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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Melody's POV

I woke up this morning determined to show Harry that I am strong and I will not surrender and fall for him ! I took a brief shower and wore some jeans a tank top and a pair of converse then went downstairs to eat breakfast .
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_58/set?id=92974784

 I found Mia there :
- heyyy girl are you feeling better ?
- yeah and you ?
- what do you mean I am fine ?!
- well I meant about yesterday you know the thing with mr. Styles ?
- uh oh well today I am determined to crush him ! I want to make him think twice next time when he auditions for the same movie as me ! ( I said bitting into my apple )
- thats my girl ! So what are you doing today after the shooting ?
- um I was thinking of baking some cupcakes you ?
- well I think I am going to run late in work because I didn't show up yesterday so...yeah my day is ruined !
- hahaha poor you ! Don't worry when I finish I will come visit you and help you if you want ! 
- yeah that is going to be fun !
- okay see you I need to go Richard is waiting for me bye !
I ran out the front door to find Richard waiting for me I hopped in the car :
- hello miss Melody ! 
- hi Richard how are you today ?
- oh why I am really good and you ?
- oh me too !
- miss Melody ???
- yes ?
- Well I hope you don't mind but I couldn't help but hear you conversation with miss Mia and saturday night and...
- and...
- I was wondering why do you hate mr. Styles like that ? I mean these few days you seemed sad , you weren't in your plate what's wrong ?!
- umm Richard he did stuff that I didn't like and...
- miss Melody you can tell me anything I won't tell and since your parents aren't here I would like to take your responsibility as my child ! You know that I am married and I have children and I care and and I consider you as one of them so don't be shy to tell me anything or take advice from me if you need anything just remember I am here for you ! 
- thank you I will but...
- but...
- oh what the heck ! I need to tell you , I don't want to tell my parents because they will get worried and come over here !
- okay so whats wrong between you and mr. Styles ?
- well everything was fine until saturday he pinned me to the wall did stuff and told me that I was his ! He is never leaving me ! And yesterday turns out that I have to kiss him ! But I won't , I talked to the director but after we exited the room I was late because he pulled me in a room and said that I will go crazy for him and some useless stuff ! I totally hate him ! I hate these stuff ! He is dreaming if he thinks that !
- miss Melody did you ever think that maybe mr. Styles likes you ?
- likes me that is just rubbish ! How could someone like me if he makes me live in this agony day and night ???
- my daughter is a big fan of One Direction . so recently I was with her in the living room and she was watching their interview and they asked Harry what would he do if he wants to impress a girl , he said that if he likes a girl a lot he will screw up a little bit and do everything possible to get her to like him back...
- and what does it have to do with me ?
- well he screwed every thing together so maybe...
- no Richard just no I know Harry and I am not his type of girl ! He doesn't like me he just wants me to get angry but I have no idea why !
- well as you say but I still think that he likes you because once when I was driving you with the boys I saw the way he looked at you this twinkle in his eyes it was special ! 
- I-I just don't know and I don't want to talk about it anymore please ! 
- as you wish ! But remember my words ! 
- okay thank you any way ...
We pulled in front of the studio and I got out of the car and into the studio were Sarah was waiting for me she said that Rosalinda and Cynthia were waiting for me too.
I was walking towards my dressing room I saw Harry he looked at me with an evil grin on his face but I didn't care less. I entered the room to find Rosalinda and Cynthia waiting for me. Rosalinda handed me what seemed like a high school uniform: a buttoned white shirt a black tie a black skirt , knee high socks and black flats
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/school_uniform/set?id=88542816

