Adopted By... One Direction. ?!?!

Caylee Ann Grace had been in an orphanage for 2 and a half years. Abused and raped are just a few words do describe what her father has done to her. She finally gets adopted... by a worldwide boyband.?


8. Hanging out

  Caylee's P.O. V.  I was on the couch texting Lexi and LeAuhna.   From: Me To: LeAuhna  Hey, do you think you and Lexi and come over in like an hour.?   "LOU.!", I yelled. He ran to me as fast as he could. Its 1 p.m. am and he's getting ready again.. I'm so confused.  "What happened.? Are you hurt", I giggled at his worriedness. "Nothing, I was just wondering if Lexi and LeAuhna could come over"  "Um sure, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie are coming over to so why not"  he said. About 2 minutes later I felt my phone buzz.    From: LeAuhna To: Me  Um, Yeah.. Whats your address be there in 10   I quickly texted her back my address, I went to each boy's room and explain to them what was happening. I picked up around the house and sat down waiting for the door. About 2 minutes later the doorbell rang. I jumped up and answered the door. Lexi was wearing a black tank-top with a neon yellow skirt that went down to her knee and her hair curled. LeAuhna was wearing ripped skinny jeans with a black shirt that said 'Cool Story Mofo' and her hair in a high ponytail. They gave me a huge hug.  "Whats up Girlie.?" Lexi asked. "Hanging around, How about you guys.?" , I said "I was practicing my ballet routine, and Lexi probably was hanging with her boyfriend.", LeAuhna said smirking at the end. Lexi blushed and nodded. Soon Niall came down the stairs and smiled at me. "Hey guys" he said. We all nodded except Lexi, she was frozen she was mumbling something about Louis. He walked over to LeAuhna. "I'm Niall" he said. "LeAuhna, and that's Lexi", she said pointing to herself and Lexi. That's basically how it went with all the other boys. We went to my room while the boys waited for the girls. They loved my room, we sat on my bed and we learned a lot about each other. LeAuhna's more of the tom-boy type while Lexi is more girly- girl. Also, even though LeAuhna is all tom-boy, she does ballet. She doesn't like talking about her family. Lexi does cheerleading she has two sisters."Girls, come down stairs", I heard Louis said. I told them to come on. We walked downstairs to see 5 dorks and 3 beautiful girls. The boys introduced us. Soon, we all sat down to watch a movie, Finding Nemo to be specific. We were about halfway through the movie when a phone started going off. We paused the movie and Lexi started talking on the phone, she sounded frustrated and mad. She hung up the phone. "Well I have to go home, since my mom is being a bitch", she said. LeAuhna tensed up, tears started to brim her eyes. "Don't say that about your mom", LeAuhna said quietly.  "Why not.? She is I just hate her", she replied. LeAuhna's eyes popped out of her head, her face started to turn red. "BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR MOM AT LEAST YOUR MOM ISN'T DEAD AT LEAST YOU HAVE A PLACE TO STAY, AT LEAST YOUR DAD DIDN'T ABUSE YOU FOR 2 1/2 YEARS AND ONE DAY JUST LEAVE YOU, BUT NO YOUR SAYING YOU HATE YOUR MOM CAUSE SHE'S TELLING YOU TO COME HOME. SHE PROTECTING YOU. I DRESS LIKE A TOM- BOY CAUSE MY FAMILY USED TO SAY I LOOKED LIKE MY MOM WHEN I DRESS LIKE LIKE A GIRL AND I ONLY DO BALLET CAUSE MY MOM USED TO DO IT WHEN SHE WAS LITTLE BUT YOU JUST HATE YOUR MOM SO MUCH.. YOU KNOW WHAT I WISH I HAD A LIFE LIKE YOU" LeAuhna screamed, tears streaming down her face, everybody looked at her with shocking faces, Niall and Harry had tears going down their faces. She must have realized what she said cause she rushed out out the house.  "I'll find her", Lexi said running out. Well this was officially a hang out gone wrong.
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