Playing with power

Velocity Axy wakes up in the midst of a ancient world where she ventures to save a brother that she doesn't even remember. She has to steal back something of hers that can end the world in the wrong hands. And mostly, she has to find out who she really is...


9. Chapter 8


The soup warmed me instantly as I settled down on my cosy bed. I was covered in Goosebumps though the room wasn’t even cold. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said as the door opened. Josh stood there, wearing the clothes we had got from Tasmiya yesterday. I smiled at him but inside I felt almost empty. After a short lecture from Swivel yesterday, I ate lunch in Saarah’s cabin before choosing my clothes, gear and food for the quest if I won. I was feeling better about myself, more enthusiastic. I couldn’t believe, that in just under an hour, I would be fighting the best fighter in the camp. I sipped up all my soup as Josh walked over to my window.

“I decided to wear the clothes, since I know you are going to win,” he said quietly.

“How can you be so sure?” I asked.

“Well, I guess I have faith. Am I’m never wrong,” he joked.

“Well, prepare to be wrong for your first time ever,” I replied.

“Pessimists. So predictable,” Josh said while shaking his head. I shrugged and took a sip of my cold refreshing water as I got up and stretched.

“I think we ought to go practice. Apparently, you can do whatever you want, so make sure you make use of your power, okay?” Josh explained. I nodded and grabbed my bow before striding out the door with Josh behind me.

I walked over to the changing tents as Josh went to go look for some seats with his mates. After I finished putting my clothes on, I practiced my moves that Josh had taught me the night before. Somersaults, cartwheels and everything else that was to keep me alive for the first two minutes. Before I left, I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes. My heart rate decreased to a steady pace and as I left the tent, I felt fresh and refuelled. I spotted Sanic sitting in one of the rows, chatting noisily to a few of her friends. She was wearing a black and silver shiny suit that made her glow. I was jealous to see how many fans she had around her; while I didn’t have a single one. She spotted me and whispered something to her friends. They all started sniggering like hyenas. I wasn’t fussed at all. I made my way to the weapons hall, grabbed my turquoise bow and slung it over my shoulder. As I passed myself in the mirror, I suddenly stopped and stared at it. I didn’t look at all like myself. My black wavy hair blowing with the wind, and I swear, my blue eyes had never looked fiercer. My black jacket was flapping wildly, showing my red t-shirt inside. I looked so different. I walked outside and sat at the competitors table. Suddenly, I heard a voice. I turned around to see Josh running towards me.

“Hey Vel!” he called as he reached me, “I brought you this.” He handed me the bag that Maddy had given us. Suddenly, I got an idea. I knew how I was going to win the fight.

“Welcome to today’s fights between Velocity Axy, daughter of Artemis Axy…” the audience started clapping, “and Sanic Thunder, daughter of Titan Thunder!” The audience started clapping wildly. I got up from my seat and walked towards the field. Sanic did the same, until we were both face to face.

“Good luck,” Sanic smirked.

“Thanks,” I replied sarcastically.

“You can do whatever you want, so make sure you make use of your power, okay?” I heard Josh say in my head.

“I’ve tried to make it easier for you. I’m only going to fight with a sword and a shield, and you can fight with whatever you want,” said Sanic with a grin.

“I didn’t ask for your sympathy,” I replied back.

Suddenly, I heard a loud whistle sound, signalling that the fight had begun.

I ran to the middle of the field and recited something softly. Suddenly, a transparent wall appeared around me. I got out Maddy’s bag as Sanic tried to jab at the wall with a sharp sword. As I had hoped, Sanic was having no effect. I searched around the bag until I found what I was looking for: the chewing gum that blew up. As I ripped open the gum packet, I noticed that there were different energy types. I took the lowest one and started chewing it in my mouth. Suddenly, it felt bubbly so I spit it out. At the same time, I broke the wall and threw the gum on Sanic’s face. Not very hygienic, I know. But it was my only option. However, I didn’t realise that Sanican’s reflexives were so fast. Her shield shot out as my gum placed itself in the middle. Sanican sniggered as I ran across the field. Suddenly, there was a loud bang, followed by a loud scream. I turned around to see Sanic’s only protection demolished. She growled and ran towards me. Oh no, I thought, what am I going to do now? I muttered a spell as Sanic’s figure haltered and froze. I searched in my bag for anything else. I grabbed the first thing I could find and pulled it out. Invisible Ink. For those 15 and under, drink one teaspoon of the invisible ink. For those over 15, drink two teaspoons. My birthday wasn’t until three days, so I ripped of the attached spoon and gulped a teaspoon down. Thankfully, there was no taste, and soon, I heard the crowd gasp. I had turned invisible. Suddenly, Sanic’s figure carried on running. She stopped and looked around, trying to find me. Oh no, I thought, I had forgotten to check how long the medicine lasted for.

