💖Love Stars💖

Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


21. A/N

What will happen to Harry and Melody ? Will their love continue or vanish ? Is Mia ever gonna get over Zayn or is Zayn ever gonna get over Mia ? Paul and Sarah will they get married or will they brake their promise and cancel everything ? Is Melody ever gonna be happy with her life or her past is going to take over her again ? Lots of question to be discovered in 💖Love Stars💖 part 2 ! 

So...I guess this is it ! My story is finished ! Well actually not quite , the first part is finished but the second is yet to be revealed soon ( after a month or two max. ) you will be notified when it comes out ! Any way I would love to thank you all for reading my story and making me so much happy ! I love you with all my heart ! Please comment on what you think about think about it , like and favorite ! 


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