go eat now ! ( Niall said like usual )
- hahaha sure Ni come on lets go I am starving ! 
We went to the dinning room and ate after a phew moments I went to the kitchen to get bread when I was pulled by my hand I don't know why but I yelled instantly :
- Harry let me go ! ( I looked up to see Niall oh... )
- what ?? Are you okay love ?( Harry yelled from the living room )
- umm never mind sorry oh and don't call me love ! ( I yelled back )
- fine as you say ! ( he yelled back and everyone laughed ) 
- okay that was awkward ! But you scared me ! 
- well I am sorry...but why did you yell at Harry ? ( he asked me )
- ugh ! Why don't you ask your "mate" and he knows the perfect answer ! ( I was angry again whenever I remember these bad memories tears run down my cheeks just like now so I hid them from Niall and turned my back to him but he caught me and lifted my chin...I must be really hurt )
- Melody princess what's wrong with you ? Why are you so hurt ? ( he asked )
- its nothing really...
- don't say that nothing is wrong ! You're crying for god's sake ! Melody these past few months from since we were in the studio you weren't yourself and you didn't talk to us like before especially Harry ! 
- Niall please I am not in the mood to say a word just ask him and he will respond to you ! Please just tell me what do you want ?
- okay well just remember I am always here for you ! You're like my little sis ! 
- thanks and you're like my big bro ! 
- hahaha ! 
- so what's wrong ?
- well umm I was wondering if you could help me approach Rayane... ( he looked at me with his puppy dog eyes no... )
- okay what is it with you guys liking my best friends ?! ( I slipped these words out of my mouth when I shouldn't have , maybe Zayn doesn't like Mia but I am sure he does )
- what ?! What do you mean ? 
- ummm nothing... Please proceed ...
- fine ( He shook his head ) well please would you help me I really like her...
- mmm I think I can ( I grinned at him )
- wow ! You and Harry have the same evil grin ! ( I hit his arm playfully )
- no we don't ! 
- fine as you say but please remember... For me !!
- alright ! Alright ! Just go on already were late...
We walked back into the dining room :
- Mel please can you pass me the bread... ( Liam asked me )
- oh shit I forgot to get the bread !  ( they all laughed ) 
I ran back to the kitchen and got the bread then passed it to Liam when I sat down I looked at Niall and saw him winking at...Rayane who was red ! They are really cute together aw ! I feel like cupid now ! After a couple of hours we finished and they went home but as soon as I closed the door I turned and bumped into Rayane...:
- ouch ! 
- sorry Mel ! 
- that's okay...
- Mel tell me now !
- what ? Tell you what ?
- oh Mel don't play dumb with me ! What is happening between you and Harry ? 
- uh I...( I glanced at Mia who was standing behind us and she gestured me to tell her but instead I looked for a moment at the floor )
- I-I just can't....
- fine ! Don't tell me ! But I thought we were best friends ! I am going out of here ! ( she turned her back at started walking I didn't know what to do so I started crying )
- No ! Stop ! Please I need you by my side ! ( I yelled back , tears sliding down my cheeks like a river , she stopped and turned )
- oh my gosh Mel ! You must be really hurt ! I thought we made a deal about never seeing these tears again ! ( she came back and hugged me ) now tell me... Trust me you will feel better...
- I can't tell you let Mia do it I don't want to remember anything...if you need me I am in my room.
I went to my room while Mia is telling Rayane everything after a few minutes my door swung open and Rayane came running towards me and hugged me :
- Mel ! i am so so so sorry I shouldn't of screamed yesterday its just that I didn't know ! Plus what a jerk ! I can't believe he did this ! How could he gain your trust then brake you ! We won't let him approach you again I promise ! ( she said and Mia came behind her and we had a group hug )
- thank you ! I love you so much ! I don't know what I would do without you...

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