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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


13. Chapter 13 -1-

Chapter 13

Melody's POV

well a week later the movie trailer has been released I am so happy because everything I read or hear in the social media is about our movie it became a hit even before it release in the cinemas ! So tonight Harry and I will have our first interview on the Ellen Show ! I am so happy its the first time I am going on an interview I am not interviewing the other person myself ! I am so happy because I am on my way to the top ! I didn't plan on getting that famous in less than 3 months ! I mean I met several celebrities : One Direction, Justin Bieber,Austin Mahone, Rihanna, Demi Lovato... And I am starring a movie with Harry Styles and tonight I am going to be on the Ellen Show ! The best part is I am living the dream with one of my best friends : Mia ! 
The interview is at 6 so I have to be there at 5 to get ready. I looked at my watch and it was 4:20 so I decided to take a shower . I ran the stairs up to my room I opened the door and went to close the curtains and I saw Harry he was looking at me from his window I didn't want to start an argument so I closed them quickly and went to the bathroom. After 20 minutes I was ready its 4:40 time to go ! I opened the door and rode the limousine to the studio when I got down from the car I was greeted by a warm hug from Ellen what a wonderful women ! 
- Melody ! Nice to meet you I am Ellen ! 
- well nice to meet you Ellen ! 
- so how are you sweetie ? 
- oh I am just great !
- great ! And how are you with Harry ?
- uh I guess I am fine ?! ( why did she ask me that question ? )
- great now come on go prepare yourself we will talk later !
- okay bye ! 
She led me to my dressing room to get finished . On my way there we met Harry she greeted him too and he went to his dressing room . I entered mine and found Sarah Rosalinda and Cynthia :
- hey girls ! I missed you ! 
- we missed you too Mel ! (Sarah said hugging me so did Rosalinda and Cynthia)
- were have you been Sarah ? I didn't see you this whole month !
- well you will see us after a month !
- what ? ( I said confused )
- its a surprise ! 
- now wear this ! (She handed me an outfit Rosalinda designed for me)
- okay see you !
I wore the outfit she gave me it was really gorgeous like usual ! Its a coral dress with a black band on its stomach and black heels ! After I finished Cynthia braided and curled my hair in an original way I loved it ! 
Outfit :http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_33/set?id=90404452

- you look gorgeous ! 
- thank you Sarah ! 
- okay now Mel ! Look don't say anything stupid and think before you speak okay ? Because if you said anything wrong the whole media is going to focus on it and make it something bad okay !?
- right ! I got it ! 
In that moment a women came and told me that we are going to start in five so I went to join Ellen and Harry :
- so guys ! Are you ready ? (Ellen asked)
- Melody I think that there are no needs to tell you what to do since you're in the same business as me and Harry you've already been on the show so...yeah bye bye see you love birds ! 
- love birds ? (I asked)
- ummmm....
- Harry what did you do ? 
- nothing I swear !
- then...
- well I dunno why she called us love birds really its not my fault !
- fine ! Just pray that she don't mention that on the show in front of more than 10 000 people ! 
- what ? 10 000 people not that much Melody !
- well I don't care just pray already !
I can't believe she called us love birds does she think that we are a couple ! No way ! Its not because we did a romantic movie together that we should be a couple ! This is not like Kristen and Robert from Twilight Ellen ! Any way back to reality Ellen is talking :
- hello and welcome everyone to the Ellen Show ! Tonight we have special guests ! Please welcome with me Harry Styles and Melody K. *the crowd is cheering really loud and when we came and sat down even more* hello guys !
- hey Ellen ! ( I said )
- hello love ! ( Harry said always so cheeky )
- okay so as you know we are gathered here today because of your first movie ! Which is called "impossible love" as we know it , it will be a big hit in the cinema and the movie trailer got over 72 000 000 views on youtube ! Apparently this movie is the most wanted movie in the 21 century ! 
- really I didn't know that ( I said then giggled )
- well it is and you know why ?!
- no why ? (Harry and I said in union then we all laughed even the crowd)
- well because you two are a great actors and couple ! 
- excuse me ? ( I said with a confused tone...again )
- oh were n- ( Harry said but Ellen interrupted him )
- oh don't say no ! I know you are ! So how did that happen and when ? 
- hahaha actually were not ! ( Harry said what is so funny about that )
- yes Harry is right we are just friends nothing more nothing less ! (I said)
- are you sure because your eyes say you love each other a lot ! (Ellen said okay now she is starting to piss me off )
- no ! Just no ! there is nothing absolutely nothing between us ! ( I said angry )
- okay relax Melody don't stress up ( Harry whispered to me and than put his hand on my thigh but I shrug it off )
- oh Harry ! What a smooth move ! (Ellen said even greater) by the way I heard you guys are neighbors ! 
- yes we are ! ( Harry said )
- okay great ! Now Melody tell me how was it working with Harry Styles ?
- oh its been really a joy he is such a talented actor and singer I didn't know that ! ( I looked at Harry who was grinning ear to ear )
- and Harry how was it to work with Melody ? 
- well, it was also great working with such a beautiful,talented,magical angel like her ! Wait did I mention she is gorgeous ? (My cheeks actually burned right now ! Does he really think that about me ? How sweet ! ) 
- oulala ! Melody I see you are blushing , your cheeks are on fire how cute what do you have to say ?
- umm...I dunno what to say other than thank you ! I am flattered ! ( I looked over at Harry and saw him blushing )
- okay so now how about we hear the opinion of the rest of the One Direction boys ! So please welcome everybody with me : Niall Horan,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson,and Zayn Malik ! Wouhoo ! ( I was shocked and so is Harry I looked over at him and he was looking at me confused then all the boys showed up in front of us and hugged us ) well hello boys ! (Ellen said)
- hello (they all said in union)
- so boys please tell me what if Harry and Melody got together what would you think of their cute couple ( Ellen said and I face palmed myself because of what she said ) oh now Melody don't try to deny ! You both look like you love each others ! (haven't she embarrassed us enough ?!) 
- well I won't say like its just that the boys and I are best friends thats all ! (I said trying to explain to her for the I don't know maybe 5 000 time that we are not a couple ! )
- okay any way back to our occupation come on boys start ! 
- well I think they would be a great couple because um... They get along really good and seem to bond together...um I don't know...( Niall said )
- what Niall said ! ( Louis said...just like in the VMA's :P)
- yeah I think they will last forever and maybe who knows get married and have kids someday ! (Liam said how cute and nice of him like always ! )
- the same here ! So shortcut to all of this ! Go out already ( Zayn said )
- well spoken guys ! Especially Zayn ! So go out already ! 
- fine fine just relax ! ( I said )
- so you will go out ?! ( Ellen said Harry was just speechless )
- no ! ( I said with a totally strait face )
- okay enough with that ! Tell me what does your movie talk about ? (Ellen said )
- well its the story of a girl and a boy who fall in love with each other but can't be together ( Harry said )
- great ! It sounds really fun !
We talked for a bit then the show was over ouffft ! I was walking back to my dressing room when Harry stopped me :
- look Melody before you say anything I really didn't know anything ! At all ! I was as speechless as you out there ! 
- oh no no don't worry...I don't care what they say anyway ! So no need to apologise...
- thank you (he said before he hugged me and I hugged him back)

