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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


23. Chapter 1


Chapter 1 

Melody's POV 

... "I am so in love with you" Harry whispered in my ear as we rocked back and forth under the moonlight "I love you too" I whispered back in his ear than kissed him again...this was the beginning of a new life and a wonderful relationship...I just couldn't believe what happened I finally can be with the love of my life without having to live in the past , he lets me forget anything and live in the moment ! Tonight,was an emotional night everything inside of me is finally released I confessed to Harry my true feelings so did he :
- Melody ?? ( Harry asked me )
- yes ? Oh and now you can call me whatever you want baby ( We both chuckled )
- okay Love *I blushed* I just want you know that I am sorry for everything I did to you because I kind of figured out that you watched that interview didn't you ? 
- yes I did watch it and Harry no need to apologise you are already forgiven but I am the one who should be sorry for hurting your feelings I just didn't want to be hurt again...
- its okay cupcake plus I also want you to know that I am the luckiest man on earth for having you I really love you Melody....
- I love you too Harry ( he cupped my face and kissed me . Every time he did that I felt sparks and my stomach stumbled all over again )
-oh God I wish I could kiss you every second ! 
- but you can ! You know I wouldn't mind too ! ( he leaned and kissed me again but in the middle of our kiss his phone rang ) 
- ugh ! Wait princess let me just answer this *he took out his phone from his pocket and looked at the caller ID* oh hey its Zayn ! 
- oh don't tell him what happened ! ( I quickly said )
- okay baby I will put it on speaker ! *answeres the phone* hello ? Yes Zayn...
- Harry mate are you okay ? We are all very worried about you ! Please come back I now you are hurting inside I feel the same way with Mia but what can we do just please come back ( Zayn said I was actually surprised why did he said he was hurting with Mia and I also guess Harry was surprised as well but less than me I think mr. Styles has an explanation to do ! )
- Zayn don't worry after an hour or so I will be home okay just don't get alarmed or anything I am fine...
- okay drive carefully and if you need anything I am here okay ?
- okay thanks mate... (With that he hanged up the phone and looked at me when he saw me with a "explain now" look )
- okay...I can explain...
- oh don't worry you will explain why Zayn was hurting with Mia ? Harry what is going on ? 
- okay look sweetie Zayn has a huge crush on Mia...
- wait he has a crush on Mia ? ( I said with a confused tone and look )
- yeah...
- than why is he dating Miranda ? ( I asked him )
- okay look we were all as surprised as you girls were when we knew but the point is Zayn thought that Mia doesn't like him back he thought she just liked him as a friend that's why he is dating Miranda but he doesn't even like her...
- um Harry Mia likes Zayn back a lot... 
- what ? 
- like I said 2 seconds ago she LOVES him and she was gonna tell him until Miranda showed up ! Look here is the story Mia has a crush on Zayn I have a crush on you and Rayane has a crush on Niall and that is from the beginning that means ever since you were in the X-factor...
- oh okay now I get it...you know what we should do ! 
- what ? 
- we should bring them back together ! 
- umm actually I don't think its a good idea Harry I mean let them discover that by their selves..
- yeah I think you are right...umm love how are we gonna tell them that we are now GF and BF ? 
- how about we organise a dinner tomorrow night ? I will just stay in a hotel tonight I have enough money and meanwhile you will invite them tomorrow at your place ? 
- yeah great idea ! We will invite Sarah and Paul Louis and Eleanor Liam Niall and Rayane Mia of course and Zayn...um should we invite Miranda ?
- yeah... I dunno about that but it will be disrespectful towards Zayn if we don't invite her but on the other hand it will make Mia really sad...but I say we invite her...
- mmm okay but now lets go find you an hotel room and eat because I am starving ! 
- hahaha okay baby lets go ( as I was turning back to go Harry grabbed me by the waist and planted his soft lips on mine ) 
- you said that I could kiss you every second so...
- oh my god ! You are so cheesy ! But I love you any way ! Come on lets go I am hungry ! ( I grabbed Harry's hand and took him to the car )
We drove to the nearest hotel which was I think Four Seasons or something like that any way I checked in for a day in a lovely room it has an amazing view...Harry and I went up to the room an employee came with us and helped me with my luggage but before he went he asked us both for an autograph and a picture and of course we both accepted gladly I really love communicating with my fans its one of my favourite hobbies ! After we were done Harry and I ordered some food to the room and while we were eating Harry and I talked and organised every thing for tomorrow :
- okay so everything is set and ready we just need to call them right ? ( I asked Harry who was playing with my hair )
