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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Melody's POV

I hopped into the limo and closed my tired eyes : it was a really long day . Everything is screwed up in my mind I am starting to...to...like him OMG ! I actually said it no way ! I need to talk to someone but who ? If I tell Mia she won't shut up about it and she will start to piss me all the time that we are love and we are love birds NO ! I can't tell her she will do a huge story about it, you know when your best friend knows about your crush and stuff  I really appreciate that but I just can't and that's the same case for Sarah so the only one that I could tell is...Richard :
- Richard ???
- yes miss Melody ?
- remember the time when we had that little talk you know about Harry ??
- yes how could I forget ?
- well the thing is...um...its...
- miss Melody no need to say it , these few days I saw the way you looked at him your eyes sparkle just like his ! I feel that you feel happy around him a-
- Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! Slow down Richard ! It's been only two days ! 
- yes I know but...miss Melody just a question do...do you like mr. Harry ?
- um...well...its...I...ugh ! Yes yes I do ! I know its been only a matter of days but I like him , whenever I am around him I feel butterflies in my stomach ! 
- see I told you ! You are going to go crazy for him !
- what ? No you didn't ! 
- well I didn't but I was thinking of it so...
- so...
- exactly ! Any way miss Melody ask him on a date ! He likes you back any way !
- what ? No way ! He should make the first move not me ! Guys always make the first move its more you know romantic ! 
- well actually my wife asked me on a date and I think its pretty romantic that she did the first move !
- oh okay...But these were in the old days now we are in the recent ones so...
- miss Melody !?
- oh okay fine ! I will tomorrow !
- very good !
- ummm Richard ?
- yes ?
- can you please n-
- don't worry I won't tell any one ...
- wow...sometimes you scare me how you know everything...
- hahaha i know !
We kept talking until I got home and we both went in different directions . Mia wasn't here so I decided I could go for a dip in the pool so I went upstairs and changed into my bikini , I put on sun screen ,and slept on my floating mattress in the water .
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_23/set?id=87338875

I was re-viewing the past actions in my life until I was interrupted by a deep husky moan I almost fell into the water :
Harry : http://media.tumblr.com/5297e21e9746d7e89ef626cb57615614/tumblr_inline_mg8eqczGEY1r0g1s0.jpg

