It's about your heart being broken and trying to keep yourself secure.


1. Airtight.

I like the roller coasters, I like to fly.
But I am not sure if I like this ride.
I am of afraid of falling too deep, afraid I might just sink.
Every time I see you I push you away, feeling I might just might lose it.
Falling inlove was not my choice, but fate's choice.
Afraid I will get heartbroken or worse humiliated.
Getting close might get me broken,
seeing you here just get's me choking.
Cause with or without I just do not feel okay, I have to keep myself airtight.
Lost in my world I feel safe, lost in my dreams I can fall easy.
I can not handle the heartbreak of you saying it is over.
I have got to keep myself airtight.



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