- yes ! I will call them lets go ! *he picked up his phone and dialled Paul and Sarah the the rest they all accepted with joy but how could they ?! I am not with them :P * okay so everything is ready ! 
- finally ! ( I said while stroking his cheek he then kissed my hand ) Harry its getting late shouldn't you get going ?
- um I guess you are right come on give me a good bye kiss ! 
- sure ! ( I kissed him one last time and lead him to the door I didn't want him to leave :( but its getting late and I don't want him to drive alone )
- *standing at the door* are you sure I can't stay the night ?
- no you can't ! Now go ! 
- pretty pretty please ! ( he begged me OMG he is so cute )
- Harry no ! 
- ugh ! At least just a kiss ! ( he wined )
- Harry bye ! 
- but Melanie ! 
- bye ! ( and I closed the door in his face )
- I love you...( I heard him say from behind the door then I laughed )
I walked over to the window to take one last look at Harry luckily he looked at my window and saw me he waved at me and sent me a kiss I sent him one too and then I watched him get into his car and drive away it made me sad I miss him already its going to be quite weird to call him sweetie and cupcake love and stuff kiss him and cuddle with him I know its my dream but I kinda got used to getting in fights with him though...but I like it better that way. I sighed and thought what will happen when the media will know will I receive hate ? Will this affect my job ? Or even Harry ? What will our friends reaction be ? Will they leave us alone ? I don't know ! I just want to go to sleep and forget everything but before I need to call my parents I went back to my bed took my phone amd dialed my parents number :
- hello ? ( I heard my mom say )
- hi mum... ( I said almost crying I miss her so much ! )
- Melanie ? Is that you baby girl ? (she said its like she was gonna cry too)
 - yeah mum can you please call dad too ? ( I asked her )
- sure baby wait a sec *she called my dad to come*
- baby girl ! 
- daddy...
- yes sweetie ! How are you ? Are you okay ?
- yes daddy don't worry its just that I miss you both so much...
- we miss you too baby (I heard my mom say)
- um any way I wanted to tell you something...
- what is it ? Do you need anything ? ( my dad said )
- no no...its just that today I was going back to Lebanon..
- what why ? What happened ? ( my mom said concerned )
- no actually something great happened Mom Dad do you remember that boy-band I used to Love  ? 
- oh you mean The Direction ? Or something ? ( I laughed at my dad's comment )
- hahaha no dad its One Direction...
- oh yeah sorry baby so what about it ? 
- well do you also remember that boy I used to have a huge crush on him you know his name is Harry Styles ? 
- oh yeah ! ( my mum said ) 
- well look what happened we all became best friends a year ago and he fell for me but I didn't know that because you know the past had control on me but he tried to shoot a romantic movie with me you know "Impossible Love" ? And he tried singing with me a romantic song as well and yeah also "Don't let me go" and he also became my neighbour and other stuff...
- really ? Well what did that boy do ? Should I come brake his face I swear if he hurt you I will kill him !  ( I chuckled at my dad's comment )
- hahaha no daddy and he won't...any way we got in a fight a phew weeks ago that's why I decided to come back here but before I went I saw an interview and he was on it he confessed everything and he said that he loved me and he started to cry its when I realised that I really love him too so I quit everything and went to him he was crying at the port all alone when we were there I told him everything and why I didn't notice him and why I refused to be nice to him because we used to get in plenty and this time really plenty of fights together but he never gave up...so he promised me he will never hurt me and stuff and that's when I became his GF...
- Baby...( I heard my mom cry and I think my dad was tearing up ) you are growing up so fast I am so proud of you ! And I am sure that you will be super happy with him ! He seems really nice ! Congratulation baby ! ( my mom said ) congratulation sweetie ! We wanna meet him as fast as possible but I am sure that you are grown enough to know the right thing so I trust you but this will not stop me from being over protective ! ( my dad said and I startec crying )
- thank you dad thank you mom ! I can't thank you enough ! Trust me he makes me feel special ! I have never felt like this before ! He makes me happy and I am sure that you will love him as much as I do ! I will talk to you on Skype with him okay ? 
- okay baby girl ( my mom said )
We talked for hours and hours I have no idea how much my bill is right now O.o after we finished I felt a lot more comfortable and then I went to sleep tomorrow is going to be a great day ! 
I woke up this morning by someone singing his voice was angelic I opened my eyes to see Harry singing "Last First Kiss" too me :
I wanna be last yeah
Baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first yeah
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if you only knew I wanna be last yeah
Baby let me be your last, your last first kiss
