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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Melody's POV

finally ! Today I am going to audition for my very first movie ! After years of acting in secret in front of the mirror in my room ! It is finally happening ! I shot out of bed feeling exited and in some odd way not happy I am feeling that there is something in the air but... I quickly took a shower and got dressed in a really nice dress and flats then I curled my hair and I applied some natural makeup I looked like a princess ! 
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_21/set?id=87258238

As I was walking down the stairs I bumped into Mia who was by the way awful looking :
- Mia ??? What happened to you ( ugh ! I don't think this is my lucky day if its starting that way ! )
- I-I am atchuuu ( I collapsed backwards almost tripping she must be sick really sick )
- okay...you are atchuu I got it ! 
- hahaha no actually I am sick ! I can't go to work today 
- umm do you want me to call the studio to inform them ?
- no thats ok I already did 
- uh okay I will be here as fast as I could and I will bring with me chicken soup maybe you will feel better if you drink it but don't get cold just warm up in your blanket.....
( I didn't stop talking until I found myself kicked out of the house and Mia waving from the window and saying that she is okay ! )
Well I guess I get carried to much sometimes but...its me and she is one of my only best friends so I care about her...but I should seriously learn how to shut my mouth on the right timing ! I looked behind me to find Richard he was waiting for me to come. I jumped in the limousine and we went to our destination : the studio . As I walked in the halls I felt butterflies in my stomach I just can't help it I am flustered ! I knocked on the door and pushed it open to reveal Sarah and some man who I guess were the director and the producer I shook both their hands and sat down on the chair :
- hello miss Melody ! Nice to meet you ! 
- hi nice to meet you both !
- thank you anyway we've heard a lot about you and just let me say that we are really big fans your work as a reporter on the worlds biggest channel is just simply great ! We hope your acting is too !
- oh don't worry about that I am as successful in acting as I am in hosting shows or  singing !
- I knew it ! So I don't have to question that you are in this project !?
- oh well of course I am ! 
- that is great please can you sign this paper ?
- yeah sure ( he handed me a piece of paper and I signed it )
- well welcome my little star ! Let me explain you the story of the movie so are you ready ?
- yeah lets get started ! 
- well its the story about two strangers that will meet and then become best friends and suddenly will fall in love with each other and the boy will make the first move by revealing his feelings for her when she was ill and was supposed to be asleep and then they will date but eventually will be stopped by her parents because they thought that he wasn't the best one for her and they want to make her see another guy which is the son of their best friends but she didn't want to so she got away with him and after 3 months of dating he said he loved her on the night of their anniversary on the top of the ferris wheel and they kiss their very first kiss !
- oh wow thats is a very nice story I can't wait to film it ! But um can you please tell with who I am going to work ?
- ah that is the last point that we need to talk about ! We didn't do all the auditions we just did it for you and your costar which is aha just in time welcome !  Miss Melody meet your costar !( just at this moment the door opened and....)
- HARRY ! ( I said chocked words are still stuck in my mouth as I looked at him and he had this evil grin plastered on his face ugh ! )
- well hello to you too Mel ! 
- oh so I guess you guys are really good friends right ! 
- were friends ( I mumbled in disagreement )
- yes we are ! Very close ! ( Harry said and then gave me a hug I swear I was going to beat the shit out of him but I stayed calm even though I was boiling inside ! )
- okay that is totally great ! ( as he said those words I remembered the movie and...)
- w-wait does that mean that I have to kiss him ? ( I could feel Harry's eyes scanning me and his grin getting bigger )
- yes is there something wrong ? You are close friends after all !
- its just that I feel awkward kissing my best friend ( I chocked at the last part ) can't we do something about it ? 
- well since you only kiss once and thats at the end of the movie I guess we can make some magic tricks !
- oh yes that would be perfect ! ( Harry's happy face turned into an angry face )
- no no you can't just do that can you she have to kiss me its in the contract ! ( Harry said in a demanding voice )
- well actually it says that we will follow the rules of her contract and her contract says that she can kiss or not kiss the person that she wants so...
- oh that is just great ! Isn't Harry ? ( I pulled him in a I won hug )
- hahaha yes it is ! ( I could feel he was pissed and YES ! Melanie 1 Harry 0 )
- very good , tomorrow we will start shooting ! See you soon !
Harry Sarah and I exited the room Sarah went to grab some papers and Harry and I stayed together , for the first time I wasn't pissed at all I was happy because he couldn't do what he wanted ! All of a sudden I was pulled into a room and of course Harry pulled me in there he pinned me to the wall but I wasn't scared there was a huge grin plastered on my face :
- why on earth did you do this Mel ?
- okay first of all don't you dare to call me Mel k ? I have a name and its Melody understood Harold ? ( I know he get pissed if I call him Harold so I did...) second of all your little plan didn't work Styles ! I will never kiss you !
- ugh ! You little rebel ! You don't want to kiss me ?
- well of course I don't why would I kiss a bastard like you ?
- well I don't know maybe because I am a member of the world biggest boy-band ? Maybe because I am cute and hot ? Maybe because Million of girls all around the world want to ? 
- okay now you are just being crazy ! Harry what happened to you ? You weren't like that at all ! You've changed ! And keep in mind that I will never like you nor kiss you !
- well and keep in mind that you are going to be mine and only mine you are going to kiss me and go crazy for me ! Plus that attitude you've got I like it ! 
Those were the last words he said before he leaned close to me and whispered in my ear that I will be his ! Sending shivers threw my body Ugh ! In his dreams ! Suddenly I felt a hand go up my thigh I quickly pushed him off of me , he then smiled an evil smile , opened the door winked at me then went ! I stayed there for a while thinking of what happened right now when suddenly my phone rang it was Mia :
- Melody were are you ? 
- I-I am on my way ( I lied )
- okay just come home and bring me that soup I am starving ! 
- hahaha okay I am on my way ! 
I exited the room and went to the limousine Richard was waiting for me we then brought soup and went back home .
As I entered the door I saw Mia laying on the couch while looking on the TV that was turned off , oh well thats odd I looked at her confused :
- Mia ???
- oh hey Mel ! 
- why are you looking at the TV and its off ?
- oh I was thinking...
- thinking of what ? ( I said before I sat next to her on the couch )
- well yesterday Zayn heard me singing and...
- and...
- well he told me if I wanted to you know record a single or stuff call him...
- well thats great ! Why didn't you tell me ! Well if you want just go tell him don't be embarrassed ! 
- yeah I guess you are right lets just wait a phew weeks I think its better !
- well okay as you wish !
- so anyway what happened there ? 
- ugh ! Its awful Mia ! Where ever I go he follows me ! I can't believe it ! (I smashed my face to the pillow)
- who ? Harry ?
- yeah ! 
- oh my gosh what did he do ?
- well I made the contract with the director and the producer and they told me that it was a romantic/drama movie and at the end we have to kiss on the top of the ferris wheel and then I asked him who is going to be my costar when suddenly Harry came in and flash news he is my costar and I have to kiss him !
- oh my gosh what did you do ?
- well mr Styles though he was more clever than me well then screw him I told the director that we were friends and its weird if I kiss him and he accepted so he will do a trick at the end !
- thats my girl ! But how did Harry react ?
- well at first he was shocked but acted like if its okay but...
- but...
- after we exited the room Sarah went and we stayed alone...
- don't say that he kissed you and then you fell for him and then you begged the director to re-add the kiss scene with even more kisses ! Melody nooooooo !
- hey hey hey slow down you horses ! That never happened and will never happen ! Got it ? He pulled me in a room pinned me to the wall and asked why I did this so I told him that I don't want to kiss him and I will never like him or kiss him ! So he got mad and he told me that I will and I will go crazy for him and stuff then he leaned on me and whispered in my ear that I am going to be his ! But suddenly I felt a hand going up my thigh so I quickly pushed him of me !  But this bastard will never ever win ! I will get to say the last word ! 
- good girl now enough with the chatting give me my soup ! 
- fine fine what a grumpy girl ! 
- hahaha ( I gave her her soup and she ate it happily )
- so how are you feeling now ?
- oh I am fine I just have a little cold nothing else !
- well thats great now if you will excuse me I have to go !
- why ? 
- well I want to go to the market do you want to go with me ?
- uh yeah just wait I want to go dress up !
- okay just go fast ! 
I saw Mia run the stairs into her room when I heard the sound of a truck outside I went to see through the window whats happening : turns out we have new neighbors oh yay ! I love meeting new people ! After a few minutes Mia came running , I quickly grabbed my jacket glasses and hat : I don't want to be recognized I had enough today  
We went walking to the market its not really far way from our house !

