Adopted By... One Direction. ?!?!

Caylee Ann Grace had been in an orphanage for 2 and a half years. Abused and raped are just a few words do describe what her father has done to her. She finally gets adopted... by a worldwide boyband.?


9. I'm So Sorry

Caylee's P.O.V. We all looked shocked. Now I see why she didn't want to talk about her family, but Niall looked hurt the most. He actually cared does care for her. I had to go look for her. She was my first best friend. I ran out ignoring the shouts from the guys I ran to the nearest ballet place. London was busy in the afternoon. Kept running til I saw a girl holding a bloody ankle. I stopped.That was LeAuhna.!I ran over to her and tried to help her up. Everything was in slow motion I heard calls of my name. Then everything went black. Louis's P.O.V.  I can't believe she just did that. LeAuhna's P.O.V. (2 hours later)I can't believe I just did that, my life is over. The tears pouring out of my eyes again as the memories from earlier started coming to me. *Flashback* I was running, I can't believe she would say that about her own mom. As she knows I don't have one and it gets me sad when other people talk about it. I was turning the corner to cross the street when my ankle hit a pole, I heard a snap, crack, and rip. I looked down to see my side way ankle with blood gushing blood. I tried to keep hopping but I ended up  falling in the middle of the road.I started to hold my ankle and cry, soon enough Caylee started to help me get up, I saw a car, I couldn't let her get hit by this car, she could die. I used all my strength and I pushed her out of the way. Pushing her made me fall also. I felt a huge pain in my leg. I looked down to see it was ran over by this truck, blood everywhere. It was all to much to handle so I kinda passed out. ~Later I awoke in a hospital, I couldn't feel my foot. I heard the door open, it was doctor. He looked around 30,he had a warm smile, but it didn't reach his eye. In his eyes were sympathy? I shrug it for now. He told me about the truck and and asked if I wanted to see my friends, I said yes of course and he went to go get them. *End of Flashback* So now I wait for them to get here. Liam's P.O.V. We were waiting patiently in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to tell us we've been here for about two hours and it has been pure horror but Caylee and Niall are the worst. Caylee is crying here eyes out in Louis' chest and Niall is staring at the wall with silent  tears going his face. Soon the doctor came around, we all jumped up. "I have good news and bad news" the doctor said. "The good news is she's healthy and no signed of concussion and the bad news is.." he continued whispering the last part, we all gasped, he also told us that we needed to tell her.. This shall be fun.. LeAuhna's P.O.V. The door opened to reveal Caylee, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry, No Lexi. They all surrounded me and stared asking me questions.'Are you okay.?''How are you feeling.?''Are you hungry.?''Do you hurt.?''I'm so Sorry.''Do you like carrots.?'"Yes, fine, kinda, not really, its not your fault and really Louis.?" he shot me a smile. The only one who didn't look very happy."LiLi what's wrong", he looked up at me with fresh tear going out of his eyes. He took my hands in his, not in a romantic way but in a comforting way, his words came out slowly and painfully. "You got your right ankle amputated"
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