- ahhh ! Isn't the water just perfect today beautiful ?
- Oh my gosh ! What the...( I turned my head to find Harry ) Harry what are you doing here ???? In my pool ! 
- what?  your pool its mine too ! Every two villas share a pool !
- wait what ? Your pool !?
- yes mine ! 
- no way the only way this pool is yours its when you live in...oh no ! You're my new neighbor ????
- you guessed it ! ( he said with a huge grin on his face ) by the way your cupcakes were delicious you should make me some more ! 
- No way Styles ! I am sick of you following me everywhere I go ! Just get out of my pool ! Now !
- hahaha no ! You get out of my pool ! 
- never ! 
- well neither am I !
- fine don't get out I don't even care what you do in your damn life ! ( I yelled )
- fine !
- fine !
I laid back on my mattress half angry and half happy . After a few minutes I started to relax but he had to ruin it like always : he jumped into the pool and turned me and my mattress over and now I am all wet all because of this jerk ! 
- heyyyy !
- ouuh I am sorry did I wet you ? Well incase you didn't know this but...um...we are in a swimming pool !
- you ! You ! Ugh ! I hate you ! ( I swam my way out of the pool )
- by the way nice bikini ! 
- ugh ! Have you ever heard of the word shut up !!!
- no ma'm not when I see a beautiful girl like you ( he then winked at me...okay if there was a single chance to like him now there isn't anymore he is just a jerk I don't even know how I felt in his trap he made me so angry I can take him anymore )
- okay just get out of here get out of my life I can't take it anymore ! Just stop it already I seriously hate you ! (This time I could see he was hurt because he frowned )
- look Mel I am so sor-
- how many times did I tell you to not call me Mel !!!! And don't apologize to me I am sick of you just get out of my life already Harry ! 
And with those few words I entered my house without even looking back at him he is just pathetic ! I took a brief shower rested and took my mind off today's action until Mia arrives from her job the worst part is that I actually fell for him ! He broke me too ! But I got used to it now so... After a moment I got thirsty and I went to the kitchen to get a cup of water . I stood on the kitchen floor siping my water from my cup when suddenly I saw Harry grinning at me from his window so I spit it all and eventually he laughed so hard he looked like he was going to pee in his pants ugh ! Great I made a joke of myself in front of the boy I hate the much . I got so angry till without attention I opened the sink and I got splashed with water even greater ! Now all the kitchen is splashed and me too plus I think Harry already peed in his pants ahhh ! I heard the door open it must be Mia I took one more look at Harry then I went to join Mia in the living room :
- hiiiii Melo- oh my gosh what happened to you ?!
- he happened !! He is the source of all of my problems I so hate him ! 
- okay so sit down and tell me what happened ? 
- okay...( I sat down on the sofa and looked at Mia who seemed a bit confused from my appearance ) so today I went for a dip in the pool and I heard a voice turns out that H-
- Harry is our new neighbor...
- wait what how did you know ?
- well I saw Louis he was out in the front garden...he greeted me ! 
- oh seriously ! Louis is here too ! 
- well yeah they do live together...come on Mel don't you know that ?! I mean we know everything about them ! 
- oh just shut up and come with me ( I grabbed her by her hand and tugged her in the kitchen I kneeled in front of the glass door to see whats happening in there and to my expectation I saw Louis and Harry laughing so hard that they were going to explode at that moment I tripped on my own feet and to my luck Louis saw me he laughed even harder and he waved at me , seriously ?! I didn't know what to do so I waved at him and I crawled back inside the house Mia looked at me with a "seriously I need an explanation" look )
- okay please tell me what's happening ?
- uh okay I was drinking water and I saw Harry and he scared me so I spit the water and he laughed he looked like he was going to pee in his pants I got so angry till I opened the sink and I splashed the water all over the kitchen and myself and this time I am a 100% sure he peed his self ! And now he told Louis ! Oh what a joy ! 
( I looked at Mia she looked like she was going to explode she wanted to laugh so bad ) Miaaaa ! 
- fine fine ! But this is so funny ! 
- I know !  
We talked a little bit and we went to sleep I can't believe this bastard is now my neighbor ! Why me ! Well actually million of girls would love to be in my place I mean Harry Styles The Harry Styles is my neighbor my co-star he is in my everyday life and that pisses me off !!!!! I went here to L.A to start a new life but that didn't started well...