**************************************After 3 weeks*******************************************

Melody's POV

These past few weeks were really crowded Harry and I were invited on more than 20 interviews it was awesome I even interviewed Harry and the director on my show and stuff...so tonight is the movie premiere ! I am going to wear a light blue long dress with silver high heels and accessories and Cynthia is going to braid, curl and put my hair in a bun in a really chic yet nice way ! Harry and I are going to the premiere together... Mia went to some place she said she will come but after a bit I wonder what's going on in her head she has the most crazy ideas oh well ! There is still 5 hours till the movie premiere Harry and I are going to prepare our selfs there... Someone knocked on my door I wonder who it could be I opened the door to find the biggest surprise ever...again Rayane my other BFF and Mia :
- ahhhhh ! Rayane !!!! What are you doing here ? I missed you ! ( I hugged her tight )
- Mia called me 2 weeks ago and told me you had your movie premiere so I decided to come here and stay with you if its okay ? BTW I found a job here !
- really what is it ??
- well since I am a architect I found a job that consist of designing buildings in L.A !
- wow ! Thats like your dream job !
- yeah it is ! Well turns out every one of us is living their dream , like we used to say when we were just kids ! 
- yeah its true ! 
- uhm ! Reminder Mia is here too you know ???
- ahh hahaha group hug !
We had a group hug and we sat down talking about a lot of things but I didn't mention Harry I didn't want to get upset...three hours went by without noticing each one of us were sitting on a couch laughing until someone rang my door I went to open the door and it was Harry I heard Rayane shout from behind me :
- heeeeyyy Melody isn't that Harry Styles ( Harry waved at her and I nodded ) oh my ghosh you were madly in love with h- ! ( I turned red Mia looked at me and jumped on Rayane putting her hand on her mouth before she could say another word . I looked at Harry who was grinning an evil grin from ear to ear . Now my life is officially ruined )
- Uh bye guys see you ( I said before I ran out of the house Harry behind me . Okay let the torture begin...)
- you know I like your friend ! ( he looked at me with that evil grin again as he got in the car )
- shut up ! 
- so you were in love with me ? I totally knew it ! YES !
- pfft ! No I wasn't !
- hahaha okay say what you want but I don't care ! I know you love me !
- I don't !
- you do !
- no !
- yes ! 
- no !
- yes ! 
- will you just settle on something my head is going to pop out of its place ! ( Richard said out of nowhere )
- okay...(we both said kinda surprised Richard doesn't say much)
- I know that you love me admit it ! 
- fine I give up ! I USED to love you ! But not anymore !
- okay ! At least I knew that you had feelings for me ! 
- okay great yay ! You beat me ! Good job now shut it already ! 
- fine it just feels good to win ! 
( I hit him playfully in the arm )
- awwww ! 
- you're giving me a heart attack ! ( I said I dunno why ) oh shit !
- hahaha ! YES ! 
- shut up ! 
The rest of the ride was silent I looked at the driver's mirror and saw Richard smiling wow ! And so is Harry its just great only great ! We arrived there and we entered from the backdoor because they were like thousands of  paparazzi's there , it was huge and great ! I entered my dressing room and wore my clothes and finished my makeup and stuff I looked like a princess !
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/awards/set?id=88560315

 Someone knocked on my door it was Sarah she said that there is still 10 minutes left and that Harry will come take me for the premiere, the thing is I just can't believe he knows that I loved him its awkward and now I showed myself weak and that's not fair ! I don't want to be his GF and I especially don't want to love him nor be attached to him in any way because I know that it will end bad like always ! 
I was interrupted from my thoughts by a knock on my door it must be Harry I opened the door to him : he looked handsome in his black tuxedo ! http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/32700000/Harry-styles-you-magazine-Fhotoshoot-2012-one-direction-32741462-1290-1600.jpg

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