I wore them then came back to Cynthia so she could do my hair and makeup: she curled my hair and applied natural makeup.
After a few moments the director came in and said that there is 5 minutes left! So I left them and went on the scene where I saw Harry he looked so cute in his high school uniform. Ugh! I just can't believe I said that!
-  okay! So Melody and Harry you are both walking in opposite directions when you bump into each other and you say your dialogue deal?
We positioned our selfs on sett till the director yelled ACTION!!
After the director yelled I walked carrying my books and bumped into Harry :
- oh ah I am so sorry I-I didn't meant to ! 
- oh thats okay ! Let me just help you with these ! 
- thank you ! ( I said getting up and I stopped at his eyes ! Oh my ! His green eyes are really amazing ! Oh damn it ! )
- any way my name is Romeo 
- oh thats funny my name is Juliette ! 
- ah hahaha that is : Romeo and Juliette ! Well I was wondering if the princess Juliette would like to go drink tea with me ?
- yes of course Romeo lets go ! 
We filmed the scene were we go to drink tea and then become best friends ! 
aaaaand CUT !!!! The director said I am so glad this is over ! 
I quickly got off the stage trying to avoid Harry's gaze , entered the dressing room and locking the door behind me .
I changed back to my normal clothes and got out of the room I didn't find Harry any where so I decided to make a run for it as I was walking to the parking lot to find Richard I bumped into...Harry :
- so are you trying to avoid me ? Did you think I look hot ?
- what ? Nooo ! That isn't true at all ! 
- yeah right ! Any way you looked hot in your uniform !
- thank you ( I blushed oh no ! )
- ooooh you blushed ! 
- pfffft no I didn't ! 
- yes you did ! See you are beginning to fall for the Styles charm ! 
- whatever Styles ! Just let me go ! 
- fine but remember you ARE going to go crazy for me !
I quickly walked away from him and went to the limousine were Richard was waiting for me I didn't speak a single word I am still thinking about Harry his green eyes are still in my mind ! I think I might be falling for Styles...again ! Nooooooo ! I don't want to ! He is just a player ! He will play with my heart ! I couldn't get my mind strait so I shake it all away ! Way to go I really showed him that I won't fall for him ! After a phew minutes we arrived home I opened the door and went upstairs 
to change into jeans and a cute top to start making those cupcakes !
Outfit :http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_94/set?id=98475072

 I ran down the stairs entered the kitchen and opened my cooking book so I guess we need : eggs flour vanilla water sugar....( sorry lovelies I just don't know the ingredients ) and for the icing we need sugar water and colorant ! Lets do this ! I cracked the eggs and put them in the bowl then I mixed them with water flour sugar and vanilla ! After words I put the mix in the cupcake patterns (???) and put them in the stove . Now all I have to do is wait for them to be ready and prepare the icing ! I mixed together the sugar and the water with some multicolored colorants then placed them in the fridge to cool them up ! after a phew minutes the cupcake were ready I placed them in the fridge to let them cool too then I designed them with really cute patterns and a "welcome" all over the ones for our new neighbor ! I decided to take them myself there , maybe I could get to know them and maybe be friends ! I took the cupcakes in a nice basket and walked to the villa thats beside mine I knocked on the door and waited for an answer finally a house keeper opened the door for me :
- hello ! 
- hello ! I know you ! you are Melody K. ! Nice to meet you I am huge fan !
- oh thats nice well nice to meet you too...?
- Kayla !  Are you the neighbor next door ?
- oh nice name Kayla ! And yes I am !
- thank you ! Any way I can see that you are here to visit your new neighbors right ?
- yeah 
- I noticed because of the "welcome" cupcakes ! 
- oh yeah do you want one ?
- no thank you...
- oh ok as you wish ! 
- oh I am so sorry I got carried by our conversation come on in ! 
- um is it your house ?
- no actually I am the house keeper my boss isn't here he has a meeting !
- oh I see then I better go thank you any way I will come later bye !
- bye ! And thank you ! 
I gave her the basket and waved back at her then I went home grabbed the other cupcakes and went to the studio with Richard were I have to go find Mia I think she is waiting for me ! I entered the studio determined not to tell Mia anything about Harry maybe I will forget easily about him ugh ! What on earth am I saying ? I am going to see him tomorrow ! After a phew hours we went back home and tried to forget all these memories but I failed !  