What happened next was something I didn’t expect. Sanic began to grow like a giant, until she was triple my size. I stood there gawping like a dork. I was thankful that the crowd couldn’t see me. Suddenly, Sanic opened her mouth to growl, but to my astonishment, fire shot out. I felt faint as my knees began to give way. Sanic thudded into the middle of the field, near to where I was standing and shot out fire all around her. The heat was unbearable. And then came the pain. It was like my whole body was steaming up; my lungs were finding it hard to breath while my soul felt like it was burning. I couldn’t take the pain. It was nothing I had ever felt before. Tears came to my eyes as I tried to wipe them away. And then I stopped. My hand was completely visible, as well as the rest of my body. And suddenly, as if on cue, Sanic turned her head towards me, her eyes burning into my soul. I choked back a scream as she grinned evilly. And then it struck. I was able to create fire when I was at the library. And when I touched the fire, it felt cooling. If I could remember the sign I had drawn, Sanic’s power might not be able to affect me. I racked my brains as Sanic neared me. There were gasps coming from the audience, as I was not sure if it was because I was half burnt or because they could hear my heart beat. Either way, it wasn’t helping. I couldn’t concentrate properly and my head was hurting. Sanic finally reached me. She looked down at me, and although I couldn’t focus on her because I was very dizzy, and she was quiet tall, I heard her mutter, “Any last words?”

I looked at the ground and felt tears swell up in my eyes. But I wiped the away. If I was going to lose, I would lose proudly. If that made any sense. Nothing was heard except silence. And before I could breathe another breathe, Sanic punched me in the stomach so hard that all my breath was knocked out of me as I blacked out with double of the pain I started with. I had lost the fight.


* * *


I felt cold water being splashed on my face.

“Yes! She’s alive!” someone shouted. I blinked my sore eyes a few times before remembering the fight on the field a few hours ago. I was lying down on some sort of really comfy bed, with Josh, Nada and a few other random people.

“I lost…” I muttered.

“Not really,” Josh said with a smile.

“You might have won; the Spherox couldn’t make his decision as you were rushed to medical care as soon as you blacked out,” replied Nada.

I sat up and took a deep breath while Nada handed me a glass of water that I took a sip from.

 “I’m confused. I thought if you give up or retreat, the opposing person immediately wins the match,” I said.

“Yes, but you didn’t say you had given up or retreated, had you? Which means you still have a chance to win the fight,” explained Josh.

“A very small chance,” I whispered.

“Yes. But it’s still a chance,” Nada whispered back. I smiled but inside I knew the truth. Everybody did. Sanic was no match for me. We needed to win against Cyan, not lose. And Sanic could do that. I lay back in bed again as Josh exchanged a worried glance with Nada. At least I tried, I thought, at least I tried.

“So, when are we going to get the results?” I asked.

“This evening, hopefully,” Nada replied.

I sat up with the help of my two friends while somebody got me a glass of water.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

Soon, it became dark, and my visitors left the room with a nod of good luck. I was left all alone, with the candle as my only companion. The nurse came in a few times to check my temperature and blood pressure. I was covered in bandages. I could have been mistaken for a mummy for all that mattered. My body had healed quite quickly though, and I could feel the camps special potions working on the burns and cuts. At six, Josh arrived with dinner and in no time, we were anxiously waiting in the dinner hall for the results. It seemed that everybody had heard the news, and I was beginning to get tired of the smiling and the familiar words of ‘get well soon’. I wondered what had happened to Sanican, but I could see no sign of her. Her usual group of friends were muttering and shaking their heads with looks of disapproval. Suddenly, the hall doors banged open and a furious Sanic walked in. Everybody stared at the drama as Swivel and a few other high members followed her in. I recognised Amelia and Nick but I couldn’t place everybody else. Sanic marched right up to me, and held out an accusing finger a few inches from my face.

“She stole it!” she screamed.

There were a few mutters in the crowd, as my heart started to thump wildly.

“She knew I was going to get chosen, so she decided to steal it!” Sanican roared.

“What do you mean, ‘stole it’? I didn’t steal anything, except my own dignity!” I said.

“She’s lying!” Sanican yelled.

“Okay, I might admit to it if you tell me what I stole, you psychopath,” I said. Sanic lunged at me with a growl as Swivel and another man tried to hold her back.

“Sanic, calm down. Look, we are not going to get anything out of her if we don’t stay calm. Now, take a deep breath and count to ten,” Swivel said soothingly. When Sanic looked like she had calmed down, Swivel turned and stared at me.

“Now to answer your question, something very valuable has been stolen. Somebody has stolen the Spherox.”

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