I woke up this morning really tired I had a bad dream too : this boy I saw in the field it was Harry I can't believe it ! ( P.S : the dream Melody had before she want to L.A ch. 1 ) I took a brief shower and went downstairs to join Mia :
- hey ! I said barely able to look at her
- hey Mel ! How are you feeling today ? Better ?
- uh yeah I think...its just that what does this jerk want from me ???
- well Mel don't get upset but um...I think that Harry likes you... (She said with a totally strait face how could she ?????) 
- MIA !! I thought it was clear that he has no feelings for me nether do I have for him understood !!!???
- well...
- well what ???
- don't be mad but I think somebody here has a cwushy wushy on Harry !
- really ? Well I hope its you because I don't !
- hell no ! I have a crush on Zayn !
- great so shut up ! 
I took my purse and my sunglasses and I went to the studio as soon as I entered I found Harry right in front of me great ! Just great ! :
- what do you want Styles ?
- umm nothing nothing at all its just that I want to ask you a question...
- well that means that you want something ! Any way what do you want ? Lets get over with this already !
- have you ever thought of becoming a comedian or even leak the video of you online ? Because it would be a hit !
- you know what fuck off ! And I didn't even record a video !
- are you sure because I am pretty sure I did ! (He showed me the video )
- oh no ! ( I wined ) please erase it ! ( I tried to grab the phone but I failed )
- no no no ! Not before we make a deal !
- ugh ! Fine what do you want ?
- I will give you the phone if you kiss me ! ( I should of known )
- uh no ! Never ! 
- fine then in a second the video will go viral ! 
- fine I guess I don't have a choice ! Come here...but I am warning you I didn't kiss anyone in my life time so...
- no ! Not here ! Are you crazy ! 
- look who's talking (I mumbled) then were ?
- in my dressing room ! And I want it passionate ! 
- just go go go NOW ! 
We went to his dressing room and he closed the door man he sure knows how to play this game but I will win ! He put his phone in his back pocket easy target !
I pushed him on the wall ! You should have seen the look on his face it was priceless he looked astonished ! I looked into his emerald eyes and I bit my lips...I leaned closer to him and slid my arms under his shirt he started stroking my hair and kissing my neck,he put his hands on my waist I was disgust but I also felt good but I had to get the phone not kiss him ! Immediately I snatched the phone from his back pocket without him noticing and then I stopped and told him that I didn't want to anymore he looked pathetic and started threatening me with the videos but I ignored him and ran back to my dressing room there is no time before I heard Harry scream my name so I locked the door and deleted the videos : I can't believe he didn't put a password ! Easy peasy ! I opened the door to find an angry Harry and I assure you, you don't want to be at my place but I stayed strong and the smile is on my face :
- here you go ! Thank you by the way !
- you little...
- say it don't be afraid ! 
- I am not ! (All eyes were on us)
- oh really in that case bye ! I want to change my outfit !
And I slammed the door in his face ! Boy I am winning ! Hahaha ! I went back to the set to join the angry Harry and the rest of the cast we took our places and we started acting :
- *sobbing* Romeo ! I am ruined !
- love what happened to you ?!
- my parents they don't like you and they decided to....(I looked down at my lap he lifted my chin )
- to what ??
- to marry me to another man ( I said with a low voice his facial expressions were amazing he looked hurt and broken...)
- no ! When are you getting married ?! (He yelled)
- tomorrow morning they wanted it to be a secret ! But I...
- shh ! Tonight meet me in your back yard we are going to escape I can't let you fade in front of my eyes I can't let the love of my life escape from me ! That will never happen (he started crying and he hugged me tight ) I love you Juliette !
- I love you too Romeo ! (We started crying together)
After that , we filmed the scene were Romeo and Juliette escaped the house and went to a hotel far away from the city . And then we filmed the few dates we had and our lives in these past three months so tomorrow will be the final scenes finally !
I quickly changed my clothes and went back to the limousine were Richard was waiting for me with a huge grin plastered on his face :
- hello Richard !
- why hello miss Melody ! Any thing new ?
- no...why are you asking ? ( I said confused )
- because yesterday you told me that you were going to ask Harry on a date !
- yeah well I am not going to do so anymore !
- what why ? I though you liked him !
- you thought ! 
- miss Melody what happened ?
- H-Harry is my new neighbor...
- so...
- so he observes me all the time and starts pissing me off and stuff !
- okay...miss Melody ?
- yes ? 
- today I heard Harry scream your name what happened ? 
- oh well yesterday something funny happened to me and he recorded it and threatened me to post it on the web unless I kiss him...
- so you kissed him ?!
- well no I acted like I was and I took his phone from his back pocket and I ran to my dressing room.
- mmmm you know what ?
- no what ?
- him asking you to kiss him makes me believe even more that he likes you,he could of asked you to do other stuff...
- I-I just don't care nether know so I am torn ! 
- well don't if its meant to be it will happen and if its not then it won't...he just came to your life ether to be a blessing or a lesson...
- you're right...
And with those words I arrived home and at the same time Harry did...but I acted like nothing happened and I entered the door...

