Adopted By... One Direction. ?!?!

Caylee Ann Grace had been in an orphanage for 2 and a half years. Abused and raped are just a few words do describe what her father has done to her. She finally gets adopted... by a worldwide boyband.?


4. Warming up

Caylee's P.O.V.  It's about 7 so I think its time to eat. I open the door of my room and walk out, I head down the stair to see the boys on the couch, they don't notice me until my stomach lets out a loud growl. The boys turned their heads and looked at me. I gave them a sly smile, they looked at each other and started laughing. After that, Niall got up and walked towards me. He picked me up and put me over his shoulder, I giggled. He walked back over to the couch and put me down. "What are you hungry for Hun.?" Niall asked. I shrugged. "Pizza", I said simply. "Then we give our princess want she wants", Louis said. I blushed, I tried to hide it but the boys must of saw. "Awe is they little Caylee blushing" Zayn said. I shook my head."Are you sure, cause something happens to liers around here", Harry said. I gulped and nodded.Before I knew it Liam pinned me to the floor and started tickling me. I tried to get out of his grasp but he was to strong. I was giggling uncontroably."S-stop.. L-let me go" I said laughs."You have to say Liam is the best person ever cause he is so hot and no one can get on his level not even Louis" Liam said proudfully, Louis gasped and told me not to say it, but I really wanted him to stop tickling me I was going to pee.! "Liam is the best person ever cause he is so hot and no one can get on his level not even Louis" I said. He stopped tickling me and got up I quickly caught my breath and got up. Louis was about to say something until the doorbell cut him off."Pizza.!" Niall yelled. I gigged. I guess I'm finally warming up to these boys..
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