Harry POV 

I watched Melody as she entered the limo she was just amazing today and she looked hot in her high school uniform I think I might like this movie after all ! And I think that she is beginning to fall for me ! Yes ! Zayn was right I have to go tell the boys ! I quickly ran to my car and drove to the studio were the boys were meeting me.
As soon as I got there I opened the door and almost tripped on my own feet ! I quickly opened the door and yelled :
- Guys ! Guess what ! Styles is winning youhoo !!! ( than I looked and found strangers recording demos they looked at me like I was some sort of freak ) uh oh ! Sorry wrong door ! Now if you will excuse me .... BYE ! 
I quickly ran away from these strangers wow ! That was really awkward ! I finally found the door leading me to the boys and I opened it carefully maybe I was wrong again ! But to my chance I wasn't :
- hey Hazz ! You look like someone lightened up your face what happened ? ( Liam said looking at me with a huge grin on his face )
- well guys ! Good news ! Styles is winning ! 
- oh thats great but why don't you seem exited ? ( Niall asked me )
- well actually I lost it all when I entered the wrong room and shouted at strangers !
- oooh okay ! ( Niall said laughing )    
- so tell us now ! Did my plan work ? ( Zayn said )
- it did it totally did ! And now I am half way threw the game !
- okay I know that but what happened exactly ?
- we were shooting the first scene and she looked into my eyes I felt sparks when she did and I am sure that she did too plus she totally avoided me after the shooting but I caught her on her way out I talked to her and told her that she looked cute so she blushed and I told her that she is falling for me and she totally ignored me !
- okay and how is this nice if she ignored you ? ( Niall asked )
- well she ignored me because she doesn't want to admit that she likes me !!!
- oh okay I get it now ! ( Niall said thank goodness )
- that is great Hazz ! I can hear the bells from now ! ( Liam said )
- yeah the ambulance's siren when Melody finds out what he did ! ( Louis said )
- haha really funny (I said in a mocking tone) any way guys I need to go prepare myself for tomorrow's big surprise !
- ah okay see you ! 
- okay bye ! 
I went back to my flat and prepared the last few things before tomorrow ! I am 100% sure that Melody is going to be astonished by my surprise I am pure evil ! I think...

I woke up this morning really tired I had no power to get up but then I remembered my angel and the energy re-filed me ! The magic she does to me cannot be described I am starting to think that she is a witch ! She literally drives me crazy ! I think that...No I know that I love her and she is the one !
I took a brief shower and combed my hair : my curls fell over my face ; after all got to look good for the lady right ? Man I was handsome ! 
I went to the studio to find Melody ready and talking with the director she was wearing green pants and a "I love cupcakes" shirt and some sandals she looked simply beautiful ! Plus see I knew she loves me ! ( because Harry is a cupcake :P )
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/lt_cupcake/set?id=88715593