I smiled at him he was in front of me standing there in the light he was literally my angel I sat down and motioned for him to come sit down next to me when he sat down I grabbed him by the neck and crashed my lips to his :
- thank you ! I don't know what to say this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to me...(I started I was cut of by his warm lips)
- its not over yet cupcake (he stood up and got a chariot full of food with a rose in the middle) SURPRISE ! 
- hahaha oh my God Harry ! You are spoiling me much aren't you ? 
- I don't care as long as you are happy ! 
- I am thank you ! I seriously don't know how to thank you ! 
- just smile and be with me and that is it ! 
- thank you ! I love you !
- I love you too baby (he smiled showing his dimples !) come on lets eat ! 
he helped me out of bed and pulled a chair for me he sat right in front of me and we started eating he made me laugh several times and I made him laugh too :
- you know maybe its our first day dating but you've literally made me happy enough to go shout to the world that I love you ! 
- hahaha Harry ! I feel the same ! By the way yesterday I called my parents and told them everything they were really happy especially because its you...
- because its me ? 
- yes they knew about my crush on you for years !
- oooh okay *he chuckled*     
- well guess what ?
- what ? 
- well after we make our relationship official they want to Skype us...
- why don't we Skype them now ? 
- uhhh wow I thought you would be embarrassed and shy unsure...
- why would I be like this ? 
- well that what should happen usually right ? I mean I haven't experience it but oh well...
- princess I love you and I am sure of everything I do with you ! Plus I would love to meet the two awesome people who made my life complete !
- oh my God stop you are making go crazy ! 
- hahaha ! 
- well fine so do you wanna Skype them now ? 
- I would love to !
- um look Harry I don't want to pressure you just tell me if you are not ready ! Please I don't want you to leave as fast as possible ! 
- Melody stop I want to meet your parents ! 
- Oh my God you are awesome ! 
- thank you only because you make me awesome ! 
Harry and I laughed than we Skype my parents :
- hello baby girl ! How are you today ! ( My mom greeted me )
- hi momy I am super fine ! How are you ? 
- Mmmm I am great and something tells me that smile is because your boyfriend am I right ? 
- oh mum ! Yes you are ! ( I chuckled and Harry was waiting for me to call him )
- mum can you call dad please ? 
- okay sweetie a minute *she called my dad and he came*
- hello ! 
- hi dady ! How are you ? 
- I am super fine and how are you ? 
- I am great too ! Um Mom Dad I want to introduce you to a very special person Harry Styles my boyfriend ( at this moment Harry came and sat next to me the smile on my parents face got bigger than I have ever seen)
- hello mr. And mrs. Kurtn ! ( Harry said and my heart melted ) how are you today ? 
- well hello Harry ! We are great and how are you sweetheart !? ( my mom said with a wide smile and then Harry smiled even bigger )
- I am great ! Thank you for asking ! 
- hello Harry I am Melody's father ! Nice to meet you you seem a great lad I am really happy because my daughter loves you ! But I am warning you break her heart once and I will brake your face ! Understood ? 
- Daaaaaaaad ! Please he is my first boyfriend take it easy ! ( I wined )
- what ?! he needs to know ! ( my dad said and Harry chuckled0 )
- yes sir ! And trust me that will never happen because I love your daughter and I will treasure her in my heart ! 
- that is what I wanted to hear ! Good job ! ( my dad finished )
- so tell me son what do you for living ? ( my mom asked him )
- well I am an international pop star that means I sing but I finished my education in college and started university two years ago I want to be a lawyer...
- um nice choice...( my mom said and I was literally cracking up ! I mean come on he just got here don't creep him out ! )
We talked for a phew hours until it became lunch Harry and I decided to head downstairs to the restaurant when we got there Harry got us a table and we ordered :
- Harry I am so sorry about my parents...
- oh don't worry I know how parents can be plus lets see when you will meet my parents what will happen then ! 
- well like you said I am sure of everything I do with you so...
- hahaha you are the best ! 
- you are the best too ! 
Harry and I ate and talked for what seemed like hours until it became 3 o'clock we needed to go prepare our selves Harry gave me a kiss on the cheek and went home he left me alone to get ready !  
I went back to my room locked the door and went straight into the bathroom to take a hot shower after I finished I dried myself up and wore a pair of shorts and a tank top then I straightened my hair and done my makeup like usual some natural makeup I looked at the clock and it was 6:10 I decided to wear my clothes : a cream dress lace from its  chest and then layers from the bottom with a light grey skinny belt I put some accessories to complete the look and wore my grey heels and voilà ! I am ready for tonight ! I looked again at the clock it was 6:25 its time to call a cab ! 
The employee came to my room and took my luggage to the car....after half an hour I arrived at Harry's house ! 