Harry's POV

I entered the door angrily and slammed it behind me, that caused Louis to stumble on the stairs :
- wow ! Are you okay mate ?
- no ! I am not ! ( I threw myself on the couch )
- okay so tell me what happened ? ( Louis asked while sitting next to me on the couch and bitting into his apple )
- well you know the video I filmed yesterday ? 
- oh yeah hahaha this is the funniest video I've ever watched ! 
- I know right ! I threatened her with it and I told her if she doesn't kiss me I will post the video online...
- and...what's wrong with that didn't you get your kiss ?
-  well let me finish ! 
- fine ! 
- okay so she came to lock our lips but I told her to go in my dressing and I slipped my phone in my back pocket and before I know it she shoved me to the wall I was surprised (so is Louis he looked at me with a "really" look) she bit her lips and slid her arms under my shirt ( Louis had his mouth wide open ) I thought she was going to stroke my hair or squeeze my bum or something like that and I on the other hand I stroked her hair and kissed her neck passionately and I held her by her waist then she took the phone quietly and went to her dressing room I didn't know anything until I checked my pockets for my phone...
- uff ! That was harsh ! I loved that video !
- LOUIS !!!!
- sorry sorry ! But look on the bright side maybe that's the further you can go with her in the romantic stuff !!!
- ugh ! Thank you now you made me feel better , way much better (I said with a mocking voice )
- sorry...again.
I got up from the couch and went to my room to rest a bit tomorrow will be a really crowded day so I better be ready !
I got up in the morning with a jump on my Bed and eventually it was Louis :
- oh my ! Louis ! What the hell are you doing ?
- well wake up sleepy head its 11:42 Melody finished her gossip news and is on her way to the studio and you are going to be late !!
- what ?! No no no how did this happen ????
- well I dunno I walked yesterday in here to see if you're fine because you went to sleep at 7 and I found you here with a pile of tissues and your phone standing by Melody's picture but you know you got lucky she didn't see the background of her but how did this happen ?
- well its because it was already on the video when she erased it ! 
- oh yeah right...
- any way how about you leave me because I need to get ready ! 
- okay see ya ! I am going with El !
- where ?
- shopping !
- oh well have fun ! 
- thanks you too ! Oh and enjoy your not gonna happen kiss ! 
- LOUIS !!!!
- BYE !!! 
Okay now Harry relax ! Wait I think I forgot something but what is it ? Oh yeah ! I am late so lets go !!! I finished myself in less than half an hour and I ran to my car its 12:10 uh oh ! After a couple of minutes I arrived there and I was greeted by Melody who was dressed up in the prettiest dress I've ever saw ! A beautiful purple dress and her hair was in a bun and she had high-heels now so she was my height :
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_32/set?id=90348965

- well I think this is a habit for you to come late huh ?
- oh give me a break I am 5 minutes late !
- 20 minutes !!! 
- well I-
- just go change fast !
- fine ! 
I went to my dressing room and I wore a black tuxedo with a tie and Lou fixed my hair . I went on the set to find Melanie even though our relation these days isn't the best but she is still the most beautiful girl in the world to me :
- okay guys this is the end ! This is the big scene ! This is it ! Its the last shot make it perfect ! I want to feel sparks ! ( the director spoke )
- okay ! Don't worry you are ! ( Melody said )
- great so action ! 
 We sat in a ferris wheel cabin we were at the top I looked into Melody's eyes and she was looking in mine I swear I was going to melt but then she spoke quietly :
- Romeo this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen ! 
- well to me its the second most beautiful...(I looked down)
- what do you mean ?
- I saw you ! And to my eyes you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen !
- Romeo...(she smiled) I wanted to thank you for everything for saving me from my parents ! For making me the most happy person on earth ! Romeo you have no idea how much I care about you !
- Oh no need to thank me ! I did this because I care about you too ! Umm Juliette ?
- yes ?
- well its been three months now I think that I am ready to tell you something...
- what is it ?
- Juliette I think I love you...no I know I love you ! 
- Romeo ! I-I love you too ! 
And with that we both smiled and leaned closer to each other and then the director yelled cut to put the understudies at our place since she doesn't want to kiss me...
- great ! Great ! Just great ! Finally our masterpiece is over ! Massive thank you guys and massive thank you Melody and Harry for your collaboration with us ! You looked so cute ! You could make a really great couple you hear me so work on it ! ( I actually smiled )
- thank you Brian ! (Melody and I said)
- okay now you can go see you at the premiere in a month bye darlings ! 


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