Harry's POV

I just can't believe what she did ! I am so angry ! I don't know if its because I am afraid of loosing her or because she didn't want to kiss me and this whole thing is screwed ! Any way now the movie has no meaning if I will not be rewarded by a kiss from my beauty ! And I don't even know if it was right to talk with her that little talk we  had in that room ! But the surprises aren't over yet ! I still got a phew tricks upon my sleeves ! And I promise to you Melody that you are going to go crazy for me and I never let my promises by ! 
I walked to my car that was parked in the parking lot and rode it back to my flat . As I walked these few steps I was sinking in agony tears slipping down my cheeks I must really love her because it hurt me to believe that she won't kiss me ! I am in need of her touch her kisses her caring ness her presence her love ! I need her ! I opened the door went to the living room and collapsed on the couch my face facing the pillow and crying as a few seconds passed and I felt someone kneeling beside me and touching my shoulder I was hoping it was my angel but no ! Its Louis :
- hey mate whats wrong ? ( Louis said with a soft tone )
- M-Melody refused to kiss me ( I said while crying even more into the pillow )
- what ? How did that happen ?
- well I walked into the room happy because I am finally winning but then she looked uncomfortable so the director asked her whats happening and she said that she thought it was weird to kiss her best friend and he said since the kiss is at the last moment he will do a trick and...
- and...why didn't you object !?
- well I did ! But he said that they have to follow the rules of her contract and her contract says that she has the right to kiss whoever she wants !
- and why are you so...so...hurt ???
- because I am in need of her touch of her lips of her !!!
- well don't worry ! You still have a lot of tricks !
- yeah you are right ! I will never let her say the last word !
- come on lets go join the boys !




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