Harry's POV

I was adjusting my bow-tie when the door bell rang it must be the Melody ! We both agreed for her to come at 6:45 so we can check everything...I went down the stairs and opened the door to find her she was beautiful like always I just can't believe that she is mine all mine ! I welcomed her with a hug and helped her carry her luggage to my room when we were upstairs the doorbell rang it must be the visitors I kissed her on the cheek and went to open the door it was Sarah and Paul soon followed by the others :
- hey guys ! ( I greeted them all )
- hey Harry ! ( they replied back )
- so um I need to tell you something its very important now I have no idea if you know about it but...yesterday I spilled everything on TV...
- spilled what ? ( Mia asked me )
- okay so I assume that you girls didn't watch the interview did you ? ( I asked them and they both shook their heads oh my this is going to be really long night )
- well okay the truth is um I...I love Melody its been a year and a month that I felt this way about her she makes my day when she smiles even thought we spend most of our time fighting but...(I looked at them and they were both confused) and um I am the one who set Melody up for the movie and the song just so she could fall in love with me...(I looked at Sarah who was surprised as well) but it didn't work out I should of just went straight to her and popped the question but I was stupid...the important thing is that yesterday night something happened (I looked at Paul who was discovering the other half of the story since Melody asked him yesterday about me) I spilled all of this on TV and I went to the port crying...and as you all know that Melody is away but when I was there she came so now...( I looked at all of them they were all confused and surprised so I decided it time to go get Melody I went by the stairs everyone was looking so I called her sweetheart and she came down like a princess I held her hand and came back to the living room were they all were watching with opened mouth )
- Surprise ! ( Melody said and they all began screaming and coming hugging her and stuff )
- *they all sat down Melody and I stood there hand in hand* so guys what is up with the hand holding and sweetheart calling ? ( Sarah asked )
- uh yeah I think Melody should continue from that point ! (I said and Melody giggle)
- okay so as Harry said yesterday I saw the interview and missed my flight because I realised that I love him too the truth is I loved him way before I met him but the past was overwhelming me I was too blind to see the love in his eyes um my life wasn't normal at all I had a really bad childhood or teen-hood I don't know what its called anyway I was bullied used betrayed and other stuff and that made me insecure about myself and to be honest you guys that means One Direction helped me threw it all and also Mia and Rayane they were my only friends I didn't know anyone else you can say I was a loner... I really don't know how to thank you all for what you have done to me any way my past made me scared of being broken again that's why I wasn't all that nice to Harry because I thought that I forgot him and I don't want myself to get attached to him again and he will go to another girl because that will leave a big scar in my heart that would make me go back to Lebanon and never show my face again...well now back to the point when we were there we admitted everything to each others and now we are dating ! ( I said practically exhausted ) 
- what ? ( they all said in union )
- okay... This is not the reaction I imagined you would have but...( I said confused )
- same here ( Harry said while raising his hand like a student OMG XD )
- um no guys don't take it the wrong way but we are surprised its just that we never saw you all cuddly and stuff usually you argue a lot and fight and y- (Sarah started)
- okay we get it ! (I cut off Sarah) we just thought you would be happy (I explained)
- yeah I mean you always told us that we look like love birds even Ellen Degeneres said that ! ( Harry explained )
- okay and who told you we weren't happy ?! (Louis said) I mean come on Hazz after a year of planning stuff and crying and fighting you finally made it YES ! ( and with that Louis came running and hugged us both the others did the same ! )
We ate dinner and had fun and stuff and then everyone left except Mia and Zayn awkward...O.o ( Miranda couldn't come I wonder why )


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