Adopted By... One Direction. ?!?!

Caylee Ann Grace had been in an orphanage for 2 and a half years. Abused and raped are just a few words do describe what her father has done to her. She finally gets adopted... by a worldwide boyband.?


3. Home Sweet Home.?

Caylee's P. O.V. Did I just hear correctly? They want to adopted me, 5 teenage boys want to adopt me, why couldn't they have picked Amy or someone.? I felt myself hyperventilating, someone picked me up and put me on their hip. I tensed, I looked into the eyes of Niall, I felt safe in his  arms so I relaxed and started to cry on his shoulder.He sat down on the nearest chair and sat down on it, he started to whisper soothing things to me. The others went to get my stuff, I thought about my journal, I shrugged it off cause I kept it in a suitcase under clothes anyway. So I stayed in the embrace of  Niall and the sound of accent put me into a dreamless sleep. I woke up to talking, I didn't want them to know I was up yet so I decided to keep my eyes shut and eavesdrop "Guys we have to wake her up" Liam said. "But she's so adorable when she sleeps" Louis said.? "Here, Liam, you get her suitcase, football(Soccer) and volleyball, Zayn get her guitar, Louis and Harry get her new clothes and I'll wake her up", Niall said. New clothes.? How long was asleep for.? Soon I heard Niall's angelic voice telling me to wake up. I sat up doing a fake yawn as if I were actually sleeping. "Yes Nialler.?", I asked."Were Home", he said. We got out of the car and headed to the flat. We walked in and I was shocked. This place was huge.! Niall laughed at my expression and asked if I wanted to see my room I nodded and we walked upstairs to my room. I was surprised for the 3rd time today, my room was amazing.! The walls were white with neon splatters of paint everywhere. I had a desk with I Apple laptop, pens, pencils and paper on it. I had my own bathroom with different body washes and shampoos. I walked back to see my bed the comforter matched my walls, next to the was a nightstand. On it had a lamp and an alarm clock. On the way corner was my guitar, a microphone and piano, how did they know I played.. Probably on my file. They told me to look in my closet, I had to admit I was a bit scared of what was in there. I cautionedly knob the closet to see the biggest closet of all time. It looked like a Hannah Montana closet. It was filled with every thing from summer wear to winter wear I had a rainbow of Converse, Nike and Jordan's. I ran over to Niall and gave him a huge hug. I told them I was going to take a shower and that I would be down later. The other boys looked hurt but nodded. They soon left me alone in this huge amazing room. I could get used to this, well since I'm going to be living here.. Home Sweet Home. 
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