 I passed pass her and grinned at her she looked at me and didn't pay much attention to the director until he called her name several times oh yes ! I entered my dressing room and wore the clothes that were placed on my chair : a polo shirt blue jeans and converses I exited my room to find Lou waiting for me :
- Harry Harry Harry ( she said with a mysterious tone oh my , she is on for something )
- w-what ?
- how could you not tell me ? ( she said with a angry mocking happy voice )
- what ? How could I not tell you what ?
- that you like her ! You dumb ass !
- like who ? ( okay she is definitely on to me ! )
- Melody ! And don't try to deny it ! 
- what noo ! ( she looked at me with a "are you sure look" ) well I-I oh okay I surrender but who told you Lou ????? Is it Louis or Niall ? Liam or Zayn ?
- relax Styles nobody told me ! Its obvious I mean come on the way you look at her the way your eyes sparkle or your face lightens up when you see her , all I see you doing is looking at her ! Face it you loooove her ! 
- uh shhhhh don't rase your voice I don't want the world to know ! 
- why ? 
- well because she...
- she what ?
- she doesn't like me back !
- are you kidding me ?
- no why what do you know ?
- well nothing its just that she also have that sparkle in her eyes when she sees you...
- what really ? ( I almost jumped out of my chair )
- well its seems like it , yesterday when you were filming she looked at you in a way that I can't describe it was more than just acting you know and from then I always see that sparkle in her eyes !
- I hope so...
Lou fixed my hair and I went on set to join Melody ; we were going to film the scene were she is going to do an accident . After the director yelled action we started walking together talking about stuff :
- hahaha I know right ! ( she said )
- it is totally funny , ( I stopped ) um Juliette I need to tell you something 
- yeah of course Romeo ( we were standing on the edge of the road )
- well you know we've been friends now for a while and I think I-I am in ( at that moment a dog passed really fast and shoved her in front of a car : I can't describe how it felt )
- JULIETTE !!! NOOO !!! ( she was injured badly well she seemed so but it was so real I ran towards her and I hugged her tight in my chest while crying I-I thought I lost her man this was really hard ! ) Juliette wake up I need you please please wake up ! I wanna see your beautiful brown eyes and you perfect smile ! Juliette don't leave me here alone please ! ( at that moment a person came to make me let her go ) NO ! I need her I love her ! I wanna stay with her let me go ! ( the ambulance took her and I got in with her I held her hand and started kissing it and mumbling that I need her...) 
AAAAnd cut ! The director said :
- Styles you were great ! Keep it up ! You looked like you really loved her ! And you cared for her ! Good job son ! Now go prepare yourself for the next scene !
- thank you ! And I will go ! ( I am kinda of upset because Melody didn't say anything about my awesome performance but... )
- HARRY ! ( it was Lou )
- yeah !?
- you were great ! You seemed seriously in love !
- well maybe its because I really am ! But you know Lou I really felt like my life was over when I saw her with the fake blood and stuff...
- of course you are going to feel that way !
I prepared myself for the big scene this time I am going to confess my love for her .
I went on set and I kneeled beside Melody who was on the bed I held her soft hand  and I waited till the director yelled action my eyes were watery and I couldn't speak properly :
- *sobbing* J-Juliette its all my fault I didn't protect you the way I should ! If I didn't talk to you , you wouldn't be here ! But any way there are plenty of things that I wanted to say to you Juliette , we've been friends now for a while and I-I think that I like you you know what I know I like you more than just friends from the first time I led my eyes on you , I fell under your spell you make me go dizzy , every time you laugh I feel like I want to jump all over the place and kiss you and hug you and every time you look in my eyes I feel butterflies and every time we hug my heart skips a beat ! ( I squeezed her hand when I felt her squeeze mine too my eyes went wide and I jumped of the ground )
- Romeo !
- no wait here I am going to go get the nurse ( I left her hand and shouted to the nurse , my heart was beating so fast that I felt like it was going to pop out of my chest and I've got the biggest smile on my face the nurse quickly got in and after a few minute she got out )
- good news ! She is in a good health and there is no damages nether bruises ! ( I was relieved ) but...she wanted to see a special someone I believe his name is Romeo ( my heart beated even faster )
- i-its me ! 
- oh you must be her boyfriend ( I actually smiled when she said that )
- ugh ! ( I heard her mum say in the background : that women doesn't like me )
- oh actu-
- oh oh oh no talking just go ! Come on ! ( she dragged me in the room where I found Juliette she was laying there her eyes were sparkling )
- Romeo !? ( she said with a low voice )
- Juliette ! Are you okay ?
- yes don't worry about me ! But there is something I need to tell you !
- sure what is it ?
- Romeo I-I heard every word you said a few minutes ago ( my heart stopped ) 
- Juliette I-I am so sorry I-
- you don't need to explain , the truth is I like you too and more than just friends ! I always liked you ! From the first time I met you ! 
- you do ? 
- yes I do ! ( I looked up at her face her eyes were shinning so bright I was lost in them and I think she was lost in mine after several seconds I hugged her it wasn't in the script but she hugged me any way so...)
Aaaand cut ! The director yelled :
- you two were simply amazing ! This is the most romantic scene I ever saw ! You two are the most talented actors I've ever worked with ! You seem  really in love ! Its amazing seriously good job darlings ! 
- euh thanx...( we said in union and we both laughed afterwords )
- okay your job here is done ! You can go now see you tomorrow ! 
- okay bye !
I went to my dressing room and changed my clothes than suddenly I was stopped by...Melody (that was un expectable) :
- hey
- oh hey ! 
- so I just wanted to say that umm...wow this is hard you were amazing...okay that was awkward 
- what sorry ? I didn't hear you well say that again please
- ugh ! I am just trying to give you a compliment and like usual you turned it into something bad ! 
- no no no ! I am sorry I heard you I just wanted to you know hear that again because you never gave me any compliment its just that ....
- okay okay thats fine so I am going to say that again but its the last time so don't make me say it again you were amazing you got me stuck in your eyes...
- wait wait wait you added something you know the lats part
- yeah I did got a problem ? 
- ummm you are starting to understand ! 
- okay now you pissed me off ! 
- I am sorry ! 
- that's okay 
( we looked at each other's eyes and I fell for her...again)
- uh oh (she broke the contact damn it !) I-I need to go so bye !
- bye...
I looked at her as she run to her limo well at least we had a little something going on then when she completely went I got into my car and went home I finally need to accomplish my plan ! After a few minutes I went to mine and Louis's Flat to find him packing our last packages finally I am going to realize my plan so lets go...

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